LBP Symptoms and Individual Level of Spiritual Evolution

By Sarah Smucker and Georgi Stankov, June 24, 2012, copyright 2012

Hello Georgi,

I am sorry it has taken me until now to respond. I was all day mostly out in the hot 35 degree sun on the island and then driving back towards Rijeka and fighting the tourist hoards coming from Germany, Austria, Italy, etc. on tiny island roads. Indeed the behavior on these roads of especially foreign tourists but also locals is enough proof that people have started to go crazy – what is the point of a so called vacation if you are fighting and beating others off the road to get there to relax?!  Is that not the height of absurdity?

I am honored that you asked my view on what you released today, though I have to say the Internet connection where I’m staying now outside Rijeka is not great so I haven’t read the entries today thoroughly but I have read enough to get the gist.

1) I think your idea of publishing shorter, diverse pieces is a wonderfully clever idea. It is refreshing not to read so many email exchanges, which though I thoroughly enjoy every report, I think can be tedious now and repetitive and it is refreshing especially to read what Michelle wrote today – I love her visions for A/B, A and especially beyond.

2) Regarding Loren, I have to tell you that I found this link to her website a couple of months ago but that it was so ridiculous and mixed up and full of contradictions that I thought to myself, “certainly Georgi already knows about this, and if he doesn’t why would I waste his time on i?” but in retrospect I’m glad that you found out about it and published it. what in the world does she mean about “Nazi and Mason connection” ? wow, it’s not worth my time to find out. How sad that she is so mixed up. I wish her only clarity as soon as possible.

3) I am very appreciative of reading your June 22nd update and rereading some of your assessment of the LBP again which brings me to my own need for transparency with you, dear Georgi.

I feel I have to be totally clear – I totally support what you are doing, who you are, believe in you and hope and long for and support ascension. However, I do sometimes get caught in disbelief (not of you) but of the fact that I can ascend because I just simply do not have all the LBP symptoms you describe. I have had arrhythmia for several months but it has now subsided. I had some waves in my left brain side back before 11.11.11 and sometimes in previous weeks I’ve had super low energy and the headache on June 16 and what felt like “heart shocks” or sharp pains that were really surprising but I don’t have or experience the things like Darko described, and so many others – the ringing in the ears, the dissolution into vibrations, and my dreams have kind of tapered off lately.

I want to ascend b/c I really don’t feel attached to anything here. Leo does too but since we don’t have the symptoms as you describe, I wonder  – is this possible? Maybe we are just non-LBP manifesting people who have it anyway – is that possible? We do have one of the biggest LBP symptoms though– no libido at all for at least the last 3 years for both of us and it was already tapering off since more than 5 or 6 years.

Anyway, I don’t want to waste too much of your time on these questions and I hesitated to write this because I don’t want to bother you with this now but I feel I need to be fully transparent with where we stand, in that we are unsure if it will happen for us because we don’t experience all the things the others do.  And my HS has not given me a clear answer on this, only nebulous statements which keep repeating to me, “you will ascend but it is not what you or anyone else thinks, or envisions, including Georgi”.

But this is very cryptic indeed and this is why I do not conclude anything but just try to cling steadfastly to the idea of ascension regardless of my symptoms.

I could resort to a list of other more evidence-based things I can conclude from my life’s history that points to ascension but I won’t bother you with the list now.

So that is my full transparency about ascension – i am with it and believe in it, just don’t know where I stand with it and have not received the clarity that others have but I fully support those who have received that clarity. I used to feel jealous of that, but now I feel I’m beyond that completely. it seems totally absurd now to feel jealous when I really do feel to celebrate others’ progress, truly!

4) I really appreciated the Monty Python video– that was perfect and you are absolutely right, though it made me feel some sadness hearing that you forgot your pristine youthful humor I somehow know that you are a true coyote and it is actually very much alive in you, only temporarily lost in these debilitating carbon-based moments of yours.

5) As for Karma and how hilarious it is… I once had a kind of vision, I think it was in a state of semi-hypnosis that I came out of the womb and looked up at my parents and said, “oh my GOD, not YOU TWO AGAIN!”  and that truly is hilarious and is probably the position in which so many of us find ourselves, as you point out very well recently, that we are in a total frigging vicious circle until we learn or experience ourselves or evolve ourselves right out of that circle and there is nothing we can really do but look at it all and laugh!

