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October 23, 2012

Dear George and the PAT,

thank you so much for providing that wonderful introduction to my latest HS message. The follow up message to that, “The Final Act has Commenced“, was superbly done as well! I loved your honesty and wisdom. Thank you again too, for providing that excellent template of questions. The HS reading would not have been nearly that complete/comprehensive without them. 

And you were so right, I was knocked down terribly by a cc wave all day Saturday. It was so intense that I would swear I was struck by one of Zeus’s thunderbolts, LOL. Retreating to the midway station helped a little but not all that much. I assume that it was related to both the opening created within me for all that info from HS to flow, and also from the latest surges/pulses coming in from Source.

Speaking of these surges, while I awoke feeling wonderful yesterday and today, I am still experiencing these intermittent surges throughout the day that cause me to become either somewhat sleepy or extremely restless. I just wanted to confirm that I’ve been continuously experiencing these surges from Source as well.

The night I sent my finished message to you, I had a very lovely experience of you and the PAT within the midway station. As you know I was exhausted laying down to sleep that evening. Just as I was ready to doze off I found myself within the midway station. George you were in your light body, I could barely make out any physical features but enough somehow to know it was you (even though I’ve never physically seen you). You gave me the sweetest hug and mumbled a word of reassurance in my ear. It made me tear up, and as I stood up from our hug, I looked around and saw so many of the PAT there too! They were all in their light bodies! So many smiles of support and the overwhelming feeling of love and belonging was incredible! It permeated the very ether of this space. I have never been so in love with this group, the PAT, in all my life! And I’m always falling in love with you all, over and over again. Whether you remember this encounter or not, THANK YOU!

THANK YOU ALL also for your kind and supportive words regarding both the attack from CA and in confirming my latest message from HS. ALL the recent/follow-up posts have been phenomenal and have further helped me to process this new round of information as well. Jerry, Marco, Henry, Eugene, Gail and of course George, you all have written extremely powerful and thought provoking articles and posts in response to the latest attack and change in ascension scenario. I feel these were all very much needed in order to better clarify/understand recent events and how the PAT truly operate, and am so grateful that you provided them. This group, the PAT, is pretty amazing indeed!

I’m sorry that you had to deal with so many nasty attacks website, especially you George, but obviously that’s all the Dark has anymore in the way of ammunition.This entire attack effort from the Dark lately really just reminds of that scene from The Wizard of  Oz, when the “Great and Powerful Oz” is revealed to be the charlatan that he was all along. As Gail so eloquently wrote,

“It makes sense that as the masses tune/jack into the light-web, their authority figures in all aspects of life, such as celebrities, priests/popes, gurus, politicians, gang leaders, pimps, drug barons, media moguls, royalties, bankers….in fact, all tyrants……will be exposed for their real motivations and former actions/crimes… a political revolution, but in all arenas at the same time. These formerly influential people will find that they are no longer respected and they carry no power. New Age gurus/posturing-leaders take note….this includes you!!!”

I hope everyone is feeling OK.

Much love and light,
Dear April,

thank you very much for your comprehensive letter and comments. Your latest message has been accepted extremely well and with great enthusiasm by all members of the PAT who are thirsty for any new information and dearly in need to comprehend the latest developments and changes in the End Time scenario. Your message closed this loophole and the subsequent articles and comments helped to deepen their knowledge.

Saturday and Sunday were very nasty days for me and I suspect for many of us as it was an important portal 10.21 and much human dross came on the surface and needed to be processed. Most people were out of balance. I was burning again like a torch. This goes on today when I was hit by a new cc-wave and for the first time since very long I also feel ill and have the sensation as if I had a fever, although I cannot have fever for many years.

The few nasty emails only indicate the last convulsions of the dark ones and their weakness. It is just a click on my delete button to eliminate them and they have never existed. But since there was a long period of total silence on the dark front, this recent surge clearly indicates their desperation and powerlessness and this is a very important sign that tells us that they know that they have lost.

