Garrett’s Message on Ascension

by Garrett Mitchell, November 4, 2012

November 3, 2012

Hi George,

Something odd happened while having a conversation with HS. I became aware of a presence in my field, very polite and just waited until I acknowledged him. I have never actually became aware or able to discern another soul in my field while awake. However, he gave me a notice which I viewed with my minds eye. It read;

Delay of Ascension Notice:

Next available date scheduled for 11-4-12.
Reason: Immediate outburst of fear and angst among inhabitants towards Ascensionies predicted. Clearing of debris on going.

As I read this the being stayed with me. After he became aware that I was done reading this notice he asked if I understood the notice and what it said. I said I did. I then asked for him to stay, while I quickly formulated a question or two. These came immediately to mind.

Question: What if this fear and angst outburst towards us doesn’t get better today or this week or even this month?

Answer: The next stargate opening will clear the rest up.

Question: 11-11 or 12-12?

Answer: 11-11. There are two reasons why you are still on the ground as you perceive it. First: Immediate return and the second is to stay with Gaia as both you and her transition. To experience this with her.

Question: Who gave this message to you as I feel it is not from you.

Answer: High Command

Question: You’re from High Command?

Answer: No. I am what you might call a messenger, a runner, or dispatcher. Any delineation will suffice.

Question: If it is just this notice that is from High Command how can you answer my questions. (So trusting aren’t I?)

Answer: There are aspects to every message that we gain prior to delivery for questioning purposes. You would be surprised at how many never ask where the message comes from. It is difficult for them to discern energetic qualities so if they tap into one type of energy they believe it is all coming from the same energy when in fact they are only using the same phone. Phones dial out to multiple places and receive calls from multiple places. It is up to individual soul spark to ask where the information is coming from, a caller ID if you will and all sparks must abide by the universal code and be outright and honest and reveal themselves and their intentions. It is then up to the individual to feel into the information and accept it or reject it. If you don’t screen your messages like many do in the physical then your communication centers become open to all. I am very impressed with your level of energetic discernment. You must be tops in your class.

He then asked if he could leave because he had many more stops to make. I replied, “Of course. Thank you.”

There was actually more to our conversation but it is not important to this message. While it did feel personal, if it was for me than it related to the PAT as well so I felt I needed to pass it along. With it only being a days delay I debated whether to send this at all but what stood out the most is the reasoning and what that could mean for future plans if anything at all.

With Love,
Garrett Mitchell

Dear Garrett,

I have difficulties to understand this message. Does it mean that we will ascend on November 4, or that the announced date of ascension Nov 4 has been postponed? In this case who has announced it?

With love and light

November 4, 2012

Hi George,

I apologize I was not more clear in my message. I wanted to get it out to you so quickly that I did not give you proper context on the overall dynamics of this message and why it came.

I was told in a meditative state on 10-30 that we would ascend on October 31st (Halloween) due to the supernatural charge of this Holiday and the energies of such would further our dematerialization and ascent.

Then on October 31st, while I was in the dream state, I found myself in a room with many, many PAT members and a gentleman came up to me which I felt was you and he told me that we were to remain grounded for a few more days while the ground was cleared and that I would be informed of the next optimal date either from my HS or the PAT website, whichever one came first.

Then, while I sat with my HS in a meditative state on November 1st (All Saints Day), she told me that we were scheduled for Ascension on the 2nd of November, but that I was to remember that she was not in a position to make the final pull, but only give the Source energetic assessments of the quality on the ground. I felt the confidence but exhaustion in her tone.

However, when the 2nd came and went with no ascension I asked the Heavens for some information.

While trying to sleep during the AM hours of the 3rd, I talked extensively with my HS about various subjects and then, like I said, I became aware of another presence which handed me what looked like an eviction notice only in shape and size and the message which I gave you. So what I gathered and felt was that the 4th or tomorrow/today will be another optimal point in “time” that ascensions can materialize. As for who announced this date in that message the entity simply said it was from High Command. Immediately I felt benevolence as the dark ones have been neutralized as reported on by our channeling ladies and yourself.

Upon waking up today I remembered a dream I had in which I was in a conversation with someone who was telling me there is now a lot of risk assessments going on in the Higher Realms in terms of our arrival on the scene and what kind of reaction they can expect by the inhabitants of earth when they become aware of us. I also was told many ascension candidates are now doing personal risk assessments in preparation for their return to earth and the emotional interference they will encounter by those who are not ready for the changes. They are choosing what to do, where to go, who to talk with, and what information they will report on.

I must confess, at times I feel as though I know very, very little about what is really going on, no matter how much information I get from your site and my HS. It is beginning to feel way to big for me.

With Love,

Dear Garrett,

thank you very much for this comprehensive explanation of the background of your message. Now I am able to understand it and I fully concur with your experiences and information which you have received during your meditations.

Let me give you my intuitive assessment of the situation as I get it from my HS. The last episode of heaviest cleansing of human dross on October 31 – November 2 was in fact another powerful test run for our ascension and the results were not very good. The masses are indeed not there yet – they are not prepared for our appearance as you have also received as an information. In this sense your message is absolutely correct.

What I also got as an information this night is that there is a decision to have another delay/postponement /pause of our ascension until the necessary threshold for revelations and huge social changes is reached. But I have no idea how long it will take. I only sense the overall disappointment of all our higher selves. I do not believe that today there will be any ascension, as in this case I must ascend and this is not what my HS is telling me. Unfortunately we must stay again longer than planned on the ground. It could be shortly after the 11.11 portal. Who knows?

With love and light

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