Dorie’s Latest Message From Her HS

by Dorie Bowlin, August 24, 2012

Dear Georgi,

This is the latest message from HS. This message may be directed more towards me personally, in answer to some of my own questions and “feelings”, but if you feel it is helpful, you always have my blessings in sharing it! I hope you have had a chance to rest and recuperate after your move! I know we are all missing you, but I have to say that experiencing this time of ‘quiet’ has made my connection to the PAT even stronger than before. However, it will be nice to hear from everyone again – I think we are ALL missing each other!

Much love and light to you!

The Message

ME: I don’t know if I have any specific questions, everything seems pretty clear now. I think I’m just checking in. I guess the hardest part is still the waiting. It’s just so hard to wait when you know that you are so tired and there is just no moving forward anymore within this reality. It’s like having your feet stuck in mud, and you can see all the wonderful things you’re moving towards, yet can’t seem to take a step towards it – you can’t quite reach out and grab it.

And I have to say HS, that even though I always appreciate someone with a great sarcastic sense of humor, when I asked the other day for you to further explain, in terms of the timing of our ascension, what the word “imminent” meant, I heard you say “in-a-minute”. I like a good play on words, HS, and I know that it’s pointless to ask about a ‘time’, but I’d really appreciate some meaning behind those words!

HS: It is understood that for you timing is important. Time in 3D reality has always been perceived as how much energy one has to expend in order to achieve a particular outcome. Know now that you will not have to exert ‘much more’ energy within 3D reality, as you have very little of yourselves remaining connected within that reality in order to expend. This is why it is becoming even more challenging to “find the energy” to accomplish things – you are no longer attached to it. What we’d like to offer instead are events or ‘signposts‘ that ascension is near. This is the time to pay particular attention to the world within and the world without as the two start to blend.

The skies will open up and the rains will come – that is meant both literally and figuratively, both in your physical world and your spiritual world as the heavens open up sending you the cleansing energies from above. Extreme rain will be one of the “events” that will come to you as a sign that your ascension is imminent, meaning that it is within your reach NOW. It is known that you do not fear the coming earth changes, that the only fear you have now is the fear of being “stuck” in 3D for a longer period of time, as it is virtually impossible to move forward or go backward in a reality that no longer exists for you.

And though the heavy energies have been lifted off your shoulders, not only as a result of your last decree, but with the expansion of your upper chakras moving into the higher frequency of energies, you’ll also find that physically it feels as if you are being pulled into the ground, as if indeed you are walking in mud, as your lower three chakras are anchored into Gaia preparing you for lift-off. One moment you will feel all of the new sensations and excitement of being in the higher realms, and in the next moment you will feel the sadness and grief of what you perceive you are leaving behind. While it may feel as if you are being pulled in many different directions, physically, mentally, and emotionally, you are merely stretching, moving from one form of energy into another.

Another event, or “sign” is already occurring right now for many. People are “showing up” from the past. Friends that found you invisible are seeing you again, and yet you may sense that they are just as closed to the idea of ascension as they were before you disappeared. But what IS different, is that they sense that a change is coming, that they desperately want this change, but that they don’t know or understand what it is that has to happen so that change can take place. Know that it is not your responsibility to be the one who explains what that change will be, what the “wake up” call will be – it is no longer your responsibility to wake them up! Understand that all will be revealed to them after they move through your portal, the real reason for why you have suddenly “reappeared” to them.

Pay attention to the sky. Notice the difference in the colors of the sky, the color of the sun as it rises and sets. This is a sign that the timelines are “bleeding together” creating a collage of out-of-the-ordinary colors. Most of these events will stir inquisitive thoughts within the minds who are awakening, however, these events will only be sign-posts to you and to those who are already awakened that your reality is about to change. Also pay attention to the animals. They will sense the signs that are coming long before humans, and their strange behavior may be the only “news” of ascension that you may hear of in the media. You will have to rely on your own intuition and your connection to nature, as nature will be your biggest signpost right now to show you the events that will signify your homecoming.

While there will be other “indicator” events that will take place concerning the world economy, preparations for world war, increased reports of unusual and violent acts, these will not be the events that will catapult human minds into awakening. These events are merely indicators of what will be taking place on Catastrophic Planet B and the timetable of those events are controlled by the minds of those in darkness.

It is known that you feel as if you have already waited too long, that you have been on the ground too long. You have already disconnected from 3D reality as much is humanly possible, and what you are waiting for from us is a SIGN, for certainly your patience is running VERY thin at this point and you want to go home. We know that you don’t want to hear about how it is important that all things are in perfect alignment energetically, how codes have to be transmitted, received, processed.

We especially know that you no longer wish to hear how many are still asleep – you can see that for yourself. But what we are intending is that you pay close attention to the signs that are already around you, what has already happened, and allow those signs to assure you of the other events that are already in motion which are leading to the final wake-up call and the detonation of the PAT.

Know that with the last decree the inter-dimensional shift has been considerably hastened so that the PAT members could be removed from the ground without further delay – for you to expend even more physical, mental, and emotional energy into a reality that you are almost completely detached from would not serve the mission at all. That is why it is imperative, while you are still on the ground, to focus your attention to what is happening in the world within, so that you can THEN observe it in the world without, giving you the signs that you need to sustain you.

Your ascension IS imminent…even if it doesn’t feel like it’s coming “in a minute”.




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