More on the Latest Ascension Scenario. A Conversation with April and Her HS

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, September 6, 2012

Dear April,

I had the impulse today to formulate several questions to your HS, which she could please answer, so that we all get a better understating of the final energetic processes prior to Ascension:

1. Yesterday, September 4  was marked by another peak wave, which was announced by my HS last week and felt by many PAT members. Given the latest information from your HS, I have the following question:

Did this energy peak completed the transmission of the Adamic light codes for humanity and/or was this the completion of the ascension fire work/cleansing in our portals?

2. CA confirmed in its latest alert that since Mid September Nibiru will be visible to the masses with the help of telescopes and even with a naked eye, so that the establishment will no longer be able to hide its existence and must respond. Soon thereafter the beginning of the catastrophic events is due to come. According to CA, the elite, who still controls government and the mass media, will try to instigate some fearful actions – e.g. wars, financial collapse, big terror attacks, etc. –  to divert the attention of the masses from this cosmic event. These events will be in line with the catastrophic version of earth B and will not necessarily be experienced by those who have qualified to ascend during the ID split. My question is:

Will the visible appearance of Nibiru be associated with the detonation of the PAT supernova as to augment its magnetic pull effect on the earth and thus trigger the magnetic pole reversal, as announced in the last message of your HS, or are these two events loosely correlated and thus not timely dependent?

3. Could it be that the detonation of the PAT Supernova may be triggered first as to prevent all or part of the planned dark options of the elite when Nibiru will become visible around Mid September, by unleashing the planned natural catastrophes – earthquakes, volcanoes, deluge, tsunami etc. –  during the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal?

I hope that the answers of these three questions may shed some light on the remaining few days as I have the impression that most PAT members are beginning to lose hope and are very tired and depressed by the ongoing waves and the interminable waiting.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Sure, I will check-in with HS on these additional clarifying questions and see what we get. I should be able to get something to you before the end of the day.

There is something else I’ve been meaning to discuss with you as well. I’m in a similar predicament that you were in prior to and during your move. My employer is having a Global Gathering in Assisi, Italy this month. I am expected to travel there for 9 days or so to work this event (arriving in Assisi on 9/16 and departing on 9/24). It’s been in the works for over a year now, but I always thought we’d be gone from here by now. I obviously am still very hopeful of this, as I know ascension is imminent but how imminent is the real question.

Any other time I would very much enjoy this trip, but the timing sucks and I really don’t feel comfortable leaving my family and my portal, for that long right now. I’ve been trying to gain insight from HS about why I may need to go, what is the “higher” purpose in it?  I’m having difficultly getting straight answers from HS regarding this trip and think the issue probably has more to do with me than her. I am so damn anxious about this trip that anytime she begins to give me info, I question it too much, like maybe I’m only telling myself what I want to hear because right now, I’m too emotionally vested to be a clear channel for that specific information. I will try again when inquiring about your questions, to seek clarity around this trip.

The reason I mention it to you is I’m wondering if you might have any inkling about why I may need to participate in this, assuming that we don’t ascend by then. I of course am hoping that HS tells me today that the trip is moot, as we will ascend before then. But realistically I’ll need to start packing soon and still need to purchase several items. I do know some of the history of Assisi and St. Francis, but am curious about other symbolism/meaning for the area as well as if other PAT members reside nearby. Just trying to make sense of it all, as I’m sure you understand.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

thank you for your quick response. Assisi must have a great symbolic and energetic importance for many reasons, not only associated with St. Francis and his movement, but also with the current established Church, which is very strong there and has shrouded the original spiritual meaning of the Francis’ revival of Christianity  with the many official religious events which take place in this town. The pope also visits very often this place and the first ecumenical meeting of all organized religions took place in Assisi in the 90s under the auspices of the former pope, but failed and was never repeated.

Marco Ragusa, whom I published on this website, and some more star seeds around him, who issue several esoteric Italian websites, are also situated in Umbria. He, himself, comes from Sicily, Syracuse, but, as far as I gather, he also lives in Umbria, which is my favourite place in Italy –  a very spiritual and magical region.

Although I have no idea why you must travel exactly at this time to Assisi, just as I had no idea why I had to move now, there is always a hidden purpose which one only realizes when the event has arrived or passed.

In such cases, I tend to let myself being dragged by my soul and try not to influence the course of the events. In this case I would recommend you to make the necessary preparations, errands etc. for the journey, but still bear in mind the possibility that you may not enter it. I would not interpret now too much into it, but simply stay in a waiting mode. By the way, this part of Italy is really so wonderful that even if you do not ascend in the meantime and visit it, you will be fully gratified by the sightseeing. In this case there is nothing to lose, but I lot of new promising perspectives as long as you are physically able to make such a long  journey.

