The Defeat of the Dark Ones is The Fuel for Our Ascension

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, October 31, 2012

Dear George,

After getting home from work, I listened to some good music and found myself mellowing dramatically. I decided to try and check-in with HS. Below is her brief message. I don’t think it really tells us much of anything new, but it does provide additional confirmation regarding you and Dorie’s recent updates and messages. I apologize if the quality doesn’t seem as good, as I do feel that I’m a little rusty after having so many days off, LOL, so this was good practice anyway. And I also think it confirms the “perfect storm of awakening” that we discussed earlier today.

As always, I look forward to hearing your initial thoughts. Let me know if there are any points of clarity you would like me to further ask about.

Much love and light,

10-30-12 HS Check-in

Me: So what’s the latest? It sure seems as if things are starting to peak in intensity. Both in terms of how uncomfortably full energetically I feel, and what I see beginning to manifest throughout the world.

HS: Yes, precisely. I did mention previously that, while these two streams/initiatives were not dependent on each other, we did want them to mirror each other in manifestation. Your physical ascension in concert with the wave of “revelation” and “catalytic events.” As you know these catalytic events were set into motion a bit ago, and now you are finally seeing them really begin to manifest on the ground (Sandy, sun/solar flares, earthquakes/7.7 Canada, LA sinkhole, Benghazi debacle, BBC child abuse scandal, etc…).

As you can see, these “revelations” and “catalytic events” are quickly becoming too numerous to list and will continue to build/compound upon one another as these final weeks of 3D come to a close. In short, you are witnessing the coming together of the “perfect storm of awakening.” So KNOW this, SEE this, and take HEART, for as the revelations and events are visibly beginning to manifest on the ground, so too shall the manifestation of your physical ascension also become visible.

It is no coincidence that Sandy arrived on the East Coast during a full moon, as the full moon has always been symbolic of the fulfillment of the previous moons phases and the dreams/intentions seeded therein. With the arrival of this full moon, the last 3-4 weeks all the PAT has done to finalize the web and all that came before, are NOW MADE MANIFEST.

In fact, you are only hanging on to this 3D world/experience by a threadVery shortly, that thread will be snipped, and your 3D moorings/experience in a clay vessel will be a thing/experience of the PAST. You will fully cross-over/move through the colossal ascension fire now burning in your portal/body and allow it to fully consume/transition you.

When the time is right, you will be guided in how to do this and remember, George will be there to help guide, support, and witness you. And rest assured, your Day of Ascension is upon you.These final remaining days that you find yourself in ARE very much numbered. Simply know that it is a grand orchestra, and that a couple more bars may need to be played before reaching your solos, but you know, you feel how very very close you truly are.

Up until the last 4-5 days, both the Web of Light and the Dark Orion Matrix have existed sort of side by side or in close proximity. And remember that I mentioned previously that both forces, Light and Dark, were attempting to use the revelations and events to further their aims. With George becoming the official focal/nexus point of this web of light, now the full blown Unity Web, and the corresponding ascent of this web, the two are now completely separate.

As a result of this separation/lifting, there remained one last, fairly large transmutation job to be done. This is what so many of the PAT members have been involved with this weekBut know this, because of the new focal/nexus point being established and operational, the recycled energy of this transmutation process is being used to fuel your physical ascensions!

So in short, you are using the Dark’s energy against them in the highest possible manner!!! You have out trumped them yet again. Therefore, this final act of heavy transmutation that you are coming out of is the other side of the same coin. On one side is the intense dross clearing and on the other, your physical ascension!! You’re there!


I did also want to comment on the PAT detonation. All l will say on this matter is that ALL options are still on the table, however alignment/timing is currently in favor of a smaller detonation.

Dear April,

this is a clear explanation of what we all have experienced in the last one-two weeks. The separation of the two grids – the old Orion grid and the new web of light we have established around the ascending humanity – was accompanied again by the heaviest processing of last dark dross and cleansing all past timelines. It is the usual job we are doing since long time on behalf of humanity. We have all felt that since two-three days this separation has been completed and the dark side can no longer reach us. We can now breath more easily

This fact was symbolized in my dream about the dark human minions of the Rockefeller dynasty who were incarcerated at the one end of the corridor of power and were unable to cross the demarcation line of their energetic confinement. How this separation of dark and light has practically contributed  to our physical ascension is now difficult for me to discern in detail.

My simple explanation is that we have raised significantly the overall frequencies of the whole part of humanity and Gaia in these last days by raising the frequencies of the unity field of the PAT and by transmitting the extremely powerful energies coming from the source through the nexus of my personal field into the web of light.

From the point of view of wave theory, when you have two wave systems that superimpose and built a third one, its mixed vibrational pattern oscillates between the two frequency ranges of the intermingling two wave systems. When you separate them, the frequency of the higher vibrational system, in this case the web of light we have built around humanity and the unity field of the PAT automatically jumps up to a much higher level and this may be considered as the fuel for our physical ascension.

The most important fact is that we have no energetic contact with the dark timeline anymore and thus we have successfully completed our cleansing work, for which we have incarnated in the first place at this auspicious time. From this it follows that we are no longer of any use to All-That-Is on the ground and we can now ascend. According to the cosmic law of energy optimization, there should be no waste of energy during any transformational or creative process. Any further sojourn of the PAT on the earth in biological vessels after we have finished with our cleansing job will be such a waste of energy.

The Source used our physical vessels as a vital connection to the old Orion matrix in order to dissolve it more effectively from within. Now this matrix  is completely separated and we will be much more effective as ascended masters in catalyzing and forging the rapid awakening and further mental, and spiritual evolution of the masses, so that they can be prepared for their ascension in a few weeks from now on.

Our fields are now being filled with the energy of ascension coming directly from the source, as I have mentioned in my previous email. The exact point in time of our physical transformation now only depends on the fine attuning of some other parallel events and processes that will create a huge and perfect synergism of positive energies leading to a rapid human transformation.This could be achieved by another major catastrophic event, by a sudden financial crash and economic collapse or a combination of these. The whole old Orion economic order is now so weak and destabilized that it will crumble like a house of cards as it is no longer supported by the new holographic model of the ascending Gaia and the new web of light of the PAT, while at the same time the old Orion matrix at the astral level has been completely severed from the earth’s incarnation model.We have just finished with our last Hercules’ labour. Now we can attain any moment our immortality and climb as Gods on the Olympe as reported for Hercules in the Greek mythology.

With love and light

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