The PAT as the True Atlas

August 4, 2012

Today I wrote a similar letter to April, Dorie and Jerry and asked them about their assessment of the current energetic situation shortly before our ascension. Below you will find their responses.


Dear April,

I have re-read the last messages from you, Dorie and the other PAT members and related them to the waves I have experienced this month since the night of August 1-2. I had altogether three very heavy and nasty waves, each one a further augmentation of the previous one. As  announced by  your HS, I had to cleanse the most abominable rest “icky, gooey, sludgy” dark energy patterns I have ever encountered in my long carrier as a vacuum cleaner of human dross.

This morning the last wave reached another peak and I was burning outside and inside better than all Olympic torches put together and even now the energy is very penetrating and highly unpleasant. From this point of view, the prediction of your HS and that of Dorie has been fully met.

Your HS predicted also on July 30 a possible date of ascension in the next two days and, if not,  then at the latest at the lion’s gate on August 8. My HS gave me the information two days ago that the next favourable date will be August 4. As I am fully in the cleansing process, I do not get any information from my HS in this time as the energies that flow through my field are so dense that they hinder a clear communication.

Do you have any inkling from your HS as to when the PAT supernova will be detonated?

With love and light
Dear Georgi,

It’s funny you should ask. I did take down a message from HS this morning and was debating whether to send it on. I will type it up now. Give me 30 minutes or so and I will get it to you. I can confirm everything you’re feeling Georgi.
Excellent! I am eager to read it. Thank you for your effort.

Dear Georgi,

If you decide to post this, please include portions, if not all of your email to me. Only because it so eloquently captures what I’m very much going through as well, and the reason I sought out my HS this morning for an update. I do apologize that the connection didn’t feel quite as strong as in the past, as there is a lot of interference happening with the potency of the energies swirling around right now, but I think we can gain some insight from the discussion. I can also confirm that it is getting worse before it gets better. I did feel, as did HS, that this could turn out to be more of a struggle than we initially hoped, and yet the labor continues unabated. Yet, that is the nature of birth and that is why I believe HS gently cautioned self and the PAT about the potential intensity experienced just prior to our moment of release. Of that sound, or the “click.” THE BIRTH of the timelines…manifested.

OK, here was how the discussion went…

The Discussion with My HS

Me:  I’m feeling yucky in every way again today. My stomach is still all over the place, and within 30 minutes of waking up and feeling completely rested, I moved to feeling completely exhausted again. At least it’s been easy to keep my spirits up. It’s been helpful to know what’s going on “behind the scenes,” and despite all the horrible discomfort and pressure, my upper/higher chakras feel to have completely opened up, blossomed open like the bud of a rose. The veil is almost gone now in so many ways. I can go anywhere, at a thought. But the more I use it or “tune in,” the more my tummy/solar plexus hurts. It’s quite the conundrum.

HS: Yes April, the culmination of this energetic process is intensifying exponentially. The momentum has picked up substantially and we are all now beginning to experience the final peaking/intensifying of this harmonization/re-organizational process. This is the pressure you feel building in your bodies as well as your portals. From just below your solar plexus, your are now anchored deeply into the timeline of earth A/B and therefore obviously, Gaia. You are literally doing the lifting/heaving of the birth with these lower body energy centers, and in doing so are re-organizing and transmuting the energy that had previously resided there.

You see, when you the collective PAT decided to create the scenario of a timeline A/B, this was a bit of an issue, because the new grids, the new energy templates were designed to facilitate/support earth A. Therefore, you (the PAT) are literally acting as the “rainbow bridge” between 3D and earth A/B. In doing so, also allowing many more human souls a way to cross this distance, where previously it would have been strictly an earth A or B reality. You must remember that when you called for this scenario at your council meetings in the higher/inner realms, you also agreed to take on the extra transmutation of this additional step/grade in energies. Again, serving as the new Guardians, the “rainbow bridge” of densities, and THE transmuters, to see such a space created/cleared for the masses. This was your call, and the right one indeed!!

