My Personal Experience as a Crystalline Star Seed with the Slumbering Masses

by Skyler Newman, November 4, 2012

Hello George,… I felt urged to write you again after reading Garrett’s message about 11.11, so here is my latest information:

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been activated as an undercover agent, you could say, for the forces of light for about two years now, performing my duties on the ground from the basis of my social group.

This duty has been facilitated through social events, which unfortunately often take place in very dark inhabited environments like bars, and I’ve been reluctantly attending these social functions to help clear the dross of these places, provide protection/assistance for the people in the group, and monitor the development of the masses.

It is my understanding that I am being pulled out of this assignment now, as has also been my request due to the health risks involved, and my last assignment with this group will be on Friday, November 9th.

I am sincerely hoping that this last event will turn out well, and that I will be able to leave this group knowing that I have accomplished my mission and planted the seed for their awakening, or at least be able to witness them in a harmonious state prior to my departure.

I have been with this group for years now, and it’s a shame for me to admit, but they have not made much progress spiritually over time. I have shared my wisdom with them all I can, but they still remain entrenched in the matrix, unable to break the unhealthy habits and social conformity.

They are good people, intellectual and fun to be around, but have no basis of spirituality, and I have become so mentally distant from them at this point that they must truly suspect that I am an extraterrestrial now, as I no longer allow myself to conform around them, spending most of my time in a meditative state, only speaking when spoken to or if I have something important to say.

I probably come off as quite odd to them now, but I simply cannot stand small talk, and I have lost all patience for dealing with unconscious people. I used to enjoy the perks of this job, but I see it only as a duty now, and it is definitely time for me to move on.

I was assigned to this group because it had potential to serve as a blueprint of a crystalline collective on New Earth, since the ethnic diversity and intelligence of the members is high, and it is possible that it still will, but it will take a lot more hefty experience to thrust the members to the appropriate vibration in order to achieve this goal, and I do not see myself sticking around until that occurs.

Unfortunately, the status is the same for the masses, at least from what I’ve seen in my local area, and, while there is a rebellious urge among them to break the social conformity, they are still in a deep slumber spiritually, and continue to function from a place of unconsciousness, embroiled in the pursuit of carnal desires.

It is really sad to see, but I know that great changes are right around the corner, so I watch the upheaval with great excitement, while others perceive it as tragedy. That is the difference between those who are awakened and those who are not, and the divide will grow even wider in the days ahead.

So, just to wrap things up, I concur with Garrett’s latest information about 11.11 being the completion of this stage, at least from the basis of my personal mission. I cannot say for sure if it will be the period of our physical ascension, but it will definitely be the start of the next major step in the process of clearing out the old and bringing in the new.

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