Breaking News!!! Physical Ascension has Commenced

by Georgi Stankov, October 2, 2012

Today, October 1, 2012, I received information from various sources confirming the beginning of the physical ascension on September 30 as announced by Dorie’s HS on September 29, 2012. Below I will publish all sources in a chronological order as they closely relate to the making up of my mind throughout this auspicious day.

October 1 began as a very awkward day. In the morning I was overwhelmed by a collective anxiety which came from many other souls, as I can very well discern the quality and origin of such emotional patterns when they enter my energy field. I also felt acutely the doubts of many PAT members that they have not ascended yet. Later in the afternoon, these emotional uneasiness receded and I was filled with a feeling of heavenly confidence coming directly from my soul, telling me that everything is going to plan and that there is no need to worry anymore in this earthly life.

At the same time my body energies became very harmonious and pleasant and I began to enjoy the feeling of physical satisfaction, which was almost as intense and perfect as is the blissful state of cosmic orgasm that is awaiting us after our ascension. I knew this feeling from previous out-of-body experiences. By this time I already knew that the ascension process is in full sway and that everything is proceeding smoothly according to plan.

At the same time my HS was telling me that the whole process consists of infinite different, closely related processes that have to be “hooked” into each other, so that the whole ascension of Gaia and humanity can be successfully accomplished. We should be patient as linear time is being abolished now and no longer plays any role in the ongoing energetic processes. We should only observe the energetic thresholds as they emerge in our inner portals and can be felt by our inner senses.

In this blissful state, it was not difficult for me to accept this notion. In particular, I was made aware of the intricate interplay between the sun activity and the changing pattern of the electromagnetic field and grids of Gaia in preparation for the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal, which the PAT will trigger with the detonation of the supernova.For this purpose I prepared a short magnetic activity report.

This is the emotional and mental background upon which I collected all the evidence for the beginning of the physical ascension of the first wave of human beings on September 30 as announced by our HS (e.g. mine and that of Dorie).

Then I remembered all of a sudden my dreams from the previous night (Oct 1) when I met in the dream state with many incarnated souls and discussed various topics. In particular I remembered a lengthy discussion with a young Bulgarian lady who just came from this land and bitterly complained about how dumbed down the population in this weird country is. She told me. “The Bulgarians mostly consist of clones and mutants and I was not able to fulfil my soul contract and to awaken any of them.”

At first I  interpreted this conversation as the usual encounters I have in the dream state with numerous souls as part of my coordination activities. Only later on in the day, I realized that this woman actually has already ascended. She was very keen to go immediately back to the earth and help humanity awaken. Synchronistically I was hearing the whole night and during the day in my mind the refrain from Led Zeppelin’s song “Stairway to Heaven” which I published in my Ascension music:

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
And she’s buying a stairway to heaven
. ”

At this moment the pieces of information began to fit together. However this whole process of comprehension would not have been so successful, if Eva would not have urged me to think in the right direction with her email. She has done this on several occasions in the past, for instance, she vastly contributed to my decision to issue the famous decree on August 13 to stop helping the fence straddles and thus accelerate the ascension scenario of Gaia and humanity dramatically. For this reason, I am very attentive when I receive an email from her and weigh it very carefully. Eva wrote to me on October 1 the following email, which triggered all subsequent activities.

” Dear Georgi,

This is what I saw last night, after our email exchange. I saw that soul’s of the first wave were leaving one by one, one after the other. I was told that this will go on the whole day today /but it started already last night/. I also saw, how the void of our existence on this planet will be the trigger of all that will happen from now on..

Nevertheless, I kept asking Source about my/our departure, but there was no indication of any delay. All I can sense is: It’s ongoing!

Today, I have the feeling that some of the star seeds are already left and the rest of us simply waiting for our turn.


I responded cautiously:

“Dear Eva,

I cannot confirm this news on my part except that I had another energy peak yesterday  evening (Sept 30) around 22.00 CET and had to sleep for an hour.

These souls that have ascended – are they from the PAT or other souls that belong to the first wave and we must hold the portals for them open and ascend as the last ones?

Dear Georgi,

All I can say is that they were star seeds, so they came to this planet for the same reason(s) as the rest of us. But, perhaps they’ve never been linked to the PAT. ‘Independent souls’, that’s what I’m hearing. They ascended by Source and they are with Source now.