Me: How close to release, to ascension?

HS: Very, very close. So close in fact, that we prefer to say nothing more of the timing of this event, as the Mystery of such an event must be, “free will” dictates this. But if you follow your bodily sensations and know that you are indeed “birthing,” you will have a very clear indication. As I mentioned before, for some of you it may become pretty intense, maybe even horribly intense, but please know you can rest in our divine light anytime, and you can call on other PAT members to assist you as needed. If you allow it, you can draw on great strength from each other, during this last, most difficult “push.” It will go on, until it’s over, and then, IT WILL BE OVER and your sweet release WILL come.

Me: You feel busy today.

HS: Indeed! We are all very busy right now, working as One, overseeing this entire, complex energetic process or birthing. All hands are “on-deck” so to speak and those who aren’t, are busily planning for your coronation ceremony. And very, very soon those two endeavors shall meet! But we are now driven out of much excitement, in anticipation of your return and it is bubbling over into everything we do.

Me: Is there any more I can be doing?

HS: Rest. Enjoy your time with family. Keep your vibrations up, and know that as every hour passes, you are that much closer. Since we are in the final peak of this process, your release could come at any time. We are doing our utmost to hospice this transition. The hour of “detonation” draws near, as you can feel yourself/portals filling up with so much light, that even your bodies which are used to containing a lot, are expanding radically and therefore definitely feeling it in every way. “Detonation” comes upon it’s ultimate peak or “bursting out/over,” like a dam, or more appropriately, like a million solar systems/suns? bursting forth into creation. The moment of your “detonation” seals the timelines and reconciles time to itself.

Hope this is helpful to you Georgi, it was to me. The only reason I hesitated in sharing it was that the last two posts of Marco’s left things on such a high and inspiration note and well,…I know you understand. As soon as you wrote though I knew I needed to share it.

As always, eager to hear your comments.
Much love and light,
Dear April,

this is a very important message insofar as it confirms the central piece of the PAT mission. We have discussed it  extensively during the last several months, since we decided to establish the new timeline of the balanced earth A/B and thus install the three-earth-scenario against the initial opinion of the higher galactic councils for this planet  as the better alternative compared to the previous strict separation of the two earths, A and B. It was obvious to me from the very beginning that by making this decision, we also took the responsibility for its accomplishment, which demanded from us even greater efforts than before and led to the notable postponement of our ascension from spring equinox to mid-summer 2012.

I was pondering today about the fact that we are the only group that discusses and fully comprehends the actual content and paramount importance of the two key events:

–  inter-dimensional split, ID split, and
–  three-earth-scenario.

I made an Internet (Google) recherche with these two terms today and what I found, was almost entirely our website. No other source discusses these two major issues or even barely comprehends them. Most light workers are fascinated at present with the possible disclosure and first contact during the Olympic games, announced by rogue Orion channels from the 4th astral dimension.

None of them considers the coming ID split or discusses the sweeping consequences of this event, e.g. the abolition of linear time and the huge evolutionary leap of human consciousness after the ID split in the higher 4th dimension. It is also not understood that this is the only way to educate these dumbed down people and perform the necessary revelations about human enslavement by the Orion/Reptilian empire, before some of them can ascend to the 5th dimension by the end of this year.

Not to speak of the new technologies that will be immediately introduced by us as ascended human masters and the new Earth Keepers after the shift of Gaia to the higher 4th dimension, as also confirmed by Marco’s message from the White Brotherhood. Let me stress at this place the fact that many of the PAT members belong to the White Brotherhood of ascended masters as discussed in conjunction with the life of Apollonius of Tyana, the real and authentic Jesus Christ, when our souls were incarnated as his disciples and tried to organize another partial ascension at that time.

As the ID split and the three-earth-scenario are in the centre of the current End Time drama, this fact brings into a focus how ignorant all light workers are with respect to the actual script that is now played at the cosmic scene, with us, the PAT, being the main protagonists. We are the only ones who are aware of our roles, as we are also the playwrights of this ascension script. This is the huge difference between us and the rest of the New Age sheeple.

