State-of-Ascension-Report-85: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

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Report-85, April 12, 2012

Edgar Dega (1834-1917), The Lightness of Life After Ascension, French Impressionism

Miracles Happen!

March 21- April 12, 2012

Hi George,

how are you? I am writing you again, I apologize for my English but it is not my first language. I had been reading all of your postings. George, the reason why I am writing is to ask you some things. In the last few days since March 15, my life had turned really bad, my world looks totally surreal. I have a daughter, she is 9 years old, she had a choking experience with food on the 16th of March and now she is refusing to eat any solid food for the past week, only liquids. I have just scheduled an appointment with the therapist because she is afraid to eat.

This experience is sending me to the pits of hell. I lost all of my connection to spirit. I just want to cry in fear. I start to drink wine to calm myself down (I normally don’t drink). George, since I started with my LBP in 1999, my life has never been the same. I totally relate to you and all the members of the PAT.  What is happening to me? I lost my business, my marriage, I am in the process of losing my house, I can hardly have money for food and I am going to ask my family to loan me money to pay for my daughter therapist .Am I going to earth B, am I going crazy? People do not even see me when I am around them, I am feeling people energies and reading their minds, this world looks like hell. How can Creator be LOVE when I don’t see the exit to all of this? George, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sending you love and light.
Dear Trini,

I am terribly sorry for this peak in personal tribulations you are now going through, especially for your daughter, but I am confident that she will soon recover. If you remember, I wrote recently to Alex that when one fully enters the last most intensive phase of the LBP, he has to go through the “danger zone” when one loses the ground under his feet. You have now fully entered this danger zone. This is your last initiation before ascension.

I know personally how unpleasant it may be as I have been several times in similar situations. My experience has been however that nothing bad can happen to you and that you must have full confidence in your soul, no matter how bad the 3d-reality around you may seem to be. You will find to your surprise that as soon as you surrender totally to your higher self that the situation will improve automatically in a miraculous manner without you doing anything.

Let other people help you – thus you are giving them the possibility to be good and show compassion, but do not feel obliged. All help is from now on unconditional. You are now experiencing the crumbling of the old matrix within your personal life. Most people on this planet will soon make the same experience.

You are never cut from your soul, but now you are amidst a surge of huge fear based patterns that have to be deleted before ascension and for this reason you may subjectively feel that you have lost contact to your soul. This is the wrong assumption. You are never abandoned.

Please remember that all events that we go through are carefully planned in the higher dimensions and that you have given your consent at this level as a sovereign creator of your destiny.

Just keep calm and optimistic now and have fate even when it seems impossible. There is no one to help you in this situation, but you. After this initiation you will be ready for your ascension beyond the 5th dimension. Hence the dynamics and severity of your experience now. This also indicates that this challenge will not last very long and that soon the situation will radically improve for you and your daughter.

With love and light
Good morning George,

thank you for you reply and your loving words, I wish you can feel my appreciation for this wonderful e-mail. I am in the process of surrendering my life totally to my God-self. I told my soul last night that I release my daughter’s life and soul to her higher self and whatever the choice may be, I will be OK with it. To detach from this reality is really painful for me because I love her with all my heart. I am sure you understand me because you are a dad.

I thought,  I had deleted most of my fears during the last years, during my LBP, but I guess this is my test before achieving mastery. I can’t believe my soul knew how to challenge me this way, she knows that I’m not afraid of dying, but my biggest fear was always to lose my daughter.

Today, I feel much more joyful for no particular reason, everything still the same, my daughter did not eat anything this morning, but I felt a knowing that I am God and that she is also God, The words that I told her before dropping her to school was, remember with God everything is possible and you have the magnificent power inside of you. I am very optimistic about the resolution of my situation regarding my daughter.

At the moment it seems really hard, but she has a power and a mission, so I will let it unfold. She has all the abilities of the new children, very telepathic and she always complains why adults do not learn from the children. She hates school and always tells me, it is just a waste of her time. I hope this will change really soon, that is, what I tell her is that soon we will be in a world full of love and joy because this is our essence, but this time we will have a body to enjoy heaven in physicality.

In the beginning of March I was soaring in joy because I thought I was done. This experience is showing to me that I have a baggage to clean up still and brought to me so much disappointment. Every time a reach the finish line, I feel my soul put another one in front of me. I just want to go home. I am not having fun anymore in this place. I want to give up when I am at the door and the only thing I have to do is to knock and it will be opened. George, wishing heaven and earth and sending you a million thanks.

Dear Trini,

This email is much more optimistic and I am happy to read it. While reading it, before I came to the passage where you write that your daughter hates to go to school I received the information from my HS that you should let her daughter stay at home for at least a week, better longer, by simply declaring her ill, which is acceptable and obvious under these circumstances.

