State-of-Ascension-Report-88: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

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Report-88, April 20, 2012

The death of Leonardo da Vinci in the arms of the doctors

The Reunion of Soul Mates Prior To Ascension

April 19, 2012

Hey Georgi,

I thought I would drop you a line and share some news with you.  I have noticed that you seem receptive to people sharing “positive” experiences so I wanted to pass along.  If you decide to post, by all means, I am OK with it.

My reasons for sharing this tale are multi-fold, but then again, isn’t everything, once one consciously recognizes that they have multiple “feet” in multiple dimensions?

There is no more freeing feeling than to realize that one is driving the car, building the road beneath the car, and watching the entire process happen from various “outside” perspectives all simultaneously.

A month ago I discovered the female expression of my soul “down in the muck” (on Earth).  At least, this is the best way I can describe it.

I will not use the term (Twin Flame) that so many like to because I believe linguistics, though necessary right now, are extremely limiting and carry emotional triggers to them.

I describe this person as the “female expression” of my (our??) soul because I have never met someone with whom I had so much instant recognition in my entire life.  We started off by only emailing one another, as she lives nearly 1400 miles away from me.  Her words were my words in every way.  The way she thinks, the emotion that she expresses.  My conscious mind kept saying, “This is the person we have been waiting for, but how can it be possible?!”

Years of disappointment on the romance front had put me in a state of “comfortable” solitude.  It afforded me a lot of time to “figure out” what the heck was going on with me when I started getting regular, open-eyed visions, precognition, body quakes, and other “symptoms” of physical transformation.

At the beginning of 2012, there was a subtle push for me to “get my house in order” because I seemed to know that I was going to have to be meeting someone in my “future”.  I could feel “her” near.  Not necessarily near in distance, but near in time, which are intrinsically related to one another anyway, to me at least.

These urgings became more and more pressing, such that they pushed me to get on if you can believe it?! (haha!). Yes, I was going to be getting on an Internet dating site, me!  I have a very strong aversion to social media. The entire time my mind kept saying, “what the heck are we doing?  This is silly.”

Five days into my experiment, I saw “her”.

Words do not give justice to the instantaneous feeling went through my being when I read her first email to me. I wondered how she had broken into my mental database, despite ALL its fire-walls, stolen my thoughts and feelings, and then fired them right back to me.

Intense conversations ensued, as we continued this experience in surreality.

We decided that it was unfair to not give ourselves the opportunity to actually just “be” in each other’s presence such to take in the energies that we were both feeling. We realized that though we both were capable of expressing ourselves with eloquence and depth, there were energies outside this 3D linguistic construct that were being missed out on.

I picked her up at the airport on April 6th at 1130 am. Upon seeing into her eyes for the first time I could only utter two simple words over and over, “It’s you”.

As we engaged in a timeless embrace, I realized that I was trying to conjoin with her. To integrate and merge our essences together, though, our physical “briefcases” (3D bodies) were keeping that from happening.  I can not think of any other way to justify this feeling, one I have never had, than to say that we are literally expressions of the SAME soul.  This sort of thing is talked about often, and I entertain the possibility of the “higher self” splitting into multiple parts to facilitate experiences, but no experience that I have had as “Lad” has come anywhere near this one.  Thus, the “possibility” has become a “certainty” for me.

As I allowed myself to simply experience all the feelings that were coming into my being, I felt EVERYTHING make perfect sense. Not in the “how” these times will play out, but simply the energetic role I will play in the matter. Not by what I will “do”, but by the simple fact that I will be present and expressing this energy in EVERYTHING I will be doing.

I realized again, but on a much stronger level that I always have been, simply by just being present here. I do not pretend to know “how” the “shift” will transpire, or in what time frame. I can only say that after meeting “her” a dramatic portion of my being converted into the “timeless” realm of existence. I was able to look into her eyes and “See” infinity.

I know there are MANY who are consciously waking up.  I know each journey will be a unique one, and I do not share this tale for any other reason than to confirm that ANYTHING is a possibility and that the higher frequencies of energy are available now, as we “wait” for the rest of this reality to catch up.

