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On “Humanity in the Maze”

August 7, 2012

minotaurus2 Die Zauberlehrlinge der Gentechnik

Thank you SO MUCH for this very insightful description of humanity in our current situation!! Yesterday when I came from grocery shopping, my youngest son was watching the movie “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio. I got mesmerized by it for quite some time and forgot all about getting the rest of the groceries out of the car!

The point in the movie I was so interested in is very similar to what you just described, and that’s why your email to Georgi completely captured my attention! In the movie, there were layers upon layers of dream realities that had to be moved through, in order for the ‘dreamers’ to be fully awakened, and because they had “descended” to such low levels of dreaming, there had to be someone else who was still “aware enough” to detonate an explosion in order to move the sleepers up to the higher level of awareness.

For me, your email today expressing this symbolics, was validation that we as the PAT are moving ourselves and humanity through each level and layer one step at a time, until the final detonation of awakening!

Thank you so much for sharing!!! You have made my day!

Much love and Light to you!
August 7, 2012

Dear George,

Your last post about Arieadne’s Thread is the last straw for me. I must at last send an email to you. I have been reading your website for about the last month or so, after I found it by Googling cosmic ascension. There is very little about cosmic ascension as you know, but  I have been going through the same sensations and tribulations as described by you and the PAT members for at least 20 years. Only I did not know what it was.

I am writing only because I had a very important dream last night. I have been feeling lately that I should email you about my latest episodes that also coincide with that of the PAT. For instance, I have been having these energy shots for years but did not know what they were. They are coming more frequently since 11.11.11 and sometimes I get them several times a day. I sleep mostly of the time and am extremely fatigued. I thought  I was just getting old and lazy.

On the night of July 24 I had a visionary dream. I dreamed of a younger version of myself standing on a patch of brown earth that extended nearly as far as the eye could see in every direction. There was not a blade of grass, or trees  or rocks, but just the brown earth.  It did not look like scorched earth, or a battle zone, or anything like an Earthen catastrophe. At first I though perhaps this was new land emerged from Atlantis or Lemuria rising,  The earth did indeed look new. I remember saying very pleased that I am the guardian of this earth, and  I had work to do. Just then a man showed up behind me carrying a knapsack. We were instantly in my house and he was unloading documents hurriedly from his sack and I took them into my office and said we had to be careful to make sure they were in order as the  plans had to be followed exactly. I knew I had done this before. End of dream. On July 25 upon waking from one of my naps I heard a voice say Gaia, February 9, 2013

On July 26 about 10 o’clock in the evening I was going to bed. I was by the side of my bed when I heard a clatter outside my bedroom window. I looked out of the window and saw the ocean raging. I live on Vancouver island and have a bit of ocean view from my window. Then the water began to rise and was nearly up to my house. All the houses below mine were flooded and I could only see the tops of the trees. THIS IS IT, I though and said to myself that it would be over in 10 seconds and threw myself on the bed. I must have been in an altered state and woke up about 6 hours later. I felt like I had returned from the dead is was so sore and stiff. I was scared to look out the window, or turn on the TV to find out what happened. Everything was normal.

But the real story starts right now. I started to write a book because of the dream I had last night. I must get the message of the dream out. After writing for about three hours on my book  my dog wanted to go for a walk and I took her out.  When I got back the first thing  I checked my email and there was your topic of the day about Humanity In The Maze and I started to read it. I nearly fell off my chair when I read your reply.

It follows the Greek myth of the “labyrinth of Minotaur“, which could only be escaped with the help of the Ariadne’s thread.”

Guess what, I had just written before I went for my walk. It is a trillion to one chance this could happen:

“I read the Book Of Knowledge for my entertainment as a child. There were at least 12-18 books in the set. There were no kids to play with where we lived on the outskirts of Regina, so I read and read and read. I am sure if my mother knew all the things there were in the Encyclopedia set, she would have hid them or possibly burned them.