Evidently, she is under great stress at school, even if she may not tell you the whole situation. I think that staying at home will decrease the enormous pressure upon your daughter, who is a crystalline child and also undergoes a huge transformation now. This change in daily life, away from school, will certainly improve her appetite and she will soon return to normal diet. Rejection of food is always a symptom of enormous stress, which your child cannot process in the normal way. Talk to her in a calm way and ask her what bothers her. She may hide something – unsolved problems at school or elsewhere. I would strongly recommend you to let her stay at home immediately.

Please, notify me how the situation is unfolding at your home in the next days, so that I may be of help with my advise as a non-involved person from the distance.

With love and light
Hi George,

how are you doing? Thank you for your reply and your help. I did ask my daughter if she wanted to take some time out of school. She refused because she said school helped her to forget about her fear. During the weekend she started to eat, but very little, she is terrified of eating. Today Monday when she woke up she said she did not want to go to school, I let her stay at home. She is playing with her toys as I am writing this to you. She did not eat breakfast at all, she said to me, mommy, I am hungry, but I feel as I shouldn’t eat. Tomorrow, we will start her therapy and she will start spring break this Friday. George, thank you for all the help  and the loving healing energy. From here, I do not know where I am going. Sending you love and light.


I hope this e-mail find you well and walking on earth A and having only brief visits to earth A/B. First I want to thank you for all of the wonderful postings on the web-site and for all the knowledge and research. You are a wonderful soul full of beauty. I feel joy knowing WHO YOU ARE. You come here to assist this difficult transition of the souls ready to graduate.

George, I am happy to report that I feel I am on earth A (I feel almost totally). The split was brutal, but the way I feel, I can not put it  in words, all I know is a  INNER KNOWING, I am not at the same place anymore.

My daughter is fine  and healthy again(I feel she was helping me too).

George, I think a lot of angels help me because I do not know how I did it  (THREE DAYS OF VERTIGO, I WAS SPINNING SOMETIMES, I DID NOT KNOW WHERE I WAS). Having Faith is a mental concept  – this is totally different, this is a knowing and a feeling. I have left all the dark dimensions because since the last week they cannot touch me. For all the dark entities, the “free ride” is coming to an end. We all are becoming accountable for our own energies and how we direct them in this physical world, at a level of energetic responsibility that has immediate repercussions. 

This change has resulted in “desperate means for desperate goals” because the majority of the people, and the energies and/or entities controlling them, feel backed into a corner. This creates a lot of desperation in the people, and that does not generate a good behavior. This also means, we have to really discipline ourselves to not feed or reinforce that bad behavior by losing our coolness or calmness in high pressure situations. If you succumb to feed the bad behavior, and engage in a drama designed for interference, the result at this time is similar to a piranha feeding frenzy. This desperate sensation existing in the external energy field may feel like a wild animal, looking for any vulnerability to pounce and find a way in to extract your light.

As one understands the power of the light source and the consciousness that you carry, you become equipped to defend that light, and to direct it as a divine vessel to multiply goodness into your life and the lives of others. This is a period, where we must find discernment to exercise “tough love” over “idiotic compassion”, as many desperate beings will attempt to destroy what you are creating in order to consume it, from their blindness or wrong judgment of the larger overview.

In my last e-mail I said I did not know where I was going. Now  I am happy to let you know now where I landed. George, thank you again and thank you for all the wonderful contribution to the Creator of Love and to his creations and to earth.

Dear Trini,

This is wonderful news. I am so happy to hear that you and your daughter are well again and in a save spiritual, energetic place. I was sure that this bad situation, as you have described it to me in previous emails, will soon turn for the best. Usually one has to go through hell and be purified before one can enter the paradise.

What you describe is what very soon many evolved souls will also experience – the definite detachment from the old energies and matrix and the full connection with the new crystalline grid, being a carrier of the harmonious energies of the new 5d-earth.

I think that I will publish our email exchange now that your plight has disappeared and your destiny has turned for the best, as your story will give a lot of hope to all those readers who still flounder with their emotions and life problems. You did not tell me – has your daughter started eating normally again? I assume so.

I am indeed most of the time in the 5th dimension, but I also receive huge waves that knock me down, as was the case in the last 5 days. But as I am used to, I know their energetic function and bear them calmly. I am now creating a huge portal at the place where I live and obviously it will be used by many people to ascend when the time is ripe. We will wait and see.

Wish you all the best! 

With love and light
April 12, 2012,

Dear George,

your last report about Apollonius of Tyana and our historical mission, I read on the last evening of my countryside-weekend, had an immense eye-opening, empowering effect on me, but also it embarrassed me: I knew the bible was not “quite correct”, but it is a deliberate plagiary. I still process the information download and the impressions/ flashbacks. 

