Our Biological Bodies are Powerful Electromagnetic Bio-Systems

by Georgi Stankov, September 14, 2012

Dear Georgi,

For some reason, I am being guided to uncover the “spark”. I believe it is important for our current objective.

I believe the answer lies in the explanation of a very powerful event that I experienced with another PAT member.  I am trying to understand what dynamic triggered the event.  Without going into details (again because I know that this site is read and reported on daily),  how do electrical and magnetic forces affect the bio-energetics of our cells.

I do appreciate your input, thank you kindly.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

if you read my “General Theory of Biological Regulation“, it is based on the key new discovery that all chemical energy released during cell metabolism is transformed into powerful electromagnetic membrane gradients (10 high 8 electronvolt). This is the stored energy that is always available to the cells and the organism as a multi-cellular organism to use it for their regulation and maintenance.

When these gradients are discharged, the released energy is again transformed into biochemical energy that keeps the cells alive and functional. This is the new revolutionary leap of this theory in comparison to the old bio-science approach, which is entirely biochemistry and neglects all dynamic energetic processes in the organism.

This is also the main reason why the current Orion bio-science has totally failed to establish a General Theory of Biological Regulation of the human or any other organism. This fact is deliberately hidden under the carpet of forgetfulness  by all scientists in this field. It also includes their inability to understand the function of the genetic code, e.g. DNA/RNA replication, building of proteins etc.

The average daily rate of discharge of the  electromagnetic membrane gradients in a cell is more than 100 000 times, in the neurons of the nervous system it is much higher. I was the first scientist in the history of bio-science to come to the idea to calculate the stored electromagnetic energy in all body cells with the help of the Universal Law, respectively with an application of it, and to prove that it is exactly equivalent to the biochemical energy that is liberated during the catabolic metabolism in all body cells when the radiated thermal energy is excluded. This remarkable achievement is presented under the chapter “Energetic balance of the cell and the organism ” in volume III.

This was the most elegant theoretical proof that the human body is a very sophisticated electromagnetic, carbon-based bio-system. This fundamental fact is still kept secret in the current Orion bio-science, as it has profound theoretical ramifications which will eliminate the current cover-up about the real nature of all human beings as immortal multi-dimensional entities.

The human chakras are actually powerful converters of non-polarizes higher frequency energies from the higher dimensions, which are beyond the electromagnetic spectrum of the 3d-space-time, also defined as “photon space-time”  by myself, and hence not detectable with normal material devices, into polarized electromagnetic photons. This is how the non-polarized, unity quantum energy/light of the higher realms is transformed into polarized electromagnetic energy that is now used as the main form of energy to regulate the human body. This also holds true for inanimate, physical matter, however the regulation (transformation) of the energies there is somewhat simpler.

The whole LBP and ascension can only be understood in the light of this revolutionary discovery and on the basis of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation as developed in volume III. It incorporates all the major facts and knowledge collected in bio-science during the last 20th century that builds the vast edifice of these heterogeneous scientific disciplines, such as biology, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, bioenergetics etc.

During the LBP, the chakras are transformed in the first place as to be able to process much higher energies from the higher dimensions and to convert them into electromagnetic, biochemical energy of the human body. This can only happen if all low frequency blockages in the ethereal (astral), mental, emotional and causal bodies of the incarnated personality are eliminated step by step. The new chakras then begin to vibrate/rotate with a much higher frequency after all crystals and debris that have been amassed during past incarnations and are responsible for all fear-based patterns are eliminated.

This is a huge transformation process, at the end of which the incarnated personality is no longer the same old limited human sapiens species, but becomes an ascended master disguised in a physical vessel.

This is what all PAT members now represent and this explains why they are so different to all other LW and the slumbering human masses. They are energetically and spiritually much more evolved beings and only preserve the same holographic camouflage of a carbon-based body.

Now there are some LW who are indignant that I always make this distinction, but it is in the core of our essence as the new Creator Gods and Earth Keepers compared to the human masses, who even after their ascension to the 5d-earth A will need another 2000 years earthly linear time at least to partially achieve our level of evolution,

The whole spectrum of esoteric fears, with which we are currently confronted, is derived from this subconscious  knowledge of all these incarnated, esoteric tainted personalities, whose souls know the big difference between the PAT, including all crystalline children, and them.

As they are all obsessed with their esoteric ego and their spiritual arrogance coming from an ill-guided  sense of superiority, as this has been recently brilliantly discussed by Gail, they must inevitably reject the PAT and its mission as a Savior for humanity and Gaia.

Fortunately this state of denial will come to an end next week and then the true magnificence of the PAT will be revealed to the whole humanity, even though one third of it will not grasp it, as they will stay on the catastrophic earth B. But the rest will be enchanted by what a human being is able to achieve throughout a single life on the earth and they will be motivated  by a new form of human ambition to follow our example and ascend as high as we have done it.

This is the psychological background behind our appearance as ascended masters after the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal. This is how the circle is closed with regard to our ongoing discussion on the ascension scenario.

However the anticipated and much discussed wake up call will not have any huge impact on the electromagnetic nature of the slumbering masses, although this is precisely its effect. It will affect in the first place their collective mindset by expanding immensely their awareness when they will be compelled to accept that every human being is a multi-dimensional immortal entity, only temporarily trapped in a human body. This energetic expansion will be sufficient to catapult them to the 4th dimension during the ID split.

I hope I have answered your question to your satisfaction.

With love and light

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