The Power of Creation

by Georgi Stankov, April 15, 2012, Copyright 2012

God’s passion in creation, Modern Art

We have entered the time when we must start consciously creating from the fulcrum of our higher selves. In the following I will summarize the basic rules of creation and how they should be successfully implemented by the incarnated human entity.

You have already raised your personal vibrations beyond the 5th dimension, from the 6th to the 9th and higher dimensions, on November 22, 2011 when you had your cosmic ascension while still dwelling in a physical vessel. The dimension of true creation is the 6th dimension. In this way you are already in the privileged position to start immediately creating from this higher level, while the rest of humanity is labouring hard on its planetary ascension to the lower levels of the 5th dimension.

You are no longer dependent on tedious meditative techniques to create this energetic state in your chakras and physical vessels or to try to raise your consciousness beyond the 8th upper chakra, as most of you have already developed your united chakra and thus transcended the six body chakras, which most human beings still have to open in the course of this year as to qualify for mass ascension in Dec 2012.

Many of you have also opened your left brain portal and thus have united the intellectual, mental function of the left brain with the emotional function of the right brain. This merging has taken place in the higher 8th to 14th chakras by making the left brain free for the high frequency energies coming from your monad and the Source of this universe (12th dimension). In this way your left brain no longer exerts the restricted, limited intellectual function you can still observe in most other human beings, who are now slowly beginning to awaken. Instead, you have already a full access to the cosmic spirit and thus to all information stored in the planetary and cosmic Akasha chronics.

In other words, you no longer need to learn anything, but only to concentrate on a certain topic and ask your higher self for information and you will automatically receive it. But you must first  believe that this is possible and put aside your old habits of acquiring knowledge in the old tedious way by ardently collecting scattered facts. We, the members of the PAT, are now beyond all facts and details of the 3d-reality, which you have realized in the meantime to be an illusory holographic facade behind which the greater cosmic reality looms bright in these last days prior to ascension.

While opening your left brain portal, you have already integrated the feminine and masculine energies at the 6th and higher dimensions and have thus energetically surmounted the polarity and the splitting of these energies, which the rest of humanity will still have to merge and dissolve in their energetic fields with a lot of personal sacrifices and tribulations.

The left brain portal is the unification of the right brain emotionality with the new left brain spirituality, which is the transcendence and further evolution of the current limited human intellectuality as we can observe among most present-day scientists. This is the same sterile intellectuality that is so much detested by all light workers, who believe that they can compensate for their deficient left brain with a confused right brain emotionality, while still living with a closed left brain portal. In vain, as a succinct analysis of the irrational behaviour and total confusion of this small community of half-enlightened beings currently reveals.

After ascension, when the human carbon-based brains will be transformed into crystalline brains of light, operating simultaneously in many dimensions and realities, it will be the spiritual intellectuality of all humans that will experience the greatest expansion and development. Human emotions will be then fully anchored in the united body chakra, which will be connected to the new crystalline grid of the new 5d-earth and to further higher galactic grids. Humans will leave once and for all the present level of emotional duality and separation from the Source that are also responsible for all human dramas and karma on this toxic planet.

As I have mentioned “karma” at this place, let me explain shortly the energetic mechanism behind it. All humans exist in reality at various energetic levels and systems that superimpose and represent an energetic model consisting of infinite variables and astral probability alternatives. Of course the physical model, in which we still live, is built on sacred geometry based on the cosmic laws of creation and destruction which are at the same time the laws of constructive and destructive interference as known from the wave theory, but on a much higher and complex level.

Within this physical space-time model, we can discern different energetic, frequency levels. One of them is the level of emotions which is in many ways equivalent to the 4th astral dimension. As the physical model we know is based on the electromagnetic polarity of matter, our emotions are also highly polarized electromagnetic patterns, which of course also contain higher vibrational levels of All-That-Is, as Oneness that cannot be really separated.

The separation between feminine and masculine energies is one such manifestation of the electromagnetic polarity within this physical model we now explore. This division cannot be fully overcome at the 4th astral dimension of emotions or even at the lower 5th dimension .Our spirit must go to a higher level – in this case to the 6th dimension, where these energies merge into the Oneness of All-That -Is. The masculine and feminine energies must be integrated at this level through spirit, before we can be able to descend this unity in our current lives and achieve the desired harmony. This mechanism also explains why many humans exasperate with their frustrating efforts to achieve emotional harmony in their daily lives with inadequate means within the illusory physical 3d-model  or at the 4th dimensional level of pronounced emotional polarity. It does not work this way.

