Neoplatonism and Christianity, Serial-1

Georgi Stankov

 Neoplatonism and Christianity


The limits and possibilities of human mind to assess dialectically

the entirety, the primary term, and the individual notions.

the phenomenology of Being


Philosophical Study

Copyright 2007

Translation from German into English

by Henry A. Clymer 

I am extremely grateful to Henry, our  faithful PAT member, for his initiative and enormous effort to begin with the translation of this philosophical study on the Gnostic tradition of Christianity and how it has plagiarized all its basic religious concepts from Neoplatonism of Plotin – the most congruent gnostic study of human transcendence. This translation will deepen our discussion on the greatest fraud of humanity which began with the presentation of the life of the historical personality of Apollonius of Tyana as that of Jesus and St. Paul.

Henry was urged by his Higher Self to begin with the tedious work of translating my book shortly before our ascension and appearance as ascended masters, predicted in the bible as the “Second Coming of Christ” at the End Times of Christianity. This means that the higher realms are pushing the Ascension program in these last days and want us to prepare for the huge discussions that will be unleashed after the inter-dimensional shift when the big Christian community in the Western world will be the main stumbling block on the way to Ascension of humanity to the 5th dimension on Dec 22, 2012.

Henry  A. Clymer is an expert in semantics and has done extensive academic research on gnostic teachings in early Christianity.

Dr. Georgi Stankov



Each world view, individual or collective, flows into a philosophy, even when philosophy is clearly awarded disdain and contempt, as it can be observed ubiquitously at this time. Then even a total rejection of philosophy cannot eliminate the transcendental, spiritual and philosophical framework in which human existence on earth is unfolding, just as the individual ego cannot create away the existence and the all-encompassing power of the soul, no mater how stubbornly it denies it.

The ego can only exist from the life giving power of the soul in order to commit his mischievous acts upon the earth. Therefore the soul has the power to allow the ego to deny her existence, but only up to a certain degree; hence the meaning and purpose of karmic experiences that always render evidence of the fatefully commanding superiority of the soul, and shape the destiny of the incarnated personality in terms of her preordained soul plan.

This is the final dichotomy upon which the incarnation experiment of souls on this planet is founded: Man is an unbroken part of the Whole, yet he feels alone and lonely in his severed body. This existential feeling of being separate flows into many misconceptions and beliefs, which effectively form the human view. At the same time, the incarnated personality is a constant seeker of the energetic wholeness of the Astral Realms, from which she comes. This wholeness can be experienced in the body only very rarely and imperfectly in short moments of ecstasy.

I have dedicated to this topic a considerable space in my other Gnostic writings. I will show in this study that this knowledge is a leitmotif of Ancient Philosophy and especially of Neoplatonism.

The fragmentation of the soul as an earthly personality is achieved by an amnesia with regard to the primordial existence and unity of All-That-Is and generates this dichotomy that permeates like a fluid all phenomena of the visible, material world.

As long as man mistakenly experiences this dichotomy as an ultimate state of separation in all aspects of his earthly existence and endows it with the authority of an irrefutable truth in various erroneous scientific teachings, such as in the doctrine of evolution, a biological and social Darwinism, in which the ruthless competition among the people is presented as a natural regulatory principle of economic activity, is he not in the position to perceive the essence of All-That-Is, let alone to interpret it.

Hence modern, agnostic man denies the existence of the soul and the spirit worlds, the 7F-Realms (rays, basic astral energies) of Creation, from which the earthly life emerges in a secondary manner. At the same time man does not comprehend that he, himself, by his subjective, seldom once, objective ideas, thoughts, convictions, and beliefs, and their adjacent feelings and anxieties, is a self-sufficient Creator of his own fate and social structures and has at his disposal the energetic potential to modulate and shape them in unending varied ways and fashions.

In short, the modern man does not recognize the priority of the Platonic ideas over the visible phenomena of the secondary, three-dimensional world and forfeit a hopeless Determinism, accompanied by the pressure of a busy, aimless Empirism. Herein lies the Gnostic or philosophical boundary of any human cognition. As all the problems, which the incarnated personality must deal with during her short time on earth, arise exclusively from this spiritual ignorance, this Agnosticism of the modern man is at the same time the primary source of all evil of this world.

Conceptual Agnosticism in Economics and Religion

This intellectual failure begins with man’s inability to develop an appropriate, universally valid concept for All-That-Is and to apply this world view in the creation of social structures based exclusively on adequate spiritual principles.

