Technical Announcement! To All Readers!

Chris is implementing today a major change in the server structure of our website, so that it may happen that some of you may not have access to this website in the next 24 hours.

The new technical innovation will allow that all visitors of this website will initially establish connection to a second US-based server, where our website will be stored one more time as a safety copy. We expect that this new technical solution will provide a quicker and easier access for all visitors world wide, and especially for all readers oversee, which comprise the majority of the readers of this website.

However, at present we are not in the position to exactly estimate how much better the performance of the new US-server will be in comparison to the basic server in Hamburg, which has been, unfortunately, not always reliable in the past. This is another reason why we have decided to use a second server as a back-up.

Another advantage of using a second US-based server will be that this new structure will render a better protection against eventual cyber attacks and hackers, as they will have to overcome first the firewall of the new US-server before they can have access to the main server in Hamburg. The new installation is thus our answer to past cyber attacks on this website. It also provides additional security against possible disruptions in Internet as from now ón this website will be stored on two independent sites.

We hope that the installation of the new server structure today, March 16, 2012, will not lead to great inconveniences for you in the next 24 hours. Considering our past experience with cyber attacks, we had to take certain precautions within the scope of our technical possibilities as to make this website more secure and more easily accessible for all actual and potential new readers the world over.

Chris and George
Munich, March 15, 2012   

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