To start with our angelic nature, I want to tell you about an out-of body experience I had in 2010 that puzzled me and I haven’t talked about it so far to anyone. My friend told me some disgusting things, his former girl friend had once said about me, like “what, she is is your new girl friend? But she is an evil extraterrestrial witch!” I knew she was jealous, but what hurt me was that she belonged to a higher initiate grade of my former Rosicrucian school and was even a leader person for the centre of her town.  I received astral venom, though she lived 800 km away from Berlin. When I was alone I was so disappointed and angry, I thought if the “esoteric elite” behaves that way, then everything is lost and I simply want to leave now and return home. I threw myself onto my bed, cried and was raised to a dimension where I encountered “me”: it was a huge serpent of bright light with four wings. Then I heard a voice “No, you stay, till all is done, you promised”.  So I came back into my body. I was not astonished about that message at all, but I was astonished about the being I saw, because, it was not human! 

With your report I remembered three larger experiences related to the Kathars: 

In 1990 when I was 16 I travelled with my best friend and her parents on a house-boat from Agen to Toulouse, along the Canal du Midi. One day we arrived at Beziers and went to explore the city. As soon as I touched the ground, I got a nausea that was increasing. On the evening there was a nice fete/ party going on in the town and a nice young man asked me to dance. We danced, talked a bit, but suddenly I had to run away because I had to vomit behind a bush. I  hope he did not take this personally.

The next morning we left Beziers and I read in the guide my friend’s mother had that this city was a place where 20.000 people, men, women, children were killed/ burned during the “crusades” against the Kathars. The pope’s man Arnaud-Amaury, who was asked how to distinguish between the Kathars and Catholics is said to have answered: “Kill them all, God will know his people”. So, almost the whole populace of the city was killed and this deed on July 22, 1209 was the start of the crusade. When we arrived at Toulouse, I immediately loved this place, but the scary deeds of the church disgusted both me and my friend deeply.

(In 1994, when you discovered your Universal Law, I discovered that spiritual school I have been very dedicated and loyal too for 17 years, by the way) 

1996 I made a journey with young pupils of this school to the Spanish Temple site at Zaragossa and we stopped in Ussat-le-Bains, near Foix, where the school had a camping site at the little, lively river Ariege. We met other pupils there and one knew the paths to many caves, where the Kathars gathered. We went to the “Bethlehem”, a little cave with a pentagram engraved in the wall and an altar stone in the middle. When we entered, a school class was there, too, and one person had placed his backpack and a Coca Cola bottle on the altar. We said nothing, but then one boy said to the owner of the bottle: “hey, you cannot do that, that’s a holy place”. So he took his bottle and the backpack away.

Later we went down into the “Eremite”, where there are a lot of natural tunnels. Those who do not know the way, can get lost and die, like it happened to the crusaders who tried to find the Kathars who were hiding there. The only way inside is a narrow tunnel, where one has to crawl on his belly for over 20 meters. It can be claustrophobic, also it is surely not a passage for fat monks. The “Eremite” is a stalactite that looks like a man, inside a little, but a wonderful cave.

The next day we wanted to experience the sunrise on Montsegur, the famous castle, where the last battle in 1244 took place and again many Kathars were burnt. When Montsegur came into our sight, I got the same nausea again, like in 1990. I thought I could not make it to the top, but I did. The sunrise over the blue, misty mountain tops was awesome and it was an extraordinary experience.

Strange though, at that time I had very low self esteem and was very receptive to guilt patterns, I thought I might have been one of the fanatics from the order of Domincus who was pursuing the Kathars. This was an idea, the founder of the school had put in his writings, when he said that “contact to light” might have even happened that way. Not every pupil might have had an incarnation as a Kathar, or Essene, or Bogomil.

The third experience was in September 2001. Every five years this school is holding a special conference in Ussat-le-Bains where pupils from all over the world come. About 2000 pupils gathered in silence in the mighty, huge “Lombrive” a cave that was for the public services of the Kathars, where all who were interested could come and listen. A pupil from the Netherlands was playing the Oboe. Impressions on these caves you can see here:

The last temple service on September 11, 2001 was energetically very special to me. I remember it was said the voice is a very powerful instrument and that singing should only be used for spiritual means. This sounded very logic to me, as I decided as a teenager only to use my singing voice to praise God, but never sell it. ( I used to sing a lot as a child and my father urged me to take lessons to “become famous”, I refused.) Well, then it was said in the service that a new milestone for humanity had been reached that day in the higher realms. The conference was finished and we drove back to Germany. The next morning I came into the breakfast room of the hotel we spent the night, and I saw the pictures on TV from the 9/11 “attack”. I said to my friends “Are they nuts? They blew the buildings up and killed thousands of people?? Isn’t it amazing how the dark ones react to light-infusion?” I knew immediately it was a controlled demolition. I also thought:  “They are digging their own grave”,  because the Twin Towers/ World Trade Center for me resembled the corrupted duality.

When I later entered the inner school, we were told about the Kathars and that it was advisable to (astrally) travel to Languedoc and Toulouse.

The Kathars named their  “church” Joana, which is my first Name. The other Names, Dorina and Elena, are from my Grandmothers who have both Greek origin.

