Me and My Higher Self on Our Ongoing Battle with Archons and Human Darkness

by Daniel, November 6, 2012


This time I wrote the message from a different perspective, because I feel much more merged with HS. So there is no more need to separate what I write and what I get from my HS, because the two are so closely the same.

First of all I must start the story with something which happened several days ago, around Nov. 3. I targeted several obsolete thought patterns of humanity and made them burn down, starting from the center of the Earth and quickly expanding all around in a pulse. Some were specifically targeted by me, but there was also a more general target. The PAT was fully involved in this, as it was the clearing of the dark archons from the 4th dimension.

The Message

Now that the archons are gone, there is no basis for the dark thought patterns of humanity, but the patterns are still there. To reach a most efficient outcome, once a process is started it must be finished. In the scenario of clearing dark thought patterns, the closer we come to the end, the more efficient it gets for removing the fear of humanity, which was a problem in the latest test run.

Let’s say this entire task of clearing the thought patterns consists of removing the archons and then removing the patterns from humanity. So, to give a numbers’ example, let’s say clearing the dark archons is 95% of the whole task of clearing the dark thought patterns. Removing the patterns from humanity, after their basis, the archons are gone takes about 5% of the total effort. Now, this first 95% of the effort only removes 5% of the fear of humanity, but it is a prerequisite to be able to work on the last 5% of the effort and 95% of the fear of humanity.

So we have reached a situation where humanity still has too much fear for our ascension/ appearance to be optional, but this fear can now much more easily and quickly be removed, because most of the work is done already. We should also consider that this fear, while it comes from the same core (lack of understanding of existence), consists out of many different layers which are also all interrelated. So if the fears are cleaned on one layer, for example a disaster occurs maximizing and then eliminating the fears regarding material possessions, it will also affect and improve the fear levels regarding different subjects.

After clearing the archons, the situation notably improved, and it was fun to do simple things like art, listen to music, et cetera. I think the current plan is, now that the basis of the fear of humanity is gone, that we eliminate the remaining bits. It cannot come back because the archons are gone. This elimination is done in various ways, for example through events such as Sandy, revelations about the dark cabal and more. But also if I analyze the ease of life of the last few days, we are currently showing humanity how easy and rewarding life can be without any worries and fears.

The channeled message posted on the PAT site earlier, speaking about how humanity was saved must have been about the removal of the archons. With their removal, the dark thought patterns of humanity are no longer constantly refilled, so it is absolutely certain that they will disappear. We can see humanity (and also various LW) as rockets attempting to escape gravity. The further “ascended” they are, the less impact gravity has, so the speed (clearing of fear, and evolution) increases constantly, but also the acceleration increases constantly. But if the thrust of the rocket is not enough to escape gravity or the fear/darkness in the first place, there will never be any improvement. This is what differentiates the PAT from the rest, we were able to escape the strong dark gravity in the past, and now we have severely weakened this metaphorical gravity, allowing everyone else to rapidly evolve and change.

Additionally, and this is something I am not entirely sure about, the removal of the archons may have triggered a vast perspective change for the souls of humanity. It is possible, that many fence straddlers have attempted or will attempt to change their plan, and chose for ascension (instead of death experience and incarnation on earth A/B), and some of those who are supposed to go to earth B are trying to choose for death experience and incarnation on earth A/B (instead of earth B).

I do not know how the higher realms will deal with this. Will it be allowed? Probably, if it does not endanger the plan, and this is one of the factors which could also be contributing to our prolonged stay. This in a way fits into the history of events, where first we decided to create earth A/B to allow many humans to go there. Later on we decided, there were too many fence straddlers and we dropped them, and now some of the dropped group are joining in again. Or in short the initial group was expanded greatly with the decision of creating earth A/B, then a part was removed from this initial expansion, and now we add again some souls from the group we removed earlier from the initial expansion.

The 11/11 stargate will be the first one humanity is subjected to without the presence of the dark archons. It is also the anniversary of one of our most important accomplishments. I sense the higher realms now await this gate, to see the effects on humanity. I do not believe we will ascend before 11/11, but there are several possibilities.

One is that 11/11 will flood humanity with so much energy, which will now be much more successful because there are no more dark archons, that we will immediately ascend when the threshold is reached, either on 11/11 or a few days later. This seems the most likely right now. I was told earlier, they would not allow this situation to drag on beyond the first half of this month (later than the 15th), although this is not a definite promise, but a very strong goal and is subject to plan adjustments dependent on the effects of 11/11. In case everything goes wrong, there might be more delays, but this is logical, however little is known about these scenarios because the effects of 11/11 are not very predictable.

11/11 is once again an extremely important gate which is expected to have such an effect, that it will allow for our optimal ascension. It is an enormous sweeping flood of light, penetrating everything and causing many many good things in the blink of an eye.

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