Ascension Music for the PAT

September 24, 2012

Today my thoughts are permeated by the bitter-sweet, ecstatic feeling of taking farewell from this earth. I love this feeling so much from all my previous incarnations and wouldn’t miss a single second of it. Hence I do not care any more if our ascension will happen today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but surely not later than that. The farewell party has commenced and nothing can stop the jubilation anymore.

I am now reviving my dreams from the sixties, during the flower power and beat time, the Woodstock festival, etc. when life still seemed to be so easy and full of hidden promises. Now I am in the same mood with respect to what will come after our ascension. This time without any illusions, but with infinite expectations.

Here are some songs that will prepare you sensually for your ascension. Enjoy my potpourri.



Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven


Seoptember 24, 2012


Funny, you have Janis Joplin going thru your head, and I have a song by the group Til’ Tuesday…it’s called Coming Up Close..and the refrain is…coming up close, everything sounds like, welcome home, come home.

Thank you again for a great update.  Hope to see you and PAT soon,



Deep Purple  “Perfect Strangers – The PAT Members” Live, Australia`99

Jimi Hendrix “Crystalline (Voodoo) Child”, live

Josef’s Light Body (Coat)


Any Dream Will Do ” Give Me My Colored Light Body Coat “


George Harrison – Beware Of Darkness


John Lennon – Imagine (Live)


George Harrison – My Sweet Lord



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