I also learned about Apollonius of Tyana from that school, but I never bought the book from the book shop then! Rosicrucians still say “Jesu mihi omnia” ( Jesus is everything to me”).  On one hand it was clearly said that the historic personality is not what counts, but the “spiritual prototype giving evidence for transfiguration”. In the inner school the epistles of “Paul” are used a lot, but now I wished, they had worked out clearly about the true origin of them. However, the school has been beneficial for me, but now I have surpassed their teachings as you told me before. I totally agree and I feel they might have stagnated somewhere.

Now, that you told us about your incarnation of Apollonius of Tyana it is no wonder that in your current incarnation you speak ten languages and were giving lectures in your twenties at the flying universities, you established in Bulgaria, and of course that you write so well on so many different topics. I already was thinking about what previous incarnations this “uomo universale” might have had. But the answer was overwhelming. And, my God, you can write emails to this person and he answers them!!

If you have some more information about other incarnations, I would be happy if you share, not to boost the ego but maybe to trigger more memories, if you think this might be helpful to us….

When you wrote about the channeling trash ladies in the menopause, I had to laugh aloud because I know what you mean. My friend opened this topic a few years ago: there are a few ladies who say they are so spiritual, they have long overcome sexuality, but this is not true as they are very chatty, nervous and aggressive at times. I know it is not easy to find a partner when one is over 45 plus so “cultivated” in this decadent western lifestyle, so that “normal men” are simply not good enough for them. So they are alone and engage in very strange mental and emotional habits. I also know women who live their post-menopause in dignity and with maturity. Most of them are married/ were married and have raised children, which contributes a lot to female health.

I watched the video of George Carlin and laughed a lot, he is really gorgeous! I agree with you that exaggeration and even sarcasm are very important pedagogical tools. Also I was happy to see you included paintings by Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo, who is a great soul for me. I only re-discovered them about a week ago, as I wrote to you about the warrior-soul.

Dear George, I want to thank you again for holding the torch up high, for your teachings, guidance and constant efforts to hold our moral high in these last days. Thank you also all PAT members, it is amazing what we accomplish together!

In love and light,
Dear Joana,

thank you very much for your vivid description of your experiences with the history of the Kathars and also recently.

Let me first confirm your nausea, which you have had while visiting Beziers, South France. When we were there in 1998 on a holiday and stayed on the terrace in front of the Gothic cathedral, where most of the citizens of Beziers were massacred by the Catholic crusaders at that time, as they took shelter in the church in the hope that they would be thus saved, my wife had the same nausea and had to vomit. She felt very ill at this place.

She has been telling me for years that she regularly dreams that she has lived on a coastal medieval town with a cathedral and that she has been killed there by Vatican crusaders in a  massacre. When we visited Beziers, she recollected her past incarnation memories immediately and confirmed that she has lived in Beziers as a Kathar and has been killed by the Catholic crusaders in the Church and that the blood has streamed down the streets to the harbour and the see.

I also had vivid memories of that time, especially when I visited the three destroyed Kathar castles high in the mountains – I forgot their name now. I knew that I was there and that we had to escape the siege of the Crusaders in the night and climb down the precipice. After that some of the Kathars, who also kept the original works of Apollonius (Jesus) and other gnostic books, went to Scotland, others to Rheinland Pfalz and Westfalia, Cologne and Trier, some of them to Prague, etc.

This is of course all history, but in the simultaneity of All-That-Is all historical epochs exist in the Now and still further develop. They must be now integrated in this timeline in one or another way and to merge in the harmonious matrix of the 5th dimension, where multidimensional living will be the norm and the ascended entities will have to deal with their past in a more direct and emotionally intensive manner. This will be necessary as all previous incarnations of the soul will merge with the current incarnated ascended entity, as there will no longer be any separate incarnations on this planet by the souls that will soon ascend and dwell in the new 5d-earth.

The Rosicrucian society suffers from the same mental sclerosis all organized spiritual schools begin to suffer at some point in time when they distance themselves too much from the real life and consider themselves special, in terms of their belonging to a new sect, but not in terms of their true spiritual evolution. This is the result of their high-esteem which is a basic human angst and an artificial protection from the uncontrollable reality on this planet.

All other effects and experiences you have discussed stem from this initial fundamental fear based blunder. This could not happen as long as one keeps the discussion open and only blocks the usual attempts to dilute this discussion and to drag it down  to shallow waters of less knowledge and a lot of prejudices. This is the protective function I exert on this website by blocking such casual attempts at the very beginning, so that they have no impact on our reports.

With love and light

PS: The serpent you saw in your out-of-body experience is a symbol of the civilisation of Sirius, the genetic creators of modern man. This may indicate that you come as a star seed from the Sirian civilisation.
April 12, 2012

Hello George,

Your last article had triggered me to write about a few things that’s on my mind for awhile, but this is the first time, I feel like to put them into words.