Only from the fulcrum of the emotional Oneness of the Source can one achieve the necessary emotional balance and put his personal life in order. Please observe that this is  precisely the aim of the LBP you have been undergoing for years.

Now, there is an apparent conundrum in all our experience in the current physical model that may make you question my words. You may ask: “How can the LBP contribute to my emotional harmony when I experience during this process the greatest emotional disharmonies and ups and downs in my feelings I can  remember in my whole life?” This is undoubtedly true, but this is precisely the energetic mechanism how the electromagnetic polarity of the physical model can be overcome and the vibrations of the human body towards Oneness raised. I have discussed this issue in many previous articles, in particular in the one on the law of energy optimization.

Until now I have not said anything new to you that we have not already discussed in numerous variations in our reports. This is another proof that you do not need any new knowledge anymore, but only to remember who you really are and how infinite your creative possibilities are. This is what we will all realize and experience after our individual cosmic ascension very soon. Therefore, it is worth summarizing the basic tenets of this process one more time in preparation for your ascension.

Now back to the mechanism of creation. In the current physical model your daily lives are still embedded in this dire 3d-reality that is exclusively determined by the Orion /Reptilian system of separation, fear based patterns and  survival behavior. You cannot solve any of your problems with the social and material means, which you have at your disposal in this dysfunctional debased hierarchical and militaristic tainted society.This  becomes more and more evident each day as the old matrix of the magnetic grid of the Anunnaki, the PTB in abolition, begins to crumble and is replaced by the crystalline 144-grid of the 5th dimension.

At the same time you also make the experience that you cannot solve a single emotional problem in your personal life within the given spectrum of emotions you have always used in the past. If you are angry with an unjust situation, you now only attract more anger. If you are disappointed you may easily become depressed if you continue trying to change your reality, while being overwhelmed by this negative feeling.

Only by transcending your conflicting emotions and uniting them above your left brain portal, that is to say, above your 8th chakra in the 6th dimension of creation, can you surmount this inherent emotional duality in your life in the current physical model and solve all the dramas that arise from this emotional electromagnetic polarity.

In fact, you have been living since the opening of the portal 11.11.11 with one foot in this 3d reality and with the other in the 5th dimension. The energetic prerequisite for this was the opening of your 4th heart chakra and the full development of your unified chakra that is now able to process the higher frequencies coming from the 6th and higher dimensions.

Let me tackle at this place another central aspect of the current human evolution that we have discussed on many occasions, but not completely solved. When you decided to stay on earth after 11.11.11, most of you actually finished with your planned incarnation and entered a new incarnation free of karma. This does not mean that you were spared from experiencing negative emotions and fears or other unpleasant situations in the current physical model of the earth. Quite on the contrary. Most of you have in fact registered a surge in these negative events and experiences in your lives in the last six months.

The reason for this is that karma is the next level of harmonization of the physical model above the 4th astral level of emotions, where polarity is the norm. This level follows the law of inner order and harmonic interference at the planetary level of humanity. Let me explain it as simple as possible: At this level, we have a huge imbalance between feminine and masculine energies since the fall of Atlantis that is now quickly eliminated by the huge influx of high frequency cosmic energies as you have experienced them yourselves and can also read in numerous channeled messages without any further energetic explanation.

These imbalances are no longer your own, but as long as you are part of the physical model, you have to experience them and cleanse them as to achieve a global balance on this planet. This is actually your mission – that is why you have incarnated on this toxic planet at this particular time. In this way those human beings, who are the most advanced, experience disproportionally often and intensively the most debilitating and unpleasant episodes in their personal lives for the sake of the whole humanity, as they are doing the most dirty cleansing job of all.

