Social Evolution Versus Revolution in the End Times

by Julia P. and Georgi Stankov, July 12, 2012

Greetings George,

I wanted to comment on your following statements:

“I am expecting that the heat which now engulfs the USA will bring the human spirits to the boiling point, so that there must be a huge national, irrational outburst very soon, unimaginable to conventional human minds….

One should not forget that 60% of its population (in Iran) is under 30 years of age and most of them are crystalline children with great spiritual power that can explode anytime soon and sweep the old Orion matrix of the West.”

I believe there won’t be any explosions and outbursts. To explain my opinion, I’ll start with a little background on me.

I was a teenager of a middle-class single-parent family when the USSR that I was born in crumbled. As I didn’t have a thorough understanding, no political interest, I could hardly comprehend the significance of those changes. I remember seeing on TV the civil unrest and riots in Baltic states in late 80s, fall of the Berlin wall, coup d’état  when Yeltsin removed Gorbachev.

When the latter happened, I was on my summer vacation in the country. At that time there was only the “Swan Lake” ballet shown on TV (oh, the irony). We didn’t have computers, Internet, smart phones then. In the midst of all that chaos, I cannot remember any fear or worry within or around me. I have experienced the total economy crash and all the business anarchy that followed, including that infamous  Russian Ruble crisis in ’98 when all of a sudden all family’s savings were reduced by 100 times – just overnight – wiped out…

Nevertheless, among all that distress and uncertainty, I was somehow well and balanced, and everybody around me somehow managed to go on. I completed my Master’s degree in Russia in 99, passed the final exams (literally and figuratively) and, by chance, moved to the “heart of the beast“ – USA, where I have been living ever since – “to fight the most important fight of all” on an energetic and spiritual level. So I feel there are many of us, light bearers, living in the states and all over the world serving this same purpose to just transmute all this world darkness.

So the reason I described my attitude during the turbulent times in the post-Soviet Russia is to illustrate my opinion of the young people who are in their 20s-30s right now. I feel like I am experiencing a deja-vu nowadays. These young people behave just like I did when I was a teenager living in Russia. Most are clueless about the full scope and meaning of the current political and economical developments.

I don’t believe there will be any civil unrest in the USA or Europe (unless it is staged by the PTW), because why give energy to the darkness by actively opposing and displaying your anger and disagreement, when instead you can choose peaceful non-compliance and ignore the entire matrix.

As per your Law of energy optimization, when the PTW and media tried to hide the facts, so that the majority of the population stay ignorant of political and economical status, but it has backfired on them, that they ended up being ignored and therefore being “starved to death”. From the energetic perspective, wouldn’t you agree that if you ignore/don’t give energy to something, it doesn’t grow and cease to exist.

If there is no demand for junk food, allopathic medicine, no political participation and interest, the corporations will crumble automatically. I don’t believe in riots, outbursts and explosions – why feed the beast? Whatever you give your energy to – expands and vice verse. At least that’s the way I have experienced it in my life. And yes, I have been called a silly naive dreamer, but I choose to concentrate on my idea of a happy life, visualization of it and making steps to living it while I am in 3d.

You can observe through many YouTube channels, that more and more young people just abandon the modern western- type consumerist paradigm and move into the wilderness, closer to nature (Latin America, into the country, etc.) and/or start self-sustainable living free from western allopathic medicine, processed food, politics and other doctrines. They follow their bliss everyday and live from their heart. They chose to ignore the modern western way and just live their dream. In a way, they have already ascended to the balanced Earth A/B. They are already free from the old Orion matrix of the West.

These are just a few examples, but there are plenty out there:

They don’t teach, don’t channel, don’t call themselves lightworkers, they just share their experience and insights – that’s it.

I just wanted to share my thoughts that I got upon reading your latest post. It may be ill-constructed and poorly organized, but I just went with the flow.

Thank you, George.


Dear Julia,

thank you for your comprehensive explanation of your vision as to how the coming big social changes will unfold. There are a lot of good arguments that back your vision and I have considered most of them in my forecasts.