There were many educational pictures too. I saw pictures of bare naked ladies in art from the Louvre. I could never figure out why women would be laying bare naked in parks surrounded by dressed men looking at them. I saw pictures of object d’art of terrible things going on between humans and animals. For instance, there were pictures of half horse and half human people. Also, stories  of a half human – half bull in the age of the Minotaur in the Labyrinths  Of Crete. If you are not familiar with the story, it was  about the secret love affair between the Minoan queen and her favorite bull, and the hidden half bull and half human child that resulted.  I didn’t get my Education Out Behind the Barn, I got it from the Books Of Knowledge Encyclopedia. I never thought to ask mom why there were these funny pictures in those books. It never occurred to me. I just absorbed. “

That did it. I felt impelled to write to you about the dream I had last night and it was what started me  to write my first and only  book.

I dreamed that I was in a large crowd of people and I saw a man walk up to another man and slap his face. I was in awe that he would do such a thing, especially to an Ascended Master. There were a lot of Holy people and Ascended Masters in the crowd as well as the rest of us.  How dare he to slap such a Holy man! Then the man who slapped the other turned to me and said, “ I want you to give him this message” and he did (but I forgot what it was when I woke up). I do remember that they were to pass on the message to everyone they could, and as they passed on the message a group would form of 10 people. Three, three and four in each group. Not everybody would accept the message and go on their way. I was surprised who the man was. It was God, in the dream. He looked exactly like Jesus did except he was not wearing the white robe and did not have the golden hair and halo like he did when I saw him about 15 years ago in another vision. He looked like a 3D person dressed in the same typed of clothing that the rest were wearing. His hair was long, black and threaded with grey. Then God went and walked up to another man and slapped his face. I had to give him the message. God would appear out of nowhere and take a step or two and slap another man on the face.

I was standing watching him as I had to deliver the message to every person he slapped. I stood beside another man and whispered to him. “See the man who is slapping the faces?  He shows up out of nowhere.  He just appears. He said to me to tell everyone that whenever they need him, he is there. “

That was my dream. I think he was telling us that we still have some work to do and pass his message along.  I just wish I remembered what the message was. Be not discouraged PAT members. There are others out here  who are silent watchers like me. We work alone because we did not know there are others like us.

Dear Claire,

thank you very much for connecting me for the first time and for sharing your dreams, visions and your first book with us.

Of course there are a lot of synchronicities these days as we, the PAT, operate like a collective mind and share similar dreams. On a larger scale this also happens with the rest of humanity, however the coincidences there are considered normal acts of daily life. For instance, just imagine the many thousands of female secretaries in a big city who go to work at the same time and do exactly the same things, write almost the same business letters or exchange the same gossips about other colleagues.

While these human activities are remarkable synchronicities of the collective dream of humanity, a very few persons are able to get out of the box and regard this dreamlike behaviour of humanity as a deliberate synchronisation that can be changed anytime as soon as humanity is ready to change its collective dream. This is what will happen after the ID split on a collective scale. Precisely, humanity will awaken from its current collective hallucination, only to enter a new one, which will contain more elements of the greater multi-dimensional reality, but will still be a dream. Because dreaming is identical to creating. Ant it will go on like this eternally, while the soul evolves to higher dimensions.

On a more abstract level one may sustain that All-That-Is is dreaming of itself all the time and produces new holographic realities that also begin to dream their subordinate realities. Eschatologically regarded, when All-That-Is stops dreaming, it will dissolve in the void. While cleansing and dissolving old, dark, fear-based collective patterns of humanity,which are the foundation of the current human 3d-dream, we entered in June the Void (the second phase of our ascension process) – the space, where the old dies and the new is not yet born.

In this sense your day dream of the deluge of the ocean on the Vancouver island was just as real as your other last dream. However I would not project it into the future as all the PAT members have received so many slaps in the face in the past, and even now, that they need not get any more in the future.