After you have entered your new incarnation after 11.11.11 in the same physical vessel – which is no different than the walk-ins who enter the body of a soul that has decided to leave earth and go back to Celestria (higher 5th dimension), but the body can be still used by another, as a rule, more evolved soul – you began this new incarnation free of personal karma after your ascension on November 22, 2012, only to process huge amounts of collective karma and thus help the karmic model to achieve a new balance before humanity can ascend to the 5th dimension at the end of this year. In this respect you can no longer make anything wrong or accumulate new karma, as this new incarnation is the greatest sacrifice a soul can make in this universe on behalf of the Whole and enjoys a full heavenly dispensation.

As karma is also associated with the energetic field of Gaia, you also established an energetic bond with Gaia at a much deeper level than before 11.11.11 and are thus more susceptible to all destructive actions which the dark ones commit on this planet in the End Times as to achieve their heinous goals and prevent humanity from ascension. This also explains why you are so tired and exhausted, and why your stay on the earth has become a real torture after 11.11.11. You are now much more sensible to all kinds of emotional and mental disharmonies due to your augmented personal energetic fields, but, first and foremost, because you have to share a larger portion of the burden of cleansing this planet in the End Times.

The positive aspect of this sacrifice is that this effort will help you ascend much higher than initially planned in your old soul contract which ended at  11.11.11. Since then, there is no limit for you as to how high you can ascend, and I am confident that most of you have already ascended beyond the 6th dimension, up to the 9th and 10th dimensions, which is beyond the planetary and solar dimensions. This is also the reason why you will be automatically the new Keepers of Gaia after your ascension.

In fact your higher selves are already these earth keepers. You have most probably ascended beyond the level, where most of the ascended masters of this planet dwell. Indeed, we are the incarnation of these ascended masters and have pushed their own ascension much further than their wildest expectations.

This is also the reason why you no longer rely on channeling messages, as the real ascended masters, first, do not channel, as this is the most ineffective form of energetic communication with incarnated human beings and, second, because you have an open access to these levels after 11.11.11 and know everything what happens on this planet much more precisely and correctly than any dark channeling source from the 4th dimension (95% of all currently channeling sources) or semi-confused sources from the lower 5th dimension, who do not participate in the actual decisions around the current ascension process, where we all play a decisive role, will be able to tell you.


The only thing that you have to learn now is how to create as ascended masters, still dwelling in a physical vessel. Contrary to most sources that are eager to come up with well-intended advices, I will only tell you how I have created in the past and still create in the Now and how I managed to overcome the inherent limitations of the human brain and mind, without having any intention to establish a paradigm for you to follow. This is just an exchange of personal experience. You may used it or discard it.

As already mentioned above, you can only truly create from the 6th dimension, which is the dimension of infinite refinement, of the light languages of the sacred geometry, which the excarnated souls use to create the forms of the lower dimensions, and the unity level of all emotions, experienced as an indescribable bliss of Oneness. From this unity you can start to create and separate All-That-Is in infinite forms and conflicting emotions based on electromagnetic duality.

As most of you are lucky to have already opened your left brain portal, you can now easily imagine that you transcend the fulcrum of your actions and thoughts beyond the 8th chakra and  anchor them firmly in the 6th dimension, at the level you already vibrate within your body fields. For instance, I see and feel my vibrations as a quantum, higher dimensional field as soon as I close my eyes. In this meditative state I can easily heave my attention beyond the 8th chakra and place it firmly in my causal body, which extends from the 6th to the12th dimension.

From this point of view I now begin to regard my body and life as a kind of play on an artificial stage. Thus I fully disentangle from my physical vessel. This has become very easy for me as my body vibrates with such inhuman high frequencies that it no longer feels as a biological body, but more so as a fluid quantum field. As I have firmly established my point of view in the 6th dimension, beyond my fully opened left brain portal, where the energy flows as a column with a diameter of more than 30 centimetres in my head and body, thus causing a pronounced hum, I can easily begin to imagine all kinds of future situations and events at that dimension and follow them as they begin to evolve into forms in the new hypothetical physical model, which I also create anew in my higher imagination.

While letting my imagination freely flow and expand, I try to avoid any scenes and future play scripts that affect my personal destiny, as such particular gestalt ideas are rather weak and can be seldom realized. Instead, I try to create virtual abstract new worlds that encompass the whole humanity or at least the collective destiny of the PAT group. With a little exercise one can easily transcend the personal level and begin to create for All-That-Is. At this level the impact of your creation is maximal.