6) Well I somehow feel more lighthearted having said all this, yet I hope I haven’t disappointed you in that I do not feel I have the same symptoms or signs as other PATers, but I felt I needed to tell you clearly that fact so that it is all in the open. i think you know this intuitively already, but maybe you are somehow too polite to point it out or it’s not necessary when you know that I know my situation, and I know that you know my situation, telepathically.

But let’s get this ascension on the road, by God, as you said, enough is enough, if I don’t have the answer about ascension for sure myself, I am surely going to support all those who do!

Leo was just marveling how much you really do for others. This is something that keeps us inspired every day Georgi and I never know if I will hear from you again from this little stupid screen-box we use and I cannot wait until the more creative telepathic means come crashing through us so that we may embody our native light!

Much love, and please let me know if I answered your request for comments.

p.s. how is your daughter recovering? how are you dealing with your family since we didn’t ascend yet?



Dear Sarah,

thank you for your comprehensive comments. Let me just start with the personal assessment of the LBP. I have discussed in on many occasions in the past, but I must do it one more time succinctly at this point also in respect to your experience.

Those from the PAT that go through the most debilitating stages of the LBP are doing so, not for the sake of their personal ascension as they would have ascended long time ago but for the sake of humanity. Each new heavy wave or episode they go through is done on behalf of the rest of the people that are not yet prepared to contribute their fair share to the ascension process of humanity.

Therefore it is wrong to establish a correlation between the severity of the symptoms and the degree of ascension. I always refer in this respect to the fact that about 2 billion people will eventually ascend on Dec 21, 2012 to the 5d-earth A and most of them have not yet heard the word “ascension”. On the other hand I see how my wife and my daughters  go through the same or similar symptoms of LBP as myself though in a lighter form. I am perfectly sure that my wife will ascend with me no matter if she now rejects this concept or not as she is a very old soul.

And this introduction leads me to the main idea I want to make you familiar with now. There is a pool of star seeds that have written in their soul contracts different individual paces and schedules of ascension. They all come from the same highest dimensions, but have chosen a different individual incarnation path. Some have decided to go slower during this incarnation with the LBP, but this has absolute no reference as to how high they will ultimately ascend. The cosmic rule is that you return there, where you have come from. My wife comes for instance from the same levels as myself, but she has decided to have an easier life here on the earth and hence will do the major part of the transformation of her body in the higher realms.

The actual transformation of the carbon based body to crystalline light body is the most easiest part of the LBP. The total cleansing of the astral atmosphere of the earth makes for the gross of our efforts and most severe LBP symptoms. Form a pure energetic point of view, if you have a population of star seeds who have dedicated themselves to raising the frequencies of Gaia and humanity, you must establish an inner overall balance. Some star seeds will go ahead and pave the way for the others. The  majority will follow them as a more or less compact group and  some will still have a strong connection to the 3d-reality as to keep the whole energetic situation in balance.

The whole group of star seeds behaves like a Gauss’s distribution curve. Most of the star seeds are grouped in the middle of the distribution curve  and exhibit a similar mean progress, a small number of them, such as the members of the PAT, are ahead of this average group and some play the role of the laggards. But they also belong to the same population of star seeds and will make the same kind of ascension when the time comes. They simply fulfil different energetic functions.

It is a typical human trait to compare with each other. Then comes the Christian flawed myth of martyrdom – the more you suffer, the more beloved you will be by God and a greater saint you will become. This is absolute nonsense. This is not how All-That-Is works. Therefore I strongly recommend everybody to delete this flawed idea of comparing one’s symptoms/sufferings with the severity of the sufferings of others, as this leads to nowhere and has absolute no relevance.

As far as I see it, and I cannot prove it with visible facts, but this is, nonetheless, the most likely explanation, there are only few of us who really open with their bodies and fields the inter-dimensional portals of earth and humanity to the higher dimensions. Most of them are PAT members, but they are no more than several hundred up to 1000 persons, as far as I can estimate it. The others also fulfil their very important mission in keeping these portals open and fulfilling other energetic functions of which we have no idea at present with our limited brains on the ground.

