Announcement, August 18, 2012

My dear friends,

Today I have entered the most turbulent phase of my move to a new home and I must help my family full time. Therefore, I will not be able to publish on the website or to respond to your emails in the next several days. However I will continue reading my post, so that if you receive an important message or information, please continue sending it to me.

Of course I would not mind if a bigger event offsets this annoying 3d-move, for instance some major tectonic movements that will trigger our move to a higher dimension. After all heaven owes us for all our efforts an elegant  synchronicity in order to relieve us from our burdensome 3d-duties. I am sure this is the intimate desire of all of you.

Hold on the last few days and hours. Our ascension can happen any time from now on and there is a good chance to begin today.

With love and light



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