Free Photon Energy. First Official Revelations on Fox News and Sky News

By Dr. Georgi Stankov, July 6, 2012, copyright 2012

I have reported on numerous occasions on this website about the feasibility to immediately implement the use of free photon energy in everyday life that will offset the old matrix of the Orion Reptilian Empire, the former PTB on this planet, and will help establish a new, enlightened, transgalactic society.

I am the first scientist to have elaborated the theoretical basis for the existence and applicability of infinite free photon energy as early as 1995. 

The theoretical arguments that have been put forward until now by all obstructionists against the use of free photon energy are the first and second law of thermodynamics. The first law is a law of conservation of energy which prohibits the generation of more energy than is fed in a system. This is actually what the second law of entropy says: You cannot extract more energy from a system than you have inserted into it.

These arguments are used by all representatives of the old, Orion scientific establishment when they reject the claims of numerous inventors who have shown that their magnetic devices can generate more energy than has been inserted into the energy producing system.

I have first and foremost rejected the second law of thermodynamics of entropy by showing that it is a wrong and one-sided interpretation of the first law of conservation of energy and only builds an antinomy (paradox, contradiction) with this law. The first thermodynamic law of conservation of energy is, itself, a simple application of the Universal Law for thermodynamic systems.

In fact the Universal Law is the actual law of conservation of energy as it assesses the nature of Al-That-Is which is a closed entity, so that there is no net loss of energy in the Whole, while the current law of conservation of energy is a special, particular application for the thermodynamic level of matter. The detailed elaboration can be found in volume II in the section on thermodynamics.

In 1996, I discovered and derived the new Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics, which is another particular application of the Universal Law for photon space-time. This law is based on known fundamental physical constants, so that its validity can be very easily confirmed in an experimental way in addition to its immaculate theoretical derivation.

This new physical law clearly proves that when an energetic gradient, e.g. a thermodynamic gradient is abolished at the level of matter, an equivalent thermodynamic photon gradient is built at the level of photon space-time. This gradient is also of magnetic origin as all energy levels are superimposed U-sets (wave systems and levels).

In this sense, “photon space-time” is another term for the electromagnetic spectrum as a distinct universal level of space-time in addition to matter. In fact 3d-space-time, as we perceive it with our illusory senses, consists of the two levels of All-That-Is – matter and photon space-time. Our senses have only access to these two levels (energies) in a direct way.All energy interactions we observe in the physical world, can be reduced to the energy exchange between these two levels of 3d-space-time.

I am also the first scientist, who has discovered and calculated the universal action potential EA (universal) of this energy exchange between matter and photon space-time for the visible universe. This aspect has  been recently discussed with our crystalline child Aegil Santos from Kuala Lumpur. This insertion is just to give you an idea of how advanced our theoretical, scientific discussions are on this website. They exceed by far and large the theoretical discussions in any international peer scientific journal, such as Science or Nature, which only publish trash.

The new Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics can also be applied the other way round: If there is a huge thermodynamic or other photon (electromagnetic) gradient at the photon space-time (level), it can be transformed into an equivalent energetic (electric or mechanical) gradient at the level of matter and used for our daily needs. One only has to believe that such a gradient exists in the photon space-time.

Until now such a gradient has been negated by the Orion tainted “exact” natural science and physics. The reason for this blindness was that the Anunnaki, the Greys, and the Reptilians, being the former PTB on this planet, wanted to cut off mankind from this kind of free photon energy in order to make all humans energetically vulnerable and dependent on expensive and ineffective fossil energy and thus enslave them more easily in order to achieve their heinous goal to establish the NWO in the End Times.

This is the reason why they falsified the whole science of physics. Now it becomes increasingly difficult for these perpetrators to sustain this scientific fraud as more and more inventors come up with their new devices, utilizing free photon (magnetic) energy for daily use.

Even the mass media can no longer withhold these news and have recently begun to report on such inventions, as is the case with Fox News and the Australian Sky News (see links below)

And here comes the basic question: “Where does this huge free photon energy comes from?”

I am also the first scientist to have discovered the existence of the universal potential /gradient of photon space time U (univ.) in 1995, which is in the order of 10 high 16 as you can see on Table 1 on my homepage (right column, bottom).

This discovery happened during an out-of-body experience, while I was on the way to my institute in Munich and my body was switched on for a short period of time to this universal photon potential in a conscious manner, while at the same time my soul gave me the necessary theoretical solution.

The Universal potential of photon space-time is part of the Einstein’s equation of equivalence between matter and energy, which has not been understood either by him or any other scientist after him, until I could render the ultimate explanation of this famous and very simple equation E = mc( 2) in 1995. The universal potential is equivalent to the square speed of light U (univ.)  = c(2) = 9.10 (high 16).

After this  theoretical breakthrough I could prove that there is only one Law of Nature, which I called the “Universal Law”, and that all other known physical laws can be derived from this law within mathematics (see volume II). The Universal Law is a simple rule of three a = b/c. Indeed, physics can be as simple as that.

The existence of the universal gradient, as discovered by myself and proven in an irrevocable manner by the further discovery of Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics, renders the theoretical foundation for all generators of free photon energy and makes all current objections of the established Orion scientists against these technologies obsolete by showing that they are completely false.

Let us stress finally that all these inventors have now great difficulties to explain the fact that their generators of free magnetic energy produce much more power than they need for the running of these machines. These excess energy comes from the universal ubiquitous photon gradient  that encompasses the whole universe and is accessible from any place and time in the universal holographic space-time.

Below you can find several links to programs transmitted by Fox News and Sky News Australia, where such generators of free photon energy are discussed for the first time with a remarkable openness. Obviously the pressure on the elite is exponentially growing these days, so that they can no longer resist the free flow of information, including the revelation that humanity has been deprived of free photon energy for more that 120 years after this source was discovered by Tesla, who also developed the first generators of free photon energy. This bold and ingenious scientist from the Balkan was then killed by Rockefeller and his dark faction of American reptilian shape-shifters as to prevent the broad distribution of this technology on the earth.

Fox News June 16, 2012


Australian Inventors, Sky News; April 22, 2012

Further inventions on free photon (magnetic) energy:

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