State-of-Ascension-Report-76: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-76, March 17, 2012


Picaasso, The crystalline Child

More on Crystalline Children

March 16, 2012

Wow, I am very overwhelmed and deeply touched by all the readers who sent me messages, from your website! And I went to your site today and saw my posts and I felt elated and honored to have been mentioned as a topic of discussion. I haven’t been online in a few days, and what a surprise for me to see on your site: I’m so happy I can be of some inspiration to others of my age, looking for someone who understands and has went through similar experiences. Thank you so much for showing your readers another aspect of the younger generation, and how we’re having such a hard time, but even through all the depressive times we must never lose faith and sight of the light. We are the roses that still grew through concrete. Thank you so much for bringing us all together!!

P.S: I had a dream last night, I was in a galactic space ship of sorts. I had a lot of people surrounding me and asking me questions. I wonder if this has any connection to the souls who are trying to contact me.

with all the love and light, always!
March 16, 2012

True Greetings Great Soul Georgi!

Firstly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for the powerful work in consciousness that you have been excelling in and supporting worldwide. Thanks to one of your brilliant and early supporters named Sanita Zvidrina, I have read a couple of your “Breaking Astral News”  posts regarding the vision of the 5D environment that we will soon realize.

I sincerely appreciate your wisdom and the unconditional love that emanates from your kind words and pure vision; it has been inspiring.

Secondly, I wish to assist in any way I can this Great Spirit called Melany. I believe we can be of aid to each other at this important stage in our spiritual paths, especially because I live in Orlando, Florida which is only about a couple of hours away from me. Also, I am about her age (I will be 19 on the 27th of this Month). I cannot say that I have experienced the immense difficulty that Melany and many of these Crystal Children have gone through (and for this I am very grateful), but I have experienced deep depression and difficulty relating to this “old world order” /system of limitation and can offer my own bit of wisdom regarding the transcendence of it. So anyway, if you could help us to connect I would be honored and truly grateful.

I send this ALL IN PEACE.
Your Friend in Love and Light,
Kevin Gonzalez
March 16, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I was very moved that you have touched the subject of Crystalline children. After reading your correspondence with Melany I felt that I would love to get to know this wonderful young lady. For 16 years I lived in Florida not too far from her and I feel that I can be of some assistance to her in some way. Also I am friends with couple young (her age) very advanced souls (who are readers of your web page) that she might be interested to get to know in her area. Would you please forward my email to her. I would love to write to Melany if she would be interested in such conversation.

with love,
Dear Sanita,

I am very happy that you make this offer and you can find her email below. I will also send immediately your email to her, so that she knows about your wish to contact her. It is so great that there is such a possibility to help these crystalline children morally – they are all prepared to overcome the physical hurdles of life one way or another, but their greatest challenge is to be alone in an unfriendly society and not know with whom to share their visions and ideas. Thank you very much.

With love and light
Dear Georgi,

Thank you very much for Melanie’s e-mail. I just wrote her a short introduction e-mail and hope that she would be interested to write me back.

I was deeply moved by the level of consciousness these young souls show at such early age. I believe it touched me so much because I do have a daughter who just turned 23. She just graduated from college and lives in Barcelona. She is wonderful, intelligent and sweet person and we have great relationship. She does not show much interest in spiritual and cosmic issues, although she grew up in a household where these subjects have been freely discussed for at least past 15 years. I used to have very extensive library on the subject and many interesting people from all over the world (shamans, Chinese medicine men, Gurus from India ) were visiting our home and sharing their wisdom. I do believe that she is also Crystalline child with old soul and great wisdom, but there is some kind of rejection to this subject (maybe because in her eyes I went “overdose”…haha!). I hope that one day when time is right then she will shine her light because years of exposure cannot go unnoticed.

with love,
Dear Sanita,

Kevin wrote to me shortly after your email and I answered him and gave him the email address of Melany with your email to me attached, so that he is fully informed and can now establish personally contact to Melany.

There are many crystalline children like your daughter and mines, whose souls are keeping them closed for whatever reasons, although they sense most of the things correctly. I assume that they simply want to enjoy the last days on this planet, knowing that this is their last chance. When the time will come, they will switch onto our side without any effort as they are mentally prepared for this U-turn. One should not push them too much now. The individual timing of each soul is unpredictable and cannot be influenced from outside.

With love and light
March 16, 2012

Dear Georgi,

as I started reading your Report-75 where all the courageous young people share their hearts I was deeply moved and saw myself writing to you “my story”. This thought kept coming up, although I’m not eager to be reminded of a dark past… nevertheless there sure is a reason for this, and so I will comply. Maybe some of the younger readers can benefit, or it might as well be just for my own sake – I don’t know.