‘Mankind at the crossroad’ indeed, and in my understanding it is very, very personal how each individual chooses the direction and the way how to get ‘there’! Therefore, no New Age or old age teaching can help people with that! If new age ‘teachers’ still believe that, they have the answer in their teachings for everyone on this planet, they are delusional. How can they honestly think that their one method or their one ‘whatever’ is going to help millions or billions of people?

Every single individual on this planet is on a different level of consciousness and came here with a very personal life plan!! So, unless those ‘enlightened teachers’ are able to write 6 billion different and very personal ‘handbooks’ for each person on this planet, they should really just Stop doing what ever they are doing! Well, in truth, what they are doing is: selling and promoting their own illusions! And as long as people are following/allowing those ‘teachers’, those will slow down, misguide and prevent millions of people to follow their own very personal awakening process.

I believe, many of us are still here, to override those illusions from delusional ‘light workers’. If they choose not to evolve and ascend, that’s fine by me, I have nothing to say to that. But, to keep people in the dark on purpose, that game is ending!!

We, Starseeds, are chosen to stay longer in this 3D reality, as difficult as it is for us, because we still have our missions to fulfill. By now, many of us, as I do, have a clear understanding of our mission, and we had been given or triggered different abilities to help humanity with the awakening process. We are surfacing now, we are triggered now and we are ready to guide as many people as we can to ascension. We can help them to get there, in their own very personal ways.



April 11, 2012

Hi George

I have wanted to write to you since the CA interview, however I have been urged by my HS not to for reasons unknown at the time.

I have been given an “amber” light at the moment as opposed to a “red” so I will proceed with caution. A lot of my intended correspondence with you in the past has been vetted and stopped. This can be a little frustrating at times and makes me – my ego – feel quite irrelevant however is a good opportunity to trust in the face of limited reason and learn patience. I am of course not referring to the polar experience of mind and heart resonating together as when I glimpsed the essence of your Energy= Space-Time theory among others. During these experiences I know I am on the right track before I read your replies for additional conformation.

Recently I can only presume that you needed to publish the Historical Mission of the PAT, the Christian Fraud and the Message from Apollonius of Tyana without being side tracked. The information you published is truth and is a truth that I am remembering again for the first time.

An interesting thing happened yesterday at about 03:30am your local time when I tried to finish reading your post “The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana”. Your server wouldn’t let me open that page i.e. “PAGE NOT FOUND”. All other pages were fine. What it forced me to do is download the Jonathan Roberts book Antiquity Unveiled to read the rest. As soon a the download was complete, I checked your page again and it worked. Unless you or the admins were working on that page around 03:30am I assume the higher realms coordinated to temporarily shut down part of your website to get me to read the book which I did and will continue to do. I thought it was great!

Now what I have been meaning to write to you about is below regarding CA’s recent interview. A September pole shift and time-line shift for planet B.

“For it is intriguing and interesting, even exciting to believe that a planet such as Nibiru is coming this way and will create a major pole shift. This Awareness on that level of reality, on that time-line can say that Nibiru is scheduled to arrive around September 15th or thereabouts, and that there are sufficient energies because of its close proximity that could incite indeed major geological events.

But one needs to understand this may also be in concordance with the Divine Plan to help shift Mother Earth, to loosen the bonds that still fetter her. And that such an event as Nibiru coming close may incite indeed a pole shift, which would be one of the last things to occur that will allow that division of the magnetic body of Mother Earth to separate from the physical body and to go to the crystalline form that awaits her, to become re-establish as a physical form in another frequency range, one that does not interfere with the physical planet shell that is left behind, that which This Awareness chooses to call Planet B.

Therefore, for those who need to experience that level of upheaval that a pole shift will bring, that this could be expected in mid September. But of course This Awareness recommends that one negotiate their way forward away from such adversity, such upheaval, such chaos and envision rather a planetary shift that will not involve and embrace such violence.”

This is an interesting new admission that seems to have been missed to my surprise.

Warm regards
Alex (Perth, Western Australia)
Dear Alex,

first to my server. I was also unable to reach it around 3.00 o’clock p.m. Central European Time, April 10, 2012, although I could reach any other website. I wanted to publish the new report-84 and I was hindered. After two hours waiting, I wrote an email to the service man for our server and told him that I am unable to reach my server and publish important information. He immediately responded that he can reach my server in Hamburg without any problem and that it must be a local problem for me from Munich.

I wrote back that I can open any other website, so that it has to do with our server only and if  he had any idea how I could have been blocked. Then I told him that my website was an object of cyber attacks, like other similar websites in the past by the dark secret services, if he knew what I am talking about, and that this case was widely discussed in Internet as a political scandal.

He did not respond to this second email, but 30 second or 1 minute later at the latest, I could connect to the server and my website. As I do not believe in coincidences, I assume that either my emails are immediately and automatically read by the secret services or that even my server is somehow involved in this illegal blockage and that my email forced them to open the site again. So much as an explanation of your experience with my website black-out yesterday.

