Joe Hein, South Africa, May 7, 2012, Copyright 2012

I started pondering this subject more than a year ago. At first I saw myself teaching the Universal Law to crowds of people and assisting many to prepare for Ascension. This would always occur in a group setting, as it would be too time consuming to deal with individuals. I also saw myself facing the media and answering critical questions, and was actually in my mind already preparing possible answers.

Then after 11.11.11 I started to get a clearer picture of my mission here. LBP was terrible at the time and I wanted to leave here ASAP, just to get out of here, be healed, and return as a multidimensional being, and be ready to complete my mission. Then during the past few months my soul gave me more and more information. During the past weeks I was also told that I have reached the end of the road in this 3 D reality and that my ascension would occur towards the end of this month (May).  

As for my mission after Ascension, I figured that, as we are in our ligthbodies, we would not have the same needs as we have now. We would not have to eat, or sleep, and we would be able to relocate ourselves at will. So were we to return to our homes and join our families, we would be disturbing them at night with any activities other than resting. This would however not be an issue as we would be so busy, also during the night, to do our work. Here are some of the activities that we would be having to deal with, and not everybody would be doing all of those, but a few at least.

1. Communicating with the media, who are clueless, and convincing them of the truth. We would have to answer stupid questions intelligently. We would have to be able to stand up/stay calm to other’s angry emotions or possible outbursts. I can only say that it is of utter importance to know as much as possible. We will have full consciousness then, however it would help to study the books that are available on this website. 

2. Informing the public in various areas.

This would be speaking to large groups of people that will have the opportunity to pose questions.

Where I live, many do not have a TV set, or buy newspapers. The people need to be told about the Universal Law, Ascension, general medical advice, such as to discontinue the poisonous Illuminati medicine.

3. Assisting the public with Ascension issues.

This would be to assist them to clear their dross and to do some healing of physical problems (only with permission from their souls).

4. Decontaminating the water supply.

This would entail to physically move to the cities’ water reservoirs and energetically remove any organic or chemical contaminants in the water. In addition we would bless the water, so as to energize it for healthy consumption.

5. Decontaminating the fresh food supply.

This would likely take place in the fresh food depot/distribution centres, before the food goes out to the shops. Removing of poisonous residue on fruit and veggies, also the reversal of dangerous genetic programming from GMO food such as maize and soya among others.

6. Visiting the large food stores to secure a healthy food supply.

The store managers will be advised what products to remove from the shelves entirely. This would also have to be discussed with the highest level store management before hand.  

Then we need to raise the vibration of the food, especially meat products, and eliminate any contamination/poisons.

7. Decontaminating the trash dumps.

This would also entail a visit to the trash sites, in order to dematerialize the trash.

8. Clearing of radiation.

This will be done by specialists as well as replacing the current fossil fuel power supply techniques.

Here in Cape Town we have a nuclear reactor, which needs to be dematerialized, possibly with the assistance of galactic beings.

9. Clearing of Industrial Sites.

This would include oil refineries and other industrial sites that will become obsolete at the time.

10. Alternative mode of transport.

This would include the conversion of motor vehicles to run on alternative fuel. Specialists, possibly galactic beings would assist here. This technique must be shown to the various workshops.

Other means of transportation will replace the current one in certain situations, especially in large cities.

11. Any animals or plants that need assistance will also be dealt with.

We would find out from animals that may need to be healed or taken care of in a different manner, as the “owners” or area managers currently are unable to directly communicate with them to know these issues.

Any pollution that is threatening any plants must be cleansed. Here we can also communicate with the plants themselves. 

12. At this stage we cannot interfere with politics/leadership, unless we have been appointed to take leadership of any regions.

So, with so much going on, we would not have much time to rest, as much can be accomplished during the night time when everyone is sleeping. We would however need to have some quiet time to meet up and discuss our strategies and achievements and also connect with Lady Gaia to find out what other areas need to be cleansed.


Herewith, Joe has opened a new series of essays under the working title:

How I Envisage my Mission on Earth After my Ascension”.

I invite all members of the PAT who are now in the final preparation for their Ascension to make their personal contribution to this topic. This visionary work will be part of your active creation of human reality in the End Times and during  the eons of time after Ascension of Gaia and humanity to the higher dimensions.


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