Four Billion Humans Will Die In December. Magnetic Pole Reversal, ID Split and Mass Ascension Will Occur Simultaneously Around the Last Portal 12.12.12

by Jerry Richard James and Georgi Stankov, November 17, 2012


Thanks for your latest article and also the posting from Brenda Hoffman. I admire your ability to put together an article after this last wave. I started to write an article on what I felt had happened and, more importantly, what does it mean and I just could not consolidate my thoughts enough. I just don’t know.

It makes sense after this latest wave that we are now through with our cleansing jobs. This was one heck of an energy cocktail and it still leaves me reeling. Today I am beginning to feel a little bit more functional. We have been so traumatized by the many delays that I don’t know what to believe any longer. When we are promised relief and personal ascension it means headaches, severe fatigue, gastro-intestinal distress, depression and vertigo. Did I leave anything out?

Despite all of this I am still confident and optimistic about the long term result, which is really not long-term any longer. I hope that Brenda Hoffman is correct and by the end of this week we will have ascended, but so far it doesn’t feel that way to me after all that is only a day and half away. The GaiaPortal posting makes sense as it fits into PAT’s vision as discussed on this forum. We have endured so many events that I thought we would not be including the Olympics and presidential election, but having to endure another Christmas in 3-D would be just over the top.

Despite all that I have personally experienced, which leaves not doubt that there is a bright rainbow leading to personal ascension at the end of this horrendous journey, a part of me still dreads how I would survive physically into 2013 any beyond. Part of me wants to save money and make more money to insure my physical needs are met. And this need is not to obtain wealth, it is just to survive. Even though we know this is all an illusion, it is not an illusion when we are in the middle of it. Certain needs have to be addressed and I know you and all of PAT are also facing these same health and financial issues.

I wonder how much of what I am discussing right now comes from me and how much I am processing from the masses. After all we have made it this far for a reason. Why would the universe decide that our job is done and they would stomp us now. Doesn’t make sense. Anyway, these are my thoughts today. I just wanted to connect with you.


Dear Jerry,

I am in the same mood as you. While I do not doubt the final outcome of our ascension, given the inhuman vibrations in our bodies, I have now given up making any prognosis or imagining how it will proceed from now on.

If you have read the last missive of the manuscript of survival,

this source claims that we have crossed the finish line after 11.11 and 11.13 and that we have now a new start line. Don’t ask me how this will develop in the future.

I always suspected that we have been lulled into deliberate optimism to achieve certain goals and that the “Sarcasm of Our Souls” as I wrote 3 weeks before this kind of channeling began is as valid today as it was at the time of writing this article. On the other hand I know that we are continuously moving from one timeline to the next one in the infinity of the parallel worlds in the higher multi-dimensional reality, while changing this holographic model of the earth and humanity. Every effort on our part, every new perspective has brought us further from the old model and nearer to the new 5d-earth.

Of course we could have resorted to a kind of fatalistic immobility of our minds and hearts and could have delegated the decisions for our destiny and that of mankind exclusively to the higher realms, but I doubt if we would have achieved what we have now.

It is a fact that the dark archons at the astral planes have been fully contained and separated and that this must manifest very soon on the ground. On the other hand I also begin to doubt the scenario of our early ascension and appearing in front of the masses. I have given up relying on any channeling sources whatsoever now, even though I publish them, and only listen to my inner voice. I have always done this, but this time I do not hear much.

I know that we have crossed Rubicon, but how much will we have to wait for our physical ascension is unknown to me, My sense is that nobody knows really and that we may as well wait till Dec 21 and fully ascend and may never show up on the earth A, unless some of us  decide to do so. My motivation to continue my participation in this drama has reached its lowest point and I am not sure at all if I am interested in this planet anymore, contrary to my initial motivation.

