Important Announcement

Herewith, I am happy to announce that Chris, our webmaster, has successfully graduated his engineering study at the Munich Technical Institute and has also completed his Master Thesis. This week he signed a contract to work as an engineer at the Research and Development (R&D) Department of the renowned car manufacturer BMW at its headquarters in Munich, Bavaria. 

In case our Ascension supernova will not be detonated this week, he will fly on Monday to New York with his friend. There, they will hire a van and will travel through the USA to California for a whole month. Thus an important chapter has been closed this week, not only for the PAT, but also for this website.    

On behalf of the PAT I congratulate Chris for his achievements and thank him from the bottom of my heart for his indispensable support of this website since July last year when we first started with its preparation. Without his tremendous help silently in the background, the PAT forum would not have existed.


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