My Final Retrospection

By Katrina (Freia), November 30 ,2012

Captain George,

(I like the sound of it, maybe from my own past life as a privateer/pirate/galactic navigator, turned helper of heretics of Europe, escaping to New World).

I can fully understand how exhausted you must be, and still have the energy to maintain your website, is truly commendable!  – and to be the beacon for so many, including myself! (Yes, get used to the compliments and praises… you deserve it).

I was happy to read on one of your posts, that you were able to muster up all your might, and go outside horse back riding, in nature, with your wife. I bet it was well needed break for you – we all need it – daily, if only possible! Connecting with flora and fauna is especially important during these “very end times” as they are the only true healers amidst the fluctuation between 3D physical/4D psychic attacks, and constant changes of energies in our bodies.

At least that (Gaia) keeps me together, because as co-creators of “Earth A”, it is most important to be able to quiet down and just marvel the beauty of Gaia, dream away, feel the unconditional love, only the fauna are able to express without accumulated karma and heavy LBP.

That’s where I’m at. Totally “disconnected from society” (as I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what mattered, not too long ago). I chose unknowingly to live in a constant battle against the seductive Old Orion system, while being seduced by the beautiful creative energies of the streets of NYC, my home. It’s a 2 edged sword, so many beautiful souls sacrificed themselves to the cabal, just for the love for NYC!

Today I am completely grounded, with Gaia, right where I was meant to be, in Shasta-Trinity National Forest. I wouldn’t want, nor couldn’t even imagine living in such a darkness again, my beloved Gotham City, at least until the cleansing is completely complete.

Quoting your words, it has truly been a Herculean effort to carry Gaia on our shoulders, and help her help us ascend.

The reason I am burdening your full email account with mine, is simple. Your are THE ONLY Doctor, with most impressive pedigree, who I know, that has ever connected science and spirituality together. This connection was completely severed and wiped out, causing the separation humanity chose. The only science that satisfies both sides of our brain, known to humanity, is Astrology, which was labelled an “occult”, and had to go underground for centuries because of the church.  Your theories/thesis/books/volumes are all backed up by “science”, but, never forgetting the Whole Truth.

Unlike you, I am not a scholar, just naturally curious and hungry for Knowledge. I am also dyslexic, which makes writing extremely tedious and making my mind bounce all over the place, affecting my writing and thought process, so please bear with me…

I am not quite so able to differentiate my thoughts (the HS) enough to be able to write and describe them, as so many of the PAT do. I have always had a connection to the source via (brief) “visions”, which happen awake, and in dream states, both. As I mentioned, they are just that, “visions”, not detailed train/elevator/bus dreams, that are so fascinating to me, since I haven’t had any dreams of such, except when I was a child (i.e., not an ascension dream, but I’ll share it anyway, as this is from a kid’s prov).

As a young child, I had a recurring dream, that I, with couple of immediate family members, “moved” to NYC riding a train. The funny twist is that I am from Finland, never knew anyone who had been to the Americas even, and didn’t realize we may need a plane, lol! Anyway, it became my reality at 18, when an unexpected opportunity presented itself, and I moved to NYC, via airplane, this time.

I really wanted to share something I found extremely amazing and beautiful. The day after the best Thanksgiving ever, I looked at the sky and the Sun was solid BLUE, with a white halo/ corona/ atmosphere going all around it. The sky was exactly the same brilliant blue color as the Sun, the only distinct separation being the white corona. I must say, it was breathtaking, and quite different from couple of weeks ago, when the orange/red/yellow Sun was separating and “breaking” apart, like a crackling ball of fire.

Separation from 3D is liberating, but unnerving, confusing, painful and sometimes sad, or all the above, at the same time. However, I feel more liberated and at peace, now that the most awful cleansing is done! What took place couple of days before 11/11 portal, was most insane and intense clearing of 4D arch-offs, human karma. I refuse to go through it again!

Anyway, even though I wrote a pledge to Gaia, (without remembering it at all), with a thick marker on wall back in 2010, I didn’t grasp what that really meant until very recently. I have been fortunate to see the remarkable beauty of this country, and imagined Earth and it’s forms, as “a woman ready to give birth”, i.e. ready to ascend. And how intrinsically WE, the Lightbearers, in different forms, ARE PART OF HER, her body, and her ascension.

Throughout the ages, humans raped, pillaged and poured innocent blood on Her, making her so sick, she was about to die from so many cancerous cells, and then extra fuel was added by Monsanto, HAARP, fossil fuels, etc., which all in turn are transferred to humans, making us just as sick, physically and mentally, to the point of extinction, which would have shattered this long awaited (225 million year Galactic cycle) zero point, and the opportunity for Multiversal ascension.

WE, ascended masters, star seeds, guardian angels, heard the call, and came down to Hades.

“WE ARE GAIA’S T-CELLS!”, a light bulb went on in my head as I was finally able to internalize my own thought!!

