The Ancient Wisdom of the Four Elements of Nature

Mano Warren, August 17, 2012

Dear George and PAT members,

I have just read Aegil’s article: “The Basic Question…” with much pleasure because it so clearly itemises the issues of reconnecting with Ariadne’s thread and the need to follow this back to the purity of our genuinely Free Will thought processes. 

At this point, I will confess that I do not have much ability as a philosopher in the sense that I don’t find it easy to put these complex insights into the workings of the human mind into a format that is ‘water-tight’ in terms of intellectual rigour. I am happy to leave this brilliance of intellect to you, George and Aegil.

This said, I feel that it is time to let you know that for a number of years I have been bringing through a set of spiritual tools, which I have been repeatedly told by Spirit, holds real/genuine keys that can solve the basic problem that currently faces Humanity, the problem that Aegil has so eloquently clarified.

This set of tools is founded and fundamentally rooted in the Ancient Wisdom of the Four Elements of NatureEarth, Air, Fire and Water and the 7 Chakra Centres that was taught in the Mystery Schools of the past. These threads of knowledge were tapped into by C.G. Jung, so there is also a valid intellectual or philosophical way of linking the past with the present.

The process of bringing this set of tools through into physicality has been guided by some very wise, loving and highly evolved Soul’s. A prototype version is now available as a set of 49 Images, 7 for each of the 7 Chakras. These Images are designed to offer feedback about the various energies, through which we all create our individual experiences through the Law of Attraction.

In a sense, the Images can be used as Ariadne’s thread. The effect of working with them is that old, muddled thought/behaviour patterns and belief systems can be brought fully into consciousness, so they can be understood, released and transformed into more creative and loving ways of interacting with Life. And I had already planned to explain that working with an Image, while also walking/finger-walking a Labyrinth, is one of the most powerful methods of forging new and more creative connections within the body-mind dynamic of the human psyche. This is actually one of the ancient teachings at the root of the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur.

I have been told a number of times that this set of Chakra Images is a gift for Humanity in this time of such radical transitions of consciousness. I am still working on the words of explanation, which need to go with it but much is already done.

Now, with the recent PAT revelations, there is the feeling in me that there might be some PAT members who would like to know a bit about what I have been doing. I also  realise that the birthing of my offering might have been sensed by others and you might be waiting my announcement, I don’t know! Anyway, I will leave it there for now but am happy to explain more if there is any interest.

Love to you ALL,

Further Information

The bigness of it all have been quite overwhelming to me at times – there being further aspects to the whole thing which, for simplicity, I did not share because it is difficult to communicate it all in one go!

My sense is that there are some PAT members, who might like to be part of helping me move it all forward. I have been very alone with it recently, but this was good because it made me find an inner place where I was willing to go it alone if necessary.

However, now I can feel some beautiful creative potentials with the PAT grouping of Souls with  some of us wanting to come together with ways of sharing this ancient wisdom for the New Age of Being. I would like this to be purposeful, but also organic in the sense of moving from the spiritual role which we, as a group, are now more conscious of.

So, it may take a bit of time to get this right with the right wording/presentation etc. This is one of reasons why I would like feedback and input of personal insights and understandings from interested PAT members. This is because of the way that the various personality types intuitively respond to different words and the energies they carry.  What works for one personality type can leave another cold or even irritate them!

I am about to go public in a small way with the Chakra Cards with an evening workshop locally in Glastonbury next week. I will attach the Image, which I have used in this publicity to share with the PAT. This Image encapsulates the Essence of the Teachings in various layers symbolism, so it can be contemplated by the viewer to open insights and communications, which are in alignment with their personal Soul journey at this time.

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