I do not want to delve too much into detail now, but each soul from a soul family has a special energetic function depending on the cardinal number of her dissemination. This is her energetic imprint and this determines largely her mission in this whole ascension process, independently of what her incarnated personality is doing on the ground. It is a  kind of a multi-factorial algorithm with so many variables and unknowns that it is virtually impossible to even establish a preliminary idea of the true energetic mission of each one of us.

The current esoteric literature is absolutely ignorant on these complex energetic inter-relationships which we exert as incarnated beings beyond the horizon of our limited human minds. None of them have anything to do with what we are as social beings on the earth. From that point of view, which I strongly recommend everybody to incorporate, it is sufficient at this point in time to continue to purify your own ideas and mental field and subsequently your emotions and emotional field and leave the management of your LBP to your soul.

Although I am very critical with the recent channelings of Suzanne Lie, she channeled recently a very good message which she herself did not understand to the full extent. I can’t find this message now (you can check on her website), but essentially it says that each one of us has some deeply rooted fear based patterns that are so gruesome that there is an energetic cover up on them and only a few of us have given their consent  to experience them to the full extent and cleanse them on behalf of the rest of humanity. These are the ones who have the most severe clinical symptoms during the LBP.The other star seeds and human beings profit from this huge effort and sacrifice of the few without personally and directly participating in this tedious cleansing process. But at the end they will achieve the same result.

Heaven does not operate on the principle of equality, as each one of us chooses his own experiences and they may seem more gruesome for one person compared to the average majority. But ultimately all is in a perfect balance in All-That-Is and nobody does more that he has consented to do. For instance we, the members of the PAT, have made a vow to stay on earth till its final ascension, although our individual ascension was planned to take place at 11.11.11. When it did not take place, we simply ascended in spirit and frequency and continued staying in our physical vessel as the first vow to help Gaia until its final successful ascension is the stronger vow and  outweighs the decision to ascend in 2011. Hence we stayed until the actual ID split will take place this summer. It is only a question of energetic optimization and nothing else.

Humans, and especially most LW, always tend to personify certain energetic patterns and to interpret them in terms of their spiritual high-esteem, which is the ubiquitous angst of all human beings when they start to awaken for the whispers of the soul and have fear that they may be lagging in their spiritual evolution. This is the greatest esoteric pitfall one should avoid after his first awakening has commenced, namely, not to compare himself with others, but simply to follow his own path.

Bottom line: I can assure you that you and Leo will ascend at least as higher as you both have come from and this is definitely beyond the 5th dimension (cosmic ascension). Whether this will happen now or in a couple of months later on, it is impossible for me to say, as only the individual can know it with the help of his soul. Ultimately, by the end of this year all of you will ascend who now participate in the discussions on this website and are attracted by the topic of ascension. This alone is the litmus test that you all are very old souls coming directly from the Source or from its vicinity. The earthly pathways cannot give any objective information where a single incarnated soul is on her path of evolution, as there are so many hidden factors that play a crucial role in this respect, but cannot be considered by the incarnated personality.

Therefore, please stop doubting your spiritual evolution, but simply follow your inner voice and do only things that makes you pleasure and just leave all other things aside. If you are interested in intellectual disquisitions, do it, if you find pleasure in observing how other people behave, do it, but do not do any artificial esoteric crap that will cramp your soul and will push you on dubious paths as many ill guided LW do nowadays.

That is why I never make any concrete recommendations what the people should do as all other self-proclaimed gurus practice, but only advise them to follow the inner voice of their soul and then she will choose the quickest way for their spiritual progression. And guess what – the overwhelming majority of the readers of this website testify that they have progressed in their spiritual evolution much more quickly after they have started reading this website and have been inspired by our discussions. I am clever enough to know that this is not my asset, but that I have simply triggered this inner development by holding the spiritual space open for them, which has been thankfully augmented by their souls in due time. I have only offered them the appropriate ambient amidst the current very hostile Orion atmosphere on this planet. Nobody can do more than that and this is absolutely sufficient.

With love and light

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