Since I don’t like labels because of their effect on a broad audience, I tend to not use them very often. In this case I will make an exception, because whoever is interested in the material of this site will have a broad enough understanding of the situation and this way my explanations won’t have to be unnecessary lengthy. While I’m gonna use certain words and write in a matter of fact style, its only for easier readability – in the end it is all just a theory. One layer of the onion of truth, if you like. There are other explanations that will be as valid, while contradicting this one. Everyone may take what they like and leave the rest.

Being born in 1985 I’m one of the late indigos, although coming upon this concept only in the last couple of years… and never really caring about it. While from the outside perspective I should have had all reasons to be happy – being born into a well situated upper middle class family in Germany, with all the perks and luxuries that go with that, I never was. On the contrary… although my parents and grandparents were and are loving people, life was hell. My parents, being totally indoctrinated into the slave society, had very little time… being stuck in the rat race and all that.

As I grew up with my grandparents, where the gap in energy was even greater, there was little understanding of my “problems”. I put the word in quotation marks, because as it is nowadays, the pains and issues of young children seldom get acknowledged as real and serious. This way I felt like an alien on this planet, because there was just nothing I could relate to. I was told that as a child I behaved like a grown up, gaining the utmost respect and trust of certain people that were able to see beyond my physical age. This of course in no way changed the pain I experienced through having an open heart and always speaking my truth, in a society that is hiding behind masks of insincerity, lies and deception. The pointlessness of life was on my mind daily, with contemplating exiting this hell of mundane repetitions.

With puberty separation kicked in big time – and by that I mean losing all connection and hope that there might be something outside of the mechanical-materialistic world view, while building an ego and intellect that was absolutely driven by the question “why?” – relating to the topics of purpose, truth and all fundamental issues that were asked by great thinkers. I wanted to get to the bottom of it and find my own answers. And so the quest started on one level, while on another I fell into an abyss of total mental isolation and pain.

I changed school twice, having no energy to put up with subjecting myself to the brainwashing happening there, while seeking solace in everything that would bring a relief of the unbearable pain of just existing here, mostly with cannabis. There were weeks in school, when I hardly got 2 hours sleep at night – added up over all 5 days. I looked like death, and also felt like it. While on one hand I wanted to end this suffering, on the other I sometimes awoke in the middle of the night, having a panic attack, fearing that I might die some day… and that my consciousness will be totally extinguished at one point, as if it had never existed. People seemed so shallow, communication rather pointless. Only some of the ones that had drug experiences knew a little bit more, were able to see another side of things, so I did get my fair share of these experiences and another way of looking at reality was slowly created, although in a non-threatening way, since psychology would explain it away of course easily with it all being just in ones head.

After changing from a somewhat elite “Gymnasium” to a normal one and then “down” to a “Realschule”, having to repeat a class, I barely got my “Realschulabschluss”, having a record in missing days. This of course made me question my own intelligence. How can I fail so badly and still feel superior to this debased society? Being an INTP according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator I had all the tools available to get to the bottom of it… and so I did countless intelligence tests, wanting to find out where the problem is. There is no point in bragging now, lets just say I was convinced that pure intelligence could in no way have been the issue.

After being released of this torture called school, or even more perverted: education, at the age of 17 my situation “miraculously” changed for the better. For the first time I had a kind of freedom – no matter how small and limited, it was there… and the recovery started. Of course the pressure from my surroundings grew daily to subjugate myself again to another grind. Luckily, I was in a unique situation where nobody was really able to force me to do so – and through this chance, of course provided by my Higher Self, I would say in retrospect, healing started and many different lessons as well, but now I was able to choose how to spend my time, which turned around the boat many times over, through all kinds of different paths and synchronicities to a point that I am so different today, that nobody would be able to recognise me if it weren’t for superficial bodily features.

Before going into the positive change and more recent past though, I have to dig into my teenage years once more to point some stuff out – because I have done horrible things, even to close friends. With 16 my heart chakra was totally closed after being through so much pain, that I just didn’t feel anything at all. I had become one mean guy, not with bad intention, but just not caring about other people, my pain was just too deep. It resulted in the first hand experience how, no matter what kind of suffering happens right in front of your eyes, you can just watch it and – not care. It wasn’t even mean, nor heartless as it is commonly used, for, would you be angry at a stone for having no heart? That’s rather unlikely because this is just the way it is. Without going into further details I could say, I just took what I wanted, regardless of emotional consequences to anyone. Luckily, nobody was hurt in a physical way, although I’m not too sure which pain is worse to deal with. Did I regret some of the stuff back then? Yes, definitely. Maybe moments later, maybe only months later. Do I still regret it now? That’s a major point I would like to get back to later.

