An Open Rant with Our Higher Selves

By Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, August 12, 2012

Dear Dorie,

This morning I received information from my HS that we are in a “turning loop” waiting for an allowance from the tower to land, respectively to ascend. One week ago I got an information that our ascension will be on August 15, but I did not want to believe it as it seemed to late for me. Now this information may turn out to be correct after all. What is your HS telling you?

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

While sleeping in the early morning of August 11th, I had another ascension test run. I certainly felt that I was going THIS time! What was different about this experience however, was the fear element was no longer involved in the ascension process that I had experienced many times before – I was walking through my portal, feeling the exhilaration of it all, seeing signs and symbols within my mind as if I were being “downloaded”. And then, it just fizzled out as it has done many times before. I asked HS about this new test run, because OF COURSE I was disappointed, and I heard her say, “DO NOT get caught up in dates on the calendar, you have gotten caught up again in “time”. Go right now and look up the date on the Mayan Calendar.”

So, I went on line and looked up the 2012 13 Moon Calendar and saw that the 8/8/2012 was yesterday (Saturday) according to that Calendar. And then I heard:

“The whole point of this last trial run, is to get you to understand that you are in a place of “no time”, however you keep putting yourself back into a space that no longer exists “in time”. Is it August the 11th, or is it August the 8th? Dates do not MATTER. What “matters” are intended thoughts. And while certain energies align at certain moments in “time” allowing for these dates or “intention points” to coincide, one still has to wait for the point of focus to catch up with what is being intended in 3D reality. Understand also, that behind the scenes the right ‘quadrants’ are being obtained.” (when I hear this I see spaceships in my mind’s eye. I believe that they are adjusting to just the right frequencies in order to handle the enormous amount of incoming souls for Planet A/B. I am being told to pass this information along to you Georgi, as this is what your HS refers to as “turning loop”). Understand that NONE of this relates to time, but to “alignment”. The detonation as already taken place, the blast has occurred, you are simply suspended within ‘no time’ until you experience the “projection from the supernova blast” as an experience within your 3D bodies and 3D reality.” As April said in her last channel, “there will be a pause”.

When I read your last post Georgi, saying you didn’t feel the sadness of leaving home and wondered if you were simply being spared, I thought, “No, Georgi, it’s just not quite time yet.” And I listened to your HS telling me that the moment had not quite arrived, so I really didn’t get caught up in too much fear or disappointment this time. Also, HS has been giving me TONS of validation that we are already there. For example, on August the 10th I dreamed I was “watching myself” run the last part of the race and I crossed the finish line!

And as I was washing dishes the other night, HS said, “Go sit down on the couch and watch what’s on television, you will receive a significant sign.” So, I did as she asked, although I don’t like to watch television, especially what was on this time, as my son was watching a movie about UFC fighters. The movie was focused on the “underdog” and his attempts to keep coming back time after time, against ALL odds of succeeding, getting the crap beat out of him at every turn, and yet he was VICTORIOUS. The shirts that he and his trainer were wearing, the message that HS intended for me to see, was in big bold white letters on the back of their shirts. One shirt said “The Soul of a Lion” the other said, “Simply Believe”.

I will never give up Georgi…our “quadrants” were just a little off!

Much Love and Light to you!

Dear Dorie,

The argument about “no time” does now work any more, it is worn out. While this is correct for the higher realms, we are still on the ground and this should be considered by our souls as we are the ones who suffer the breakers of these waves and have still to “take out the hot chestnuts from the fire with naked hands”, to quote a German saying. Most of the PAT members are totally knocked down during the last days and are about to lose hope. What is the purpose of announcing early ascension dates and then to postpone the date one more time with flawed arguments of no time. They do not apply to us and our HS should know this and stop using this bigot argument.

