Important Information on the Date of Our Ascension

By Georgi Stankov, July 20, 2012

This night I dreamt all the time about the preparations of the PAT for our appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity. Normally when I receive important dreams, I dream in English. This time, however, I dreamt all the time in Italian language. Essentially I and the PAT were writing, editing and publishing numerous texts of revelations, important announcements to humanity, numerous social and political programs how to transform society. It was a very tedious editorial dreamwork the whole time, a kind of continuation of my editorial work on this website. All texts were written this time in Italian, but it is understandable that, apart from the general content, I could not remember anything in particular.

At the end of my dream I asked my HS somewhat exasperated: “When will all these activities occur?”

Then upon immediate awakening I received a very clear message from my HS in Italian language that was engraved in my memory:

“Aspetta la prossima settimana di luna piena!”

“Expect the next week of full moon”, 

which is on Thursday, August 2,  2012.

From what I gathered from my HS, during this week the old system will finally collapse due to our appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity. This means that we must ascend earlier, at the latest by the end of this month, as to be able to appear officially in front of humanity in early August.

As you know, there is no guarantee for dream information, but the persistence with which my HS sends me new information on our ascension in the last days is remarkable and without a precedent in this intensity and duration.

As usually I will appreciate any input on your part.

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