As I now had 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to do what I wanted this of course first resulted in a lot of partying, alcohol and drugs. Although this was already the case before, now my situation still improved in big leaps – just because – well, I had lots of time to sleep in between! I also got interested in lucid dreaming, out of body experiences and other “paranormal” things. Strangely enough these topics, although burning on a very small flame at times, always remained with me through even the most nihilistic periods. At some point I did learn though that “partying” is just as empty as everything else, and while alcohol buys you some time free of problems, you gotta pay it back with interest so to say.

So how did this guy come to be on this site now and has the audacity to call himself spiritual? Well, let’s see what came about solely because I had TIME to do what I really wanted, without delving into the details, since pointing out the “dark past” was much more important to me than pretending to be this perfect example of a stereotypical sage, or whatever people believe that to be.

I quit eating meat, had it on my mind for a long time, always in combination with the strong urge to investigate the topic of “diet”. Just quitting meat and staying with the side dishes doesn’t work out as I found out, so I went through all different kinds of “schools” that propagate totally different ways of eating. I ended up with my own blend now, after “trying it all”. I came to realise there is more to life than the mechanical side of 3D reality, much more. Yes, even so much more that in comparison this is the illusion. As I started travelling, my Higher Self would always provide the right synchronicities at the perfect time for me to expand my horizon, try out something new, and revise the opinions of things I had formed in the past. Through spiritual practice and coming across all different kinds of systems that ultimately aim at enlightenment, I learned to stay in the flow of things, having had so many direct experiences of the divine, being lead so meticulously on a very narrow path, that there is no question for me of being a spiritual being, having a human experience now. Yes indeed, direct knowledge of my mission (to birth the New World) was so clearly imparted into my consciousness, while in other instances being shown our glorious future, that I know what I’m here for to do.

Being 26 now, I quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes 3 years ago, while having stopped with other drugs and unhealthy habits even earlier. That includes caffeine, sugar and every other solace people indulge in. It’s just natural to not eat any animal products for me as well, for how can I make myself responsible for so much suffering of my brothers in the animal kingdom by giving our greedy capitalist society reasons to exploit them? That just doesn’t fit with being conscious of one’s actions and having an open heart chakra – which by the way didn’t open, while preaching to someone how bad the world is, and how much I want to get out of it, but by being in nature, on my own, doing these “weird old school meditation exercises” that also need you to control breathing and visualize things.

I’m not saying you need to do that, your reaction alone to what I said so far will show what truth you cling to and whether there is some development in order or not. You decide… but coming back to the main topic, for now, I of course have a very, very different view of “why” things happened as they did in my past. While I started out as being a victim of this bad, bad world I came to take responsibility of things happening, which goes in many stages. Now I can even see very easily how the darkest of times were by my choosing, for how would I be able to not just understand the “Illuminati” intellectually, but also having absolute compassion for their actions from the bottom of my heart, if I didn’t go through the necessary stages myself? How should I transcend judgment and incorporate both extremes, absolutely, without having experienced them, lived through them, and accepted them unconditionally as equal parts of one whole?

As remembering our Oneness is my goal, not just in mystical experiences, but in the day to day life through direct knowledge I strip myself bare in front of you, for how can we be One if I try to hide something? So I speak my truth as I perceive it in this very moment, while being grateful to my Higher Self for always providing me with so much love and guidance and letting me know which path to take that will lead back Home, even when at times my strength fails me and the ego gets it’s way. I am most thankful for this incredible journey, this awesome adventure, for I know where it leads and it cannot be any other way. For in truth, there is only one here, so when writing, it isn’t any other one than the “I” I am writing for. My I, as well as yours.

Now while we are here, very busy doing all these things – birthing the New World, there is one truth I like to remember as often as possible: We are already there. We ARE already One. We have always been, and will always be – there is really nothing to DO. Sure, you can, as I do, for, while we sit in the sand box, we might as well have fun building something, but always remembering it won’t last – for everything that has a beginning, has an end. And while we build our 5D earth through living it in our every day truth and offering it to people that ask, there is nobody to safe, no goal to reach, no portal to create, no thing to finish – for we ARE already ONE. So we can as well relax, lean back and BE.

After living through all the darkness in my inner and outer worlds for the longest part of my current incarnation at this point only understanding and compassion remain – for everything that happens I can feel the love and its ultimate source – the very reasons I came here in the first place. And while playing around here for the time being I take responsibility for everything I experience – in the outside, as well as my reaction to it, for it is me alone that decides what is needed and how to respond to it. At the same time I embrace the mystery, trust in my Higher Self, divine providence, surrender my will and jump into the unknown, leaving open all possibilities, for this is where the magic happens.

