On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension and the ID Split, August 2, 2012

by Georgi Stankov, August 2, 2012



I have always considered John Smallman to be a reliable channeling source, simply because he never gives any factual information. His messages are goodwill esoteric sermons about appropriate human behaviour, to which any enlightened human being would subscribe. The latest message from Jesus however makes a huge exception – it announces the imminent ID split of Gaia and humanity in the course of our ascension, though not explicitly saying it  –  and this is the reason, why I would like to take it as a further external proof that we are shortly before this event:


~ channelled by John Smallman – August 1, 2012


Excitement mounts as the most pivotal moment in all of human history draws ever closer.

Examples of previous pivotal moments in your more recent history have been: the telephone; the establishment of an electricity grid; the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria leading to the first world war; radio broadcasting; the nuclear bomb; worldwide travel for all; computers; the Internet. And all of these are as nothing compared to what is about to occur.

Many of you are spending a lot of time attempting to imagine what will happen to humanity and the planet as you all awaken from the illusion. If it excites and encourages your optimism about your future, then that is very appropriate because optimism is an essential frame of mind with which to embrace and move forwards towards awakening. Your most creative imaginings of what is about to come into being are but the palest shadows of what is actually to occur…..

As you get ever closer to this exhilarating event, your momentum is increasing. No longer is there the least chance of you arresting your progress, let alone of turning back. Your arrival is inevitable, as divinely promised ever since the separation from God apparently occurred…

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