Doubts and Certainty in the Ascension Process

by Andre K. and Georgi Stankov, September 28, 2012

Dear George,

to everyone’s surprise (myself included) I’m back in Germany. Is this reason enough to write? Well, after ~10 months of traveling I’m still “here” – and so are you… but that’s alright. Our ways of tackling “expectation” might be somewhat different. This is also a topic I wanted to ask you about, as carefully as possible, to keep your mind open. Now bear with me for a second, as I’m still convinced of Ascension, but want get your take on some aspect of it. So – as neutrally as you can imagine anyone talk – hear myself ask this question: What if you are wrong on the timing?

I know you can answer this question right away and show how it is not so. I’m sure you get plenty of doubters every day that there is no need to reflect on this question anymore. But what if there is? For you. For this situation. For us. Yes, I can imagine how you have considered every possible angle and decided to energize the most positive scenario, canalizing all the energy of everyone involved in this direction to make it happen – and finally release everyone into the bliss of the new world.

It is quiet obvious that with your intelligence your mind could hardly have missed anything… but what if its not for the mind to see? What if, and this is just a theory Id like to bring forward for your consideration, what if the last hurdle, the switch, the “detonation” is not dependent on time or processes in the outside but rather a change in consciousness in our self?

A change that can only be brought about through a long and sometimes painful process. A change that takes years and years to build up to, unknowingly to us until the very last moment, as this is the only way to accomplish the goal. So – what if, and this is the main reason I am writing, the change is brought about by ourselves through moving from resistance into acceptance? From desire to surrender? From wanting “heaven” to submit to our separate Ego’s wishes of what should be to going within and finding everything is perfect already?

It wasn’t me who came up with these ideas – I only brought them into this context. There would have been at least a million and one different ways of writing this e-mail in a more convincing way, where one of them would have included quotations of books from what some may call enlightened teachings, but speaking to the mind when trying to transcend it didn’t seem to be too fruitful. As I understand it we can move in two directions – either towards oneness or towards more separation.

While in truth we always move towards oneness since the separation path will bring us there as well on a longer route, which is as valuable as the shorter since that yields more and different experiences. It is easy for me to speak you might argue, for I am young and only hit by fatigue – whereas you, and many others, are in pain and have already traveled on this path for a long, long time. You are right of course, and I am not here to lecture anyone. I open myself up to attack by speaking out this theory and there is really nothing for me to gain in return. I only act on an inner urge driven by compassion.

Much Love,

Dear Andre,

nice to hear from you again and welcome back to Germany. If you have read the latest releases, we are at the pinnacle of our physical ascension process, which is a prolonged process, whereas the physical transformation, we are all eagerly awaiting, is just a blink of an eye at the very end of this process. In other words, one must go through all the necessary stages and surmount all pivotal thresholds before one reaches the very end, when the music on the disc comes to an end.

My assessment on this process cannot be intellectual, but only factual, experiential. If you have read, I am now involved 24 hours a day in all the individual processes, connecting all the energetic circuits within the dimensions and between the dimensions, with the ley lines of Gaia, and all these with the source, and I am going  physically and painfully through every stage of this process. And  this experience is not different from the one, I have had on a daily basis since 1999.

Of course we are impatient and want our ascension to happen earlier and there are many good reasons for that. But the main one is simply explained: We are the victims of this process, of course this has been our voluntary sacrifice for humanity and Gaia, but nonetheless we are de facto victims of the process. We are hostages of our HS with whom they can anchor in the old Orion matrix and detonate it from within as it is not possible to do it from the higher dimensions.

This basic energetic fact has been confirmed by our HS in many messages in the last days and weeks and has been vastly discussed by the members of the PAT on this website. It is the foundation of any true understanding of the PAT mission as an energetic phenomenon.