I do not even care what will happen with me financially simply because I have no vital power to bother over such issues. I have given up fighting, although the last fight in endurance with the dark secret services sending me nasty emails has been won by myself –  they have stopped emailing me since two days as they have realized the futility of this dirty action. But even this modest success does not make me happy anymore.

I do not see at present how my inner mood will improve all of a sudden to such an extent as to be able to enjoy life again. I seldom go outside, but last evening a friend of mine, who is a star seed and with whom I share my ideas, invited me to a restaurant with another unawakened couple, his personal friends. The discussion was so dull and boring that it was a real torture for me to even listen to it, although the couple was “nice”. I do not see any social intercourse in this reality anymore, which means that it must change radically in the coming days, otherwise what is the purpose of all the energetic changes behind the veil.

Let us not forget that, apart from some pedophile and sexual scandals among journalists and army personal without any big consequences so far, nothing of importance has happened or being leaked in the mass media so far, while the masses are sleeping more than ever. The main topic last evening was salaries and pensions in Germany, in other words how to achieve material security within a crumbling Orion matrix. I feel now as if I am watching the wrong film, it is more than bizarre, it is surreal. It could be the final cleansing of such patterns, but I do not even see the healing effects, but only the perpetuation of old behaviour at an even higher level.

It has always been a leitmotif in all channeling materials that when the big changes will come, we should be there to teach and educate the masses and that this is the reason why we as LW are here. But we still have no changes, so that I believe that heaven has cancelled our roles as teachers from its script. I strongly wish that the coming events will disprove my assessment, but I do not see this at present. I do not even see any value anymore in continuing publishing this website, thus only managing the pains of the PAT without any real perspective so far. But as usual, I am open to all new events.

With love and light

Thank you for your reply George.

It actually made me feel a little better to know that I am not alone in my assessment. I have come to the conclusion to concentrate on what I do know rather than what I don’t know. This is what I know:

1. This physical ascension process is real.  If I did not feel it in my body, I would not be so sure. But the fact of it being more intense at important dates and moon phases is too coincidental, plus there is you and others in other parts of the world, that I have never met, experiencing the same.

2. There is a deadline given by all channelers and even ancient scribes and that is Dec 2012

3. For the past few years there have been many strange earth changes that seem to becoming more intense.

4. I, and I assume you and other members of PAT, have been abused physically, mentally and financially, but also taken care of in a strange sort of way. Even Anita who had stage 3 cancer three years ago is still here and we have not been thrown on the street as homeless yet, although other members of PAT may have, but I am assuming some event may have come up to mitigate their circumstances.

All of these facts have led me to a conclusion. We are on a path of change and it is being coordinated by forces beyond our control. I am assuming that path will lead to ascension, because I have never heard or come up with another viable explanation.

What we don’t know.

1. How this process will unfold for the masses. My analysis is that they are more asleep than ever. Every incident that could have awakened them (example BP spill, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 etc.) caused no visible change in their behavior or beliefs. Their desire is to rebuild, and by this I mean rebuild their lives and beliefs to coincide with how they were before the event. I asked my sister once if she would like to go to a new world that was better and she said, no, she wanted to see how her grandchildren would live in this one. I think this is typical for the masses.

So what is to become of them. If Gaia is to truly evolve to the 5th dimension, then they would not be happy there, so that leaves two scenarios: Physical death or stay with Earth B or both.

2. What is our role. As I wrote you on several occasions. I think the concept of Earth A/B has been rejected by the masses on several occasions most recently Nov 2nd. They just don’t want it or us as their teachers. They would rather have Monday Night Football and Dancing with the Stars than to bother with anything esoteric. Most of the LW are only concerned with spirituality if it can help them gain more financial success as illustrated in the “Secret” and other popular programs. So I don’t believe that Earth A/B is a possibility now. It’s just too late now. Maybe we will play a role as guides to these inhabitants of earth A, if not now, then someday.