It is true that the Russians did not really revolt after the implosion of the Soviet Union except for some anaemic demonstrations which I witnessed myself in 1992 when I visited Moscow shortly after the coup d’etat against Gorbachev and the coming of Jelzin to power. But in all other East European countries there were massive revolts that started in the autumn of 1989 and lasted till 1997, in some countries even after that.

While I do agree with you that the best way is simply not to give energy to this system and that it will then automatically collapse (implode), as it will be drained of the collective energies and support, I personally think that this tactic has not worked well so far and now it is too late for this alternative to kick start, as its essence lies in the slow undermining of the old system and we simply do not have this time.

The soul matrix of the majority of the incarnated souls on earth nowadays is not that much evolved (child and early adult souls) as to follow this way. It presupposes an intellectual analysis of the current human conditions and a conscious choice against the matrix, which they spiritually are not able to render.

Most of them are not that much evolved and currently partially or fully identify with the system. When it will crumble, they will be unprepared in their vast majority and will react rather irrationally, as they will be guided solely by their survival instincts, which are now in the process of looming high before being deleted by the huge cosmic energies that flood earth and humanity. We have now a completely different energetic situation compared to that in Russia in the early 90s.

The masses must learn their lessons, for which they have come at this time on the earth. They must experience the crumbling of the old matrix as an external event and not as a spiritual inner transformation as we do. This will happen through the painful experience of their rebellious energies, which many of them will encounter for the first time in their incarnation cycle.

In this way they will learn  what a huge power of transformation the human rebellious energies of indignation, and even wrath, can display, even though they inevitably lead to destruction. This all must be learnt now by the masses as part of their past collective karma – they must learn to liberate themselves on their own and not through off-world intervention, which takes place only behind the veil. But as the destruction of the old Orion matrix must come in one or another way in the current End Times, the social unrest will play a major role in the coming big events.

The only unknown variable is though when the ID split will come and whether the people will have the time to awaken that much under the crumbling social order in order for “the wrath of  ants” (Steinbeck)  to really ignite.

This world revolution will not bring the new changes we all expect, but will help purge the old elite from power and make the way free for further revelations. These revelations can only take place and have their effect on the human minds, if there is a great emotional outburst  of collective indignation that will carry on its crest the coming dreadful truth about the PTB and the actual scope of human enslavement.

You cannot escape in nature and make these necessary revelations at the same time from there. Besides only few will seek this way back to nature. The masses will stay, where they are now, and will experience there the breakers of the social collapse. And they will be hit very hard, very soon.

I have witnessed and participated in several revolutions in the past and this is the dynamics I have always observed. Of course I could have written much more about the nature of the revolutionary process, which is altogether not well understood in the complacent West, but I can assure you that the rebellious energies that will soon explode are of cosmic proportions and they are necessary and planned in order to sweep away the old order. These emotional energies are part of the human matrix and must come high in the End Times before they are transmuted for ever, as they will not be part of the new earth.

But as I said, this rebellious alternative depends exclusively on when the ID spilt will come. It may be that there will be no revolts at all, if the ID split happens this month and all changes will take place at the higher dimension. But in this case your more peaceful version will also not be the reason for the change, which will be then the result of a galactic, extraterrestrial intervention.

However I do agree that you have presented a valuable alternative to the one, which I favour at present. The huge demonstrations today in Spain and in other European countries tell me however that the situation can escalate within the blink of an eye  due to the extremely powerful cosmic energies that engulf humanity and offset the emotional and mental balance of the masses. They have been used  to exist within the very narrow, low frequency energetic spectrum of the old Orion matrix.

Now the people are thrown out of their petty existential boxes and the human illusions can no longer be hidden. Humans have seldom reacted to such sweeping revelations with an enlightened understanding, but have always resorted to collective, destructive actions in order to canalize their frustrations about themselves – about how stupid they have been in the past, believing all these lies and deceptions of the few dark individuals on power who have made them to their slaves.

With love and light

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