Now your arguments on behalf of a slow and painful transformation actually apply to the history of the PAT – individually and collectively. In my case I am suffering daily under my mission as a member of the PAT since 1999 and even earlier.  My first and most intensive phase of the LBP that profoundly transformed my personality and my body was in 1972 and lasted for one year. It rocked me out of my conventional life at your age in the most brutal manner and since then I am a radical outsider in this society for more than 40 years. Insofar I do not see any discrepancies or contradictions between your arguments and the prolonged and very painful history of the PAT, including our imminent ascension.

I can tell you at this place only one simple universal energetic rule: When energy begins to flow in one particular direction from the Source, there is no power that can stop it. And it started flowing with a full force towards the detonation of the PAT supernova two weeks ago.

Another cosmic rule: All-That-Is operates by achieving energetic thresholds. This is the only way how all reality is created out of numerous energetic probability alternatives in the multi-dimensionality of the Now. In this model linear time does not play any role as it is a human holographic illusion. Hence the principal difficulty to forecast exact dates for the occurrence of certain events. But this does not mean that one should abstain from this intellectual endeavour as not to compromise himself when the announced dates do not hold true. This is a common human fear that has nothing to do with true spirituality and an intimate knowledge as to how All-That-Is operates.

From that point of view, you must consider all dates of ascension that have been announced on this website as probable dates of very important, actually indispensable energetic thresholds that had to be achieved in order for the ascension process to progress. Without these efforts there would have been no ascension of Gaia, humanity, and the PAT.

Ascension schedule is not a train itinerary, and human experience teaches us that most trains in all countries usually arrive and depart with a retard, so that the itinerary you read on a railway station only has an ideal character for personal orientation. The same holds true for our ascension forecasts.

Making educated guesses about the date of our ascension has nothing to do with truth as somebody who does not belong to the PAT – a doubtful Thomas, as you may guess – recently objected. This is a basic method of weighing astral probability alternatives in a multi-dimensional universe. This is how all ascended masters create.

However the very weighing and discussion of possible ascension dates charges the most favourable alternative of all. We are doing this in the perfect knowledge that we are powerful sovereign creator beings and that we shape our destiny in every moment in the Now. Most other people still do not grasp this simple truth of all creation in All-That-Is. Hence their doubts based on this fundamental ignorance.

In this sense our preoccupation with ascension dates has a very important, indispensable  function – to select the most favourable and optimal solution for the PAT. Our ascension in itself has never been questioned, as this has always been the divine plan of All-That-Is for the End Time of this toxic planet. This has been the mission of the PAT as its name suggests, and that is why we have incarnated on the earth at this auspicious historical moment.

Only for external spectators who are´watching the whole ascension process from outside, without personally participating in the debilitating LBP and exhausting perennial cleansing of Gaia’s and humanity’s dark dross, it may seem strange that our forecasts do not hold true. These innocent, rather ignorant spectators of course do not experience on a daily basis the synchronised debilitating waves of the LBP and planetary Ascension and easily get trapped in doubts when some dates do not fulfil their expectations.

Please consider that this website has never had the objective to convince anybody, but to provide a platform for insiders, precisely, for the main protagonists of the current End Time drama – the PAT members – to exchange their personal experiences and existential problems as human beings, and to cherish the knowledge that they are not alone in this hostile, weird human world. They have sacrificed themselves, coming directly from the Source and having incarnated as humble human beings into the deepest and densest 3d-darkness in this universe, only to save these same doubtful Thomases who still are unable to realize who their real saviors are, notwithstanding our daily efforts to educate them through this website.

With this I do not mean you, but few other readers whose existence you have correctly guessed, who bother me these final days with their unenlightened expectations. As if I did not have much more important duties to fulfil at the level of my higher self, with whom I am One since long time, while these pessimists are still not sure if they have a higher self.

We are not Santa Claus and we are not making Christmas presents according to the personal wishes of these readers who are mere spectators of the wonders we accomplish on a daily basis. Our present for them is the salvation of their souls by heaving them to a higher dimension, although they are still slumbering, and not the fulfilment of their earthy, childish desires.

With  love and light


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