Dear Eva,

I am not so sure that if such souls have ascended yesterday that they have ascended to the source. My guess, even prior to 11.11.11, was that some star seeds who belong to the first wave will ascend to the 5d-earth (blueprint), while we keep the portals open for them. Their number is much bigger than the small PAT. This is my take for a long time, but yet I am still not sure if the first wave has already started. I hope to get more definite information by the end of the day. But altogether I have a good feeling.

With love and light

As you may remember, we have discussed this issue many times prior to opening the stargate 11.11.11. It has always been our basic understanding that the PAT members are the primary openers of the stargates and ID portals, but that there will be many more souls who will participate in the first ascension wave. They have come here on earth with different missions than the PAT and they do not need to go through the LBP in the same intensity, which the PAT members had to endure as to be able to connect with the source and cleanse Gaia and humanity from their dark dross, thus building the rainbow bridge – the stairway to heaven – for humanity and Gaia.

This basic fact may have gone under in the recent discussions, as we were talking exclusively about the ascension of the PAT in conjunction with the detonation of the PAT supernova that will trigger the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal. This was somewhat one-sided interpretation, which did not consider the many other souls who will also participate in the ascension process.

In this respect the PAT is the actual architect of the ascension portals through which these souls will find their way to the higher dimensions individually, depending on from where they have originally come. I think  that it is important to clear this circumstance as to avoid mis-interpretations also in respect to the ascension schedule.

For instance it was widely discussed during our preparation for ascension at the stargate 11.11.11. that the PAT members will hold the portals open for other souls to ascend first and that we will be the last ones to go through our portals, the captain being the last one as he will have to ignite the ID split as the key holder, while leaving the earth.

This fact has been now perfectly confirmed by the latest message from April’s HS which I will publish below. Thus our ascension scenario is not only confirmed as a whole, but also in every detail as it has been known to all of us for more than a year. It is very important to stress this fact as to take away your slightest doubts that you may cherish deep in your minds, not hearts – the latter know that everything is perfect.

After I received Eva’s email I wrote a round letter to several PAT members and asked them for their comments and insights:

“Dear X.

I have just received the following email from Eva. Could your HS comment ion this information?”

These are the most important and informative responses I received:


I am back from my walk, which was really more like an experience in floating, as I felt almost completely detached from my body. HS seemed very far away, but I asked about Eva’s vision. I received an image of people moving through an energy ‘wave’ of some kind, but they seemed very unfamiliar to me, as if they are the ‘silent’ among us. Then I saw an image of myself holding a door open for many to go through….uhhh!!! I asked, “Does this mean I’m one of the last to go through?” I did not receive an answer, probably because HS knew I wouldn’t like it!

In that moment though, as I was listening to music on my walk, a song started playing called “Wish you were Here” I couldn’t help but feel that this was a sign! Here are the lyrics:

“Wish You Were Here”

I dig my toes into the sand. The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket. I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment i am happy.

[Chorus:] I wish you were here I wish you were here I wish you were here I wish you were here.

I lay my head onto the sand. The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it. I’m counting UFOs. I signal them with my lighter and in this moment i am happy, happy.


The world’s a roller coaster and I am not strapped in. Maybe I should hold with care,but my hands are busy in the air.


Hearing that song, Georgi, made me feel as if I was being told that there are indeed those who are already there and are just waiting for the rest of us to show up! It was almost as if they were waving at me!

I hope this little bit of information is helpful!

Much love,


Could be. I would not be surprised, but will wait and see. Eva may have a point of us leaving one by one. If this is the case I think older starseeds like me will be the last to go with you George being the very last. But I have always believed that I would be one of the last. The strongest will have to hold the portal until we all go. I did ask my HS if it was possible that my ascension had been delayed until December after all. I got a resounding “NO it’s imminent”. I don’t know how to describe these energies except as weird. I am up from bed three hours now and I think I will return. There is a soft buzz in my ears that is luring me to sleep hopefully not to wake up in this reality. Thanks for keeping me up to date.


As you see, our HS are using vastly our ascension music in these last days to convey their most important messages to us concerning our ongoing ascension process.

