You Are Very Much Physically Ascending Now

by April Bender, September 28, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. I hope it makes sense and resonates with you. As always I’ll be curious to hear what you and the others think. It’s really good to be back and I hope everyone is doing well. It was really hard to get this one down on paper, as I truly feel that I no longer reside here, at least most of the time. All I can say is that this is how “conscious Alzheimers” must feel like, LOL. Somehow, there is a sense of peace and security within it, even though nothing functions the same here.

Much love and light,


HS Update 09-27-12 (evening)

Where are we now in the ascension process? We are moving beyond the timeframe given, and I am wondering why we still find ourselves here.

HS: You are correct, but please consider for a moment, “Where is here?” For as you (the PAT) have unlocked all necessary dimensional doorways, with Georgi turning the key, you have also embodied/indwelled or merged with each one of your dimensional light vessels, all the way up.

In your linear 3D time, which is currently breaking down as humanity understands it, the energetic/light repercussions of this light vessel merging are reverberating down into the 3D world, igniting the final spark of your actual/physical cosmic ascensions. There is a back-building or back-draft you might say of energy that has been created by you completing these final two ignition or lighting processes in which you have merged fully (on an energetic level) with your Oversoul. This will manifest down in the material very shortly as the PAT detonation/supernova, and actually already is.

Many of you already sense that something significant has “shifted.” This would be your entire center of perception. You can also feel yourselves getting lighter, dematerializing. Everything has taken on a surreal or dreamlike quality, as these are the most conducive energies to facilitate transition, or the crossing of thresholds. As you (the PAT) continue to move across the rainbow bridge, the physical must soon follow suit. The tension becomes too much, the pull too great. Like a powerful rubber band effect you will be catapulted into detonation and will physically ascend.

You have already ascended in every other way, and now the last barrier, the physical vessel, literally becomes less dense to you, as you and your reality dematerialize or exist less and less here. It would be true and accurate to say that you are very much physically ascending now. Right now! Following the path you just blazed/ignited energetically.

Running concurrently with this is the magnetic pull on earth. This pull is aiding in your ascension, as well as the transitioning of Gaia and the waking up of the masses. It is nature’s way of restoring balance, resetting polarities, especially since the new 5D and higher energies have now flooded the earth to better aid/support the magnetic processes on the human body/mind. Let’s just say that within the last 24-48 hours, the first magnetic shifts/clicks happened (see also energy undate-September 27).

I am having a hard time communicating this as April’s human understanding of the mechanics of this are limited, but in general, the first massive shift in perception, in the timelines, has physically commenced and this is what will further push your detonation levels to fully ignite, adding to the rubber band effect. Once your physical ascension has occurred you will in turn, further propel this magnetic process causing the ID split. Evidence of this reciprocal relationship between the PAT ascension process and the magnetic processes can be see even now, as the stresses to the shell of mother earth are mounting in the current pattern of earthquakes, as one example in response to your further establishing/anchoring the rainbow bridge.

The activation of the ley-lines was crucial for this. The magnetic processes required it in order to run or be implemented optimally. Your optimal ascension scenarios ensured you (the PAT) would be in the correct positions to activate “key” ley-lines. As a result, all is now in order, and manifesting. The time of your physical cosmic ascension and the ID split has come, it has commenced. All that is left is for the song to finish playing itself out. Your ascensions will be experienced by you in very much the same way you dreamed/saw them. Have faith in that. You have done well. Exceptionally well. Detonation is at hand.

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