The quotation you have given is well known to me and I have pondered a lot upon it. After considering this information with my higher self, I came to the conclusions which I have presented in my recent publications and comments. They are essentially as follows:

The magnetic pole shift is an energetic necessity on the way to ascension and must happen at some point in time. It may happen simultaneously with the expected inter-dimensional split (shift) this spring when the two timelines A/B and B will visibly separate, or it may happen sometimes later down the road – in this case around September as CA says.

Nibiru will not be the cause of the magnetic pole reversal, but may trigger it as a catalyst. The forces of light from the higher realms use such events initiated by the dark ones and then transform them into positive results. This has always been the case in the past, otherwise humanity would not have survived the attempts of the dark ones to decimate it in the End Times.

If the magnetic pole reversal happens after the inter-dimensional shift in September, then it will not affect the new balanced earth A/B, but only earth B, and the people staying on this planet will experience this catastrophic scenario, for which they have incarnated at these times (to appease their survival mentality of young, unripe souls).

If the magnetic pole reversal happens at the same time with the inter-dimensional shift this spring, as I predict it, then it may still not affect the new balanced earth A/B, which will also carry the emerging ascending earth A, before the latter will finally ascend in Dec. 2012. In this case, the disasters will still be experienced only, or mostly, on the earth B.

There is, of course, a third possibility, which I consider less probable, but it still must be taken into consideration. It says that the magnetic pole reversal and major natural catastrophes happen first and then comes the inter-dimensional shift soon thereafter. There are some good arguments on behalf of this version. When the whole humanity will be thrown in a collective global despair after these catastrophes, they will have to go through their greatest fears as if they go through a firewall and will be massively and profoundly purified on a global scale.

This will raise their body frequencies to such an extent that many of them will be energetically able to ascend to the 4th dimension with the balanced earth A/B. The balanced earth A/B will be definitely 4th dimensional planet, where the dark ones from the Orion Reptilian empire will not be allowed to exist anymore.

Gaia has already ascended to the 5th dimension and even there are many physical places on this earth that have already reached this higher dimension. When the crystalline grid and the portals, we have already opened since 11.11.11, will be full triggered and functional, these physical parts of the earth will ascend vibrationally with Gaia to the 5th dimension and will intermingle with the balanced 4d-earth A/B after the inter-dimensional split through the existing inter-dimensional portals. At this time many of us will ascend and return back to help the people organize their new life on the balanced earth A/B when the dark ones on power will have left this timeline after the split.

The new balanced earth A/B will acquire new technologies which need at least the 4th dimension and the existence of portals as well as the access to free photon energy.This can only be the case if magnetism has been eliminated on this planet to a large extent. Under magnetism I understand the magnetism of the earth grid and its matrix. The quantum magnetism of the elementary particles, known also as “magnetism of matter” will still continue to exist, but will be somewhat diluted, so that matter will be more malleable and less dense than now. Its polarity, due to current magnetism, will be also much smaller. There are infinite graduations in this respect.

This is indeed a huge and very convoluted topic and this is the reason why maybe your soul stops you from making definite conclusions as they will be one-sided and will hinder new insights.

With love and light
April 12, 2 012

Bernice’s Confession

Dear George,

I couldn’t help it. I sort of wrote out a confession, because I had to get it off my chest. I can’t share this anywhere else:

A Confession and My Take on Confusion of Mankind and the Unfolding Drama in the Esoteric New Age Society In THE UK

It was always going to unravel this way.  Especially in a privileged Western society, many layers of people in social class and structure, money greedy and living out lives like a Z – Lister on a perpetual hamster wheel of life based on reality TV characters. Life mocking art or whatever.

New Agers popping up everywhere: doing their bit for the awakening of mass mankind at a dumbed down, shabby chic level, where psychic knights tell you about aunt rose’s blue rinse hair colour and her drinking milk stout or playing darts; or the more up market psychics (New Agers) selling crystals and horse pictures on eBay and going to new age  festivals, where everything costs due.

This society created these New Agers, they are just spreading the light with a bit of fake fairy dust thrown in because that’s what Joe public here sit up and take notice of. Very clever of the dark controllers of our world view, to fill  brains up with cancerous beliefs, based on false sympathy for anyone that is suffering, i.e. war victims, starving, people, terminal illnesses, soldiers, genetic diseases, cruelty to children, women, animals anyone or thing that’s a victim or a minority. Shed a little tear, fain a weep, give to the charity, buy the record and move on. Temporary, emotionally inept bottom feeding robots. Guilt trip feeding the masses, so they all feel responsible for death and tragedy. Nothings meant to change in this dark evil  plan; so move on to the next drama unfolding in your life, at least it makes you feel something.

How did we become as vacuous as to let this happen? When did we stop/start allowing a third–party dominance control our lives? I don’t know about YOU, but for me; I allowed this in. I let it creep into my body/brain/home/family. Why didn’t I SEE IT for what it was. What it wanted from me.