Immediately after this email I received an email from Claudia from Mexico:

“Dear Georgi:

Yesterday (Sunday, 30 Sept), I received exactly the same words from my HS as the response to Dorie from her HS.

“Its all done, Dorie, there’s nothing left to do, so don’t try to create something to do in order to keep your mind occupied in 3d time, which MEANS, don’t analyze why you are still here; or if there is something that has been left undone. Just trust what you already know and that the ONLY thing left for you to do is allow Source to bring you home at the most optimal Energetic moment.”

with Love and Light

The next email exchange with Daniel reflects the anxiety and doubts of some PAT members, which I experienced so intensively in the morning of October 1, 2012:

Dear George,

Perhaps I speak too soon, but this is all just taking such a long time again. I feel like we’ve been fooled again, more delays and more work supposedly to be done by us. We’ve heard that this month would be the end several times, but it just doesn’t feel like it’ll happen. The chemtrails start again, the society just continues like it usually does with the occasional burst of something, but never quite enough. This really is the deadline and if it does not happen this time, even I might start to believe, that there is some kind of competition in the higher realms to keep us here for as long as possible. We cannot continue to deal with the mistakes of others all the time. If something does not happen soon, what can we do? I just have this feeling of “the situation is great and this is the optimal time, but of course they will think of some kind of excuse again”.

They will tell us that we shouldn’t focus on dates. The same thing we’ve heard multiple times in the past. Then about one or two weeks of waiting later we make some kind of demand again, and we get an additional month of promises. How to break this cycle? Perhaps I am pessimistic as this point, and I’ve always known that the ascension would happen suddenly and without warning, but there are only a few hours left in this month, which was supposed to be the last, like many others.

Maybe it is just some calm before the storm combined with additional frustrations of still being here. But what if it isn’t? Due to all these delays, we have lost all credibility in the eyes of humanity. If there are more delays again, the higher realms will lose their credibility. If it comes to that point, we will no longer be able to continue this mission, even though it is complete already.

And of course I see all these signs and energies. But still it has not happened. This is a big contradiction and I am fed up with it. Is there any new information you have to improve my temper?

Dear Daniel,

I suggest that you ask one more time your HS when the ascension will happen as he told us explicitly in his last message that it must occur by the end of this month.

With love and light
Dear George,

I agree with this, but there is not much I can do. As usual in this situation I get no real new information from my HS, only a sense of work being done. There is this trend where our HS announce dates, the dates are not met, we receive no information for some time and then weak excuses come to prepare us for more delays. Of course there is still some time, but this bitter feeling just returned to me today, and I am not sure what to do with it.

I am sure that we have completed all the preparations and are now ready to go, but then why is nothing happening? I just can’t find an answer to this question.

Dear Daniel,

nothing will happen (in terms of visible catastrophes) before we ascend. And this will happen within the blink of an eye. Everything will begin with our ascension. Therefore one must have faith in our HS that they will arrange the perfect detonation of the PAT supernova. Nobody has any interest in holding us on the ground any longer after we have definitely stopped cleansing earth’s and humanity’s dross. This will be only waste of energy. They need us dearly after the ID split to help the masses. Based on this logic and my energy crescendo in the last days, I do not see any other alternative. Why should our souls cheat us one more time now when we no longer need to force ourselves to do the dirty cleansing for the higher realms? It simply does not make any sense. We must now patiently wait our ascension.

Dear George,

I agree, but I just have so little patience left. Up until now there was every time at the last moment some kind of change to the situation leading to more delays. Intentional or not by our souls, it happened. Every single time, and now we are very close to entering the next month. I see no other alternative too, but I have no more patience to give. It’s all gone. And I know sending these mails does not change that, but it’s like there is nothing I can do. So I will now continue waiting, but if they somehow manage to let this take much longer, I do not know how I will react.

Dear Daniel,

I have just received the following email from Eva (see above). Could your HS comment ion this information?

With love and light
Dear George,

I had a dream of a big movie theater, many people were already seated and a few were checking in to show their tickets. Except the tickets were not tickets, but some kind of inspection of achievements. You get the idea. There was still a small waiting queue but I did not have to go through the queue because I was a part of the personnel.

