On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension, No 2, July 29, 2012

By Dorie Bowlin, July 29, 2012 

Energy Update

Hello Georgi, I’ve been wanting to contact you for several days now, but the last wave of energy almost did me in! This morning I have read on the forum that I have not been alone in my experiences! On July 26th I was also hit with extreme intensity, but it didn’t just affect me physically – I did experience one of the most severe headaches I have ever had, but it also affected me EMOTIONALLY and MENTALLY to the point, where I thought I was having a nervous breakdown.

I repeatedly tried to connect to my higher self, but could only receive fragments of information. Fortunately, it was enough in those moments to keep me sane. Finally, I had enough and last night went into the bathroom, so that I could scream at my Higher Self to STOP, without my family thinking that I actually WAS insane, and instantly it did stop. Today, I feel a clear channel to my Higher Self and would like to share what I am receiving.


What has occurred over the course of the last few days and experienced was a “rip” in the fabric of time. This causes a rippling affect in the hologram that is being projected into 3D reality.  When this occurs, it causes distortions in reality, thus affecting the “psyche” which could make one feel as if they are ‘losing their mind’, when in truth, you are merely disconnecting from this reality. Know that as transmuters of energy, you have been filtering an enormous amount of this type of fear, being experienced by humanity, as the fabric has been slowly ripped apart. It is indeed a process. Too much at one time would be overwhelming.

Keep in mind that Ascension has already occurred.

Know that “dates” are given to you only as “intention points”, that is, maximum points of incoming energies that create more ripping in the fabric of 3D time with your focused thoughts of Ascension. You are being given NUMEROUS signs now that the final moment is at hand.

Many FEELINGS come into play as the emotions move from disappointment, to frustration, and then again into rebellion as you wake up only to experience your body still residing in 3D reality. YET, it is these very emotions that are building the intensity of energy that will result in detonation of the “supernova” of ascension. Remember this, and your emotions will serve you well!

As was previously stated, these final days, and this final push of energy that you have and will experience in your 3D minds and bodies, will be THE most intense and the most challenging, but you DO possess the WILL to see it to it’s conclusion – because you have ALREADY been victorious. Prediction or TRUTH? YOU decide and then experience THAT which you decide as your reality.

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