The Basic Question and Why Human Evolution Has Been Stagnant in the Past

by Aegil Santos, August 15, 2012, copyright 2012

The basic question: What is better? 

Free will starts by choosing. We incarnated in 3d reality with the veil of forgetfulness and the limitations of the carbon based brain. So without knowledge from the higher realms, we always try to find and explore what is best for us. We make decisions in life and the basic question helps us explore several probability alternatives and make the best choice.

The basic question of “What is better” is the limit of human thinking because it binds us to a way of life. When we are satisfied with a certain way of life, we keep ourselves in that choice for sometime. We can also use it as a point of departure to find other free will choices.

There are basic areas of 3d life that make up our worldview. These include:

– basic existential needs.
– the mechanism of the human brain, which is linear and sequential thinking.
– creating habits with free will.
– the ability to explore and improve perceptions in an upward spiral.

Our perceptions and habits affect these areas of 3d life, which, on their turn, greatly affect our worldview such as:

– knowledge/belief systems,
– Art and Technology,
– organizing society and communities.

In every day life, we decide what are the best choices for us. In the supermarket, we often want to find which food is more nutritious and we look for the best deals and prices. Advertisers always want to convince us which is the best and so on. Software companies give comparison lists. We also decide upon the best technical specification of a gadget or a computer for us.

The numerical system of mathematics helps in comparing, that is why measurement systems such as the SI unit system were born. When the gold standard was still valid, the prices of goods were set in relation to gold, this is how fiat currencies were born, which will not be discussed in detail here.

The nature of the carbon based brain, being mainly linear and sequential thinking (one thought at a time), determines why we are susceptible to compartmentalised thinking. Different choices for a way of life may exist, depending on how susceptible humans are to axiomatic thinking.

This stimulates us to experiment with belief systems and to explore new ones. Sometimes we are hindered from trying by the dark forces as explained below. Everyone has a free will and a unique learning pace. We learn at our own pace because everyone has different types of dross or karma to clear and everyone has a different soul archetype and talents in 3d reality.

The worldview or Weltanschaaung store. 

One person’s habits and beliefs create aWeltanschauung, then it is passed on to other people and the next generation of children can learn from them, In this way distinct racial and societal cultures are created. The diversity of racial and societal cultures in this 3d reality are on their turn the reason why many different belief systems or Weltanschauungen exist. The vast options of Weltanschauung can be rather confusing without any axiomatic thinking because they create thought gestalts of both constructive and destructive interference.

We can visualize the mixing of constructive and destructive interference using the see-saw analogy. When the lowest point of the see-saw is on your right, that means constructive interference is dominant. When the lowest point of the see-saw is on your left, that means destructive interference is dominant. Also how low it is tilted depends on how mixed the intensity of the interferences. When it is level the interferences are balanced.

I use the term “Weltanschauung” here for worldview, plural “Weltanschauungen”. English has borrowed this word from German as a more precise term for “worldview”. Weltanschauung refers to the way of thinking of a group or a culture (can be a whole race, tribe or a country, the leaders maintain the Weltanschauung), while worldview often refers to the way of thinking of an individual.

Weltanschauungen are like computer operating systems or computer programs because they affect every area of our life, as mentioned in the list above. Why don’t we compare several Weltanschauungen, just like we decide what to buy in the store? Predefined and established Weltanschauungen from the “store” have disadvantages due to their infestation with dogma, but we can use them as a point of departure to rebuild the Ariadne’s thread of axiomatic thinking.

In this very dualistic 3d reality, there are two basic categories of Weltanschauung store/shop from the point of view of the higher realms: One category is service- to-the-whole (constructive interference, U-sets), which takes into account multi-dimensionality, often called “service-to-others”, which are transcendental thought patterns. The other category is service that separates you from the source (destructive interference, N-sets), which can keep your level of evolution stagnant or let your evolution go in a downward spiral; these are obsolete thought patterns.

What Weltanschauungen limit the level of human evolution?  

What keep us from contemplating other choices? The dark forces or the self proclaimed elite tell us all sorts of lies and half truths. They also make it appear as if there is only one choice, thus causing us to be stagnant in our level of evolution because we are afraid of exploring other pathways that will help us evolve.

The stagnation of human evolution can be pictured as a “stuck progress bar”. From the point of view of 3d reality human incarnation is like a bar at the corner, where one stops for a drink and gets stuck (trapped) for the rest of his life. But from the point of view of the higher realms, there is still a long way to go from the bar at the corner. This is how the former PTB kept the level of soul evolution low on the earth, as explained with the help of the soul age model, discussed in Georgi’s gnostic books.

Our fears, angst and the faulty energetic structure of human memory cause stagnation and make us lazy to explore other evolutionary pathways. From the point of view of the higher realms, the former PTB made us think those choices from the Weltanschauung store inducing separation from the source are the best choices. When they say “it is the best” they make you think it is the only option. This is also how false expertise is created, which does the thinking for the masses.