Then I start to fill in this global future vision with random details from the existing reality, whereby I exchange all elements and details, by neglecting any causal relationships that make up the physical model, knowing that they are mere conventions. I do this mental exercise as long as I achieve the best, the most complete, and most desirable vision.

At this point I enter the plot, while still staying with my focus in the 6th dimension and begin to play out various human interactions and situations. At the same time, I charge these situations with positive emotions. To do this one needs first to establish the highest possible level of emotional harmony within his unified chakra, otherwise your creative imagination will not be effective as you will only project your current 3d-disharmonies from the physical model into your future 6d-vision. This low frequency emotional energies will only impair the power of your imagination and narrow the potential of its realisation in the physical model, in which you still live.

At this point let me make an important distinction between having plenty of something, e.g., having plenty of money or other material goods that make your life on this planet more comfortable, and true abundance, as this word is extensively used in most esoteric and other channelled texts. Abundance is always of spiritual nature, which may present itself as emotional harmony or even bliss or as intellectual knowledge and is never personal.

When you want spiritual abundance for yourself, try to imagine how the whole humanity will live in full abundance and profit from it, so that not a single person will suffer under scarcity or physical debilitation. Imagine for instance how all ascended entities will enjoy their radiant crystalline light bodies in the 5th dimension, free of diseases. Or just imagine how all current hospitals, drug stores, pharmaceutical companies and other institutions representing the current health care system will disappear in your vision as they will no longer be necessary. Then you can go in detail and try to design the daily life of the people in the 5th dimension without these institutions.

As you see, you must begin from the highest, most abstract level of imagination or from the primary cause of present-day events and eliminate it first. Only afterwards you can go down to the details and change the new reality from the fulcrum of this total view of the world.

This is not easy and affords a lot of discipline in thinking to keep this imagination alive for a longer period of time,  but when you have learnt it peu a peu, you will hugely benefit from the creative results you will achieve from the 6th dimension. However, such visions are of global, planetary character and it may take years before you can see any tangible results in the physical model. In the meantime you are the fool or the crazy man in the eyes of the other people who are fully dumbed down by the illusory physical model, which they dream all the time as being their unique reality. This was the case, for instance with my comprehensive vision of the End Time scenario which I developed in 2000 in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” and had to wait more than 12 years before it begins to unfold in the current End Time.

I had to learn this technique in tedious manner in the early 90s when I was not yet in the LBP and my chakras were not unified. My brain was still divided in emotional right brain and intellectual left brain.  But first and foremost, I painfully felt the compartmentalisation of my mind due to wrong education and artificial division and separation of human knowledge in natural sciences and social disciplines that had created seemingly insurmountable barriers between the different areas of accumulated human knowledge throughout the history of mankind. And not to forget my conditioned academic fears to neglect these artificial barriers and to start flowing with my higher spirit without any restrictions in the infinite see of universal cosmic awareness that flooded my consciousness to the verge of burning out all my slow operating brain synapses.

Whenever I succumbed to the old models and recommendations taught at school and at the university – and I assume that  you all have been confronted with all these well-intended advises of  pseudo-rational scientists and teachers, who tell you what is correct to think and how you should think and why any other way of thinking is humbug – I felt such an inner pressure and had to admit that my mind is full of inner blockages that hindered its progress in the new expanding field of knowledge which my higher self was presenting in front of my inner 3rd eye and had already overwhelmed my academically conditioned mind with awe and excitation.

Each time I made a deliberate decision to overthrow and neglect all that past education and learnt habits and started experimenting against all established human prejudices, I promptly made one spectacular discovery after the other, and my excitement about these intellectual successes grew exponentially with the time.

Now you may respond that what I am telling you has nothing to do with creation. My answer to this is – this is the only way how creation really operates. I started envisaging a completely new science that has never existed before on this planet, and this was the most pristine form of creation. And all I had to do, was to eliminate my 3d-point of view and transcend the fulcrum of my intellectual activities to a much higher level of mental abstraction.