3. So this leaves me with the conclusion that we will continue to get hammered by the energy coming into the Earth, because it has nowhere else to go. Our bodies and minds will continue to upgrade until we reach the threshold and we fully physically ascend probably between 12/12 and 12/21. Any of the masses ready and desirous will come along to the new earth. A very small group . Most of earth A will be populated by new incarnates children and younger adults that will ascend with us. Until our ascension we will be challenged physically, mentally and financially, but also strangely taken care of as well. This is how I see it now, George.


Dear Jerry,

there is nothing more I could add to this elaboration. Although many channelers are euphoric by these latest achievements, I have the strong feeling that something terribly wrong has happened with the initial ascension scenario.


Dear Jerry,

I pondered over your analysis of the current situation yesterday and early this morning one more time and I do have  more to add to this.

Although many huge natural catastrophes and sweeping social events were announced for this year, nothing has happened so far. This treacherous calmness may lull the masses and many unaware LW into the false belief of superficial security and the notion that nothing bad will happen during the current End Time prior to ascension. This is however a very myopic point of view, entirely based on suppressed human fears and the failure to fully recognize the immortality of the soul and her incarnated human personality.

I do agree with you that only a small fraction of humanity has really qualified for ascension and that we had to envelope in October these ascension candidates in the special web of light, which the PAT created with energies from the Source through my field as a nexus between the Source and the unity field of the PAT. Otherwise even this small part of humanity would not have been able to ascend. For this same reason our ascension was postponed time and time again because without our help on the ground these still slumbering entities will not make it. This is so obvious now after the two last portal openings on 11.11 and 13.11 came and went without our announced ascension.

But precisely these facts point to a much larger portion of incarnated human souls who will have to leave this earth by a death experience and return to Celestria (5th dimension), from where they will incarnate anew on the 5d-earth A. As you have said, only a small fraction of humanity will ascend on Dec 21 to the 5d-earth. As also very few entities will continue with their current lives on the catastrophic hell earth B (10% -15% of the current population to my estimation) as slaves of the former PTB or as survivalists and rebels against them, the portion of humanity that will die this year has increased disproportionally after the last two ascension test runs.

Because of this unfavourable situation, the natural catastrophes due to the inevitable magnetic pole reversal and the rejuvenation of Gaia from dark densities in the process of her ascension were postponed to a much later date. Most probably they will happen now simultaneously with mass ascension as not to frighten this portion of humanity and expose them to existential perils and fears, they will not be able to cope with as they are still not that much evolved.

Those dark entities, belonging to the ruling cabal and their minions, such as agents and Internet trolls working for the dark secret services will experience the full force of the deluge and other natural catastrophes around the magnetic pole reversal that will most probably happen between 12.12.12 and 12.21.12.  These entities are fully guided by their fear-based human structure and need such dreadful events for their slow soul evolution during their incarnation cycle in the next Kali Yoga period of 26 000 years.

As we can observe now, the ID split between the two timelines has commenced and will deepen in the coming days. Read in this context  also the latest message from Gaiaportal, which I have commented as a response to a question asked by our PAT member Rose (see below).

From this analysis of the current energetic situation as confirmed to me by my HS after intensive questioning in the last few days, it is easy to explain why we have entered a kind of a void since the sun eclipse. The situation is much more grievous that normally told in the rose-tainted channeling messages. While there is every reason to rejoice over those souls who could raise their vibrations in the very last moment and qualify for ascension, many others have failed to surmount the bar, no matter how low it was set. This portion of humanity will now die in December and yesterday I felt so deeply, almost viscerally, the grief and the sorrow of these souls at the astral plane as if I were also dying.

We knew since our decree on August 13 to drop the fence straddlers that about one to two billion incarnated human beings will have to leave earth through death experience by the end of this year. Now this figure will most probably double to 3-4 billion. However you cannot retrieve so many humans from this planet all of sudden, unless you put the rest of humanity in a state of a total shock. In this case no one will be able to ascend, expect for us as we have already ascended years ago, otherwise we would not have been able to do our job as Herculean cleansers of the Augean stables of humanity.