Now this information is confidential as I do not want to forge false expectations. This night after another powerful wave I awoke up at 02.00 as usually and received information from my higher self that I will ascend in …. and that these days will be full of energy surges. It was the same kind of message I received on October 12 that “we will ascend in two days” as I have published it. On Oct 14 the whole PAT moved to the 4d-chamber as this has been unanimously confirmed by all members and your HS.

However this time the message was personal, saying that I will ascend and not in plural. After that I slept again and had many lucid ascension dreams which confirmed this information.

I am  still sceptical, although the time is ripe for ascension. It may as well be another threshold, although I wonder who many more thresholds we must surmount till our physical ascension comes.

Anyway, the message of my ascension was very compelling and I just wanted to share it with you. The vibrations are so intensive and powerful these days that they carry me away and I move in a haze all day long and cannot do any other homework except editing this website.

Let us hope that this week we will begin to see some real action.

With love and light
October 22, 2012

Dear George,

I am most grateful to you, April, Jerry, and Gail for an incredible effort this past weekend in presenting and analyzing our latest scenario . In fact, I have read April’s message from HS several times. I have also read your Multi-Dimensional Nature…posting with Jerry several times.

With that, I have questions. The new scenario suggests we are here, post-ascension, through the collapse and revelations in 3D. The difference would be that humanity enjoys being shielded by the woven network of light until their complete ascension.

And George, you say in Multi-Dimensional Nature…your guess is most ascension candidates will stay more in the higher 4th dimension.

“My guess was, and still is, that most people will not ascend very high in the 5th dimension in December, but will stay more so in the higher 4th dimension, where their education must take place first before they can ascend to the planned second level of the 5th dimension of earth A.”

My questions.  PAT members are now experiencing the higher 4d energies simultaneously as we are influenced by 3D energies.  Having this experience at present, we know the inherent difficulties of coming into our gifts.  I cannot imagine humanity having the spiritual clarity to perceive our post-ascension crystalline bodies.  They will be desperate, grieving, confused, angry.  I can imagine telepathically sending them so much love and peace that our job will be unobstructed.

But, help me – how will humanity perceive our post-ascended crystalline bodies in their state of mind?  If they cannot see us, will we be much as our  HSs tend to be with us – communicating through vibrations, love, peace, intuition and dreams?  If this is the case, aren’t we just as valuable working from the 5D?

Another question.  I imagine ascension extending through December 2012 because people need time.  They just are not ready.  That means we stay for stragglers beyond December to get them through the threshold.  What are your thoughts about this?

In Love & Light,
Dear Marilyn,

I will keep it short and this is confidential information that I will not publish. I have information/confirmation that ascension will commence this week. I will be the first one to ascend to the 5th dimension and higher dimensions and then prepare the ascension of the PAT which will happen within a couple of days as the PAT detonation has been postponed to a later date. After that we will know much more. This is all for the moment, but the events are stipulating now.

With love and light
October 22, 2012

Hi Georgi –

It was good to know that you received my long message yesterday, and good to read your reply. I’ve been reflecting on that today. It seems interesting to me that the dark ones would put so much effort into stopping your website from functioning. Looking back on it, it seems hilarious to me that they would do so much to stop the little bit of spiritual work I did yesterday to banish them and manifest better energies for your website. The magic I did for it was very rudimentary, and I thought that it would be below their radar. Their attempts to stop me, tell me that your website must be a big threat to them, and that even my simple magic must be seen as a threat. I take the latter as a huge compliment.  It tells me that I must be more powerful than I realized.

Dear Tom,

we are the greatest menace to the dark ones and they know this for a long time, but they cannot reach us. They can only manipulate on their Orion technology, the Internet, for a while to tease us, before we have eliminated this outdated technology for ever. That’s all.

October 22, 2012

Hi there Georgi,

Thanks for your reply. It is interesting that you too feel it’s possible that you may ascend first. That is my feeling also, though, like you, I don’t know, but this came to me today after hearing of your dream.

Wasn’t sure if I quite understood WHY, as you said, “in this case you do not need this intensive LBP…”– you mean in the case that I ascend to 5d earth first? why would this eliminate the need for intensive LBP? I think you mean that I don’t need to prepare the way for others as much you and some other PATers do – i.e. holding open the portals? Is this what you mean? –just trying to clarify exactly.

