Personal Judgment Versus External Sources

by Georgi Stankov and Diane, July 25, 2012

Hi Georgi –

These are exciting times for sure.  My HS still won’t say a word to me about my ascension date. I have, however, reiterated time and time again to my HS (I invoke this every day) that: “I intend to completely ascend before the end of 2012.”  Why the end of 2012?  I am open to ascending as early as possible now, but I am willing to be here to hold the “light” until the end of 2012 if I am needed.

My mother (87) passed away on Sunday July 15. I know I had a “contract” to be with her until the end. That contract has now ended. That next day, the 16th, I came down with a massive sinus infection that I am still recovering from.  I had not had a bad one in over six years (I used to get at least one a year).

Things had not been too bad for me these last couple of years, so, while I hope July is the month for the PAT to ascend, (I am certainly not going to hold my breath), I will hang in a while longer. All will happen in it’s own good time. I am a very patient woman up to a point.

Incidentally, the Great Central Sun transmissions mention that 2016 is the earliest ascension date (sorry to throw a little cold water at you).  Also, the transmissions correctly gave the year 2008 as the beginning of economic collapse worldwide.

We’ll just wait and see.

Dear Diane,

I am sorry to hear that your mother has passed away, but this is better now for many people who will not cope with these huge energies and will only suffer without being able to incorporate them to the extent they would need it.

The Great Central Sun transmissions are outdated in many points and this was the reason why I was reluctant to publish them half a year ago, when I was first asked by another reader. I analysed this source at that time very carefully and found it very questionable, and in many points unreliable, except for the very good presentation of the archetypes, which also coalesces with my theory of the soul archetypes. I may search for this email if I can find it, as I have more than 10.000 emails in the meantime in my archive, and will send it to you later on.

At that time most of the PAT members were not that much evolved and sovereign in their gnostic judgment as to be able only to pick up the positive aspects of this source and to critically distance from the false ones, so that this lecture would have brought more confusion than benefit. Now the PAT-lers are much more advanced and they did assess this source with the necessary critical distance, except for a few of them, who still stick to its outdated facts and forecasts.

The economic crisis, you mention as a reliable prognosis of this source began not in 2008, but it manifested with its full force in 2007 and then only peaked in 2008, as I have written in my book “Neoplatonism and Christianity” in 2007 and have only recently published on this website. In fact, the last economic crisis began much earlier in 1998-9, then peaked in 2003-4 and then again in 2007-8, as I have written in my 1999-forecast as early as 1998, also published on this website.

That is to say, we have had every three-four years a new crisis coming from the previous one which were all very predictable. However, notwithstanding the big financial crisis in 2008, the banking system is still operating the same way on fraud till now, so that this prognosis is actually irrelevant.

I personally think that it is a very dangerous tendency to rely upon external sources for any forecasts. One may consider such sources, but then critically evaluate them with respect to the inner voice of his /her soul, as I always do.

In fact, since I have opened this website, I have  predicted with an astounding precision every major portal and cosmic wave that has hit the PAT and humanity, beginning with the stargate 11.11.11, which really opened the heart chakras of many star seeds and other evolved human beings and prepared the ground for the current events, until the latest waves. I have predicted more than a dozen such major portals and events, which were after that confirmed and extensively discussed by many PAT members in our reports.

You can go retrospectively and read all our discussions on such waves since September 2011 to verify this statement in case you have overlooked or forgotten this fact. You will not find a similar precision in any other channeling or other esoteric source nowadays.

The reason for this is that all these waves go through my body, which is the most reliable instrument to gauge and validate such cosmic waves. It would have been very stupid on my part to rely upon external, obscure sources to tell me what is happening on the earth now, when I perfectly well know that I am one of the main protagonists of this End Time drama and subsequently receive much more information than most other entities. This is important as to play the role my soul has chosen for this incarnation.

Of course I am not fully responsible for the outcome of such waves, as there are also other forces and cosmic authorities in play that are beyond my cognition, as was the case with 11.11.11, when I learnt a week earlier that it will not be as successful as I expected, but could not do anything to change this outcome.

It is a truism in the meantime that nobody can predict the exact point in linear time when such non-linear events enter our holographic 3d-reality. All sources have been bluntly wrong so far in this respect, beginning with CA and ending with the Great Central Sun, as I have just commented in my last article on Nibiru.

But even in this respect my prognosis on coming portals and huge cosmic waves have been astoundingly precise as is documented on this website. And this is much more than one can expect from an incarnated human being.

Whenever there were discrepancies in the  predicted time schedule, I have always done my best to discuss the causes for these delays retrospectively and to find a good explanation with the help of the PAT. In this particular analytic effort, I am indeed unique in the whole New Age community, consisting mainly of blind and deaf channelers.

For instance we extensively discussed this week the reason for the many delays of our ascension and how it correlates with the severity of our LBP-related symptoms. These are unique insights and valuable information you cannot find anywhere else.

Now, to expect me to rely upon external sources regarding the time of our ascension, as you suggest by mentioning the year 2016 of our possible ascension as announced by the Great Central Sun source, is the pinnacle of stupidity. This will be tantamount to declare myself intellectual bankruptcy and to delete all my precious experience with the LBP in the last 15-18 years. This would be a total betrayal of my soul.

I am not sure whether you are aware of the consequences of your suggestion. This may be acceptable to you, but not to me. If I would even consider for a moment your inappropriate suggestion, I must, from a fair point of view,   immediately give up editing this website as I would lose all my credibility.

I hope that I have presented my case pretty clear and I can only recommend you to consider in the future only the archetype presentation of this source and to neglect all other aspects discussed by the Great Central Sun source.

It is not a coincidence that even the medium Karin Danrich distanced herself from these channelings later on as she could not support them any more. This I consider a great personal virtue and a manifestation of a strong and outright character.

With love and light

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