This dream gives me the idea that it’s definitely happening now, or ongoing as Eva said. In one way the info from my HS feels like we must all go at the same time. But also, the linear time vs “real time” makes this a bit more complicated. Perhaps the first wave is somewhat bigger than the PAT and we now send through some of those who will not ascend as high as we will, like in my dream PAT acting as personnel in this theater and the others as the visitors.

We seem to be in the very last stage and I do agree some are leaving already. Currently there is no long message from HS because there is not a lot to tell. The important information I do get is that the PAT forms all kind of complicated grids, and when a member ascends the duties in this grid need to be fully transferred to the Rainbow bridge. This process is repeated many times and there will be less and less on the ground, until there is only a very small core group left (hard to say if this is only the captain, or also a few additional ones). This core group forms the skeleton of the grid. Then, when the transfer happens for the last time, for this core group we are all ascended. This complete process will not take a lot of time, but I do not know for sure if it has started for the PAT already (we are at the most important core points of this grid), or only for those holding places of less importance (others with the potential of ascending in the first wave but not belonging to the PAT).

I see it kind of like an onion. In order for the inner part to ascend, we must work from the outside and deal with each layer accordingly. When we reach the center it is our turn. We must be very close now, but I am not exactly sure how close.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

thank you for this comprehensive elaboration. I see it the same way. We have said from the very beginning, even before 11.11.11, that the first ascension wave will consist of many star seeds who will ascend to the 5th dimension respectively to the blueprint of the new earth A, while the small group of the PAT members will keep open and control the ID portals. Only after that they will ascend one by one within a very short period of time, thus delegating their energetic connections /grids to the now autonomous rainbow bridge. It was known since then that I will be the last one to leave the earth as the key holder who will ignite the PAT supernova after the last member has left the earth.

This chronology makes a lot of sense, so that we must know only for sure if the first wave of star seeds has commenced with its ascension. I must admit that I  do not have any reliable information yet, but I hope to get one by the end of this day.

With love and light

This correspondence with Daniel reflects the anxiety most of you must have felt at some point in time. Let me explain first where did it come from. You are engaged since September 30 in helping many individuals throughout the globe to ascend individually, with whom you are not personally related. Many of them are not that much prepared as you are and have still huge fears to leave this reality and jump into the Unknown. They have also great difficulties to leave their family and relatives, so that you are the ones to cleanse their fears during their ascension process through your portals as the official gate keepers. In this way you must also experience their fears and anxieties for a while. This is what you have been doing all the time and you should not interpret these unpleasant emotional patterns as a sign that the ascension process has been delayed one more time. Nothing is further from the truth.

During this email exchange I decided to write another round letter to a number of readers of this website with which I am in a regular connection – with many of them on a daily basis and with the rest every week up to a month. According to my assessment these people belong to the first ascension wave, but not necessarily all of them to the PAT as openers of portals. This was my opinion which I had developed during my extensive information exchange with them in the course of the last year. I am deliberately not mentioning any names as I am not absolutely sure if my assessment is correct in every case, but you know all of them from our regular state-of-ascension reports and other discussions and publications on our website.

I wrote a very short note:

Quick Check:

Dear X,

I have information that the first ascension wave has started. Please confirm if you are still there with a short email.


I was urged to do this inquiry by my HS and by the fact that yesterday I received only a few emails, less than 20 compared to the usual number of 50-70 emails per day in the last weeks and months. I interpreted this silence as important evidence that some of the readers of this website may have ascended in the meantime and I wanted to prove this fact beyond any doubt.

From the fairly large number of readers I addressed with this round email until now, October 2, only one third has responded which is very unusual, to say the least. Normally these people respond within one hour up to several hours after they have received my email, just as I respond to you most of the time within this same tight time frame. I leave it up to you to decide, whether some of our fellows have actually ascended, but my interpretation is that some of the readers of this website have definitely left this earth in the last two days.

I anticipated this result and decided to relax somewhat last evening, while doing what I have never done before – watching an old box match between Lennox and Tyson from 1992 for the world heavy weight title on the Internet. While watching this massacre, I had all of a sudden the confidence that the ascension process is in full sway and that there is nothing to worry about any more, although I must say that I have never doubted for a second that this time there would be any major delay in our ascension, considering the energy crescendo in my body and field and the nasty job I have done in the last days and weeks preparing the rainbow bridge for our ascension .

