Urgent Energy Update, July 27, 2012

by Georgi Stankov, July 27, 2012



Early this morning, July 27, 2012, I began to receive a most powerful commotio cerebri wave with a headache, which had the propensity to become as powerful as the peak-wave  on June 21/22, when it knocked me down for more than a month. Around 10.00 a.m. CET, I went with my new dog walking in the fields and then I cried to my HS and heaven to leave me in peace and then stopped with my will the entry of this wave by creating an artificial energetic blockage. I then said again to my HS that I am not willing to participate in any test runs of ascension any more, but only in the final wave that will lead to our ascension and the ID split.

About a quarter of an hour later, the cc-wave stopped and the headache disappeared completely, which is rather unusual and has happened only once, when I decided to reject any new cc-waves and test runs.

Then in the afternoon around 15.00 pm the same wave started once again and knocked me down as heavily as on June 21. As I have a lot of experience with such waves, I knew immediately that this wave is of great importance today and has to do with both, our final ascension and with the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Therefore, I let this wave enter fully my energy field, notwithstanding the pains.

My notion is that we will experience a huge energy surge tonight during the Opening ceremony in London that will have the power to cleanse most of the dark dross in this country. which is the citadel of the world dark cabal. I am personally rather eager to see what will happen tonight, but there will be undoubtedly a huge infusion of light on the earth this evening. This last energy push will hopefully also help reach the threshold of detonation of the “PAT supernova of ascension”.


I have just read the “manuscript of survival 174” that confirms my information in this energy update:




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