Mankind at the Crossroad

by Georgi Stankov, April 9, 2012, Copyright 2012


Diego Rivera, Man at the Crossroads,  Mural, Mexico City,

Initially this mural was painted for the Rockefeller Center, New York in 1933, but was smashed by workers later as ordered by Nelson Rockefeller who disliked the images of prominent revolutionaries on the mural

Mankind is at a crossroad as it has been brought to a focus by the current erratic collective behaviour of the small light worker community worldwide. The rest of humanity is also at a crossroad, only that the people have not yet realized it. They will soon be confronted with the fact that they have reached a point, at which they have to make for the first time in their lives vital sovereign decisions with their brains and not only “out of their belly”, that is to say, from their lower chakras, as it has overwhelmingly been the case in the past.

We have entered the final stage when the old is waning and the new, while still not in sight, is powerfully replacing the old structures. People are already losing the ground under their feet, while still living on auto pilot and projecting their survival, fear based patterns on the crumbling reality with a vehemence that easily turns sour and mutates to exasperation. For many there seems to be no clear path to the future and this state of perception will soon engulf the masses. Many will even believe that there will be no future at all for them, and this is also a legitimate perspective of their desired experience in the End Times.

We have reached the point of no return – the time when the intellectual pole shift must come as to cleanse all confusing human emotions that shape the present-day rotten human society.

In the meantime, many channeling sources urge their readers to neglect their mind and spirit, which they infamously degrade to a cumbersome ego, and to only rely on their heart feelings, knowing that the vast majority of human beings still lives with a closed heart chakra and the feelings they express come mostly from their derailed lower body chakras.

How insidious these dark channels can be indeed! Follow this advice and you are already on the road to perdition to the catastrophic earth B. My advise – use your mind no matter how limited it may be and rely on your intuitive feelings only if you are sure that your heart chakra is fully opened. And how will you know it? If you read this website diligently you will definitely know it.

Other sources appeal to the emotions of revenge, coming again from the lower human chakras, by announcing virtual arrests of third hand rascals only to appease the inborn lack of power and inability of many humans to take their destiny in their hands. These people, and surprisingly many “enlightened” light workers among them, prefer to stick to old solutions imposed by the national state and its failed institutions which are still governed by the same elite, than to get rid off these dark ones by a decisive collective action of total rejection of the state and its numerous social manifestations.

This is particularly true for the powerless Occupy movement in the USA, which is only strong in empty, freaking words, but weak in true social actions and mass upheavals. The reason for this is that a full psycho-mental and physical rejection at the individual level of all social forms of the national, Western type state needs a personal courage which the cowardly masses in the West are not able to display at this moment. They are too much dumbed down by their current masters to achieve this necessary level of social sovereignty and become true dissidents.

Therefore, their very material existence must be soon taken away by virtue of divine intervention. Either one learns by himself to exert civil courage or he will be taught so by the sweeping force of external cosmic events, carefully orchestrated by these very souls at a higher level. This catastrophic scenario will be also an admission of these souls that they have failed to educate their incarnated entities in a more progressive and evolutionary manner, as they initially planned for the End Times.

Other New Agers, and not surprisingly many channelers among them, are on the way of self-exploration presented as well intended advices to all others, but not to the authors themselves. So much self complacency wherever one looks around, that one may get really sick of all these bigot and unable to reflect New Agers. And not to forget  the numerous channeling trash ladies with their rosy, fluffy stuff about all kinds of stupid trifle things, which obviously seem to bother so much  their mired menopausal or post-menopausal minds, that they are fully distracted from the few key decisions that humanity must make now in anticipation of the coming sweeping events. What are these decisions?

There is only one positive alternative for humanity to follow now and this is Ascension to the 5th dimension. Ascension is not a free lunch donated by heaven, but a tedious process of energetic transformation of the biological vessel and its ethereal and psycho-mental fields, known as Light Body Process, LBP. Not doing anything means staying on the catastrophic earth B or dying this year.

If anybody tells you something else – and there are infinite sources currently on Internet that do precisely this – he only wants to confuse you and then you are automatically a candidate for earth B or human hell. Therefore, there is actually only one way, and this is accepting the perils and tortures of the LBP and ascend when you are ready.

We, the members of the PAT, are ready for ascension since November 11, 2011, but we are the only ones who had decided to wait for the other, less evolved star seeds, so that they can catch up with us. The time for this endeavour was known to be very tight from the very beginning, as humanity has already trespassed all deadlines set by Heaven for the current End Times, so that these laggards will have to run the race very soon without us as pacemakers.

Please observe that when more than 1.5 billion people will ascend at the end of this year to the 5th dimension, none of them will have reached the level of energetic transformation of their carbon-based bodies  to crystalline light bodies the members of the PAT had already achieved half a year ago at the stargate 11.11.11. These are pivotal marks to observe. Anything else is pure distraction.

If the bar for ascension has been set so low for so many human beings at the current End Times due to heavenly dispensation, then your current sojourn on earth has nothing to do with your personal achievement, but only with the huge retard of the rest of humanity to live up to their original soul contracts.

Keep it, therefore, simple and do not flounder with your feelings and ideas. This should be the motto of the coming days when human confusion will grow to heaven, figuratively and energetically spoken, and the few clear sighted persons to ask for advice will be as rare as one hundred carat diamonds.


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