My Latest Dream: How the Linear Time will be Abolished by the ID Split

by Georgi Stankov, July 21, 2012, copyright 2012

Today, July 20, I had a short sleep in the afternoon and received a very succinct and important  information on how linear time will be abolished by the ID split. Essentially I was told that the time differential dt will be abolished in all physical equations and applications of the Universal Law. Normally many physical magnitudes and quantities are defined as the product of differential calculus using linear time “dt“. For instance, velocity v is defined as the quotient of space s and the time differential dt

v = s/dt

With the ID split, dt will be eliminated in the denominator for ever and in this case velocity will be equivalent to space:

v = s

What does this mean? This new equation simply tells us that the velocity of our thoughts will increase infinitely, so that space will be simultaneously bridged by our thoughts, that is to say, our thoughts will reach in the “Now” every point in space. In this case space will be simply eliminated as a physical dimension. Space will become equivalent to zero.

I have always stressed in the new theory of the Universal Law that space is an illusory dimension of the 3d-space-time, which in fact creates the illusion of linear time. The “arrow of time” coming from the past, crossing the present  and disappearing in the unknown future is the artificial framework of all human existence as incarnated beings. Linear time is, in fact, identical to space, it is a tautology of the magnitude space:

time = space = t = s = 1/f

This is a  basic gnostic and theoretic conclusion of the new theory of the Universal Law. After the ID split both, space and linear time, will be wrapped up and substituted fully with the concept of simultaneity, which means that all energy interactions that take place in the Now will be immediately accessible to human minds.

The only barriers of any individual awareness will still be the frequency leaps from one dimensional level to another. Some of these dimensions or parallel realities may not be accessible to the awareness of an individual sentient being as his consciousness may not vibrate with the spectrum of such dimensions or parallel realities. This was the case with human mind, which descended so low in the last 10 000 years that it was even disconnected  from the 4th astral dimension and could no longer resonate with the higher frequencies of the soul expressed as emotions.

This led to the establishment of a highly agnostic human ego, which is the key source of all evil and darkness on this planet, as extensively discussed on this website. The greater the separation of the ego from the soul, the more powerful it became in the shaping of its reality and destiny, until it decided to fully reject the existence of the soul. This led to the current total agnosticism of modern times.

Otherwise the ego would have consented its authority back to the soul. This is still the greatest illusion of the current incarnation experiment of humanity that will be abruptly terminated with the ID split and the elimination of the perceptual concept of linear time. Practically, the time differential dt and the space s will be eliminated as 3d-physical magnitudes.

Space s, respectively linear time, build the artificial framework of all human existence in the current 3d-reality. The separation of past, present and future and the irreversibility of linear time, defined as the “arrow of time” have led to the wrong conviction that human characters are deterministically impressed by their past experiences and cannot alter their past and hence personal traits. This wrong idea has created most karma on this planet and much a frustration among the incarnated population.

Now this rigid view of the world will be substituted with a more flexible weltanschauung after the ID split, when all humans will lose their inherent perception of linear time and will begin to use telepathy for direct and immediate communication. This will eliminate space in the first time and then subsequently linear time as subjectively experienced physical dimensions. This new human awareness of simultaneity will usher the greatest revolution of humankind and will transform this species within the blink of an eye to a transgaalctic sentient being.

Therefore when we speak of the ID split – and the PAT is by far and large the only group that consciously discusses this key event in the current evolutionary leap of humanity – we must always bear in mind that the greatest changes will not come from the abolition of the old Orion matrix and its outdated dark social structures, but through the elimination of linear time and space as cognitive concepts of human awareness.

This evolutionary leap will determine all other existential strategies of the new ascended humans. After the ID split, the abolition of space and linear time will be still rather incomplete on the balanced earth A/B in the 4th dimension. The old perception of linear time and space will still lurk in most human minds, but they will no longer be that much fixed as irrevocable realities as is the case now. After mass ascension of humanity and Gaia to the new 5d-earth at the end of this year the abolition of space and linear time will be much more pronounced and will impregnate the whole new way of life.

We, the PAT, will ascend beyond the 5th dimension, where the concept of space and linear time no longer exist. This was already confirmed in Dorie’s message from her HS. In this case you should stop making projections about your future existence as multi-dimensional personalities, departing from your current way of life, which is highly limited by our physical vessels and slow functioning biological brains.