We are the ones who have really sacrificed themselves for the rest of humanity. As I have recently written, our additional pains are worth the saving of 1.5 billion human lives, which otherwise would have been terminated by a death experience this year according to the original two-earth scenario.

The battle of the PAT for these human souls is infinitely more heroic than the famous Battle of Thermopylae, where a small number of brave Greek soldiers fought a decisive battle against the overwhelming Persian army of more than 100 000 soldiers and thus postponed the conquest of Greece, while in the meantime the Greek navy defeated the Persian navy and compelled them to retreat. It is a real spiritual scandal that this effort of the PAT is not recognized even by the most enlightened light workers nowadays. Fortunately, this truth will come very soon to the fore, after the ID split is accomplished, as Marco also confirms in his latest message:

“Three days. Three days that you will be missing. Three days in which your work will be recognised without any doubt. Three days in which you will be recalibrated to high vibrations.Three days in which you will be recognised as the  New Earth Keepers and the Leaders of all humanity.”

Please observe that this recognition will be associated with the expansion of human consciousness after the ID split in the higher 4th dimension, where the new balanced earth A/B, which we have created, will dwell. In this case we have achieved a significant mental evolutionary leap of a large portion of humanity, which was not initially planned by heaven. The current very limited intellectual abilities of most light workers, and even more so of the human masses, would have hindered them to realize the true heroic role of the PAT in their salvation of truly cosmic proportions.  However without this knowledge, it will not be possible to guide these, still very ignorant and unripe human souls to a higher level of spiritual evolution in order to become a transgalactic civilisation and to be able to establish contacts with other similar cosmic civilisations.

As you see, all these aspects are closely interlinked and interdependent. The logic is fairly simple and it is a real conundrum why no light worker outside the PAT is able to comprehend this simple fact on the eve of the most dramatic cosmic conversion of Gaia and humanity in their whole history.

Your message from the HS also confirms  what I strongly felt today, namely, that we must stay the course, no matter when the ID split will happen in the linear time, as time does not matter anymore. The stakes are too high – 1.5 billion saved lives – and a new home (planet) for billions of human souls, where they will experience the thousand-year-paradise. This is the reason why all excarnated human souls now jubilee so much for this new magnificent perspective, which the PAT has provided to them and was considered impossible only a year ago.

Given this excitement in the higher realms, I can imagine that the excarnated souls are now much more concerned with the preparation of our ascension party than to display due diligence and prepare Gaia and humanity for the ID split, thus leaving us longer on the ground. I do not truly believe this, but there is a potential danger, as Jerry has also confirmed today in a letter to me.

Dear April, you have brilliantly confirmed what I have actually known since the beginning – a birthing is as long a process as the baby finally comes out. I have attended and helped the birthing of my two daughters and in order to accelerate the process I climbed with my wife 5 times the staircases of the hospital, which was more than 10 floors high. After this physical effort the birthing was an express affair. It is the same case with the PAT – before we give birth to the two new earths, we must labour like a “Double Atlas” who, as you know, normally carries only one globe on his shoulders. The PAT members carry instead two at the same time.

I am really impatient to live up to the time when humanity will finally realize the Tantalus effort, which the PAT has done in order to empower the human species to progress spiritually in the eternity of All-That-Is.



It is good to hear from you in these last hours. Yes I am experiencing much the same as you have described and also Anita is as well. I am somewhat depressed as well which isn’t my natural state even during this process. The energy is so heavy and thick I can’t read much from my HS either at this point. It hurts my third eye to even attempt. I did ask my HS and what I can gather is in stark contrast to how I feel.  There is a gaiety and much partying in the higher realms. I don’t think it is so much our impending ascension as much as their latest victories over the dark. They won’t give me much and it is hard for me to relate the answer that I am given. It is more like how I could even ask considering it is now happening.  This is the short message that I got.

” Your bodies are now in the process of being transformed to enable them to stay permanently in the higher dimensions. Only when this happens will you create the supernova which will be initiated by the removal of your lower three chakras.”