With love and light
August 7, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Since the start of August, I was thinking that the world of information are like a town, where some roads lead to N-set buildings (which can disappear if you apply constructive interference to it). This is only an attempt to describe my complicated idea.

A town is infested by buildings blocking the view and the road (Ariadne’s thread) to the castle of axiomatic thinking. Those N-set buildings can be like roadblocks (the houses bury the road) leading to the castle, where axiomatic thinking resides. Not only being roadblocks, they can also lead you to darker towns via dark portals, if the people in those N-set houses seduce you.

Breaking those N-set houses or buildings will eventually build Ariadne’s thread, which takes courage. Courage can be found from the remaining U-set houses, which the dark ones still use (the dark ones abuse truth for their agenda and cannot remove some U-set houses). So the best way to rebuild Ariadne’s thread is to destroy N-set houses (limited connection to the higher realms due to linear and sequential thinking) using the language of the soul or the advice of the people inside the U-set houses.

Also I got the idea: due to linear and sequential thinking or our linear mind can only be at one place at a time in the world of knowledge, just like our carbon-based bodies can only be at one place at a time. This fits very well with the parable of the maze of Arthur. It is also due to our linear and sequential thinking that linear time exists and it appears there is no simultaneity. The concept of the tree diagram in probability was developed due to sequential thinking.

This idea also helps in how I think of multi-dimensionality: Due to simultaneity, we can exist in may different places at the same time, but each version of us is tuned to that place. Using the clothing analogy, we dress differently in Earth AB compared to Earth A and the 6th dimension and beyond. This helps us blend with the several dimensions. Just like copies of files in several hard disks, but different versions of the same essence.

Thanks very much Arthur and Georgi, for finally giving me an idea to describe in words what I have been thinking about lately. It gave me as sigh of relief. These days I am also feeling the same as Dorie:

“It is truly okay to FEEL disappointment, frustration, depression, even fear about being wrong, IF we use those feelings to PUSH us into reminding us of what we truly know to be RIGHT.”

I wish all the PAT a nice day.
August 7, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

Thank you, Erin, for your enthusiastic encouragement and superb analogy of our approach to the finish with that of the final stretch of a running race. Yes, we ALL WILL keep going, and at our max, as always. Just after reading this, my eye caught a headline in my friend’s newspaper today about the Olympian athletes that said, “Their bravery and commitment and things they have given up have shocked the public.” Hmmmm, I thought, they are writing about us!!!

Then, again, in the same newspaper I saw, “Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid.” (A quote from Raymond Chandler) Hmmmm, I thought again, they are definitely writing about us!

It is very clear that these uncharacteristic emotional patterns (or those patterns that were overcome on a personal level long ago) which many of us are feeling and transmuting, really are NOT our own stuff. It’s like we are experiencing these emotional patterns of the masses and then making the MOST of that by using them as effective fuel to ‘catapult us into our final ascension’ as Dorie put it, for the benefit of all. Thank goodness we can discuss our experience of feelings on this site without being given all sorts of advice on how to ‘deal with’ or ‘transcend’ our ‘issues’ which other kind and well-meaning people/friends/new-agers, who really don’t get it, would do.

The analogy of the maze given by Arthur is very clear and feels relevant to me. I read recently that a maze is a deliberate, complicated deceit whereas a labyrinth is a conscious journey. Don’t know how accurate that is but the ‘deliberate, complicated deceit’ part really rang true and it does make me wonder about the word ‘amazing.’ That ‘amazing’ is used to describe events that are beyond logical expectation makes real sense when you consider Georgi’s explanation of the ‘Ariadne’s thread of impeccable human logic’ leading one out of the maze.

I was pleased to read the comment about unexpected auditory sounds, as I had heard some new ones for about half an hour earlier in that same day (5th Aug). It really is the synchronicity of our experiences and messages that confirms again and again that we are all one Team in many bodies. This is why we all truly sympathise and applaud one another’s experiences.

Here’s to us all hanging on in there!!

With love to all the team, Gail

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