I appreciate the reminder that we have to remain open and not to speculate too much or, as you said, be narrow-minded and one-sided. I have always valued my flexibility as my best quality and now I know more than ever why I was born so flexible, flexible as a fish in the sea, in fact, which is also my astrological sign. As you said before this is the PAT’s hallmark, flexibility.

I don’t think we can possibly be any more flexible without breaking our backs, so to speak!…

I feel a bit sad that we never had that wonderful 3D gathering on the Mediterranean, Georgi, that we all so wished for. I went swimming today in the Adriatic. It was tako fino! cold but wonderful. wish you and all the PAT could’ve been with me. (Can’t wait to swim through the galaxies with you!

Love as always, Sarah
Dear Sarah,

most of the stress we have with our LBP process has nothing  to do with our ascension, but with cleansing collective human dross and the like. If you do not have this clause in your soul contract for this incarnation, you do not need to suffer that much under the perennial waves of these cleansing. In order to ascend to the 5th dimension, one does not need that much.

Please do not forget that about 2 billion people will ascend  in two months from now on  to the new earth A and 99% of them do not even know that such a possibility exists and they have never heard of LBP. You see what I mean? One should not compare the sufferings of the PAT with the overall qualification one needs to fulfil to ascend to earth A. The requirements for this energetic transition are not that much high. This aspect should be clearly comprehended as the people often confuse the different grades, categories and specialisations in the ascension process.

If you are an old soul, but have decided not to experience too much pain during the LBP as is the case with my wife, you may still ascend very high without going through the LBP in the same intensity as the PAT does. We have a mission to fulfil and it is not just for us to ascend, as we have ascended many times in past incarnations, but to heave Gaia and humanity to higher dimensions. Hence  our ongoing exhaustion while accomplishing  this Tantalus mission.

With love and light
October 22, 2012

Dear George,

I will try to be succinct here. It is true that we are in sync as a group, and that is just blessed and amazing to me. This past night I slept for 15 hours, and had many dreams of assisting post-ascension. Also, during ‘dreaming’ of that higher-vibration state of flying, I experienced 2 or 3 times, awakening in bed and actually pushing myself up from the bed, as if to levitate right then and there. It was an automatic movement, just like the small lift in dreams right before flying.  But it was as though the belief was there, unobstructed all the way through to the 3d mind… as just a knowing. It seems to me, there are probably just a few sleep cycles left before this chapter is finished. The body is rapidly augmenting- like others are saying- and as I was awakening these times last night, the body/ consciousness maintained that frequency (though just barely shy of what it would really take to cross?).

Hooray, hooray! George, you have been a superlative leader for all this time, in so many regards. Now it is time for us to finally have some FUN!

with love,
Dear Travis,

I can confirm this powerful surge of energies and vibrations in the last three days and my impression is that this is the last sprint before we cross the finish line of ascension. There is a  great chance that this will occur this week. Insofar I agree with you that we have only a few nights to sleep on the earth. The real “Gaudi” (Amusement) as the Germans say will begin thereafter when we will begin to jet around the globe and perform miracles. This is what we have been preparing ourselves as souls for since eons of time.

Now the stage is set and the curtain has been lifted. The actors are about to enter the stage any moment. The tension is enormous and all of us feel it. The “limelight fever” will subside as soon as we appear in our “light garments”, while the tension among the spectators will explode. And so their old way of life.

With love and light
Dear George,

Yes. Well said. I look forward to it with all of my being. There is so much excitement and tension here, as you say.

The difficult thing in the final stages was to maintain a forced-partition between all my higher awareness and my 3D duties, so as to remain ‘functional’, and to not suffer the collateral-damage of stirring people awake (triggering their issues, and fears, etc. which they then project in desperation). It was energetically exhausting enough just being here.