For their personal gain, the dark forces instigated the angst of death and the angst to lose material objects as to keep our level of evolution low. They use any strategy to impede our level of evolution and reduce our free will choices. Due to such fears, many people feel they can’t choose any other Weltanschauung and they think they cannot create their own. Stagnation means that the light quotient of humanity is very low.

In my second essay I have discussed obsolete thought patterns, but here I would like to highlight fanaticismand conformity, which are forms of Blind Faith / Trust / Hope and are responsible for the divide and conquer strategy in a world full of compartmentalized thinking and very little axiomatic thinking, where the gnostic tradition of Western philosophy is long forgotten. These are the causes that keep the level or human evolution stagnant, which the forces of light are struggling with:

1. Carnal pleasures from the lower chakras 

Our environment stimulates our body usinghomeostasis, which is a local biological condition of constructive interference. Homeostasis is both beneficial and detrimental, In the second case  it can reduce the level of human thinking through complacency, and it can also induce carnal pleasures which can trigger irrational decisions. It is difficult to think properly  when your are very hungry or tired. Habits, which are easy to think, take over when we are hungry. This state creates fertile ground for obsolete thought patterns, which mainly manifest as conditional social reflexes. That is why we need a healthy diet – the eradication of hunger that now afflicts billions of human beings in this 3d reality – as a minimal prerequisite to change any carnival habits.

Indulging in entertainment, mass media, club parties and pornography create carnal pleasures that help many humans escape the harsh realities and truths about life for a while. Chronic indulgence in these activities is currently the most common strategy employed by the incarnated entities to relieve stress. They tend to believe that this is the only way to enjoy this reality, while other options to evolve demand personal courage and the ability to swim against the current.

2. Compartmentalized thinking 

This is the opposite of axiomatic thinking, which gives birth to polarized or dualistic thought patterns. It is where two options seem to be available to the linear mind, while in reality many more other alternatives are actually present. The sequentially operating, limited human mind is not used to consider many options at the same time, but usually perceives only two exclusive options at a time – affirmation or rejection – because this is how humans react when their deep-seated, fear based beliefs are questioned. When habitual beliefs are strongly challenged by a new and unknown situation, many individuals react as if their world has come to an end, as we can observe in the current End Times.

Example: most current debates in politics, science and culture seem to focus only on points of disagreement as this can be seen in the numerous live debates in the mass media. This is how the former PTB created a divide and conquer strategy forging the compartmentalization of human thinking. The synthetic, dialectical approach to human problems is virtually non-existent.

The many confusing options due to compartmentalized thinking do not exist in the higher realms. The remedy to this kind of human thinking is the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law. In order to solve a particular social problem, one should consider first the basic needs of humanity as a point of departure. Fanaticism and conformity are major collective forms of compartmentalised social thinking as described below.

3. Semantics of everyday language  

Example: The words “money” and “pay” are fully integrated into everyday vocabulary of most human languages. “Buy” and “sell” are used in daily life and these actions are as elementary as the use of food or water and other drinks; ultimately without money no food and drinks, and no life…. The more a word reflects basic, existential needs, the more it will evoke the impression to be the only choice. The more such terms are associated with the survival of the carbon-based human body, the easier humans forget the elementary fact that money is just an object of the mind and has no real value.

How about creating in abundance rather than the need of money? What if these sentences are more common in everyday life?: “I have created this for you.”, “Thank you for sharing your abundance with me”, “We explore our creative abilities together.” and “We will solve this problem together.” In a society, where it is possible to share mutually without need for money or compensation, this condition will have a profound impact on everyday language.

In the new enlightened society after Ascension, it will not only be possible, but in fact mandatory, that one deletes such words as “money, pay, buy, sell, compensation” from the human vocabulary because all people will know that everything they create in a state of abundance will help maintain the balance of their society and Gaia and will contribute to the constructive interference of All-That-Is.

4. Fanaticism  

Example: The Apple Mac versus PC debate is not different than the debate: Republicans versus Democrats. Not only corporations, but also political parties regularly use fanaticism as a means of separation of humanity. The elite established different political parties as a divide and conquer strategy. In the end, both political parties break their promises as soon as they come on power.

All such debates are based on disagreements in the personal point of view that become an integral part of the human identity. Brand or political party fanaticism. Some people may associate themselves with a brand: Companies use their ad campaigns to make you identify with them. Apple’s Think Different ad campaign is how the corporate value of a company influences individual thinking.

Owning Apple products then becomes part of the person’s identity, so if Apple shuts down, it is as if they are dead because it feels like the end of the world. The solution to this type of fanaticism is to focus on the features you truly need for your creative work, so we don’t need to waste our mental resources on fanaticism. Making as much fanatics as possible is also a brainchild of the rotten doctrine of the “survival of the fittest”, where companies compete against each other.

