The Faulty Energetic Structure of Human Memory

by Eugene du Plessis (South Africa) and Georgi Stankov, June 15, 2012, copyright 2012

Hi Georgi

I have a question:  We always refer to MEMORY being what we remember. However memory is interesting, as a 3D memory is often not the fact of what an event is. So we record often information which guides/conditions our thinking and creates in a sense our right-ness about situations, events, beliefs, etc. This is also the reason for so much chaos on many levels that we unwittingly create on a daily basis, almost in many individuals cases, almost moment to moment…

So if we are recording both factual 3D memory, of what a fact truly is, as well as perceived memory, which is the individual’s experience, then what is stored in the Akashic records? In other words, what typically goes down in history isn’t necessarily a fact but a perception and story from the victors’ perception or story, and any point of view from the victors perspective is always not true. This record keeping, if based on perception, will be only a fraction of what should in fact be recorded, if the record is to be a complete and accurate and all inclusive record.

My view is that the Akashic record would be a library of all unbiased and biased experience and perceptual facts as things are experienced in that moment by all who experience that event. That this memory or record reflects all and everything, seen or not, experienced or not. It reflects what a perceiver feels, thinks, understands, etc. as well as the true event in its untainted form.

So the level of understanding from our multi-dimensional self would be one that can grasp such a record from a transliminal point of view, which could be all understanding of the various aspects of record keeping, but with the difference of looking in a multi-disciplined way as opposed to our current limited 3D way. So, although I agree that we see maybe much of what’s happening correctly, when for example it is simple in format, we are actually limited even in 3D to see what is in fact there in totality.

There is always much more to see or experience than what we see or experience in a given moment. It is clear that the Akashic record would be a complete record, hence all possibilities of perception experienced, as well as the actual truth being the totality of what the factual event is, is recorded at a time, or sequence of time, of an event or events, would have to be present in such a record. Incredible!

So when a psychic, for instance, would access such records, I think it is probable that he would only access our perception, when we are in 3D of such an event, not the full multi-level detail as to leave the path to experiential learning untainted.

Lastly, that these records have to be structured this way as in-between lives, those moments we learn from our 3D experience we can clearly see all angles, all things as they really are and how we acted upon them, how our thinking impacted on others, and the result of such thoughts and experiences.

What are your thoughts on this Georgi?

Thanks again for your continued support and devotion to this site.

Love and light

Dear Eugene,

Thank you very much for this excellent elaboration on human memory and its nature. Let me add the following comments to this exciting topic that will be of central importance rather soon.

All human perceptions are delayed in time and come to the human brain and mind from the past. All human perception is already past experience when it reaches human consciousness. This fact is not at all understood in present-day, failed neurology and neuro-psychology. I have checked the relevant literature on this topic and have come to the conclusion that there is a profound ignorance on this issue among all neuro-experts.

There is a second important aspect of human cognition, which is associated with human memory that is also completely unknown to current neuro-science.

Human memory operates like a huge magnetic hardware disc. it has the inherent propensity to distort all pristine images coming from the senses as well as all original thoughts and ideas coming from the soul by modulating them with the specific, fear-based, emotional patterns of the individual incarnated entity. I have tackled this central problem of human cognition in some depth in my five German books on Gnosis (but not so extensively in the first one “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” which is translated in English).

Due to this deliberately flawed construction of human memory and cognition, each individual perceives the reality in a unique manner. A neutral external event is thus experienced differently by all observers. This extreme subjectivity of human awareness is achieved by modulating the initial perceptions with the particular fear based emotions of the individual, which are unique in the whole universe, according to the law of constructive and destructive interference for superimposed wave systems.

For example, there is the initial pristine perception as a carrier wave and the fear based pattern now super-imposes on this wave and modulates it accordingly. This distorted superimposed wave is then stored as a memory in the magnetic field of the human brain. This same principle is also used in the propagation of radio wave signals.

Thus any individual weltanschauung is tainted by the personal fears of entity. It is through this prism that the entity perceives the reality. Even more! He creates his reality as he perceives it in his extremely subjective manner. This operational principle is now absolutely “terra incognita” to all neuro-scientists, who still reject the existence of the soul and higher intelligent dimensions.

This knowledge will emerge as a key aspect of human existence after the ID split when the creative abilities of the human beings will be hugely augmented and they will begin to create and experience to a greater extent and more directly their subjectively perceived reality. The new human race will begin to create more readily and with greater intensity its individual ideas into external perceptions.

The current faulty structure of human memory was deliberately inserted into the energetic system of the incarnated human beings in the past in order to enable the introduction of karma as a normative rule of collective human behaviour. This is the chief mechanism, with the help of which the soul can embroil her incarnated entity in all kinds of irrational deeds and actions, and negative feelings based on various fear based instincts and automatic reactions.

It must be also cogent that the flawed construction of human memory is also the chief cause for the lack of compassion and unconditional love in the broad human population – in other words, for the current low level of spirituality among most humans.

But first and foremost, the systemically distorted human memory prohibits the development of true logic and human intellectuality. All these deliberately installed energetic deficiencies in the human mind of the bio-system “homo sapiens” were initially intended to dumb down the human beings and to engage them in all kinds of debased behaviour and actions. Now they must be eliminated in the new crystalline body of the ascended human being as they no longer comply with the new principles of harmony in the higher realms.

The new crystalline human brain and mind will operate simultaneously and multi-dimensionally. This new cognitive propensity will prohibit the occurrence of any human actions based on service-to-self and on lack of love and compassion. We have already entered this extremely exciting time, where the new human cognition and awareness must be developed very quickly. It is a deplorable fact that there is absolutely nothing written or channeled in the esoteric literature on this crucial issue so far.

The only preliminary elaboration can be found in my German gnostic books, but this is just the beginning. I assume that after mass ascension, these topics will be in the centre of any scientific, intellectual activity and endeavour on the new 5d-earth A. There will be a great demand for further education of most ascended entities and many of the members of the PAT will be the new teachers of humanity. In particular, the current crystalline children will appear as higher evolved souls and will educate the masses.

It is not a coincidence that most of these crystalline children have a very clear idea even now about the functional limitations of the human brain and memory and how they must be overcome. This sensitivity is somewhat suppressed in the indigo generation, so that they could better adopt to the toxic and illusory 3-reality and to survive the prolonged stay on the earth.

With love and light

Hi Georgi.

Thanks for explaining as usual many deeper issues on a topic, each one of the PAT bring to the fore so regularly and the vigour you display in your answers. You have made so much more clearer to me on this topic of memory.

What I clearly see is how complex the issues around memory loss, deliberately so and through the limitations of 3 D is, so specifically intended for the creation of the so called chaos for us to experience all facets of karma and, in so doing, can in a perfect scheme or stage transcend or continuously attempt to transcend through experience all our encompassing issues. How wounded the planet is, and how futile most attempts are in what we learn from the so called gurus to limit our gained perception of events.

On a personal level I realise, although I have grown immensely the past 15 years in particular, that the ladder I am climbing is limitless. I have come to the conclusion a number of years back that this is a toxic, biological testing ground and meant to be so. We cannot and were not meant to find the peace and unconditional love globally on the level we so yearn for. It simply, with all the limitations in 3 D, was not intended so. No wonder the continuous incarnations from so many high level beings to have the experience. I suppose this is the converse that all things in life we like are bad for us i.e. like chocolate and many others we can name. Lol. Roll on ascension. We are more than ready.

Love and light.

Eugene du Plessis


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