I have also realized that on my own individual journey I have run the gamut of emotions, and all for the purpose of integration.  Lamenting, at times, my existence here because despite inherent “knowings” things just did not make sense.  They were not “playing out” as I had thought or hoped.  I can relate to so many who are so frustrated with the world and the goings on.

I can offer nothing more than my love for people and this personal experience as a means of expressing in a limited format the “best” version of who I am, which is all I want to do at this point.

I thank you again for your efforts here to serve as a meeting place for people who are all working their way through their individual processes.

What a beautiful and crazy time to be “alive”.



Dear Lad,

what a great and beautiful story. Your email really perspires all your happiness, which I more than gladly share with you. In fact I received only today an email with a similar story from another reader, which points that many star seeds are now meeting, after their souls have wondered for years in the present-day spiritual desert, their soul mates of dual souls, call it as you wish, and find the completeness and happiness they have always longed but never experienced before throughout their whole incarnation. These are pivotal moments in the life of every person and a clear sign that we are rapidly approaching our blissful reunion with our soul families in the higher dimensions.

I appreciate very much that you have shared your happiness with me and wish you both all the best in the few remaining days on this planet.

With love  and light


April 19, 2012

Dearest Georgi,

After months of saying “Today is the day I’m going to sit down and email Georgi again”, it looks like this is the day I’m finally going to live up to those words!  There really has been no need for me to actually ‘sit down’ and type something out to you, because when the thought to do so pops in my head, one of the PAT members emails you and expresses exactly what I was going to say anyway! I find it’s becoming effortless to express ‘my’ thoughts in the forum on a daily basis!

However, I do thinks it’s important to check in from time-to-time, just to give validation that indeed there is another PAT member out there thinking , feeling, and experiencing many of the same things that others are experiencing during our final days of 3D life on the 3rd rock from the Sun!  I absolutely understand why others sit quietly along the side-lines of the forum—they too understand that their thoughts and words are being expressed, many times so eloquently, from the other members of our family, and may also feel, like I do, that it is becoming rather a challenge to remember  the “words” that are needed to convey those thoughts!

I have no doubt that we are about to experience our shift into the new timeline very soon!  Have you noticed, Georgi,  that most of the correspondence that has been coming from our members lately, is in the form of a life review of sorts and a releasing of pent up emotional energy? How wonderful that you have provided us with a space that has allowed us to FINALLY feel safe enough in expressing such thoughts and feelings as we lighten our load to ascension!  It’s been a long, lonely road for us tired, worn out, old souls… but I believe that we are all beginning to see the Light at the end of the tunnel!

When I initially contacted you, it was to share my dream about the “Ascension Bus”.  It was shortly before 11/11/11 and we were dealing with the likes of Satina, a dark energy  whose intention was to try and sabotage our 11/11/11 ascension. My dream reflected this scenario as the bus came to a dead halt because of the “young souls” riding carelessly in front of the bus on their skateboards. One of them got hurt and fell wounded along the side of the bus. I remember in the dream how the bus driver opened the door for me, but instead of getting off the bus, like I normally would have done in the past in order to “save” someone,  I chose to stay on and yell from inside, “Take him to the hospital, he’s hurt”. (yeah, NOTHING was getting  ME off that bus, Georgi!). The bus doors closed and shortly thereafter it was moving again. Three days before 11/11/11, I had confirmation from my higher self, that the bus would indeed come to a stop and that it was my soul’s choice to stay for a while longer, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later did I understand it was for VERY good reasons.

Since then Georgi, like the rest of the members of the PAT, it’s been an emotional/physical roller coaster ride instead of a bus ride! And many of my experiences have been very similar to those that have already been expressed here in the forum. I’ve had severe undiagnosed headaches (left side of my head only) since I was nine years old, but recently they have become more severe,  and on occasion  correspond to the same dates of other members who are experiencing severe headaches on the forum.  I experience extreme onsets of dizziness, and also the “floating sensations” that others have talked about, as if one is walking but your feet are not touching the ground.  I’ve had an increase in dreams, intuition, and synchronicities, as well.