In between I checked my emails and found this email full of hatred from someone with the name of Pete. I have no idea where this person comes from, but he represents the vast majority of fearful people who may decide to reject the ascension process and even our appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity very soon and thus seal their destiny on the hell planet B:

“So I see you did not ascend yet. Perhaps all you PAT members should commit mass suicide – it seems that is the only way you will free yourself of your physical vessel which you all seem so desperate to do. Why is that? Because you are all too pathetic to make a decent life for yourself here so you make up fairy tales of ascension to cope with your sad lives.  Get busy living or get busy dying.


My response was prompt and full of confidence this time:

Dear Pete,

Many star seeds have already ascended yesterday and today, while we are keeping the ID portals open for them. We, the PAT, will be the last one to ascend in the first wave. In case I am still on the ground  tomorrow, I will publish a report on the first ascension wave. In a couple of days I and some other members of the PAT will appear as ascended masters – as creator gods – in front of humanity. What will you do then? Will  you commit a suicide because you will finally realize what an idiot you are and have always been? I hope not. But I will keep an eye on you.

With love and light

Finally, late in the evening of October 1, I received April’s email with the message from  her HS, which confirmed all the empirical data from my round email enquiry and from the insights and notions shared with me by other members of the PAT as presented above:

“Dear George,

Below is the information I received from HS. Not really anything new but definite confirmation of Eva’s dream/vision.

I hope it makes sense and that it resonates with you and other PAT members.

Much love and light,


Message- October 1, 2012, 22.17 CET): 

So is it true?! Are full-fledged physical ascensions happening now?

HS: YES!!! They have just recently begun. Please keep in mind that the first individuals to go are the more solitary star seeds, masters, etc… who were not part of a larger ascension group. We prefer to take souls in groups/batches, so right now those who were groupless are being grouped up and taken, from many different places. Now also bear in mind that this is a relatively low percentage of the overall first-wave group – that has transitioned so far. The rainbow bridge has held steady for them.Now that this first-wave of physical ascension has begun, it will continue to multiply in size and scope.

I know you must be wondering, when will the PAT go? And I can tell you with all honesty that you are transitioning right NOWThe final crossing or physical transition will happen in alignment with the final magnetic pull followed by detonation and the ID split which you are seeing the evidence of now, as the sun and other celestial energies/bodies begin to work in unison with you (as manipulated by Source) for the final pull/tug that will set you free.

Being part of one of the most advanced ascension teams on earth means your ascension is somewhat complex, only in the sense that it is tied to other natural/cosmic factors and energetic processes as you are already aware of as end-time protagonists and also tied to each other, as a collective unit. But you need to be and are toward the front end of this wave, as you’re needed straight away on the other side and you can much better anchor the rainbow bridge, from the other side.

I mention this to assure you that you are not far behind those who have now gone. And in general, all of the first-wave will have ascended in a small matter of time/days (though ascensions will be ongoing through to the mass portal/transition in December).

Your returns will then be the next order of the day, after you’ve had a moment to celebrate, relax, and catch your breath. But do know that the minute you transition, all cares, worries, aches and pains will be completely goneYou will feel completely healed, whole, and orgasmically wonderful! 

So for now rest easy knowing that your old 3D world is dissipating before your very eyes and it cannot be much longer before you completely cease to exist here. Once the song finishes playing, you’ll be home! We are so eager and ready to greet you!

Today the ascension process will continue with an accelerated pace. This night (October 2) I dreamed all the time about the ongoing ascension process, helping many people to go through our portals and  woke up  with a feeling of complete satisfaction for a well done job. When one feels so good, it does not matter anymore when one will finally leave the earth physically.I now enjoy the last minutes on the ground and urge you to do the same knowing that you are helping many other human beings to ascend first.

In this sense we have already started with our mission to help humanity as ascended masters, just as we are now practically ascending physically step by step, while helping the others to do the same. The final click can happen any moment from now on, but the certainty that the first ascension has already commenced is the breaking news of the End (All) Time.

We are the first source to confirm this historical moment for humanity with this certainty. It can’t be otherwise as the PAT is the main protagonist in the End Time Scenario of Ascension and the driving force behind the unfoldment of all other dramatic processes and events of profound change.

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