I myself am no longer in the position to travel, but this is so since 2007 when I last visited Northern Italy and came very tired back home. But Assisi is a much better place to visit than the region of Milan.

I am afraid I cannot tell you much more about this journey.


Dear Georgi,

THANK YOU so much for the additional information on Assisi/Umbria and the reassurance your note gave me. I believe I will follow your good advice, as this is where I was leaning anyway. Obviously there is no sense in fighting it, and I know there is a reason for everything, even if I don’t understand it yet. I still hope that, while preparing, it’ll turn out to be for naught and instead we’ll ascend, but in the end I need to surrender to the experience, whatever it turns out to be as we’ve done all that we can do. I really appreciate your kind words, as I know you faced this same sort of dilemma yourself and could fully understand my angst. I’ve finished all my work/meetings for this morning, so after lunch I will check in with HS and get something to you.

If you’re interested, here is a link to our website on our Global Gathering event. Andrea Bocelli will actually be performing for us on the last evening of the gathering, and I have to admit I’m really excited to hear him perform. Also, I hear the energy in Assisi and Umbria is incredible, from the staff members who’ve already visited and now from you as well. ..

Much gratitude Georgi!
Until later,

Much love and light,

Dear April,

I checked the website of your organisation and I would have liked to know more who are these thought leaders you have invited and how the panels are arranged, but this website is very general and does not give any details. It does not matter much now.

But my intuitive guess is that you may be an important link in this whole gathering and just suppose you ascend in their presence, this would be a very spectacular departure. I  do not know why, but I think that Assisi is a good place to ascend after all.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

In the past we’ve worked with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They however, were unable to make it to this event. Over the last 2 years we’ve created 16 advisory councils in 15 different sectors: arts, sports, law, education, social sciences, natural sciences, etc… Each council has 12-14 advisors that are highly regarded within their fields/disciplines. They come to our Institute and retreat center twice a year for individual sector meetings.

We have charged our advisors with lifting up examples in their fields/sectors of people/programs that exemplify love and forgiveness. From these examples we ask them to build new proposals/project ideas that enable us to learn something more from these good examples, and will also make these examples more visible to the public at large. These advisors will be the main audience of the Global Gathering along with a few “special” guests.

I believe our conference total is at 550. But this will be the first time that ALL of the advisors will be together at the same place, at the same time. They will be able to share their project portfolios with one another and we as an organization will challenge them to do more in the way of “being the work.” And will ask them what does it mean to be an ambassador of love and forgiveness? Why is it important to align our inner lives of mind and spirit with our outer lives of service and action in the world? We will also have some media there. We have some local stations in Italy covering portions of the event and some US media too.

Yea, that would be a DREAM! To ascend in Assisi. I have to chuckle because with all the “egos” present, it would be me, a lowly administrative assistant that would ascend! How hysterical! I have to confess the thought of ascending in Assisi had crossed my mind… anyhow, we shall see what comes.

I’m almost done with typing up my HS message. Will get it to you soon but you probably won’t see it until morning.

Much love and light,

Hi Georgi,

Below is the response from HS. I think she answered your follow-up questions fairly clearly (mine too). Please let me know if there is anything that still seems confusing or vague.

Well, today’s message was sort of a mixed bag. As always, I would like to hear your initial feedback. I didn’t have a chance to ask her about the Italy trip but will do so at the next check-in and try and see just how relevant it might be.

Much love and light,


9-5-12 Update from HS

Me: I wanted to check-in with you today to see if anything new is transpiring.

HS: Always! As you already know you’ve just recently finished your light body alignments. And within the last couple of days, peaking yesterday (September 4), you’re ascension fires began reaching critical mass – meaning, some of the PAT members have ascension fires within their portals that have grown as large as they are going to, prior to detonation. Some members are still in this process, a little less than half, but the majority of you have reached this point. We do need more of you to finish assimilating/processing this last surge, but anticipate full PAT “ascension fire” completion within a day or so at most.

Really it depends on the PAT member as they are triggered/expanded in various and unique ways, though some are common across the board, and how they react, reflect, and/or process that information or transmutation. Remember that you’re still transmuting/releasing the very last of any blockages (sludge) that were knocked loose during your light body “activations,” and this dross will be transmuted by your ascension fires. So obviously the bigger the fire, the quicker it burns. So you can begin to see how these two activities (light body activations and ascension fire culmination) are inter-related, as many of the completion processes are.You as a group are finishing up with them both over the next day or two.