This circumstance also explains why we have to stay longer on the ground as guardians of this fragile portion of humanity that is now preparing for ascension. You are right that the masses have rejected our appearance as ascended masters before their mass ascension, as they are not ready yet. My last veto, backed by the PAT, not to participate in their religious dramas might have sealed this decision. This is also the reason why the HS of our channeling ladies are now so conspicuously silent on this issue.

In fact, we have issued last week another key decree not to save the souls of the most believers and help them to ascend, but to let them leave this planet through death experience. It was the same dynamics as around the Lion’s gate on August 8, when I was so furious about the false information deliberately given to us by the HS of our channeling ladies. This indignation and frustration came from my deep knowledge that we have failed to save as much human souls as we have envisioned for the End Times. One only needs to read one more time between the lines of the last messages from Dorie’s and April’s HS to discern the “hot threads with which their messages are webbed” as the Germans use to say on such occasion.

The cancellation of our earlier ascension as a group was the dialectical side of the decision over the destiny of 1-2 billion believers to die by the end of this year. One should make no mistake about the gravity of my and your decision from last week. This is a very bad news for humanity and all the lulling into the current artificial calmness on this planet only makes the people blind for the dreadful reality that will come upon them in December. The shit will hit the fan and it will hit it much harder than even we, as notorious realists, have anticipated in the past.

This bad news was also the reason why I did not receive much information from my soul in the last several days, She always takes some time to tell me the bad news at the appropriate moment when my disappointment of not being able to achieve the best possible harvest of souls has subsided and I am ready to digest and accept the grim message. From this vantage point of view, the following statement of Dorie’s HS, upon which I and some other members of the PAT have stumbled in the past, now gets a new meaning:

With each disappointment of the PAT comes a release of energy allowing space for new creativity to come into play. We ask you to continue to use this form of creativity, not only as a means to fulfill our energetic objectives, but most importantly to get this show on the road.”

Let me summarize it at the end for the sake of clarity. Our early ascension is postponed one more time because the masses are not ready for our appearance. Instead about 4 billion human entities will die in December, most probably between 12.12 and 21.12. Their souls will eventually reincarnate on the new ascended earth A or will continue with their long incarnation cycle on earth B.

This will happen during the magnetic pole reversal, which was postponed to the very last moment after the trajectory of Nibiru was diverted away from the earth by the Galactics last month and has not affected our planet so far. The magnetic pole reversal will simultaneously trigger the final ID split of the two timelines A (respectively A/B) and B and the mass ascension of humanity to the higher 4th or lower 5th dimension, where they will need some more time to be enlightened and educated by the future ascended masters and star seeds such as the crystalline children than initially expected.

About one billion dark human entities belonging to the elite and their entourage or being the most fanatic believers will stay on the catastrophic earth B and will experience the full force of the natural catastrophes caused by the magnetic pole reversal and the rectification of the tilt of the earth’s axis towards the sun’s trajectory. Due to their limited perception, they will barely realize that about 4 billion human beings have left earth by death experience or will simply believe that they are the few lucky survivors. They will not know that they are the outcasts of the soul realms that will have to endure the new hell on the catastrophic earth B for another 26 000 years when the next chance of ascension for them will come.

Those, who will ascend, will acquire immediately the enhanced awareness of their new crystalline brains and bodies and will know exactly what has happened with earth and humanity. But as they will no longer be able to experience any human fears, this past history will only have a historical and theoretical value for them. The bad memories will be deleted once and for all from their crystalline brains, minds and psyches

In case we will not ascend before that, as discussed in previous publications, we will ascend around 12.12.12 directly to the Source. In this case we will no longer need to appear to the ascended masses on earth A in a crystalline light body, but will coordinate and gestalt the new reality of humanity as Elohims from the higher dimensions as formless light. This is now a feasible alternative. Given the few more days left to the final portal 12.12, I think that we will survive this time as you also reaffirm.