One interesting event that I clearly did not expect to happen was to be reconnected with my first love on 11/11/11.  I had not been in touch with him in 30 years and was surprised to find a message from him in my email on our scheduled ascension day saying, “I’ve been desperately trying to find you– please forgive me for being such a stupid kid all those years ago”.  After a few emails back and forth we found out that we hold the same beliefs about everything, but most importantly about ascension.  And while we are both still in the process of finishing up our karmic relationships with our partners, we look forward to finally reconnecting on the New Earth. This gives me something to look extremely forward to, especially after being married for 25 years to a man who has repeatedly told me that he has no intention of “ascending”  or desire to change anything about our present world.   It was a breath of fresh air to have an individual show back up in my life and say, “I’d love to go with you.”

And thank you so much Georgi for sharing the information on Apollonius Of Tyana! I’ve known for years through my Higher Self that I was an Essene and personally knew this extraordinary man!  Even as a child, I connected with his energy on many occasions, mostly through dream form, the most recent occasion being in February when I had a lucid dream of him. In this dream, I stood in a gymnasium and at the other end of the gym was “Jesus”. He stood behind a long table similar to the table like that in the portrait “The Last Supper.”  There were people who sat at the table on either side of him.

As I walked towards the table, I was a little worried as if indeed this were MY last supper, and before I could ask him, he smiled and simply said, “This is the Masters’ table, come join us.” I asked him what I had to do to sit at the table with the others, and he responded that I already knew the answer to that. But I really wasn’t sure that I did! So, I started with, “ I have to love myself, right?” and he said, “AND?”  Next I said, “I have to know that all the answers come from within.” Again he said, “AND?” (by now I thought, yeah, I’m not going to be sitting at the Masters’ Table!) All at once, the last answer came to me, and I said,  “Even if I don’t HAVE the answer, I can create a NEW one.”  Jesus motioned with his hand for me to come and sit at the table.

And as for the Ascension Bus… well, I’ve been back on the bus in a recent dream, as well! Shortly after the announcement of Earth A/B I had a new dream! We arrived at our destination, and just like an airplane, the bus was lead to a terminal and we stepped down from the bus into a tunnel we walked through to “check in”. The attendant who greeted us had all my information and said my affairs were in order.  When I asked how much I owed on my bill, he said, you have no bill, everything’s been paid for, in fact the bill is on us!”  I asked him if I could see an eye doctor because I needed new glasses to be able to see the scenery!  I received my glasses and walked out to a parking lot full of other people who had already stepped off the bus. There was music and dancing – a huge celebration! An old friend from high school named “Crystal” stood next to me – she grabbed me from behind and our bodies became one “crystalline” body, as I danced and showed  others, who were not a part of the celebration, what I could do with my new body.  At the end of the dream, I saw the bus leave and knew it was headed to a dark forest where others were waiting to board.

So, that’s it Georgi! I’d like to say thank you SO MUCH to those who have shared their experiences here in the forum, and to you ESPECIALLY Georgi, for taking our last few months and weeks on this TOXIC planet and filling them with knowledge, wisdom,  humor, emotion, art, science, and the occasional smack down of someone one who “just doesn’t get it! What an AWESOME ride!  You’ve made me feel like my insane life is actually pretty damn sane!

By the way, I will be happy to make a donation to the PAT Foundation for our upcoming reunion and vacation and it will be on my husband’s tab…he won’t mind, he likes 3D reality!

Much love, light, and LAUGHTER to you!


Dear Dorie,

I remember very vividly your bus dream shortly before 11.11.11 and I have also often dreams with buses in the past that cover similar situations. I am happy to hear that our reports reflect many of the your personal visions and ideas, which is a powerful confirmation that we are on the same wave and that this synchronicity is gaining momentum in the last days, pointing to a final countdown, as your latest dream confirms.

I am happy to hear that you have found your soul mate and that you have now somebody beside you that share your thoughts and aspirations. This is a great gift and I hear in the last days increasingly about such happy reunions from other people. Obviously, this is the late compensation for the hard work that many star seeds have done throughout this last incarnation on this planet.

As in your dream, I am now creating the PAT-foundation out of nothing, as we all have no financial solution to it, being all social outcasts and victims of the Orion monetary system. If this suffices for a place at the masters’ table, then it must work.