Me: Hey, didn’t you say that there would be nothing keeping us from ascending once our fires were complete, that we could step through them?

HS: Yes I did, but remember three things:

1) We need most all of the PAT to reach this same critical mass in their portals prior to detonation. Your cosmic ascension will happen as a “collective,” for the most part. You will all go/ascend within the same 24 hour period and as far as the higher/inner realms go, we see it happening at one time/as one ascension soul group/unit.

2) You also still need to finish transmitting codes to the masses. Every time you are elevated or peak in a process, just like this week/yesterday, you have new codes to transmit/share with the masses and/or Gaia, this is standard. Again, there isn’t too much more here to go.

3) Once you’ve completed the first two items, it will be true, there will be nothing holding you back from ascension, however we in the higher realms will need to reassess the timing of your completion with the impending wake-up call in order to schedule your ascension at the most effective time as to utilize the most energy and impact.

Me: What?! You didn’t say that bullshit before!! YOU said, “after your ascension fires are complete there is nothing holding you back from ascension.” WTF?! Why did you LIE!

HS: April, I didn’t lie. Technically there isn’t anything holding you back, other than when the Higher Councils decide to push the trigger. That’s all I meant. And in any of the scenarios, this final “trigger-pushing” has always been at their discretion, ALWAYS. In order to ensure that the energies converge at their optimal timing, that no energy is wasted and all is in optimal flow ensuring the best outcome/impact in any given ascension scenario/ variation, they need to be the ones to make that call. They have a much better vantage point in which to do so and it is their role.

Your ascension is still very much imminent. No one has lied about that! We and the higher realms are doing all that we can to get your Divine Plan tasks completed and as I stated at the beginning of this discussion, you are within 1-3 days of that. You obviously had not met ALL your PAT tasks previously but this is what is different this time. For instance, YOU – the PAT downloaded/seeded/reactivated the Adamic template for the masses!!! Once these CRUCIAL final tasks are done we will ALL move heaven and earth (literally/metaphorically) as fast as we can, to see you home as quickly as possible.

Remember, we need you ready to teach and lead the masses very soon, and you must be wearing your “garments of light” in order for them to clearly identify you, and also to realize/confirm what their own divine potential isYou will give them something new to strive for and frankly, there isn’t any time to waste!

Me: Alright, I’m still sooo not happy with you, but I guess you really didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. I just wish you’d been more upfront about it in the last message, or at least reminded me/us about “protocol.”

So the other day you mentioned that a change in scenario was now very probable. You said:

“Earlier it was a perceived scenario that you might need to be on the ground when the “wake-up” call first begins to manifest. This may still hold true, but we in the higher/inner realms are working feverishly to get you home as there is indeed nothing more you can do on the ground in your current form. It’s also known that you’ll be needed straight away on the “other side” of the ID split. And frankly, your final processes are running so smoothly that they might be completed prior to the manifestation of the wake-up call.

Once these processes finish, there is nothing to keep you from ascending, as all the needs you must provide for the Plan will have been filled. Your detonation will actually cause the ID split, but keep in mind that the ID split as far as the masses are concerned, could be experienced as their “wake up” call and in fact, could be perceived as happening over a period of days. See what I’m saying?”

Can you give me some more clarity about this statement? Will the visible appearance of Nibiru be associated with the detonation of the PAT supernova? What about the magnetic pole reversal? Are the two events related and/or dependent on each other?

HS: OK, slow down a second. In a short amount of time, “all hell is going to break loose.” Meaning that so many events are about to take place/coincide/ripple out into other sub-events, if you will. Many highly charged “rapids/ currents” coming from different directions are about to converge on your world. Because of this, and in spite of this, there will be plenty of “energetic fuel” to “get the job done.” And you have to remember that by all intents and purposes as “wild” as this first shift will be for the masses, the second one in December, for those who are able to cross to A, will be exceptional.

The appearance of Nibiru is not directly related, necessarily, to the magnetic pole reversal. The “reversal” could happen prior to Nibiru’s visibility because of the “pull” – it could happen as a result of the PAT’s supernova being “triggered,” then the ID split would be experienced by the masses as the “reversal,” or vice-versa depending upon the level of consciousness of the individual, Nibiru would then follow closely after that. So in short, just about anything is possible in terms of ordering, but all these events, no matter which order, will happen very quickly in relation to each other in order to maximize this entire endeavor.