But all that I have seen and known to be true is finally, finally upon us. All my spirit, my mind, my emotion, is here for this adventure. And I can finally transition from my purpose of simply being here, to a truly inspired functionality for source. I have known the modality/Tao of that higher vibration (out-of-body and test-runs) only in brief episodes in my awakening journey, and it has been the center of what has propelled me, and what has made me extremely homesick as well.

I am getting a lot of feedback from those beyond 3d lately – through their signature methods with me (we seem to all have variations of this), and it is all affirming, validating, and invigorating. I know my coming role, as it resonates with my highest understanding of what I am – what we all are. It is a visceral remembering; it is an absolute spontaneity of constructive interference; it is: “Yes, This!!!”

The first wave of ascended masters will absolutely astound the planet. This has been difficult – even for me – to fully grasp and accept because the scale is as enormous as it could possibly be. My 3d mind could logically ascertain the truth of it all, but my life-path was to be this amalgamation of this wide frequency spectrum for as long as energetically possible. It was hard at the end because the 5D+ was coming through so strong. We the PAT have embodied/pioneered heroically the bridge, but we are finished and can simply resonate at the higher vibrations.

It is with humility and gratitude, that I reside in this curious energetic interim until then……. the waves are absolutely increasing, making the remainder like a dream. And what I have never been able to adequately convey to the mass mentality will be self-evident, through our presence and energy. Finally I can do what I came here to do!!!!! What joy! This is what it’s all about!!!

Light to the PAT as we thrust across the finish line!
Dear Travis,

thank you for your lucid and very pronounced comments on the state-of-the-art of being an ascended master trapped in the waiting room of the still physical vessel. Please observe that April’s HS told us that when we appear on the ground with our light garments, we will shine as 1000 suns and everybody will recognize us immediately. This fact tells you everything.

October 22, 2012

Hi again Georgi!

I never thanked you for posting the Gaia Portal link, I was never aware of this site until you told us, so thank you!

Today’s message was the most encouraging I’ve read so far and its very interesting as I’ve tried to read them with extreme objectivity:

“These fires are supporting the burning of all old 3D-4D Earth paradigms and will continue throughout the 12-21-12 gateway. 

11-11 portal is a key to new beginnings, and all higher priority items will be cleared prior to that date.”

This would support our conclusions that if all “all higher priority items will be cleared prior to that date“…the only next logical conclusion is that we transform on or before 11-11 as this is our main function and it would seem silly and illogical not to.

My best,
Dear Marco,

this is how I also feel it and therefore I believe that the events will begin to unfold this month. By the way I have established a personal contact to this enigmatic group coming from Bulgaria that editsGaiaportal, but they keep a kind of anonymity still. It is therefore difficult for me to assess them properly. But I have received a private message from them two days ago that confirmed our imminent ascension. However I am cautious now after the CA debacle and just read them impartially, while gaining my information from my HS…

With love and light
October 22, 2012


I related very much to Henry’s discourse on his family members and their wealth as well as the carrots that are perpetually dangled in-front of the sleeping masses to seduce them into believing that they too can aspire to ‘have’ the same, if they work hard enough for it. The salary’s and the benefits for government jobs and the Orion society’s so-called elite jobs are enough for people to consider that anyone can aspire to do this – As we know, this is not the case, if everyone was well off and living the good life we wouldn’t be dealing with the BS we are dealing with. It is precisely because of the way this system is set up that favours others who are more malleable in carrying out these stupid ideas for money that the Orion society has been able to perpetrate this illusion that anyone can do the same, if, of course, they have the right connections, work hard enough, are malleable enough…etc, etc… THIS IS THE ILLUSION THAT HUMANS HAVE TO WAKE UP TO IN ORDER TO FULLY UNDERSTAND, THAT IT IS BULLSHIT.

