The Harmonics of the PAT Ascension

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, October 4, 2012

October 3, 2012

Dear  Dorie,

I was just hit by another unpleasant and very strong and penetrating wave (16.00 pm CET) and had the vision that the first PAT ascensions have commenced. Do you have an  inkling on this new stage in the our ascension process?


Dear Georgi,

I am being hit by another powerful wave as well. It seems that the intensity of theses waves increases during the afternoon hours into evening when it peaks, and then subsides enough late in the evening for me to be able to sleep a few hours each night.

There is something else I would like to add. In my last vision where I saw people moving (ascending) through a wall or “wave”, which looked like it was composed of clear water, they were moving in a pattern, that is they weren’t all passing through the wave at same time, but in an “S” wave formation. So in asking HS what exactly I was seeing, she said the formation I was seeing was that of “sound waves”. She also referred me back to some information I ran across on the site entitled “Earthsong”, and said I should pay particular attention to that. 

My head is hurting so badly tonight Georgi, I hope the information that comes through does not seem too scattered! HS is using whatever she can find still within my brain to get her point across!

With love and light,



Message – October 3, 2012

Yes, there are those within the PAT who are now ascending, who have the proper “tone”. Source is using electromagnetic waves to “pulse” the vibrational frequency that resonates within those who are in alignment with the tone that is required. It is likened to a symphony that is being played right now, with just the right tones/chords being played at the right time to create a ‘composition’. Each player not only has a part to play, but also a tone. While this may be too complex for you to understand, know that the “Earth Song” is indeed part of the ascension process.

Understand that the ascension process is about to reach it’s climax with a huge crescendo at the end, while also understanding that each part or tone is no greater than another, all are equal and just as important to the whole composition, in order for it to become a “song”. And it will be the greatest song of all time entitled, “The Love Song of the Universe.”



Just as I sent my response to you from HS, She reminded of a passage from April’s last HS message that caught my attention when I read it. It fits in perfectly with what I just sent you!

“So for now rest easy knowing that your old 3D world is dissipating before your very eyes and it cannot be much longer before you completely cease to exist here. ONCE THE SONG FINISHES PLAYING you’ll be home! We are so eager and ready to greet you”



Dear Dorie,

thank you for this latest information and I am sorry to hear that you are not spared from these energetic waves up to the very last moment. I can well imagine that the whole ascension process follows an innate harmonics which your HS describes as the “earth’s song”. It can’t be otherwise when one considers the fact that all parts of All-That-Is are superimposed wave systems and exist in perfect harmony (octaves) throughout the dimensions.

It is obvious that “il grande finale” will come at the very end as is the case in any symphony when the PAT will detonate its supernova. Your message fully coalesces with April’s message from her HS on the same topic. I will publish both messages today.

Hope you feel better today.

With love and light



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