What is known for sure, is that you will probably not need to wait for the magnetic pole reversal to ascend as after the next few days, you are “free agents/angels.” 

BUT having said that, so many of these things/events are already in motion, the magnetic tug of Nibiru is very much being felt on the earth. That earlier scenario is almost a reality right NOW. Timing is so close right now on a couple of different “favored” alternatives. The Higher Councils will more than likely go with the scenario that manifests first, as all are already in motion and are in their “completion” phases towards visibility/manifestation. They would not normally interrupt these already well established energy flows/processes to re-order them, unless they felt it necessary for a very important reason, and this does not happen very often as it alters energetic momentum. They might hold up the first event, if the others are too far behind, but as I’ve said things are so close together already timing-wise, the wait would be minimal if needed at all.

And as I want to reassure you, all these processes will come to convergence VERY SHORTLY, you WILL NOT have to wait another month. You can feel this, the masses can feel this, the animals can feel this… the earth is showing signs of this… The PTW are posturing for it now more than ever. Finish up with your tasks (the PAT) as quickly as you can. Let the energy in, let the transmutation happen, allow yourself to release or confront that last little bit that needs to be burned up in your ascension fires. Allow your ascension fires to grow to their full capacity. You are almost DONE.

I would check back in with me in a couple of days. Allow some time for the PATs last tasks to be completed/ assimilated as described in the beginning section of this message. We in the higher realms should have an even better picture of where everything stands but YOU the PAT are one IMPORTANT factor.

You all are such amazing angels! Please, please hang in there. We (your collective HSs) are letting you know where you are every step of the way in the process through one PAT member or another… your experiences are confirming our information… you KNOW what you were promised… and what time it is.


Dear April,

This night, before reading your message in the morning, I had a pivotal dream of abstraction. I was shown the initial scenario leading to ascension, which consisted of several steps and took some time to be realized. Then I was shown the new scenario that has come in power now. It eliminates with one stroke all these energetic hurdles and leads to the same final result of our ascension. Visually the new scenario smoothed all the hurdles and connected the loose ends without going through the different energetic stages as was planned in the previous scenario.

It is difficult for me to describe this dream as it was very abstract. I did not believe at first that this is possible as this facilitation/acceleration of the new scenario seemed improbable to me, but I was reassured many times by my guides that it will work and that this is the final decision. They told me that we have reached the final point when ascension can happen any moment. When I woke up, I felt such an incredible lightness and relaxation in my heart based on the conviction that we have finished with our job, as I have seldom experienced in the last years.

Now, while reading your message, my HS told me, in concordance with yours, that all energetic processes will converge in the next several days precisely, next week, so that even the timing/sequence of these events will no longer be an issue. In this context, the visibility of Nibiru for the masses will not be a prerequisite for these events to unfold. This dissociation between the visibility of Nibiru and the ID split/detonation of the PAT supernova/ wake up call of the masses is now definitely confirmed.

I received Dorie’s message on this same issue yesterday, which I will publish today, where this fact was also confirmed one more time. Dorie’s HS told us that there might be another visual cosmic show that will be used as a wake up call for the masses and that this effect need not be Nibiru itself, but the masses will interpret it as Nibiru subconsciously and consciously, as this planet will appear soon thereafter and cause havoc as currently expected by many people.

This dissociation was actually in the core of my questions to you and to Dorie. The rest of the information from your HS is PAT business as usual. However, it is very good to know that we will have finished with all our energetic duties by the end of this week. In this case the show can begin next week. It is also great to know that we will not need to wait for another month. This is also my conviction – the whole affair will be over in September. The processes have already gained momentum and nothing can stop them now.

For practical reasons, from our limited point of view on the ground, the ID split and the PAT supernova can be regarded as one event, even if they may occur closely one after the other. The wake-up call of the masses, which may begin with a visual cosmic show as mentioned in Dorie’s message, is only a show effect that will announce the ID split and the PAT supernova. After that the catastrophes will commence.

But it is now confirmed by both your and Dorie’s HS as well as by my HS that we will ascend before the “shit will hit the fan” as we will be needed immediately in the aftermath of these events to lead the people and show them what is possible for every human being to achieve – namely, to be a creator god and be able to perform all kinds of miracles. This part of our role is vivid in my imagination since 1999 and has been extensively discussed in my five books on Human Gnosis.

I think that we now know what will happen in the next few days and it will be great if we get one final update from your HS before you depart to Italy.

With love and light

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