Rules for the PAT while Waiting for Ascension in the Void

by Georgi Stankov, June 30, 2012, copyright 2012

1. There is nothing you can do anymore, as everything possible has already been done.

2. Know that waiting in the void is the most difficult thing of all on this planet.

3. Consider that as long you are in a physical vessel your ego is still alive and all-demanding. First and foremost the ego demands actions as it wants to be the controller of all action. Action always involves your mind and emotions and binds you to the 3d-reality. Hence avoid any action.

4. Without the necessity for action, you can be a neutral observer of the waning 3d-reality.

5. Do not forget that you have already created all you have ever wished in the higher dimensions and that you no longer need to create anything of low value in the 3d-reality.

6. You may dream or envision your life and creative activities in the higher dimensions, but as long as the human mind has only the function of perception and analysis, your real attachment to the higher dimensions can only be achieved through your body energy field. Therefore, the more you avoid lower frequency actions, the more you help your body to augment its vibrations and stay in the higher dimensions.

7. All incarnated entities who have written in their soul contracts to awaken at some point in the End Time, will awaken under the impact of the huge energies that envelop humanity after the opening of the summer solstice portal on June 21/22. Therefore, it is not necessary to convince anybody in the inevitability of the coming ID split and ascension, but just be an example of this process. You should however talk about your ascension in such a natural and self-complacent manner as other talk about their purchases or job activities. The actual conviction will be achieved by their souls, but such entities who are now on the verge of awakening will still need you as a personal paradigm to follow.

8. Stay neutral to all chaos that surrounds you. If you feel the necessity to dissolve it, do this from the fulcrum of your soul and not through random 3d-activities. Keep in mind that you have no time for such activities anymore.

9. If all these rules are too much for you, you should simply disregard them and leave the management of your daily life entirely to your soul. You will be surprised to find out how elegantly she will solve all your illusory problems. But you must be patient and faithful as the soul solution always comes in the very last moment. This is the last experiment any ascended master, still in a physical vessel, should undertake at the end of his incarnation cycle.

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