I was not alone in this; so I also infected my children with this virus. In fact after I became a mother, I got WEAKER. Maybe IT KNEW all along and this is how it operates. Mother is strong but became weaker by the control in society that told her being a mother wasn’t enough. ONLY WORK OR EDUCATION ( ALL DOCTORED OF COURSE)  VALIDATES YOU.

What about FATHERS then. They are victims too. They are neither male nor female now; they are scorned on as patronising a woman if they open a door for one and called lazy, ignorant or dumb because they are so confused not having a role in life anymore. Should they treat a woman as a tart or as a lady, hum, there’s a tough one. You don’t have to be an expert to see why a lot of relationships fail these days.

There are those in denial, believing that this is how a New Age society works, but they see the cracks, they just don’t want to take any responsibility for it; having been mollycoddled and trained not to think for themselves; or think only in a warped ‘ it must be someone else’s fault’ system.

I don’t think my generation or previous have been a shining example to crystalline children, the way we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated like this. Allowing sexual revolutions, free love, drugs, capitalism, greed to take us over; we all should be ashamed. As we all collectively must take responsibility for it. If you go about caring only for your own private individual goals, well then this is the result.

I am speaking here as one that is declaring myself as a total FOOL. AN IDIOT. I can See it all clearly now, but that is no excuse. So this is my confession to all  – I failed you – I failed my self – and I don’t blame you for not being out of the control matrix yet. It took me many lifetimes. This confession means I am more than ready to stop allowing this to flourish.

In Love & Light
To all that believe ascension IS
April 12, 2012

Human Cowardice

Hi Georgi,

To be honest, I don’t really know if I have a clear intention behind the writing of this email. I don’t want it to be published on your website and don’t require any response, but for myself I just felt it necessary. I have been reading your website on and off for at least 6 months now and some of my passive observations are a little puzzling.

You seem to be a very intelligent man. I’ve read many of your articles, which I have enjoyed thoroughly. there is no doubt both an intelligence and wisdom behind your words. I also believe you have truly experienced the states of consciousness which would lead an individual to gain a better understanding of the true nature of our reality, and you are in no way a person regurgitating new age material or channelled information you can find from endless sources online. 

I also believe we are in the middle of a great change in our reality. I can see it in myself, family, friends and co-workers who are exhibiting the manifestations of an underlying change that they are for the most part in no way aware of. I don’t believe this is something I am projecting, but I am truly observing unfold. I am not an individual who has experienced such hardship in life, that the thought of some great sweeping change, and an end to suffering and darkness is a delusional reality that I need to cling to in order to move on with my every day life. I have a good life and a great family, and if there was no end to our current cycle I would make it through this journey just fine… but the reality is I have experienced states of consciousness (although not for quite some time now) that have allowed me to see the untainted truth (a small part I’m sure) of what we really are and the mechanics behind this universe, since merging with this “oneness” in 2002 I have felt this change building, and have KNOWN there was a shift under way.

After experiencing this place, void of self, you bring back with you a truth that acts as somewhat of a flashlight along your journey that can help decipher not just what people are saying or doing, but the intention and the place it is truly coming from.

Which brings me to my puzzlement…  Please don’t take this the wrong way (If it comes off wrong ,please disregard my email completely)  I find myself consistently coming back to your website. There is truth in a good portion of what I find, But behind your words there seems to be an elitism that has been assigned to both yourself and the people who frequent your website that have been deemed members of “PAT” ( for what seems to be, no other reason than the fact they share your view, speak of experiences they have at some point had, and frequent your website). along with that, seems to be a contempt for others who may have a different view, or are not at their current stage ready to allow more truth into their experience.

Along with this I have noticed that you tend to speak in “certainties”. To me, the future is changing at all moments, possibly driven by our own consciousness  down a road of infinite realities and possibilities.

From my point of view (that being the point of view of a person who in no way thinks he has achieved enlightenment, and is well aware there is a lot more work to do on myself and the understanding of my own consciousness), this contempt for people other than those deemed members of your “PAT”, along with your unwavering certainty in the events you  have been deemed inevitable,  seems very inconsistent with writings and truth I see in alot of your work and correspondence with others on your site.  These seem to be areas, that if observed in myself, I would undoubtedly explore to find the root of in order to facilitate a deeper cleansing within my own psyche which would in all likelihood help along this vibrational change we have been the opportunity to take part in.

I’m sorry if that came off poorly. I guess if there was in intention behind this email, it would be to express the fact that I observe something in your words and the person behind them that has something in them that seems to be unattended…. and that the irony is, if these things were explored and there was light shone on the spaces they were emanating from, there would be even more power and consistency behind the truth in your words,  and your certainties would become far more certain…I’m sorry for the long email  and again apologize if it came off in a way other than what was intended

Dear Allan,

Cowardice is the most despicable human trait of all. If you want to communicate with me, next time take care that you do not use a false email address and please do not ask me not to publish your emails. I do not respond to the wishes of anonymous writers as I even do not know if your true name is “Allan” – you maybe Alan Sillitoe, a famous English writer or just Allan Fraudulenty.  This is simply not the art, civilized human beings communicate with one another. As you have posed a key question from the position of the current debased human mentality, I will answer your email for the sake of my readers.