You will remember me as I will remember you… very soon, for You are another Me, and The Dream is coming to an end.

With so much Love
March 17, 2012

Dear George,

I am touched by your most recent posting, “The Plight and Glory of the Young Crystalline Children”. Thank you very much for addressing this and filling it with so much heart.  I do hope you are able to release your guilt. Having had the “Catholic guilt” brainwashing experience, I know of guilt’s troublesome effects. Anyway, Report 75 has prompted the desire to share my life story.  I have been trying to hold out on sending lengthy emails, but now seems appropriate. I only wish for this to help, and certainly don’t want to burden you, so do not feel obliged to read everything. I don’t know if it’s all relevant even, but it snowballed. Also, if there is anything I can do, as a fellow reader, to help you advise others, I volunteer.

I am 26.  Early on, I had beautiful dreams with opalescent pastel hues, sometimes vivid bright colors; sometimes “religious” themes (Mary, Buddha), sometimes fantastical themes (Pegasus and floating Fae or shimmering human-like beings, other celestial bodies or worlds). Dreams have always been special to me and feel closer to God/Truth/Reality than this 3D world.

When I was about 4 years old I woke up (not a dream) and saw two frightening forms, one in the bedroom (dark, smoky, tubular or worm-like) and one in the hallway (shadowy cloaked standing figure), and to this day I don’t know what they were doing in the house or whether they were benevolent or not. I have had a few other curious non-dream experiences: seeing a bright Parthenon-like thing in the sky, soul-projecting half out of body (torso and above), but nothing as peculiar as the first experience.

I had deep questions about life that my parents sometimes tried to answer, but they never satisfied. As I learned, I empathically felt so many varieties of pain as if they were all my own experiences. Other times the reason for this sadness was unclear; it popped up at unexpected times. Mostly in secret, before falling asleep, I cried for humanity and Earth and all its creatures. My mom provided some comfort at times, but still no one seemed to understand the depth of my concerns or offer practical solutions. Music provided temporary peace, but playing or thinking about a certain song at a certain time would trigger so many deep feelings that I would writhe with grief until exhaustion put me to sleep. As the tears flowed all I could think about was how much I loved the beings whose torment I was sensing, and to pour out my love to them in hopes that they would receive it somehow. Also I was easily angered when I saw people squish bugs, smoke cigarettes, waste food, and mindlessly throw away so much garbage. I was also very shy but wanted to preserve as much peace as possible, so I rarely said anything. With bullies I would just try to ignore them and let go of the pain later.

I hated school with a passion because I knew it was stifling me. I tried rebelling against going, but my parents wouldn’t allow it; I suggested home-schooling and sincerely wanted to teach myself, but always “the standard” methods were forced upon me and expected of me. So, like many of your readers, I just “went through the motions” of life, pretending to be “normal”, yet I knew I was different. My own fatigue-induced “zoning out” of this so-called reality caused a car crash, and I haven’t felt “present” enough to drive all that much since then. (I never liked driving, but swimming and flying have the opposite effect and appeal to me.) I also had very high expectations for myself and wanted to please everyone and be perfect in every way, because this was the only way I thought I could make the most effective difference in the world, and I was so sensitive to others’ feelings. I was mostly a straight A student, never smoked or did drugs, and felt extreme guilt if I ever displeased anyone, whether parent or teacher or acquaintance.

It was these expectations that initially made it difficult to tell my dad that I was leaving the Catholic Church in which I was raised, but I knew I had to in order to proceed with my spiritual growth, and what a relief when I did! One thing that has brought me lasting happiness, starting about 16 years ago, was helping to raise my youngest brother, who must be crystalline, if not all of my siblings are that or indigo. What a joy he is! His heart was surely instrumental in opening my heart more.

In high school my “post-graduation life goal” was to “solve all the world’s problems”, even though I knew it was unrealistic. I felt that each and every human, and Earth-Gaia as a whole, had magnificent potential, so I gave my entire heart and soul to others when they asked for help.  My college friends called me the Grandma of our group; acquaintances sometimes call me wise beyond my years; in numerous situations I play/played the part of the personal counselor, teacher, life coach, and emotional dumping ground, for people both younger and much older than myself, including family members. (Then, the accumulated negative energy from this would necessitate, later going through huge emotional releases.)