With love and light


Synchronicities and Serendipities

April 19, 2012

Dear George,

DeSanna wrote in ascension report – 87:  “I even know that there is someone in Canada called to build a portal too, but  I´m not sure that he/she is aware by now.“

I am from Canada and have been following your site for many months now.  I am not pretending to be the one you are referring to, but last year in October, I was led by my HS to go anchor energy at a specific spot on the site of Occupy Montreal.

One week later on the 28th, Calleman’s end date, at 11:11, I went back to the same spot and performed 18 songs I had written for the occasion of ascension, and I returned to do the same on 11/11/11 at 11:11 while many around me were meditating.  I hope this modest contribution was useful and maybe it had something to do with an eventual portal opening.

I am not inclined to comment on blogs like yours because my research had led me to believe that higher beings are behind most of them and that confusion is constantly fused in the mix for the purpose of demonstration.  I don’t think it is possible in the present condition to consider anything beyond the state of a theory.  The truth could only be shown after the facts.

Keep on the good work. I enjoy reading your site very much.

April 19, 2012

Hi George!

I have to tell you that I about dropped when I read your latest report.  ..the part where you talk about waking up at 5am on April 17th to check the Internet for information because that is exactly what i did on that date and that time.  . .what I was checking was information from you!!  I dont’ consciously remember what the information was, but I do know that I did awaken and turned on my computer and looked to see what you were saying!!. .  my sense about the Wesak date, May 6 and the solar eclipse on May 20 seem particularly powerful. . but that is all that I know at this point. Everyday is getting more amazing and I feel that all of us are creating this fantastic meeting place in another dimension. Hoping that it all happens soon. .

Dear Fiona,

thank you very much for informing me about this amazing synchronicity. We have indeed entered auspicious time and, although I have expected it, it still surprises me again and again. There are many more similar serendipities each day.

With love and light
April 19, 2012

Hello Georgi,

One hour before travelling to Australia I read your last post and yes, I got also in the night of 17th April a vision of an clothes-rack with empty hangers and “no more karma”….No more roles to play! Incredible! Will follow you during my journey and I go on creating the PAT meeting, hoping we can see each other soon….

Sunny greetings from Yoa

April 19, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I am 39 years old. I live in Croatia, small country with a lot of sleepy people. I have been reading all your posts in last 5 months and I fully agree with them. Other esoteric sites look to me now like kindergarten. I have been in LBP for years and at 11.11.11. I have opened my left brain portal. Since then I always hear high frequency hum in both ears and last two months I have rigid neck muscles and vortex in my 3th chakra. I have one question if you have time to answer. If we have opened left brain portal, shall we go in June beyond 5th dimension even if we have not finished with LBP? Thank you for your great and exceptional work.

With love and light,
Dear Slobodan,

thank you very much for connecting me for the first time. First of all, let me tell you that judging from the readers of this website, Croatia must be a very active country in the ascension process, given the small size of its population and I have published quite a number of email from your countrymen on this website in the past. But this is my subjective view of course, as I do not live in this country.

You have posed a very important question. My firm conviction is that all incarnated human beings who have been able to open their left brain portal and hear the hum of the rotating high frequency energies from the higher chakras and dimensions will ascend beyond the 5d-level of the new ascended earth, where many people will ascend in Dec 2012.

To my opinion and personal experience, there is no such thing as finishing with the LBP. As long as we are here on the ground, we will continue augmenting our frequencies as much as we can as this is unusually favourable time to achieve a maximal progress and ascend very high. Although I am since 1999 in the last most intensive phase of the process, I have had this month almost everyday a new commotio wave with a headache due to huge downloads of energies through my left brain portal that also affect the 3rd solar chakra, as is also the case with you. This is quite normal and one should actually welcome these waves as they are the best indicator that we will ascend very high – much higher than anybody has believed before to be possible in this universe. This is my sincere conviction.

With love and light


April 19, 2012

Dear George,

I have been reading the various discussions on your website for a while now with great interest to learn of everyone’s experiences.

