Why the Collapse of the Orion Matrix is Inevitable. A Case Study

by Henry Bizon, October 21, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I was very excited by the new information posted last night from April’s HS. The exact sequence of events, which will accompany the transition to Earth AB and then Earth A has engaged my capacity for analytical thought for quite some time. I don’t give myself too much credit for having a reliable connection to my HS – unless it manifests in a more unconscious way through my thoughts – therefore using reason and logic is what I naturally aspire to.

The question of how the masses might be triggered to awaken has engaged me in contemplating various, feasible scenarios. Most recently I have secretly favoured the idea that the collapse should come first, closely followed by the appearance of the PAT as Ascended Masters, so that the dark forces will not be able to harness this catastrophic event to their advantage. I think this would be a stronger and more complete wake-up call than the PAT Supernova alone would have produced, considering the depth to which the masses are slumbering. I’m convinced that they all need to have the rug pulled mercilessly from under their feet in a world, which they so much take for granted.

To illustrate this I only have to look at my own family. My older brother is a GP (medical practitioner) who has been a senior partner in his practice and in addition has worked some “overtime” as a police doctor. The combined income from these sources I would estimate close to £200,000 PA. He has recently taken a partial retirement, which has meant a reduction in salary, immediately supplemented by a generous pension. He travels extensively, taking holidays in far flung corners of the world, at every opportunity. He is currently on a two week trip to see the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army and then off to trek in the Himalayas. This is a fairly typical itinerary.

Therefore, the question arises – how is he to be persuaded, that he might be only a stone’s throw away from the risk of finding himself on catastrophic Earth B? His life and his world are good! The PTB reward handsomely those who are employed to unconsciously roll-out their agendas. Co-incidentally, one of his daughters is a very highly paid executive of the Fox film industry – another example of the PTB seducing with wealth their unconscious army of puppets.

Try to convince him about this toxic planet we live on. In his world, this is a projection based on your negative perception of the world. Therefore, his world will need to be drastically reduced to an unsatisfactory and irredeemable experience before he will sober up from living in his “castle in the sky”. In his own small way, he relates more with the elites of this world than with the minions.

Of course, most of the dumbed-down masses do not have such rich opportunities. Nevertheless, intoxicated by their chemical diets, fluoride, vaccines etc., they become easily satisfied with a lifestyle of evenings in front of the television, visits to the pub or football match etc., etc. Imagine the excitement, for such people, of getting the latest iPhone 5! Life is indeed good!

I also have a younger brother who, after a career in finance (accountancy) retired early and moved to live in an apartment in Nice, France, where he partakes of “the good life” surrounded by the rich and famous. Because of his interest in all things fiscal, I burned him a couple of DVD documentaries about the fraudulent design and use of fiat money, which he flatly refused to watch, citing me as a “fucking conspiracy theorist”. His “bible” is the Financial Times newspaper. He confidently informed me, not so long ago, that the financial crash of 2008 was merely a “blip”.

I think that if my two brothers were to look up at the sky and see the PAT Supernova, they would think that it was a firework display organised by the government for their entertainment. The government could then announce that the Supernova was done to mark the celebration of the launch of the New World Order, and my two brothers would believe them and join in with the celebrations. This is simply my anecdotal assessment of the masses resistance to awakening, using my family as the temperature gauge.

I wholeheartedly offer my vote of confidence in April’s HS new end-times narrative.

With Love and Light to you all,

Dear Henry,

This is an excellent case study that illustrates why the whole economic, financial, medical, fiscal, etc.. system in other words, the whole old Orion matrix must fully collapse within a couple of days very soon, at best, this month, but no later than November, so  that all these self-complacent human entities can look at the terrible abyss of their ruined lives and  go through all the existential fears, about whose existence now they have not the faintest idea, and only then start to move slowly on the Jacob’s ladder of ascension.

It is a tedious process, and this explains why we had to stay so long on the ground to prepare the energetic safety net for these “Innocent”, but mentally intoxicated human beings as not to fall down on the hell crust of the catastrophic earth B. They carry inside the soul potential for further evolution under much better spiritual conditions on the balanced earth A/B, and it is our duty to save these souls from their self-inflicted hell of pure materialism.

I will publish your email as a separate publication, as a case study to also illustrate and compliment my latest publication with Jerry, which I have just published today.

With love and light

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