We put up the fight against the life threatening cancer, we gave it our all, as nothing of this magnitude has ever been accomplished, and the strongest were needed! We came, and “ate the cancerous cells”, the dross, yuck, with our pure Light (info) from the Source. We suffered greatly as well, that much we know, but this was part of the cleansing, ugh. All that is done by us now, right?? I mean, no wonder we are all exhausted beyond any reason, except, “hey, just cleansed HUGE human karmic debt of 13,000 years”! All that is left, is one more portal, and more importantly, going home, finally…

Which brings me to “the big rain” that is now trenching and cleansing the West Coast. The Aquarian celestial waters are POURING in/down, as above so below. We and Gaia, are all mostly water, and the powerful CMEs from the Sun are beaming Light info into our bodies, separating the electrons, which are filling our bodies with Light, making us lighter, “and” lighter, and turning us into Lightbodies (plasma).

The Age of Aquarius, is the age of Enlightenment, as depicted in the symbol of the zodiacal sign of Aquarius (a god kneeling and pouring water from a pitcher). However, what is fascinating is that Aquarius, the water bearer,  is an Air sign! Once again, as above, so below. Water makes a great conduit for electricity, photons, information, which in turn makes our electrons popping insides our bodies until the blink of an eye- when we wake up.

We are all made of pretty Crystalline Stardust, and we are now returning to same. We all, including Gaia, have the same composition and a Crystal core, our hearts. Therefore “thinking with your heart and feeling with your brain” is closer to the truth than the opposite, ego driven, twisted polarity.

Lastly, I would love to pay homage to Luna. The Goddess returned during the last Venus transit to heal humanity, their polarized hearts. The Goddess energy has helped men balance their actions. Divide and conquer won’t work any longer.

Men have been taught “not to cry” nor “show emotions”, but bottle it all in – so it can ignite and burst out in a more masculine manner, anger. I wish all men knew that women LOVE men “who are in touch with their feminine side”! This will be a tough lesson to accept for so many “bread-winning”, ego driven fathers and spouses/partners.

The Goddess energy has also helped women to become more loving. For eons girls/women have been 2nd class citizens, man’s property, whore, or a (evil) witch. Then the states took over with their school systems, “liberating” women, so they can be sucked into the Orion Matrix as well. This put the final nail in the coffin called “family”. The states, and most cases the church, raise the children because both parents are busy keeping up with the Jones’ .

At the same time, women, while expected to “run household”, be pregnant, return to work without ever bonding with her baby, while standing up in order to just become “citizens” of this world, and not be victimized any longer.

The Venus energy heals women, so they will accept the nurturer in them, and to learn to trust men again, without trying to become one.

Yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse: The reason why I talked so much about the Venus transit, is because we just had a super duper Lunar eclipse at the exact degree of the Pleiades star system, also conjuncting with “black moon” Lilith (there’s obviously nothing black about this feminine asteroid, just her man-made name,) and Jupiter, planet of expansion and good fortune, amongst other potent aspects.

Pluto is and will be in Capricorn for several years, conjuncted by Mars yesterday, demanding past few years, for all the dark and hidden to be called out, demanding the Truth and Justice, which will happen swiftly with Uranus in Aries, forming the now well heard aspect of “Pluto-Uranus square”, which was activated by the Flower Children in the late ’60s.

Unfortunately, they did not “succeed” in completion of their mission for “Love and Peace”. But, they planted the Seed, at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Unfortunately, many of them, became Yuppies, or worse, the”new agers”, who got sucked into their third eye and crown chakra, skipping joyously the most important, the Heart!

This caused them never FEEL and CREATE by INTERNALIZING their thoughts, i.e. emotions, and also, FEELING of unconditional Love WITHOUT JUDGEMENT became their “down fall”. Don’t get me wrong, without so many AMAZING pioneers, I wouldn’t run into most interesting, never opened, books ever, on the sidewalks of New York, all published around ’94-’95, few revised ’07-’08.

Nevertheless, time wasn’t ripe then, not until the Aquarian messenger, Mercury, the Internet (ruled by Uranus/Aquarius), came along uniting and connecting the humanity, instantly, in virtual time info exchange around the globe between peoples!

High on the top of the T- square, was/is Neptune (water), in it’s own dreamy and watering sign of Pisces (water), for the first time since it’s discovery in the 1700’s. The veil is now lifted, so we can see clearly and “dream” without the “haziness” of the Veil, the usual negative aspect of Neptune, which made it difficult to see the whole Truth, and question our HS. The true Neptune loves music, dance, moving images, visions and creativity.

I just took a break, and when I came back, somehow I happened to open this page for the first time:,

and was drawn to this article:

While listening to the constant rain, which by the way started exactly when the Lunar Eclipse began at 6:46am PST. I know this because I drove all night back and forth to SF, hoping to catch some of the eclipse before the clouds formed…) I started to think how most grateful I must be for Thoth and Hermes!

And while the ascension is The True Alchemy, this followed on the same main page:

Thank you Captain, sending you, and your family, all my Light and Love!


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