Last year  (before I found your site)  I was intuitively geared up on 11.11.11 for something ‘big’ in terms of an expansion of my consciousness but, like so many of your contributors, this day proved to be nothing very special at all.

However, on the 22nd of November ‘something’ did happen as so many PAT members have remarked. This ‘something’ must have been powerful/unusual/beyond words because I recorded my experiences in the attached collage.

I’ll add that I had not realised the date connection until yesterday (18. April 2012) when I got around to filing the image away in date order.

The image shows a hummingbird flying free from purple flames which had been spiritually purifying the human aspects of the dragon energy ley lines under Glastonbury Tor. Below the bird, a silver scorpion holds up a treasure made from diamonds set in gold in a fourfold design.

With hind-sight, I can now explain the message in the symbolism as saying that on this date the energies of the Four Elements of Nature were shifted up to the ‘diamond’ level of consciousness after a deep purification process in the Collective Unconscious mind (the Scorpion) of humanity.

Thank you again for all your work! With love and light and best wishes



April 20, 2012

Hi Georgi

Can´t sleep so thought I would catch up on some reading from your site tonight. Wanted to comment on your report, The Power of Creation, as I found it highly stimulating and definitely some great food for the soul. Never fail to get some nourishment from your site, and as others report, exactly when I need it. There is no coincidence about this. We are all very much tied together now energetically and it makes so much sense that your website is becoming a living entity in itself, with its own fluid consciousness, drawing and repelling us, feeding us and helping us reach new heights and break through plateaus. We interact with it, with you, with each other and allow it to divinely inspire our timelines in the ways that only our finely tuned Higher Selves know how. Making sense of infinite possibilities and weaving them into coherence for each of us.

In the SOAR report on the Power of Creation, you wrote,

“Whenever I succumbed to the old models and recommendations taught at school and at the university – and I assume that you all have been confronted with all these well-intended advises of pseudo-rational scientists and teachers, who tell you what is correct to think and how you should think and why any other way of thinking is humbug – I felt such an inner pressure and had to admit that my mind is full of inner blockages that hindered its progress in the new expanding field of knowledge which my higher self was presenting in front of my inner 3rd eye and had already overwhelmed my academically conditioned mind with awe and excitation.

Each time I made a deliberate decision to overthrow and neglect all that past education and learnt habits and started experimenting against all established human prejudices, I promptly made one spectacular discovery after the other, and my excitement about these intellectual successes grew exponentially with the time.”

This passage really resonated with me. I firmly believe that Indigos and Crystals are especially blessed with this gift. That we can drop all sorts of nonsensical teachings and absurd collective belief patterns to be able to imagine and create scenarios that seem to be from the future or “out of this world”. All crystals I have met seem to have this one thing in common: They believe in Utopian ideals. They really do not understand why the world is the way it is. It seems wrong to them.

We are truly blessed to have this ability to remember our futures and create a better world with our imagination charged with utter conviction, positive emotions and some of us can even do this with clarity, flair and have highly innovative solutions to the current limitations on our planet put in place to serve as control mechanisms. The more I clear dross and “go through the motions” of being human on this plane, the more I find the only thing that relieves the tedium and boredom is creation.  Why not take the time to focus on creating our new world for humanity now? Indeed it is most likely THE most important task we should be undertaking now at this junction in our new roles/ new incarnation.  We are not to repeat the old world patterns or even incur more karma, but rather solidify the blueprints for the next reality. We were born with this gift and it bears repeating that we should honor it and put it to use.

Great article, Georgie! Really fantastic.

With much love, Debra.


Dear Debra,

thank you very much for your very insightful and in depth comments on the current human condition and how it can be transcended through imaginative creation. I fully agree that the younger generation is not so much poisoned by all the wrong ideas we had to digest throughout our wired education and that this makes you much more capable of creating new realities without the old ballast. Very soon this will be your chief occupation on the ascended 5d-earth and I feel that we are very near to it now.

I am now also in the process of creating a new business model for all members of the PAT to achieve abundance still on this planet and become independent from the current Orion system and also help establish the new PAT-foundation. I will soon present it for discussion.

