The First Ascension Wave May Have Already Commenced

by Eva Kuhar and Georgi Stankov, August 17, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have some information about ‘a new scenario’ and I’m just wondering if any of this would resonate with you.It all started about 3 days ago, when I felt that I’ve been ‘forced’ to focus on me/only on my role/ and nothing else.

Most of all, I needed to focus on my personal portal. I experienced night after night the expansion of my portal. It was quite amazing to see and feel this process. I saw 12D/ Source energy entering my body and instantly being released into my personal vortex, thus increasing the ‘size’ and vibration of it. Thankfully this time there was no ‘burning up’ or sweating, I actually very much enjoyed it.

Today I’ve started to see the new significance of my our personal portals. Now that we know, the end scenario has changed, it seems to me the ‘function’ of our portals has changed as well. Up until now the portals functioned as connections/openings to the higher realms and Beings for them. And they had been using and entering, as I know I ‘have’ 12 ascended master+me the 13th and a powerful Archangel in my vortex. What changed today is that, I’m seeing a scenario, where these portals being used as ‘exit points’ for those humans, sleeping star seeds, light workers who will ascend. They can choose to enter/use these open portals and exit from this reality to the new. Of course it still will be their personal decision if they do so.

It seems to me that my responsibility now is to ‘hold the door’ open for them. I see it all happening very smoothly with the ‘assistance’ of the Light Being/ Ascended masters/Archangels within the portals.


Dear Eva,

I am glad that your mention this issue. This night I woke up from a very busy dream. I was responsible for the arrangement of groups of numerous souls who were ready for ascension and then pushed them through my portal to the higher realms. There was a lot of joy and excitement among the different soul groups waiting for me to open the portal and let them through. I was personally very pleased to find out that they all were prepared for this shift. I woke up, as you also mentioned, because my body was burning and sweating due to the extreme and powerful energies that were flowing through my body and energetic field.

This morning I was hoping to receive from somebody a confirmation of this experience and I am glad that you have had the same dream experience and has informed me.

Now my guess is that these souls may move to the 4th or even 5th dimension before the actual ID split. We have still the same scenario from 11.11.11. The PAT members are the openers of the portals for all star seeds, who are ready to ascend, and we will ascend only at the end, the captain being the last one, and then ignite the PAT supernova for the rest of humanity and Gaia to move to the higher 4th dimension.

I would not be surprised if we begin to hear news about people (star seeds, e.g. some crystalline children) who will now begin to disappear from this reality. My dream showed either the beginning of the first ascension wave or was the final dress rehearsal for this event.

With love and light

Additional Observations Confirming the Massive Opening of Our Portals

Since last week there is a real massive attack on my portal, where I live. Airplanes with chemtrails are crossing the space above my portal and leave huge chemtrails within a range of several km above my house. We have Bavarian blue sky for two weeks now and I have excellent visibility of up to 50 miles and more and all chemtrails in the blue sky were concentrated above my portal, very often crossing above my house. Obviously they, the dark ones, have some information about the expansion of my/our portal(s). The airplanes come from far north-northwest and then disappear south-east sometimes four-five airplanes within several minutes building a huge common chemtrail like a highway in the sky .

I live near the Munich airport and see all the time at least 5-10 other normal passenger airplanes in the sky and none of them makes chemtrails. The chemtrail airplanes fly very high about 10 000 meters and do not follow the usual corridor for passenger airplanes. I was so disgusted by this violation of my space, that I asked yesterday all forces of light to help me stop these attacks on my portal. Since yesterday I have no chemtrails. We will see how this trend will evolve in the coming days.

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