I can tell you what actually happened since 8.8. They, the forces of light from the GF, are one more time in retard and did not fulfil their obligations as they did not manage to open the souls of their incarnated entities sufficiently as to reach the necessary energetic threshold and make the ascension happen. After all we are talking about 4 billion people and a whole planet that must be heaved to the higher 4th dimension. It is not about us and how we perceive time or no-time. I perceive no time for the last 13 years and nothing has happened yet. This is a highly flawed  answer – just another false excuse, and our HS should not misuse it any more. You should probably press your HS one more time for more precise information why the latest delays. It is not about us, make it clear to her.

Three days ago I was very furious in the higher realms as the GF did not fulfil their obligations and could not awaken enough humans as to make our ascension possible. I had to make, as higher authority from the 10th/11th dimensions, substantial energetic adjustments to make it now happen. Ascension will happen in August  as this time the process is irreversible, but we are again the idiots that carry on our shoulders the bulk of the burden for the rest of humanity only because we want them to have a decent future as souls on the balanced earth A/B.

You know what, I  had a very nasty wave with headache and digestive symptoms early last morning. Then I got so angry with my soul and heaven that I willingly stopped this energy wave by building a powerful energetic blockage around my body. Half an hour later, the headache receded and the wave stopped.

Then I made a solemn decree in my name and in the name of the PAT that we should be disconnected from this cleansing work of negative human patterns once and for all. While making the decree, I felt as if I have cut off the umbilical cord between the two timelines. I drew the line in the sand and told the higher realms that if there is some more negative dross to cleanse, they should either leave it on earth B or take it on planet A/B for the future generation of incarnated souls to cope with, but that our job is definitely finished. I have not had a peaceful, pain free day since June 21 and the last days were  a solitary dreadful peak in cleansing negative energetic patterns. I did  it in the hope to accelerate our ascension, but yesterday I felt that I had to cut off myself from this negative energies once and for all.

After that I entered a completely new quality of energies – very harmonious that carry me away in a blissful state of no-time. Yesterday I was still very exhausted after the whole catharsis that I had no power to do anything. This night I slept well for the first time and now I feel as good as seldom before. I am enveloped in these harmonious energies, no physical pain anymore, no tension in the body as in the past, just dissolving in the Now. The vibrations are very gentle  as if I am in a wellness bath with sparkling mineral water.

But our personal well being is not representative. I received today a lot of emails from other members of the PAT who are in great troubles and have to cope with huge bouts of highly negative energies that have fully knocked them down and have made them lose their hope of ascension. This is the dire situation on the ground and I can do nothing to relieve it. And I doubt if this situation will be helpful for the coming ascension.

With love and light

You are right Georgi,

I think I’m just hearing what I want to hear at this point for fear that I too will give up, and my HS, that sarcastic bitch is feeding me anything just to keep me doing what I no longer want to do, what none of the PAT SHOULD be doing. In the last few days, I have told her that I will just “plug back in” to 3D time if she does not let us ascend. I have been threatening her, when I really just need to “disconnect” like you said. I feel like I have let everyone down, including my family members who are seriously thinking about committing me into a mental institution. I am at a breaking point too, and I began clinging to what I have always done best in 3D reality…make everyone else feel better, so that I don’t have to feel their pain, or disappointment, or frustration, nor feel my own.

I think with that being said, I will try and get an ‘honest’ response from my HS this time…I will settle for nothing less.

With love and light,

Dear Dorie,

I will forward you in a minute a message from April,  which I have just received. Please read it as to get some more arguments in your discussion with your HS. We are all in an awkward situation. My family is in a move to a new house and I have declined to participate in the move as I consider it obsolete. Now the time is running out and I must help as not to infuriate all my family members . I have also bad consciousness about them working hard and I myself staying aside. But honestly I was so knocked down until yesterday that I would not have been able to help them physically, even if I wished. Today I have just started helping as much as I can.


