Welcome to the Now. A Message from my HS

by Dorie Bowlin, August 8, 2012


These last days within 3D reality are bittersweet. While you are looking forward to your final release, your mind wanders into all the possible realities you could possibly experience, but your limited 3D mind keeps you from seeing the potential of it all. 

That limitation is over. What remnant feelings remain are those bits of attachment to all the pleasurable things of 3D reality – the experiences you’ve had, or perhaps didn’t have, that might be saying you will be missing out on something in leaving the 3D reality behind. Know that you are not ‘truly’ leaving anyone or anything behind. You will be taking what is ‘best’ about this reality with you, and it will be even better. Visualize that.

And know that when the exact moment of your full Ascension occurs, all the answers to all the questions that you have ever had will be revealed, so that there is no longer any need for searching in the constraints of 3D reality. At the point of your release from your clay vessel, you will ascend and for a brief moment kiss the Source of All That Is. In this moment you will understand once and for all that separation was only an illusion, and that you can experience any reality you wish, not by decaying in your clay vessel until you expire, but simply by ‘thinking’ it so.

The waiting has always been the most difficult part. Your long held vision can be compared to that of a sonic jet – you hear the sound of the jet coming long before you receive visual confirmation that it has arrived, but now it is finally here. Having patience that you would finally see it has also been difficult.

To say that you have had courage, strength, and faith is an understatement – what you have withstood and endured cannot be put into earthly words. It is known that the responsibilities put upon your shoulders have almost been too much for you to bear, but bear you did, and surmount all obstacles you did, with unyielding determination.

All of the pieces of the puzzle are finally in place. There is only a need now to focus on the ‘big picture’ in front of you, a picture that shows you as Keepers of the New Earth. With that new role comes new responsibilities. Know that responsibility takes on a whole new meaning – it is no longer a burden, but a pleasure, for the services you will perform are an extension of “you”. It is you BEING you, for the first time ever in your earthly experience.

And whether you have decided to assist on planet A/B or reside strictly in the energies of the 5th dimensional planet A, or even higher, your energies will continue to reside within Gaia as a reminder and beacon to all who follow in your shoes. The logistics are unimportant now, all that is left for you to do is to let go of your perception of time, and embrace the perception of ‘no time‘ as you fully embrace your rightful place as an Ascended Master. In doing so, just like the sonic jet, the sound that precedes what comes into sight will at last be in alignment with the moment of focus.

Welcome to the NOW!

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