I wished I could share your impression of “elitism” around this website, but we are nowhere near this state. In fact none of my readers has the faintest idea of my scientific theory of the Universal Law or is near to even grasp the intellectual scope and practical ramifications of it on the new 5d-earth, but also on the balanced earth A/B. But that is not the point.

What you maybe wrongly interpret as an “elitist” attitude is in fact an important function which I accomplish during these difficult times. All true members of the PAT have gone through so many debilitating and discouraging situations in their lives that have knocked down their self-esteem to the bottom, that it is my current duty and function to heave this self-esteem again and tell them who they really are. This knowledge and confirmation helps them to see themselves in a new, more favourable light and enables them to raise their frequencies more easily and thus ascend higher than previously planned. Thus they will be of more help to the rest of humanity.

Not all incarnated entities are alike, only because they dwell in the physical vessel of the same biological species. This simple truth will come to the fore, the more we proceed in the End Times. As the members of the PAT will definitely be the first ones to ascend and show up in front of humanity as the new gods and earth keepers of Gaia and mankind, they will be soon revered as such. They are indeed special, and it is only your human educated resistence that makes you reject this idea. 

This elaboration also answers you second objection with regard to some ideas which I profess with a pronounced certainty. My conviction is that we are powerful creator gods and hence what we wish and firmly follow, is what will appear and be materialized in our lives. If you lose yourself in infinite probabilities and theoretical possibilities, you will never be able to emanate this energy of certitude as to motivate many other people to follow their way of ascension and also achieve their maximal goals.

This does not mean that I reject alternative pathways as I work very consciously with parallel astral probability alternatives and mix them very creatively to experiment with them. I even suspect that I am probably more advanced in this respect than most human beings on the earth. But ultimately I still keep in mind that we still live in a 3d-reality, where only one alternative is realized and becomes visible – the best one. And this one I support without any doubts, as doubts only dilute your creative energy and diminish the quality of your results.

This is a very complex topic and you can only know it and appreciate it when you yourself have created  something exceptional, something very big in your life, something beyond human expectations and comprehension, as I did with the establishment of the new scientific theory of the Universal Law, as to know and personally experience how this strategy of  irrevocable mental certainty and conviction works and produces great results in your reality.

As long as you are a passive, contemplative observer, indulging complacently in good bourgeois life as you told me and only make short excursions in our dire gnostic reality, you can only judge what you like or dislike with respect to your still unchallenged human prejudices that have allowed you to lead a calm and uneventful existence and have never put you on the verge of physical or mental annihilation that will show you how strong your courage and personal stamina really are as to be able to follow indomitably your personal ideas, if you have any.

Therefore, I say – experience always precedes any passive judgment. Achieve something big in life, only for your sake, and then you are qualified to judge others – but only then. In the meantime I will recommend you the advice of many esoteric sources, which I  normally disregard – do not judge, but only use discernment with respect to your own achievements and only then start comparing them with that of the others. This is what I do and this has nothing to do with elitism.

If you want to see true elitism, watch the current dark cabal how they behave. Go to Yale’s, to the Massachusetts’s institute of technology, to Oxford and Cambridge to learn what real elitism it its worst form is. Or to use a Bulgarian saying: “Do not search for the calf under the bull.”

You can’t be a social outcast as all members of the PAT are and be an elitist at the same time. Elitism is a social vice and as long as you are not part of this society you cannot develop such social vices. This is another aspect you should ponder on.

With love and light
April 12,  2012

Dear Dr. Stankov,

I have just recently been “diagnosed” with lyme disease. I know I have been in the LBP for a long time and feel that I am a part of your group. Obviously a “diagnosis” like this is very upsetting… any input by you would be most appreciated. Many thanks…

Dear Billy,

wait a moment! Did the doctors selected the bug – borrellia – and prove definitely that this is the cause of your rashes and/or other symptoms. By the way you have not told me your symptoms, so that I can only speculate on them. If they have microbiologically proved that your disease is caused by borrellia and is thus the well known disease “lyme borrelliosis” then this is absolutely no problem. It can be easily treated with ampicillin, or a cephalosporine such as cefuroxime, or even erythromycin for no more than a week treatment and you will be cured.

However, if you are not suffering from lyme as I suspect, then your symptoms are LBP-induced and then you are not ill at all and you should not take any treatment as such symptoms eg.. skin rashes, arthritis etc. disappear as they come. All the neurological and joint symptoms that are attributed to this “lyme” disease are actually symptoms of the LBP in the absence of a clear bacteriological proof of the bug “borrellia burgdorferi”.

You can use this email when you go to your doctor and refer to it as to clear this case. or you may leave it, as your symptoms  are probably LBP-related and your doctor has no idea of it. Just check if the bug has been found. If not, forget it.

With love and light

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