In this particular case I strongly believe, although I am aware that I cannot prove it, but only put my strong sentiment and intuition on the scale, that I was inspired from the highest 12th dimension. I had for instance visions of the intricate energetic structure of the universe, which no mortal human being has ever seen before and I have not met in any written source on the earth so far. I not only received complete visions of the various energetic levels of the universe, but also the corresponding mathematical models that fitted without any contradiction into the well known physical data.

Thus, I was able to integrate the current scattered physical knowledge, which millions of physicists had collected for more than 400 years since modern physics was established by Galilei to a congruent view of All-That-Is, which neither Einstein nor any other genius had been able to achieve before. Although the hypothetical existence of one Universal law was the driving force behind all attempts to integrate this discipline since the beginning of the 20th century, when I presented this revolutionary discovery to the amazed German Physical Society in 1998, they simply did not get it, just as I have to discus time and time again with stupid New Agers and critics of this website the true scope of my scientific achievements which these people are not able to grasp even in general philosophical or spiritual terms.

The most amazing experience for me at that time (around 1993-1994) was that I did not need to check these new knowledge first in textbooks. I simply received this information in my mind in such a compelling manner as if I had always knew it one whole eternity and only had to recollect it at this time. I was imbued with such an inner confidence because everything I discovered in this state of extreme inspiration was correct and verifiable to established scientific standards and even beyond, and I could not comprehend why humanity had not come to this evident knowledge many centuries earlier.

This unique experience endowed me with such a strong personal conviction about the divine origin of my scientific truth, which probably no incarnated human being has ever experienced on this planet in this intensity. I ´knew at a very deep level that my discovery eliminated for ever the separation in which all other human beings had to live on this toxic planet under the full control of the dark forces from the Orion /Reptilian empire. At that time I had still no idea of the coming Ascension.

What I want to illustrate with this personal experience in the field of science is that you can only be creative if you ascend your point of view to the 6th and higher dimensions and start to re-create your current 3d-reality from this higher level.

For instance, if you want to have plenty of something, desire instead abundance, and not only for you, but for the whole humanity and then imagine how you will live in this state of collective abundance. Never restrict your vision to your personal well-being as it will not work. This is the reason why all esoteric charlatans in the not too distant past have failed with their rather expensive advices how to achieve personal abundance. Heaven is not a wholesale shop, where you can deposit all your wishes and achieve the immediate satisfaction of all personal egoistic desires.

Most of these charlatan-gurus have disappeared in the meantime from the esoteric vanity fair after they have bluntly failed. The same holds true for all the experts that make you believe that you have to only follow their costly advises as to advance in your LBP and ascend, while they themselves still enjoy a life free of any ascension symptoms and LBP-related diseases.

I am probably one of the most advanced persons in the LBP on earth and have in addition explored this process from a new scientific level, which no other scientist has yet achieved, and I have always shared my experience for free as this is the only form of true abundance. The more I share my knowledge with the people, the more I profit from it as the energies I share with them come back to me ten-fold. This is how All-That-Is operates.

You can only create from the fulcrum of your personal abundance, which is the abundance of the Source, and share it unconditionally with all other people, which are also incarnated souls and thus part of All-That-Is. The more you enrich the whole creation with your personal contribution, the more you receive back as your share is multiplied within All-That-Is.

This insight is contrary to the current egoistic, greedy attitudes of service-to-self, around which this Orion society has been established. Greed, separation, egoism are not compatible with the laws of Creation and the petty products such debased human features produce cannot survive very long within the exuberant, creative, free-spending harmony of the Source. This is the reason why the old world order must crumble and disappear in the course of this year.

The very creation of the PAT as a virtual group of highly evolved souls, coming from different cultures and dispersed the world over, was a highly creative process, in which all of you participated with your visions, dreams and emotionally written contributions. In this way we created a special grid of high frequency energies around this planet that not only opened numerous portals, which will soon become visible to humanity as they are the actual Jacob’s ladders of the upcoming human ascension, but also helped immensely to raise the light quotient of humanity.

This is creation “par excellance”. You surely remember the slogan that actually assembled you around this website: “I create my personal portal”. And there are further adamant examples of our incredible creation potential, the full scope of which we shall only encompass after our ascension and full expansion of our awareness in the higher dimensions.

