Imminent Message: Ascension Test Run, July 18, 2012

by Georgi Stankov, July 18, 2012

Last night, July 17, 2012 I had a lucid dream, where I said farewell to my wife shortly before my ascension. I was incorporating in the dream state a parallel life within this last incarnation. In that parallel life I met my wife 36 years ago as in this one, but then we separated after six years. Then we met again after 30 years in the present time. My wife commented that she will need some time to get used to myself, but that I am still very familiar to her as a person, so that it will not take that much time to establish the previous intimacy. I responded to her that there is no point to get used to me now, as I will ascend in a few days. We both felt a deep sadness, as we knew that our departure is inevitable and imminent, and we both deplored deeply the lost 30 years of separation in the 3d-illusion.

This profound feeling of deep sadness enveloped all my thoughts and emotions the whole day yesterday. At the same time, my soul seemed to have withdrawn all her vital power from my body and it felt so listless that I had no drive and no desire to do anything at all. I had the strong feeling that I am dying, while I am still in my body and that my soul is now departing from the physical vessel. Only in the evening did this energetic and psychological situation improved somewhat.

I have only experienced this state of profound, deep sadness and a farewell mood of tristesse in this intensity when I left my native country 37 years ago and did not know at that  time if I will ever have the possibility to see my land and family again. I have been expecting this farewell mood for some time as a clear sign for our pending departure from this reality. However, when I experienced this mood yesterday, I felt deeply depressed. Indeed a large portion of my being was physically dying yesterday and the bitter taste of this sensation prevailed over the sweet anticipation of our coming ascension. I have difficulties to relay this mood in human words.

This night, July 18, I had my last ascension test run in real time. I received a huge energy download through my left brain portal and immediately woke up in the night. However I could not move my body and remained still in my bed, while the intensity of the incoming energies began to peak. I have had several similar experiences in the past, when I had out-of-body-events, and when I ascended in body frequencies and spirit (consciousness) on October 13, 2010.

In this context, I must mention that I had a short sleep in the afternoon two days ago when I was hit by another powerful wave and dreamt of our ascension. I was explaining in my lucid dream to a group of people how they should gauge the exact energy faultline in order to know the optimal time when they should ascend and move through the portal on the other side of the frequency spectrum. This dream was very vivid and physically rather realistic. I remember how I taught the people to make the exact energy faultline similarly to ironing a  trouser. Then I woke up all of sudden from this short dream, and my higher self told me in a very loud voice in English:

This is the dress rehearsal for ascension!”

During the ascension test run last night, the energy intensity increased enormously and my whole body was dissolved into a stream column of highly vibrational, unbelievably blissful energy. I was ready to leave this reality, when my HS told me very loud again, this time in German language (usually most of the messages I receive from my HS in the dream state are in English, so that I can better remember them upon awakening):

Dies ist der reine Energiezustand nach dem Aufstieg” – “This is the pure energy state after Ascension“.

Today, my body feels invigorated as seldom before and is the opposite to what I experienced yesterday. The energy roller coaster these days is indeed breathtaking.

I must admit that I have never had so many signs in a row that announce my ascension. As I have recently published, only 3 days ago I dreamt of meeting the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her office in Berlin to take over from her the governance of Germany as ascended master on behalf of the PAT. During this visit in the “Kanzleramt”, I was accompanied by two ladies from the PAT, whose identity I cannot now remember, but they were very close to me.

This all sums up to a showdown very soon. My latest information is that we will ascend, before the real world revolution of the masses will take place and then become the leaders of this revolution.

The reason for this decision is that it is unrealistic to expect any complete and true revelations on the part of the current politicians about the real situation on this planet and the role of the Orion Empire in the enslavement of humanity. However, without such revelations there will not be any collective indignation, even wrath, and subsequently no revolution. All revolutions are carried on the crest of collective human emotions that open the hearts and minds of the people for the arrogance and brutality of the ruling elite.

Of course it would have been better if the masses would have awakened by themselves and would have be able to unleash a true revolution from below. But this is now unlikely, given the current deep slumber of the masses. As we have already trespassed all divine deadlines for transformation in the End Times, our ascension can now take place at any point in time.

In the meantime, the powerful energies from the Great Central Sun engulf humanity and open their hearts and minds, while destroying the old matrix of their lives, so that all the energetic prerequisites for a global revolution are already available. For this reason we are no longer needed on the ground as conduits and powerful antennae for the transforming cosmic energies.

Our ascension and appearance in front of humanity is the most optimal alternative for  triggering the big events of change in the End Times, as all first ascended human masters will be the future Earth Keepers of Gaia and humanity. This is a done deal. Hence there is no better moment to appear in front of humanity and fulfil the promised “Second Coming oi Christ”, than by the end of this month, when the old matrix will, most probably, irreversibly crumble.

The psychological impact of our imminent appearance as ascended masters in front of mankind has been extensively discussed on this website. There is no other more effective way to impress the people and awaken them for the true cosmic reality, than to show them that the most humble human representatives among them, the PAT members, who have most suffered throughout their lives, have now reached the highest possible status of creator gods, have achieved immortality, and the ability of immediate creation.

We will be the carriers of the most powerful energies from the Great Central Sun that will transform Gaia and humanity to a transgalactic, 5th-dimensional civilisation and planet. Such energies have never existed before in human bodies. However, these energies are beyond human comprehension and normally they cannot even be perceived by human beings with their limited consciousness.

For the first time in the history, of not only this planet, but of the whole galaxy, these energies, coming directly from the Source, will exist on earth in vital, immortal, crystalline 3d-human bodes – that of the members of the PAT. Human minds can cope with such powerful energies, only if they are presented to them in a visual, holographic form that is familiar to them. Anything else will only augment their basic fears.

The energies of the PAT behind our crystalline bodies will represent the driving powers of the Source that will carry the future ascension of Gaia and humanity to much higher dimensions beyond the 5th dimension of the new earth A. Hence the new PAT energies will be a prolongation and expansion of the Christ energies that have shaped the destiny of humanity behind the veil in the last 2000 years and thus will be the main force of evolution of all human souls.

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