The date seems unimportant to HS as it does not operate from this vantage point and I do not want to give the one I saw because it may not mean what I want it to mean. Let’s just say that it is at hand and HS makes it clear that there is only one thing that will help at this point and it is to get as much deep sleep as possible even for short periods. This is when our bodies change the most. The switch has been pulled and the process just has to play itself out.


PS: I got one more small message that I forgot to relate. “The deep sticky gooiness (the final dross) that you are now clearing, many even though your bowels and deepest levels of your innards is not from this incarnation but is primordial and from mankind’s original fall” This is necessary for the release of the lower chakras. This will manifest in some as extreme gasiness and bowel movements that are sticky as well as icky.

Dear Jerry,

thank you for this comprehensive energy update, notwithstanding the stress from this cleansing process, we are all undergoing. I can hope that you and your wife will soon feel much better.

I see it exactly as you do, especially the primordial dross we are now cleansing as it is not even of  human origin; hence it is not surprising that you feel depressed. I can also confirm that these last waves also affect the third chakra and the digestive tract.

Let us hope that we will soon finish with this dirty job, so that we can finally ascend and be released from these tortures. Hold on both of you. We are actually there.


Dear Georgi,

The timing of your email is perfect! I have just woke up from a very long nap where I received a message from my HS– it is still fresh in my mind! First though, I’d like to say that I have also been dealing with an enormous amount of nasty energy that corresponds with the timing of yours. I have been experiencing incredible headaches, extreme fatigue, and emotional swings that out do any menopausal woman!

I was informed by my HS previously that there would be a total of 5 messages to the PAT.  This is message number 5 symbolizing the 5th Dimension. I was also given, mostly through a sense of “feeling”, that August 4th and 5th would be the most significant in regards to our dates of Ascension, and I personally “feel” that either today or tomorrow will be the day. I have also reread the previous messages from my HS and from April’s HS and I know now that we are definitely in the last throes of moving into our crystalline bodies, as our messages both say that these last days would be the most difficult and challenging–at this point, I can’t imagine surviving anything worse than this!

The following message, as I stated before was received while lucid dreaming. This is a challenge to explain, as I was taking a nap on my couch, but was dreaming that I was taking a nap on my couch. Within the dream, I felt myself “ascending”. I kept saying to myself, “This is it, this is it!”, but as the energy ‘peaked’ I felt a sense of fear. I looked down at my arm and there was a “ascension meter” on it. It had reached the top of the scale on the energy meter, however, as soon as I became frightened, the energy level began to drop, and ended up at the “half way” point where it finally stayed. I “awoke” within the dream to see my kittens climbing the walls in the room, as if this were quite the normal thing for them to do. Then I heard this

Message from my HS:

“You are in a void within the void. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO GIVE UP, IT IS THE TIME OF YOUR ASCENSION!!! As mentioned before, this is THE most challenging experience you will have as you finally let go of 3D reality and embrace your full Ascension. What will hold you back is FEAR. Fear of letting go to face the unknown, and YET, the unknown is what finally sets you free.  Having forgotten what true freedom is, you cling to the only things that you know.  Understand that this is a NORMAL part of the process and do not be hard on yourselves for feeling fear–it too must be transmuted down to the last strand of DNA that resides within your physical bodies, for you are not only releasing the memories within your own past, but the memories of all humanity. FEEL THE FEAR, the disappointment, the suffering, the pain, the FEAR of being wrong AGAIN, and USE IT to your advantage, as you have time and time again. Transform/transmute that fear into MOTIVATION–feel the fear and MOVE THROUGH IT– THIS is the energy that will push the button of detonation for the PAT supernova of Ascension.

The celebration has already begun…we are just waiting for our most honored guests!”

See you there Georgi!!
Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for this very precise message from your HS which fully coalesces with my estimation of the current energy situation and also with April’s message from her HS, which I have just received. I will publish both of them, together with a further message from Jerry, tomorrow in case we are still on the ground.

With love and light

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