A few weeks ago I had dinner with a friend at her home and after dinner we went out to sit on the terrace and imbibe more wine. She started to talk to me about her next vacation, she had just returned from a six week vacation in Canada where she was visiting family and friends. She was mulling over whether or not she should take a vacation at Christmas or during the New Year here, in February during Tet. She tried to lure me into this conversation with her, I would not bite, because (A) I don’t have any money, and (B) I got the sense that she was trying to cover up a deep sense of anxiety with something that might soothe her by projecting into the future a possible vacation. We then started to talk about banks and the fact that one of the numerous privately owned banks had shut down here. I had stated that the whole monetary system was on the verge of a collapse and had asked the hypothetical question as to ‘what people would do?’ She did not like this, and our evening came to an end very soon after this. I sense that her anxiety is not isolated in that many people have this feeling that something is about to happen, but cannot understand this at a conscious level, and thus they try to find distractions that will lull them into some false sense of security.

This is the case with some members in my own family with their incomes and their refuge into material security as being the saving factor in their lives. They have plenty of money and feel that if one doesn’t, then one hasn’t made the correct decisions to be at the same place. They are very comfortable on a material level. It would only be a situation where the entire system collapses that they would have to see how tenuous it all is. Most people are tied into this system and support it via an unconscious tether to the theory of the survival of the fittest – which here on this toxic planet means accumulation of more and more material goods. The question of their soul never enters the picture. As we know it is more often scoffed at as being something only well paid and kept clergy members of the church or any other Orion religious institutions should bother themselves with. Or, if not that, then some fluffy LW crap.

It seems to me that the collapse/destruction of this insidious system is one of the biggest ways in which humanity will be forced to give up their illusions of a system that has the ones with the biggest bank accounts praising it. I see no other way. If you are put in a situation that everything is worthless in a monetary sense, then the only solution is to see that the paper value of something is stupid to start with. Which we all know it is, at least those of us having these conversations.

Warm regards,
Dear Laurie,

the Orion monetary system is the most insidious part of the whole enslavement of humanity as it encompasses all natural human fears and gives the people the illusion to appease them with a large bank account and a safety net of infinite securities, but above all by feeding their greed for material possession.

Therefore the first system that must collapse is the financial system and everything else will follow suit. In this respect I am happy that the new changes in the ascension scenario will include exactly this chronological course of the events as it is the most easiest thing to collapse the financial system, which is de facto bankrupt since 2008 and lives on money created out of thin air.

With love and light
October 22, 2012

Dearest Georgi,

WOW!!  I have been offline all weekend as I had an unexpected opportunity to participate in some 40 plus year old, very large healing karma for my soul family. Never did I think that this was possible, but alas, I facilitated and orchestrated this as if I had planned it all along. Just another example of our current synchronicity of our timeline.

I am so grateful for you, April, and all of the PAT for this new information. It fully resonates with me and I am so happy to hear of this adaptation of plans. These changes I feel in my heart and soul as the perfect course to travel. I feel as I am actively ascending as my entire body vibration, as yet again,is sounding a new tonal chord.

I will not give much energy to the dark attacks and CA crap, except to say that I feel it is just another step to proving once again that the PAT is only group of truth with the science and the purest energy. PERIOD!!

Thank you Georgi, April, Dorie and EVERYONE. And to Marco for his clarity and information also. I do not wish to forget my gratitude to anyone. Our Unity seems to be very rapidly strengthening and expanding moment by moment. We are SO, SO ready! Up, Up and Away!!!!!

Dear Ellen,

thank you very much for your very optimistic email and for your strong support of the PAT and its website. I can confirm that we are incessantly ascending now until the rubber band is torn apart and whiplashes us into the higher dimensions, only to return just as quickly on the ground as shining supermen. There is a great probability that this will happen this week. All signs point to an imminent countdown. I feel it, and everybody feels it too.

With love and light
October 22, 2012

Dear George,

Please send my gratitude to Jerry for his excellent piece. It is exactly how I stand in it and have seen it since the moment I became aware as one of those who came to help from the fifty’s. I am facing my birthday (Nov 9th) and hope that this time it will be celebrated from a point of view of completeness.

It is all as it is (in perfect order), we have done what we came to do and what we experience now are only the last moments of adjustments to the plan and our own stance in it. In fact, even if we don’t give it much attention during our daily doings, we will all just roll it off perfectly as we planned so long ago and have seen to it up till now. It can’t go wrong and we are facing a blissful celebration.

My Best,
Rob Behr

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