Start regarding yourselves as energetic functions that can exist in many places and realities at the same time. This would say that you may be present in a crystalline light body on the balanced earth A/B and perform some important duties, such as coordination of big social projects or educational programs, and at the same time happily enjoy the bliss of the higher dimensions, for instance, visiting new galaxies or other exotic civilisations that may need your expertise in their ongoing ascension process.

In this respect you must deeply apprehend the notion that even when you ascend, you will not leave this earth as your energetic field will stay here for ever as part of Gaia and the collective field of humanity. Otherwise we will not be able to fulfil our mission as Earth Keepers for the next eons of time. Practically this may mean that even when we ascend, our bodies may still be present on this planet and be used by our soul families as containers (conduits, avatars) of their energies to fulfil certain social or other function in a direct, physical manner.

The remaining humans will only accept such incredible cosmic powers if they appear to them in a familiar form and shape, i.e. in a human body. Any other form of these incredible energies will only augment their basic fears. This was in fact the only reason why we, as mighty soul entities, decided to incarnate in a human body as to manifest these energies among the rest of the incarnated human souls on the earth. Even when they are unable to perceive our cosmic power, their souls are fully aware of our presence and try to learn as much as they can from us at the soul level and then to transmit this information and knowledge to their unwitting incarnated entities on the ground as to forge  their slow spiritual evolution.

Ultimately, the abolition of linear time will automatically make the knowledge of all past incarnation consciously available to most human beings. After the split, these past incarnation memories will flood the individual and collective human consciousness and will trigger a mental revolution beyond any current imagination.

All revelations about the insidious role of the Orion/Reptilian empire in the enslavement of humanity will come to the fore and will be easily and readily accepted and understood. This is the reason why we will not need that much time after the ID split to awaken and enlighten the masses, as this process will be accomplished in a very natural and effective manner by expanding the human mind, who will be now liberated from the narrow concept of linear time.

Considering these profound energetic developments, there will be also no need for any revolution after the ID split, as this social event is an important transforming force only in the duality of the current 3d-reality. One can regard this reality as being coded with an universal binary code of duality (polarity).

After the ID split, the new universal energetic code will be a trinary code of simultaneity, as I have written in my gnostic books many years ago. This trinary code will eliminate the concept of duality/polarity in a profound manner in the whole energetic tissue of the new balanced earth A/B and even much more so on the ascended earth A. However, a certain threshold of revolutionary mood is still needed to achieve the necessary light quotient for humanity  to perform the ID split successfully this month.

Let us not forget that with our dedication to humanity we, the PAT, have postponed our ascension date numerous times, as Jerry confirms in a brilliant manner in his latest message from his HS. We could have ascended as early as summer 2009, and then again in October 2010, and November 2011.

I remember very well when I was first informed by my HS that I will ascend on July 22, 2009 and how this ascension was postponed in the very last minute. Instead, each time a test run of ascension was performed and the actual ascension again postponed, we were hit by a huge and most debilitating wave and hat to endure a lot of pain.

This was the greatest sacrifice which any incarnated soul can do for other souls. This is the proverbial Crucifixion of Christ. We – all the PAT members – have lived numerous times through our Christ Crucifixion in order to save humanity.

The last time we did this sacrifice was on February 26th, when we decided to establish a third timeline of a new balanced earth A/B and thus saved the lives of 1.5 – 1.7 billion human beings, who would have otherwise, according to the initial two-earth scenario,  ended their current incarnation with a death experience this year as a result of huge natural catastrophes and would have either ascended in a new incarnation on earth A or would have continued with their incarnation cycle on the catastrophic earth B.

The consequence of this incredible decision, which is entirely our personal achievement as creator souls, was that our ascension that was planned to take place around spring equinox was postponed one more time for the summer solstice. Then we postponed this date from summer solstice again for the end of July. Most probably we will do this as long as we are sure that we can achieve the most optimal result and save as much human souls as possible, by enabling them a smooth access to the balanced earth A/B.

Please observe the fact that there have not been any major catastrophes this year, notwithstanding all apocalyptic forecasts of the doomsday prophets and that this present calmness is the result of our decision to establish a new balanced timeline of earth A/B. This earth will be the natural prolongation of the present 3d-earth and must continue with its evolution without any major disasters and catastrophes in the fragile birthing phase of its new history.

We have discussed these aspects on this website on numerous occasions, but I think that it is necessary to summarize them one more time now, shortly before our imminent ascension, just to make you aware of the pivotal role which the PAT is playing in the current End Time scenario as a script writer, director and main protagonist in this glorious human drama of cosmic ascension.




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