Oh, I’m having it out with her RIGHT NOW!!! I am in the same position as you Georgie. My husband’s company may go on strike in the next week or so. He is adamant that I get a job if that should happen, however as he puts it, “you can’t even physically function enough to get things done around here, how in the hell are you going to work?” My headaches, fatigue, and digestive issues have been OVERWHELMING these last few days, however yesterday did seem much better, which makes me feel like your decree has helped us all, although I am once again experiencing a severe headache and exhaustion again today. Hopefully my rant to HS will dissipate this new onset of pain.

Back to the BATTLE!
Love, Dorie

Dorie’s Rant with Her Higher Self

Me: I will no longer accept the same old line of bullshit HS, I am tired of doing your dirty work, WE the PAT are TIRED of doing your dirty work, WE are no longer willing to put up with this, WE WANT TO GO HOME NOW!!! What say you, HONESTLY, say you??? Don’t keep us in the trenches anymore with your arguments of space and time, and “no time” and cleansing, and transmuting!!! We are DONE…so why are we not home???? Who is responsible for this?

HS: “You are right, we have kept you here purposely. If we would have told you that there was another “hold up” due to failure on the part of the Galactic Federation, would you still do our bidding?” Would you even want to listen to that argument or ANY argument for that matter? At this point everything will seem like a “non” truth to you, something that is purely made up to appease you for the time being, while we keep you on the ground just a little while longer. What is truth, is that Ascension is assured. What is also truth is that dates were given, expectations were in place, purposely in place, to keep the energies at a high frequency.

Me: So YOU KNEW and were using us! Georgie knew, I could feel it in his last post when he said he wasn’t connecting with the sadness of leaving home. Well, HS, now you’ve fucked up. Sorry, but when I’m pissed off the only thing I feel like doing is cussing you out!! How am I supposed to believe ANYTHING that you tell me from this point out? You give me ‘glimpses’ of the new timeline, visions of our new world, signs that we are ascending, even actual “test runs” and DATES, and all the while you are just USING us to cover up for others’ inadequacies? We PAT members put our necks out on the line time and time again with the information you supply us, and we end up looking like FOOLS, worse yet, like we are insane!!! You are putting our 3D bodies and minds at risk with this continued delay. Our team members are going to JUMP SHIP. I am going to JUMP SHIP!

HS: “You were beginning to discover the truth when you asked why you had not ascended yet and then you saw the vision of the “space ships”–this indeed was the Galactic Federation ships that you saw in your mind’s eye. They did not succeed in their mission. And although you were hearing the word coordinates, you kept using the word “quadrants”.There were “quadrants” of the slumbering that were not awakened, therefore they were not “obtained“.”

Me: UHHHH!!! HS, I DEMAND and COMMAND you to release all information to us in regards to ANY information that has been purposely kept from us! FROM THIS POINT ON we are no longer willing to be your “go tos” in times of need. If you need additional help GO TO the Galactic Federation! Make THEM responsible for not doing THEIR job!! We are DONE HERE.

HS: “Yes, you are indeed done here. There is no further need for you, PAT, to ‘hang on’ to those who simply will not awakenUnconditional love truly does not exist in 3D reality–there HAS to be conditions set in place, time and time again, in order for forward movement to occur, not just within the PAT, but within the whole strata of the Universe that is taking part in this process of Ascension. With each decree that you make, you are declaring the CONDITIONS to what it is you are willing, or no longer willing, to put up with.”

Me: I still feel as if we are being used, as if our emotions are being USED for your purposes, and what I am telling you NOW  HS is that we have no more emotions to GIVE.  


(All PAT members should immediately make the same decree, so that we CAN FINALLY ASCEND! – George)

HS–“And so it is”

Dear Dorie,

you are in best form. I hugely enjoyed this conversation. I could not have ranted better and I am a famous ranter. Last time when I ranted against heaven I unleashed so much energy and I told them that I will jeopardize with my energy of wrath and rage the whole project of ascension if they do not release me from cleansing and  laundring humanity’s dark dross through my field, that they immediately got scared and stopped all negative waves from my body field.

With love and light

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