No matter how complex the technology is, all that matters is whether it fulfils properly its basic functions, despite the many features it may have. By starting from the basic needs and how you want to create your destiny, you can determine what technology is unnecessary for you.

Lightworkers and esoteric gurus have no idea of universal truths, which can only be accessed through rigid axiomatic thinking. They behave like spiritual  fanatics who are only superficially detached from the social norm, while still using this norm  to survive and achieve their pecuniary goals. Here is another extreme form of fanaticism: detaching too much from real life and getting involved in all kinds of spiritual solitude defeat the purpose of the soul mission to experience physicality in its plurality.

Fanaticism and conformity are proven tools of the divide and conquer strategy of the former PTB based entirely on obsolete thought pattern of separation. Sports team fanatics tend to have heated arguments and even fights with other sports team fanatics.

Fanaticism is often used in game franchises and television series franchises as a way to establish false 3d identifications that are not compatible with the higher realms. The angst of death can creep in when you are depressed with your 3d life (on the verge of suicide) and make you think it is the only reality available.

5. Conformity

Religion is just a perverted form of fanaticism which can be also called conformity. To become a fanatic, at least you are allowed to choose the object of your fanaticism, but conformity is when the angst of death and the angst to lose material objects is used to make you feel as if there is no other choice to survive, so following established social dogma seems to be the only option. Dogma is the primary cause of all perversion. It is not a coincidence that the greatest perversions can be found among representatives of the Church dogma of celibacy as is the case with many Catholic priests who abuse innocent children the world over.

Conformity to dogma is one of the main reasons human evolution has been stagnant for ages. This is a superficial form of agreement, where we are not allowed to discover the truth inside ourselves using the language of silence. Conformity always leads to obsolete thought patterns, as it hinders the exploration of the true soul demands. Social conditioning goes hand in hand with conformity.

6. Conclusion 

Obsolete thought patterns of fanaticism and conformity keep us from seeing or exploring other choices. Only when we explore other choices and focus on their common points, can we eventually remove wrong thought  patterns. Axiomatic thinking is about finding the common basis of agreement of all converging views and builds the basis of a new universal weltanschauung.

For example all world religions agree in principle on the following statement: “treat others as you want to be treated”, even though this maxim is easily forgotten when other religions are treated. However this religious statement is not so precise from the point of view of the new axiomatics, so that we can re-word it as follows: “You are a powerful creator being, so you can treat others as powerful creator beings too”. Humans can build upon that truth as a point of departure for their future behaviour.

First we must resolve our differences by finding what is common in our Weltanschauung. These are the basic human needs to survive and create. So, by being aware of how we all effectively fulfil our basic needs as to be able to create in any reality, we can begin to treat every person as a powerful sovereign creator being.

Our false mental ideas and concepts cause all problems in this world. Humans are fanatics without knowing or being aware of it due to their compartmentalised thinking. Human language has a huge role in this.

The Universal Law website does not promote fanaticism. It is instead a ground for clearing doubts about transcendental topics, a community for creating new insights and sharing them. Only as a community can we cement our insights and build on each others’ also.

Finding our way back to axiomatic thinking and exploring ways for it. 

Axiomatic thinking is the use of only such ideas and concepts that are U-sets and do not exclude themselves. They all contain each other as an element and the element is:  Energy= All-That-Is. Just as it is impossible to exclude one form of energy from another – otherwise the law of conservation of energy will be invalid – it is impossible to exclude one axiomatic statement from another. Ultimately, all ideas become congruent and all antagonistic ideologies, concepts and fanatic ideas can be eliminated. This is how all organized religions and all current economic and social doctrines will be abolished after the ID split.

That is how the higher realms think and it takes courage to synchronize in the 3d-reality. Confusion and doubt always lead to “dirty” thinking and compartmentalized world view. Compartmentalized thinking gives birth to many conflicting Weltanschauungen that are contaminated by the primordial idea of separation from the Whole. Axiomatic thinking always departs from the Whole to explain the parts.

Every incarnated entity wants to rebuild the Ariadne’s thread of axiomatic thinking, which can dissolve the veil of forgetfulness, but the dark ones are expert tricksters that abuse human semantics. We have to offset the destructive interference caused by compartmentalization of human thinking and the other ways as mentioned above, as they limit the level of evolution of humanity and cause stagnation.

The language of silence is the language of the soul, which brings us back to our truth. When we explore our way back with the help of  axiomatic thinking, we inevitably arrive at the portal of the soul, which is the manifestation of  All-That-Is. This is  the starting point to explore the new multi-dimensional reality within the inner space of the soul. Sometimes we may reach a dead end. In this case we need to go back to the silence of the soul  and start again. This is where we have the opportunity to enhance or refine our ability to think axiomatically. Ultimately axiomatic thinking is the optimal condition for personal cosmic ascension.




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