The decision of the creation of the new balanced earth A/B in the new three-earth scenario is undoubtedly the most important act of creation, which the PAT has achieved in the last six months. This is in the first place the product of our collective aspirations to help humanity, which will have tremendous and incredible ramifications throughout the whole universe. We not only saved the lives of several billion people, who were supposed to die this year according to previous forecasts of Cosmic Awareness from 2009 on the current End Time scenario, but also created a new planet with our desire to save as much human beings as possible as our reports since 11.11.11 perspire and document.

Please observe that we are the only group of star seeds worldwide that has extensively discussed this rather abstract issue concerning the creation of the new balanced earth A/B, being of paramount relevance not only to humanity, but also to the whole universe, while all other light workers have still not grasped the existence and magnitude of this cosmic achievement of the PAT.

This total ignorance and blindness of the few “enlightened” entities on this planet can be illustrated at best with the behaviour of the CAC group, which first received this information from Cosmic Awareness, but has still not realized the importance of it. This proves that these people had no share in this unique creation.

You can only create if you are personally involved in the process and have a full understanding of what you create. With regard to the creation of the new balanced earth A/B, only the PAT fully complies to this universal criterion of creation and we all should be very proud of this unbelievable achievement that seemed impossible only six months ago.

We have here the same situation as we had already experienced in the past when we opened the stargate 11.11.11. At that time – before and after 11.11.11 – nobody from the current esoteric vanity fair grasped our achievement and contribution to the ascension process of humanity by opening the stargate 11.11.11 and flooding earth with huge powerful energies from the central sun of the galaxy Alcyone. In this way we are the most important co-creators of the End Time scenario, which now shapes the destiny of mankind and Gaia, but also the whole solar system which is also in the process of ascension. Hence we have already become creator master beings at the level of the  Milky way galaxy, or the new galaxy that we now create, as all these phenomena are intricately linked.

The greatest objects of creation are the ones that go unnoticed by the masses, as they are beyond the event horizon of most human beings. This is particularly true for the creative achievements of the PAT in the last six months, and will be much more true after your ascension when you will be the invisible keepers of the new 5d-earth and determine where it should evolve and how it should evolve in close collaboration with the rest of humanity that will slowly learn to create at a much smaller scale than you have already done and have always done.


Let me finally make a small creative proposal for all members of the PAT: Let us all imagine in an exploratory, playful manner, how it will feel if we all meet at an idyllic place on this planet before our ascension and simply enjoy two weeks of full emotional and mental relaxation and spiritual expansion our communion without any goals whatsoever. Just be together and enjoy the company of the other members of the PAT without the need to meet other dumbed down entities or have the painful perennial encounters in this debased society that drag us down emotionally and mentally. Let us in this way anticipate together the creation of the new 5d-earth on a smaller scale, while still dwelling in a physical vessel on this 3d-planet.

Just imagine for a while how it will feel if we meet on a beautiful beach under a blue sky and a crystal clear sea or in the mountains with pristine air, where we will have the leisure and the tranquility to lead enlightened and relaxed conversations with each other. Establish the physical set of our communion with your third inner eye in the 6th dimension, no matter how the landscape will look like in your vivid imagination  and populate this landscape with the images of the members of the PAT you would like to meet. Do not worry that you do not know how they really look like, as you all know each other at the level of your higher selves and then keep this beautiful image for five minutes at least in your mind before going to bed or immediately after awakening when human gestalt ideas have their greatest creative power.

Do not bother about the details how this meeting will be accomplished in the 3d-physical reality as it is the job of our higher selves to arrange our beautiful collective dream. The only thing you can do at the end of your meditative imagination is to just utter the desire of infinite abundance for all PAT members and humanity.

You can alternatively envisage how your complete emotional bliss, coming from your unified chakra, creates physical abundance, by visualizing infinite banknotes falling from the sky and covering the ground and all members of the PAT as if it is pouring cats and dogs. Then breath out quickly and loudly, stretch your arms and hands to heaven and say loudly: “I send my vision to heaven and ask for its realization back on earth” This is enough.

I am eager to see if we manage to achieve our goal to spend a holiday together at a lovely place shortly before our ascension and enjoy our last days on this planet as a small compensation for all the sacrifices and tribulations we had to endure on behalf of humanity. Heaven owes us this compensation.


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