A Dialectical Interpretation of the Latest Events

by Georgi Stankov and Vicki, August 15, 2012

Dear George,

I have to say that I never lost confidence in my HS, and that is only because I was never given a date. I’ve ranted and raved at HS, but for the past 2 months or so, I’ve not had much feedback when asked, and for the past few weeks, I’ve pretty much been getting a busy signal from HS.

At first I was a bit upset by this, as seeing that some other PAT members seem to get a boatload of information from their HS. All I get is “things are as they are supposed to be”…. “”soon, very soon”….”it will all be worth the wait, hang in there, you are strong”.

It’s all good though, it keeps things simple and uncomplicated, and I kind of like it that way. Even now as I STILL struggle with LBP symptoms, I’ve known all my life that there was something special in the wings that I had to do, and I’m sure as hell not giving up now! It’s been a difficult road getting here, and I am not one to give up, even if I whine a little here and there. I still feel 100% confident that we’ll be out of here soon.

I’m hoping nothing with Nibiru kicks off on the 17th, only because my two daughters and 3 grand daughters are going to Florida for a week’s vacation tomorrow. That is causing me a little distress thinking about it.

Thank you to members of PAT and Georgi for their contributions these past few weeks, it’s helped buoy my spirits when I’ve felt my lowest.

Love and Light to All, Vicki


Dear Vicki,

all these messages with dates had one deliberate purpose – to make us aware of our ballast trying to save many more souls, who have not done anything to be saved. As we, the PAT, had taken this responsibility on February 26th when we decided to create the third timeline of the  balanced earth A/B, we were the ones who had to also decide whether to drop this responsibility now as future ascended masters. Our HS could not do it without our permission and would have continued to put us under great pressure, as this was the case since the opening of the June 21/22 portal.

This would have jeopardized the whole ascension process of Gaia and humanity. You must bear in mind that many representatives from the GF wanted us, the PAT, to continue with this inhuman effort and save their incarnated souls. This put also our HS under great pressure, which only we could solve on the ground.

Hence they gave us some hints when we would ascend, which were actually interim energy thresholds to be achieved, by cheating us again and again, but in such an obvious manner, so that we immediately noticed this policy of deception. We were “pissed off” both by the souls we tried to save but did not do anything to be saved and thus compromised our huge efforts, and by our HS who deceived us deliberately. This together, plus our energetic stress, contributed to our swift and resolute decision to make the last decree.

This  powerful collective incentive created immediately a new scenario of a more lean ascension, which will now take place much earlier than if we would have stayed the course and would have tried to the very last moment to save these “Dead Souls” of fence straddlers, to quote the famous novel of the Russian writer Gogol.

From this point of view, your soul could not have told you any exact dates as this was impossible only a couple of days ago, as nobody knew how the PAT will respond on the ground. Had we not dealt this issue so resolutely and with such an incredible speed and unanimity, we would have stayed much longer on this toxic planet and would have waited in a hopeless situation for our ascension.

Now the time schedule is more or less predetermined and fixed as it has indeed to do with the coming of Nibiru, which will cause huge natural catastrophes and will terminate the incarnation of many of the entities we wanted to save during the ID split this month, as was initially planned in the two-earth scenario. This is now their choice.

However your family members will ascend, no matter where they are, as you have made the second decree that all family members of the PAT will ascend to the 4th dimension of the balanced earth A/B during the ID split. Therefore you should not worry much.

This is the actual background behind our activities this month around the last PAT decree and our poignant, superficially disappointing  experiences with the alleged betrayal of our HS, which in fact had the dialectical objective to save us and accelerate our ascension process. But one needs a real bird’s view to discern these jokes of our HS and to be able to appreciate their divine humour.

This can only be done if one is able to analyse the last cosmic processes around the PAT from  a dialectical point of view. That is why I always advocate the dialectical method of thinking. Notwithstanding this pedagogical effort on my part , I encountered in the last days a plethora of misunderstandings.

Dialectical thinking and cosmic humour are indispensable tools in these last days to understand the multi-dimensional policy of the tricksters from the higher realms – our own HS. I personally hugely enjoyed this last drama in all its variations, as it was also a litmus test for the grade of evolution of the individual members of the PAT. Luckily, with a very few exceptions,  all of them scored with “excellent”

With love and light


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