With love and light

Human Genocide in the Current Orion Health Care System

April 19, 2012

Dear George

After watching a television program about women in the Nazi death camps; I had a much delayed light bulb moment. I noticed a parallel to the health insurance industry in the US. I work for a large insurer, this week I overheard a conversation among underwriters about how death rates were quite high right now. The heath insurance industry has a now become a sterilized replacement for death camps. We have a simple,hands free approach to control the population. If you are old, infirmed, have weight problems, diabetes, heart disease or even acne – you can be denied coverage. If you are poor or middle income (99% of Americans) you will be priced out of purchasing coverage.

If you are low income and qualify for medicaid doctors will accept only a limited number of medicaid patients. If you need a specialist very few will accept medicaid patients. I have also heard underwriters talking  about the odds of various applicants becoming ill – it sounds like a lottery but there are no winners just the Orion cash machine.

Another interesting note, my current devout “christian” boss seems to be having bouts of tertiary brain disease. She has moments of normal conversation and then she babbles about whatever is running through her head. I have been with this company for three  years and had often wondered why the light plopped me in to the middle of this corporate mess. I believe I am some kind of catalyst to the sweep the dirt out from under the rug. I have had six executive bosses and only two are still here. Each left under a variety of odd circumstances. Young souls are running the show and seem to have no idea there are repercussions for their actions. And those who know better just go along and do not recognize their own complicity in the situation.
I have spoken out for many years but I recognize now is the time to step back and let the chips fall. All in all it is still hard to watch.

Love and light,


Dear Sheryl,

I am not at all surprised by your account on the current mess in the health care system. In fact my soul urged me to do something against it in the last several days.

I do not know what you are doing privately at the moment, but I am intending to revitalize an old project with the drug nystatin, which is the best drug worldwide for all kinds of diseases and has been suppressed by the Orion health care system for years as to be able to sell their poisons. I patented it in the 90s as you can see on my website as to legitimize its huge clinical potential and not to earn money by it, but my soul blocked me at that time to use it clinically as not to endanger my life, the way I wanted to do it, as I also attacked the whole pharmaceutical industry.

My soul protected me because of my late, current mission, otherwise the dark ones would have killed me long time ago. This caused me a lot of pain as I wanted to help many ill people but was powerless. I calculated that I could save the lives of millions of AIDS patients only in Africa by selling this cheap drug in the 90s, but also millions of patients in all Western countries. It  can be very cheap indeed, but the drug companies sell it for 6.5-7.5 $ per gram at present in the USA and even more expensive in Europe, which is the effective daily dosage I recommend. The drug must be given chronically.

Now I have found a cheap producer and I am urged this time by my HS to revitalize this old project of mine. Think about this possibility and see what you can do in the USA to help the people. Nystatin is also the only drug that can mitigate LBP-related symptoms and diseases in the early phase and soon the whole humanity will be under this condition and will need help when the old pharmaceutical industry which produces 95% deleterious drugs that increase mortality will collapse.

I am intending to start writing some medical articles on this issue.  If you can envisage any possibility to start popularizing and distributing this drug in the USA to help the people I will give you the address of this company to purchase it, but you may try and find an even cheaper seller on Internet. I will give you also additional information how to prepare the drug by yourself in a better application form than currently available on the market. This will be entirely your business.

If you are successful you may contribute to the PAT foundation, in case there will be still money on this planet. If you sell the ready medical preparation for 1.5 – 1.8 $ per daily dosage you will make a good profit and at the same help the people with a cheap and highly effective drug that will save many a life and make them free of the current debased health care system. I know that this price maybe also be too expensive for some people, but all other cell-inhibiting drugs that are now used for all kinds of diseases are much more expensive and only kill the people – they do not help them at all as I have proven in my book, volume III, on this website in an impeccable scientific manner. Think over this possibility and give me a feedback.

I am now trying to establish an independent business/income for the PAT members and also substitute the old criminal pharmaceutical industry with a new model that works and helps the people and my HS gives me for the first time a free hand to do this.

With love and light


April 20, 2012


Yeah, well, like the old joke about selling someone a bridge that’s no longer there… or selling someone some prime swampland.  It’ll be their problem now.