To what confusion the missing concept and perception of the Whole can lead, demonstrates the global economic crisis. which I predicted and explained already eight years ago (1999) and has now commenced on the 19th of July 2007; it has already led to the first cataclysms and defaults on the mortgage market and is rapidly expanding to the entire financial market.

This crisis stems from the world inflation, which was intentionally generated by the financial jugglers of our time, out of pure greed, only to make money out of money. All the economic experts are currently not able to develop an adequate idea of the world inflation or to comprehend the quickly progressing decoupling of prices from the real value of goods which has been carried out in the last 15 to 20 years with a breathtaking speed. This has completely undermined the global economy.

Because of this, they are now shocked and surprised by the intensity of the “credit crunch”, as they imply the incipient world economic crisis at the time, and are unable to understand that this “credit crunch”, is only a symptom of the bursting of the inflation bubble, generated by them, which is a necessary dialectical adjustment of the global money supply to the actual physical (material) productions.

The reason for this blindness of the financiers is solely and exclusively their fear of losing their profession and reason for existing. Fear always leads to ignorance and inevitably triggers cataclysms and crises, that are then revealed as such by the fearful experience of the people in such situations and induce their psycho energetic elimination.

Currently, the income of 35% to 40% of all the employees in the Western world, especially in the USA and Great Britain, is directly and indirectly generated in the financial sector. At the same time only about 10% to 15% of all professionals in Western countries work in the agricultural and industrial production. That is where the real value in the society takes place.

The financial hub of London, which has virtually no industrial production, contributes, for example 25% to the GDP of that country. The financial sector of the United States makes, according to official statistics, 1/3 of the US GNP. When one considers the artificial elongation of the dollar by options, derivatives, certificates, LBO, CDO, and other, considered once to be sophisticated financial products that also fuel the inflation in such industrial sectors as the construction industry and the commodity markets, then about 50% of the statistically generated power in the United States accounts for the financial sector. At the same time the only reason for its existence is the systemic inflation of the dollar that has been deliberately created and enacted by the Fed and other fraudulent financial institutes of this country.

The ‘wealth of the American Nation’ is maintained for the most part through investments from the rest of the world on credit (about $4 billion per day).

In those two countries, including their off-shore companies, one can find 90% of all hedge funds and private equity funds with an estimated volume that is four times greater than the GNP of the third largest industrial nation in the world, Germany, namely over 10,000 billion Euro. The CEO of such funds manage a large part of the savings of the world’s population and, with the help of an unprecedented lack of financial transparency and missing state control, they approve for themselves lush bonuses of up to $1.6 billion each year, a fact which until recently was praised by the financial experts as a huge advantage of the free market economy.

While these financial sharks incessantly invent new virtual financial products and the corresponding parasite professions. they nourish the world inflation, which they stubbornly deny as a primary concept – as the total money supply of all human economic activities – and transform the world economy into a huge casino; at least until the financial bubble has burst (I expect it to be in the fall of 2007- Spring 2008).

Only then will the people, who likewise don’t bother to develop any proper idea on the concept of world-inflation, learn that even the “Croesuses” of our time cannot exist on gold alone. At the same time they will have to experience that they, themselves, being savers and financiers of this speculative running amok, will be standing there with empty pockets because all of their savings and pension accounts will be irrevocably destroyed.

The Illiquidity of the fifth largest UK bank Northern Rock, which handles construction in England, provides currently a taste of what is yet to come – its bankruptcy unleashed a huge panic among its depositors. Within one day the depositors have removed over a billion pounds from their accounts, so that Northern Rock is now bankrupt and is waiting for other banks to buy it out. This is only the beginning of the global crisis, whose magnitude no one can really imagine yet.

The current confusion among the “financial experts” is similar to the confusion among the faithful. Since religions are not able to develop a valid concept for All of Creation, the Divine, the Numinous, in the faculty of energy, they are at odds with God and themselves and resort to dubious, anthropocentric surrogates that suppress or erode each individual, true religious feeling.

The frustration over the failure of God’s own teachings must be then compensated by the faithful in bellicose disputes with antagonistic religions. They do this in the hope that they will be able to find the lost religious meaning of their lives, although they usually loose in such destructive activities their faith and not seldom their own lives.

