On Karma and Soul Growth

by Paul Luftenegger, November 6, 2012

I just wanted to say that your conversation with Joe was so spot on and the perfect discussion for where we stand collectively. I don’t know about you, but I feel so much stronger as the days of delay start piling up, almost as if we needed to be STRONG for the events of change that are forming – A CLIMAX is coming!!!  We really do grow through our individual energy signatures and at the same time we understand that by uniting as ONE with THE PAT, we in turn enrich our own soul’s growth in PURE QUANTUM leaps. We the PAT are QUANTUM SOULS. Ready to LEAP!

What you said to Joe about Karma is so true when I look back at my life – I am 35 years old and wow, what a life it has been – so much physical and spiritual work (LIKE ALL PAT I AM CERTAIN) to manoeuvre through, but I always knew I signed up for exactly that – the thick sludge of this Planet as you well know, is F’d up – but wow, have I learned so much.

I started working at the age of 7 and at 35 I found my Father hanging by a rope in our garage (suicide). If that isn’t a test of self worth, I am not sure what is. These things we all FACE because I know I am not UNIQUE in having adversity…. these things are reminders to stay awake and GROW  – wake-up-karmic-notices.

The World that we signed up to be a part of – has been ONE COMING TOGETHER MOMENT AFTER THE OTHER. Through our PAT LIVES we have helped so many GROW because of the way we the PAT live TRUTH – we collectively and individually understand that WE are all so full of potential growth which is why we came to this Planet in the first place.

In my experience, so few EARTH dwellers share their stories with LOVE & TRUTH, but instead become victimized by FEAR. I would suspect to say that ALL PAT members are not “VICTIMS” or the garbage statement “I’M A SURVIVOR” or any part of this crazy ass World, where we need support groups for this and drugs for that because the ORION sadness bullshit. But rather the PAT are commanders of change and ultimately  understand that adversity is part of this F’d up planet which we signed up for in the first place – GROWTH POTENTIAL and LEARNING:

I LOVED WHAT YOU SAID GEORGE: “the PAT members have no karmic debt to delete. They are here only to help, but in the overall calculation model for the incarnation experiment on the earth this is obviously of paramount importance. No soul will be allowed to rise to the 5th dimension with rest karma.”

I love the PAT and I love YOU = WE are about to LEAP! Blessings of Love & Light to ALL THAT IS.

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