Sad to hear that Icke doesn’t get this ascension thing. A few years back, he seemed to be advancing from just attempting to awaken people to the global cabal to, as he put it, Infinite Consciousness.  I think he was held too long at having to keep delivering that same cabal message over and over since the masses refused to awaken.  Someone like himself should have been able to move on to other things a while back and yet if the masses can’t awaken to the cabal, they surely can’t see beyond it to their own true essence.  So, Icke, like so many others, really do demonstrate the separation of the wheat from the chaff.  They got it at one time. But when asked to hold the vision for an extended period, they couldn’t cut the mustard. Sad.

I know that since about 2007, I can see in hindsight that I was actually tasked with things that really had no future and yet kept my focus in the right place. It was like busy-work assigned by the Divine, some way for me to bide my time while we waited for others to awaken or waited for the really intense transformative energies that started in late 2009 through present, when we could then move forward ourselves and help the planet do so… and yet not have to be transformed and still be here for so long. It’s been challenging enough just cooling our heels since last fall. I can’t imagine having to be at that level for 5 years or more.  Like you say about people doing reality- shifting drugs – you do too much of those explorations of other dimensions and you lose your grounding and don’t want to be here long enough to finish the job.

I swear over the last 5 years or so, the light workers have moved backwards, not forwards.  I’ve seen some folks I know personally do just that.  They’ve talked about ascension and the end times for many years and yet the closer we get, well, they seem to just flat get scared and have gotten on the denial boat with the general masses. People who once served as my teachers and fellow researchers / light sharers are now stuck into the fearful side of things.

I just received an email about the horrors of Obama Care are starting to rear their ugly heads.  It was originated by someone that spoke to someone they know who works in a hospital and they report that they are already starting to cut back on services – critical, life-saving services such as dialysis. The only intelligent thing said in that email was “Get healthy and stay healthy.” That notice is a bit too late for those needing such things as dialysis right this minute.  Yes, especially when Obama Care kicks in big time, we’ll certainly start to see people dropping like flies.  The PTBs are like drug dealers – they got people hooked on western medicine then they yank the rug out from under them.  I’m in total agreement with you and have said the same myself for years – most death in these times will not be due to war or earth changes, but from people’s own ill health.  And sadly, that was the part that they could really exercise some control over.  Poor dis-empowered souls.

I was even guided to websites, etc. over the past few years that actually delivered an up-to-date message at the time and yet, like I said, the closer we get to this becoming a reality the more they go into denial about it and get stuck into thinking the only way is with a long, slow, drug-out process that lasts even longer than a conventional lifetime.  *shaking head*  Someone I met a few years ago epitomized this very thing.  Life urged them towards much needed healing. They knew they needed to step out of the old paradigm and yet would catch themselves getting sucked right back into it.  It’d be interesting to know if they even have that level of self awareness at this point in time.

And what a hell of a time for lightworkers to go into denial about ascension. If these people are focused on the world of “outer effects” the future must seem very bleak indeed. And if not right now, then it will in the very near future.



Dear Brewster,

thank you for this analysis of the current situation in the esoteric circus. It fully coalesces with mine. Your comments on the health care system are also of great actuality and now I am working on a business model for the PAT-members how to achieve abundance and also substitute the current health care system with a new more just and effective form of healing.

With love and light


I remember, as I’m sure many PAT members do, that lightworkers have been talking End Times, Ascension, New Earth, 5D Earth, the new world / beginning past 2012, etc. in the past.

If one does an Internet search on “ascension” they’ll find books, videos, interviews, articles, blogs, forums, etc. with many people talking about ascension and if you look at publish dates you’ll see that it’s been going on for many years.  Some of these people served to give me clues (re-minders) of ascension and the end times many years ago.  I used to converse with them, straight across, one enlightened soul to another about these very topics. And yet, if I talk to those same people about ascension now, I’m met with a dull, blank stare. I don’t know if they think I’m some “rapture freak” or what.

