Connect Heart to Higher Self. Connect Emotional Body to Physical Body. Release and Express Emotions

by Dustin, July 20, 2012


Dear Georgi, I have spent a good bit of time thinking about your last email.  I am in complete agreement that the archetypal warrior energy must be transcended. I have lived with this energy my entire life, never understanding it or myself, thus creating much destruction. Now that I have remembered I am a warrior of light, I am wholly dedicated to helping all who will accept.  

The episode with my neighbors was the greatest opportunity I have had to cleanse fear thus far. I was raised to distrust the police. This fearful emotion morphed into fears of being apprehended and locked away. The fear originated in the religious context of my youth, and as an adult I grew to feel as if I literally lived in a cage! The cleansing work of the last year let my soul know I was ready, and she set up a very beautiful scenario. I was humbled and uplifted all at once…

Yesterday my soul spoke very clearly and simply, “Connect Heart To Higher Self.  Connect Emotional Body to Physical Body. Release and Express Emotions.” I am interested in continuing this dialog with you and the PAT in the spirit of all-inclusive creative solutions.  the warrior energies of angst and dominance must be purified through our open hearts. I am searching and listening. I wrote a short essay explaining what this soul message means to me through the lens of my life experiences. I invite everyone to share in this real time creation of the New Warrior.


I have achieved a true conscious link to my Higher Self through my connection with Gaia.  This connection has always been with me, but I deeply forgot it for many years. Living in a diverse ecosystem has allowed me multitudinous opportunities to reconnect. While being still in nature, listening for animals, listening to the water and the wind, I found my Higher Self was willing to meet me there, and began to speak to me through the Earth medicines.  I have had deep realizations about my connection with Gaia, and they all came through the Heart-Mind-Soul integration.

Once I was grounded into the Earth, I started to notice that many more emotions were flowing from me than I could hold in. The old way of dealing with difficult emotions was mostly to take a big gulp, and swallow them down. Later I would erupt and direct these intense warrior energies at innocent individuals.

My light body process has been very detrimental to my physical body: I have had several major orthopedic surgeries, adrenal exhaustion, and even organ failure. I lost sixty pounds in less than a year, which included a portion of all my muscles. I have yet to gain back a pound. The Earth medicines have helped me to manage the physical while releasing toxic emotions, and my love for Gaia has grown into infinite love, enabling me to cleanse in a thorough manner.

It has been vitally important that I always have my heart open prior to release of emotions.  Without this openness, my emotional releases are nothing more than tantrums of my ego.  Emotions are energy, and energy must always flow. It can be heavily restricted, but with complete blockage comes severe disease and even death. The Witness allows me to notice emotional energy rising in my body, guiding me to the links between acute physical symptoms and said energy. The physical feeling/sensation must be differentiated from the emotional energy that caused it. When this distinction is made I am able to allow the stuck emotional energy to be released in a way that does no harm. I have experienced that the transparent expression of emotions is crucial in building relationships. This is a daily work, always in the now.

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