Just as the “financial experts” cannot develop any adequate concept of the world inflation that they themselves have caused, they willingly overlook the resulting decoupling of price and product. They seek the causes for the onset of the world crisis in such secondary phenomena as “credit crunch” and “new risk pricing”, which are only consequences of the world inflation.

While they lament over the bursting of the mortgage bubble and its unwinding “spillover effects” on the commercial loans and the inter-banking money exchange, these unripe young souls of banksters, deeply imbued by the concept of guilt and atonement and playing the ‘blame game’ with great enthusiasm, are at the same time screaming helplessly for new low interest rates as to resolve the self-inflicted “liquidity crunch”, although they really should have known it better.

It was precisely the low interest rate policy of the Fed and other central banks in ‘greenspan-like’ style, which only encouraged them to their audacious financial manipulations in the past, that has significantly contributed to the current crisis. The financial speculators currently act like drug addicts with delirious side effects during the withdrawal of the drug and plead for more drugs until they finally get the ‘golden shot.’

The early Christians must have behaved in a similar way, awaiting in vain the promised Resurrection from the dead and the Second Coming of Christ, while God was nowhere to be found. except in the narrow Trinity Dogma, or, as has been the case with the Muslims, in the stupid, summoning tirades about the greatness of Allah. It is cogent that from this primitive mind-set nothing good could have ever emerged except the perennial, gruesome religious conflicts and genocide, which have filled the history of mankind during the last two thousand years.

However as the separation of the parts from the Whole is superficial – it is simply a camouflage, a deliberately created facade by the souls as to arrange in a convincing manner this temporary incarnation experiment on the earth in its earlier phase of soul evolution – it is inevitable that every human being should carry deep inside the unmistakable intuition about the continuity of all existence. Humans perceive this as an individual religious feeling and endeavor throughout their whole life to express it in one or another way according to their personal spiritual abilities.

We owe the heartfelt, transcendental yearning of men to interpret the individual fate and lot of mankind in an eschatological manner the existence of all religions and esoteric schools. However, as I will show paradigmatically for the Christian religion which is known to be a syncretic teaching that is based on Greek philosophy, it is not possible to separate the basic philosophical ideas, which humanity has brought forth in its brief written history and have survived the ordeal of time, from that of religion.

Only in times like the present, where religions have turned their back onto their philosophical origin, and have inevitably maneuvered themselves in a self-inflicted crisis of meaning, can the illusion, religions could exist without philosophy, be maintained on a temporary basis. In the course of this estrangement from the well of philosophy, all religions become shallow and degenerate more and more to compulsive, extremely narrow-minded moral teachings with a seeming eternal validity, while at the same time they forward the extremely aggressive claim to control and dictate extensively all aspects of human life.

The knowledge and experience that modern life is less and less prone to follow the requirements of organized religions – be they Church, Islam, or Buddhism – augment, through the narrowing of the world view, the religious rigidity and zeal. From this arise countless violent, horrible, destructive conflicts which the mass media daily report. While these religiously motivated conflicts around the world mutate more and more to mere body counts, most religious leaders are solely occupied to interpret their spiritual purpose in rendering proofs that the other, antagonistic religions are the more brutal ones. Thus they merely demonstrate their total failure as Gnostic teachings, which were exclusively generated by the higher realms to convey to the humans in an understandable language the energetic unity of all existence.

The cardinal epistemological, Gnostic problem of philosophy and all religions lies in their inability to exactly define the Whole as the Primary Term of human consciousness, with which they could describe and interpret in a logical and coherent manner the seemingly infinite variety of phenomena in the three-dimensional world, In other words, they have not lived up to their task as a Phenomenology of Being.

This task was solved with the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics for the first time by myself in a comprehensive, didactic exemplary way. The new scientific Pantheory, which departs from the energetic nature of All-That-Is and explains all natural phenomena of the physical and organic world, and the society in a logically-stringent and consistent manner, is not only the culmination of modern science, which is a relatively new, short-lived mental performance, but also the climax and thus necessarily the end of all philosophy and religions in their current form, which look back upon a common history of over 2500 years.

Some parts will be preserved, much more will be discarded. I won’t spread myself further on this topic, I have already done this in several other works. The objective of this philosophical study is to analyze how far enough the ability of the ancient philosophers outreached, to correctly grasp the essence of All-That-Is, and what mental aberrations have led to the fact that this epistemogical heritage has been spilled or deliberately suppressed by the church.

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