Here are a list of questions that I’d like to pose to all the light workers out there who are currently saying this is not possible:

Did you go into denial?
Did you get amnesia?
Did you get scared of your own power?
Did you forget that it is yourself who creates miracles?
Did you have a warped sense of what ascension was in the first place?
Did you think it was going to be the entire earth society that would ascend together, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and that individual ascension was not possible?
Did you expect to see it unfold outwardly a little at a time as we went along?
Because you can’t see 5D Earth with your physical eyes, do you think it doesn’t exist?
Did you let yourself get talked out of it?
Did you just flat give up?
What happened to Ascension in your minds and hearts?  You used to KNOW it.  Why don’t you know it now?

I’m sure if I kept with this, I could think of many more questions to pose.



April 20, 2012

Dear George,

I am Thomas from China. Sorry for my bad English as it is my second language. I have followed your website for six months. Your articles are brilliant and informative. They are full of divine light energy as I can feel it.

Life on Earth is hard, especially when it comes near the end of times. Secondary school life is boring and makes me uncomfortable.  I was diagnosis with Aspergers and the psychiatric doctors always force me to do what they want. They drug me and made me feel bad. The psychiatry system is made by the Orion empire to control people. I am always under pressure by the doctors and the drugs made me nearly to end my life. The psychiatric institution is harming my life and I was forced to take drugs by parents. My parents think the drugs are good for me but instead the drugs are harming me.

My classmates will think me crazy if I told them about the great changes this year.  I am looking forward to life at higher dimensions, where all souls are equal and there will no more torture, war and diseases.  I am always tired and want to sleep. I hope the situation will change.

With love and light,


Dear Thomas,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time from China. I am terribly sorry to hear that the ignorance of your parents and doctors has led to you being forced to take drugs that only harm your health and spirit. You should firmly reject any therapy whatsoever and not give them any explanation.

Your destiny only confirms my decision to start a new model of a health care system that will benefit all people. I will soon write about it on my website. Hold on. We are indeed short before the changes commence and your ordeal will come to an end.

You can often write to me and ask me about anything that interests you.

With love and light


April 19, 2012

Hi George ~

night before last I sat at my window watching (as I seem to do every night) the sun set. I witnessed this beautiful golden light could not capture it on the camera when I stepped outside I felt the energy of a rainbow, yet from my viewpoint could not see one. I proceeded to call my friend who lives at a high point of town with a second floor apt., she indeed confirmed the rainbow and not just a rainbow, a double that was the length of our area and brilliantly vivid.  this too just after I emailed her a photo of Charlotte, NC. the day before with a large rainbow. see below.

Inline image 1
I have finished writing on my blog,this was my final post. I will continue to work on my book for as long as I remain with the idea it may be useful for others later..

Interesting how at this last moment I am given opportunity to travel to see my two sons between end of May and early June. I had surrendered that I may not see them one last time on this physical plane and was OK with that, however it has surfaced and most likely will take place. I am sensing strongly no sooner I will return from this visit and then will leave the 3D for good on or around the solstice and perhaps in Mount Shasta as I felt was taking place on 11-11-11
Everyday that passes I feel less here and upon review of my life I feel I was not here very much, spent most of my time in higher realms….. provides meaning for my dreamlike life. I am very quiet and still and such as a death having reviews of my life pass before me… memories of the stories. the days pass very quickly with not much at all accomplished in the 3D… accounting for how little I am actually here.
Be well my friend and to all of PAT….. time is collapsing and very soon will end this density..



Dear Lisanne,

thank you for the amazing pictures, especially with the complete rainbow. I had experienced several similar full rainbows, where I live in the countryside in the last two years, just above my house.

Nibiru is now just in front of the sun and what you have seen must been reflections from this planet which is 3-4 times bigger than the earth and has also several satellites. It is now turned with its North pole towards the earth and causes with its magnetic field huge wobbling of the earth’s axis and the cold weather we have in Europe now, just as it was the case in March when we had the coldest period in the recorded history and more than 700 death cases due to freezing.

You also confirm my intuition that around summer solstice we most probably will leave earth when all ascended masters are supposed to gather at Mount Shasta, if one can believe Metatron. Why not?

I also have some unexpected changes in my family life that point to a pending farewell from this earth. We have no time left anymore. What should we wait for?

With love and light

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