Final Threshold of Mass Ascension Achieved

by Georgi Stankov, November 24, 2012

This night humanity reached the necessary final threshold of ascension. Exactly one year after the PAT members were initiated to become ascended masters on 11.22.2011, they now managed to heave the portion of humanity that will ascend on December 21 to the necessary energetic levels as to be able to enter the new earth A. From now on the first ascension wave can take place any moment when all the other energetic ingredients will come into place. The quality of the energy that flowed from the source through my field improved dramatically this night after this threshold was reached and I was made aware of this achievement by my HS. I am hopeful that you will also sense this improvement in the energy quality very soon, if not already. 

The PAT may still await till the opening of the stargate 12.12.12 when the new crystalline grid will be fully activated and then ascend with humanity, in case the masses will still need our massive energetic support on the ground. Or we may trigger the first wave of ascension some days earlier as to stimulate their full awakening. Within the overall picture of ascension, it does not matter anymore what will come first.

The opening of the last portal 12.22 and the latest cleansing of human dross that is occurring in particular through my field and the personal fields of all PAT members within our unity field was the heaviest and dirtiest episode since the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. This Herculean cleansing of the Augean stables of mankind actually was a continuation of our intensive cleansing work since the beginning of this month and the opening of the previous two portals 11.11 and 13.11 (sun eclipse) when our ascension was postponed one more time due to the unpreparedness of the masses and their need for our ongoing energetic support.

At present there are enormous quantities of celestial waters that are entering earth and its atmosphere through our portals. These waters have completely new qualities and will be the main medium of information in the new holographic model on the 5d-earth A. Let us not forget that about two third of our carbon-based bodies and our new crystalline 5d-bodies consist of water. This excess of water will also contribute to the huge deluge in the course of the impending magnetic pole reversal that will wipe out the old order and about four billion people in the process of the profound and irreversible cleansing of the old energies of the Orion matrix.

At present Gaia is rapidly expanding in the course of its ascension and this process is associated with increased vulcanic and earthquake activities as even acknowledged by the current Orion meteorology, which regularly hides and twists the facts. These are the imminent prodromi of the magnetic pole reversal that is in the making. The magnetic field of the earth has almost reached zero value. In addition, the huge sun flares in the last days contribute vastly to the build-up of this huge cosmic event.

All these auspicious events in the End Time – magnetic pole reversal with deluge that will wipe out 4 billion incarnated souls, ascension of about 2 billion souls and the ID split of the two timelines when the PAT supernova will be detonated will occur at the same time and will be experienced in a completely different manner by the three fractions of humanity. The third fraction will be the elite and the unripe souls that will stay on the catastrophic earth B and will enter the new survivalist mode of life that will determine their long incarnation cycles of 26 000 years.

Neither the portion of humanity that will leave this earth by a death experience, nor the ascended masses will suffer in any way under the magnetic pole reversal, which will hit only the catastrophic earth B, as they will leave the scene either before the shit will hit the fan or at the moment of the hit and will not carry any negative memories with themselves to the realms of excarnated souls (Celestria) or to 5d-earth A. They will experience this cosmic event in a most ecstatic manner.

The few survivalists will feel so lucky to have escaped the deluge that they will not think for a moment that they are the only ones who have actually entered their perennial hell. Their very low level of awareness will decisively contribute to this profound illusion that will lay down the psychological foundation for the new human incarnation experiment of total separation from the source on the catastrophic earth B. This is the result of the huge karmic debt that the current elite and their minions have amassed through their infinite, insidious and bloody crimes against humanity in the last 13 000 years.

I do not expect any major economic financial and political collapses of the current Orion society before that, although I welcome them, as in this case we will ascend earlier and will show up in front of humanity as Creator-Gods, thus triggering these crashes and the full awakening of the masses, as extensively discussed on this website.

This is my succinct version of the latest scenario as revealed to me this night. There was one further remarkable experience I would like to share with you. After I was informed about the successful completion of the ascension process of the masses, I had a full opening of my portal to the source during this night when a big ball of translucent light of about one meter in diameter appeared in my room and stayed there for 5 minutes, while my physical body was transformed one more time into a high frequency energy stream and almost completely dissolved. This happened around 04.30 am CET.


Read also this message which was published two hours after the publication of this article:

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