The ID split has already commenced (see Gaiaportal message below in addition to Brenda’s message), so that the separation of humanity in two timelines will be grosso modo accomplished when the magnetic pole reversal and the ID split will occur in December. Obviously no dark 3d-entity will have any influence on our destiny from the beginning of next week. Not only the PAT, but also the ascending masses, will be fully protected by the new 4d-bubbles established within the web of light, which we have created and built as a protective shield around this portion of humanity.

From this perspective, I even doubt if there will be any major political, financial and economic collapses in the short period of time till 12.12, as this will only trigger the existential fears in the ascending candidates. These collapses will be however felt by those, who will stay on hell earth B much earlier. But as the separation of the two timelines has already commenced, this will no longer affect the ascending portion of humanity. This separation has many facets in daily life as for instance Alberto from Italy wrote to me today:

“To all members of the PAT!

Pay attention while driving your car during these last days. As we may go in and out of 3D all the time, you may suddenly find a man crossing the street from nowhere, as it happened to me today. I’m a very careful driver, I was proceeding slowly and suddenly a man appeared just in front of my car. I cold brake thanks God and stop few centimeters in front of him. The man, also, almost didn’t noticed me and he did not protest at all, even if he could as he was crossing on the right place. We may slip in and out of this 3D, and, as many of these 3D creatures have no aura and almost no soul, we may not perceive them! Be alert!”           

I think that this clarification was due, given the huge cleansing we have done in the last days and are now still struggling with the aftermath of our frustration that humanity has not managed yet to ascend on their own without our massive energetic support on the ground.

With love and light


Gaiportal, November 16, 2012

Higher D incoming Light Energies of Galactic Sun origin create bubbles of resolution. Temporary isolation and restriction of anharmonics occur until resolution.

Some will sense a “popping” of these bubbles once resolution completes. Conscious participation from non-judgment space is helpful in resolving these anharmonics.

These occur at all levels, individual, group, community, country, planetary. All Hue-mans sense these multi-level anharmonics and subsequent resolutions.

Resting and communication with Nature is helpful as resolutions process.

Dear Rose,

thank you for your care. I feel much better today after the depleting energies during the exhausting last days.

I read the latest Gaiaportal message and I must admit that I have difficulties to really discern what it means. The reason for this is that they use the key word “anharmonics” which does not exist. We have “enharmonic” in music or we have disharmony in wave theory. Now if I make use of my own interpretation of this word as “disharmony”, otherwise the message will not make any sense, then it describes the ID split between the two timelines of Gaia and human population, while humanity still dwells on this earth.

In this case the separation will occur punctually in form of bubbles that will engulf the ascending masses from those dark entities that will stay on the catastrophic timeline B. This separation will happen at the frequency level and the social connections between two groups of humanity will be energetically severed for ever. The higher frequency candidates for ascension will begin to live in 4d-bubbles as the PAT, being the wayshower in this respect, did more than a month ago when we ascended to the higher 4th dimension.

The low-frequency, unripe souls who will continue with their incarnation cycle on earth B will aggregate around their 3d-bubbles of even higher density than this earth, as all adult  and old souls will have left this timeline, so that the two sets of bubbles will display a clear frequency gap in between. They will create the two separate holographic models or parallel earths of the omni-earth of Gaia, that will no longer interact with each other. There will be a distinct membrane that will separate the two worlds.

This was also announced in Brenda’s message that by the end of this week no dark 3d-entity,such as politicians, elite, banksters or simply neighbours and colleagues, etc. will have any impact on our lives as ascended masters or even on the ascending masses. This is the ID spilt, we have been talking about extensively since long time, in a slow motion.

I hope that this explanation will help you in your understanding of what is currently ongoing energetically on the earth.

With love and light

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