Over the years, however, I started to question what could truly be healed in totality, and whether my efforts were worth paddling against the current. I experienced some horrid personal events in life that, more than anything, felt like types of karmic sacrifices experienced for the sake of others. Due mostly to society’s dark, confusing, and often times contradictory actions, expectations, and half-truths/lies, eventually I became numbed down and dumbed down and now regret not having given more of myself to the people whom I’ve met along the way and to the practices and causes that are worthwhile and lasting.  But “hindsight is always 20/20”, as they say. Overall, I feel I have been trying my best, despite having so many feelings of failure.

So there have been times of feeling emotionally, mentally, physically, and psychically tortured to the point of wanting to die, yes, but never seriously suicidal – there was always a big energetic “no way!” sealing off that option for life.  Since adolescence I strongly felt I had a very important purpose to dutifully fulfill up to the very end. Likewise, I knew that I had to learn the answers to most of the biggest questions myself, through experience and by going within, that it was of little use to seek out psychics or the like. Wisdom, courage, joy, etc. are, and have been, gained in the process. Books have also provided some foundational insights. In the last few years or so, I have been learning how to protect energy fields, how to transmute energy, how the power of the mind can be focused to manifest different outcomes, etc. plus, of course, the benefits of living a holistic lifestyle: healthy eating, exercise, creative expression, being in nature, etc.  As with Bryce, “patience” has been the major daily answer-from-within.

Melany: I so hear you and so resonate with what you say! How wonderful that you have opened up here and shared with us. (By the way, the original Star Wars trilogy has been one of my absolute favorite movies since I was a child! Whether or not George Lucas was aware of what he was doing, I think the parallels between these movies and our present world are more than co-incidence.)

Melany’s dream about a “false alien attack” reminded me of dreams I have had since childhood about ET spacecraft of all kinds swarming the skies. There were dreams of illuminated light-ships which did nothing but display themselves in peaceful formations in the skies with glittering multicolored lights. They were either watched or completely unnoticed by the humans walking around. Also I had dreams of dense 3D spacecraft of both human and ET design, and these ships would battle each other and cause issues for both civilians and the military on the ground. Because of the chaotic mess it was sometimes difficult to determine who was who, what was going to happen, and where to go. In one of these dreams, I was with a small group of people my age and younger adults. We together represented a small but somehow significant force that had to meet in secret to discuss what to do.

Throughout life I have also had a few “end time scenario” dreams and flash-visions, but details of these are lost. All these dreams felt prophetic of something, but what that is, or once was, or whether it pertains to this dimension at all, I do not know. I have not had an ET dream for at least a few months now, though. Most recent dreams have been fuzzy or obscure, aside from dreaming about in-person meetings or reading PAT & Georgi updates (hehe). Oh, and around the time of the reports of visions of two polar bears, I had two separate dreams on consecutive nights, the first having a fierce male leopard, and the second having an equally fierce female leopard. Again, no idea if these animal dreams are related. I have a website:

I hoped to clean it up some more – it’s a bit rough and some parts are old – but no time like the present.

If any other readers wish to talk to a fellow reader, I will gladly share more, offer encouragement, exchange ideas and life experiences, or just chat a little, etc. This could be helpful for a lot of us to connect further in this way and I’m glad to see some have already started doing so. And thank you, PAT & Co.  I continue to marvel at the ever-expanding revelations in the SOA Reports.

Love and light to all,

Michigan, USA
March 16, 2012

Hi Georgi,

I am so glad that you published this No. 75 report. I haven´t even finished reading it and I feel moved just to say thank you for bringing forward the plight of these beautiful crystalline children. it is heart wrenching. I have wanted to comment or ask you about my own nephew who is 16 going on 17 and has had such a difficult life -10 times or more worse than my childhood and to ask you what I can possibly tell to him at this point but I feel that like you, perhaps it doesn´t matter, since like your daughters he may ascend, his soul will know what to do. I´ve often been concerned he may go to the dark side as he has been drawn to the U.S. military, horror of horrors. I think he is free of this now but I am never quite sure. he seems to want to cling to something tangible and real, ´´manly´´ in the middle age sense of the word.

Anyway, I just really wanted to say thank you for publishing this – I have not finished reading it but it is very important that we take responsibility and address our own shortcomings in this topic. Leo and I were just talking about this today- the failure of his generation, especially at changing the world for the next generation.

I have wanted to ask you for awhile, how do you define crystalline child? I mean, I am 36, so I am between generations, I think, though I am married to an older 60 year old, same age as you. I have always been drawn to relations with older men and women, usually twice my age, often to my detriment, but I suppose I am in the middle of this generation. what generation am I? does it matter? you once told me you thought I might have been a ´´walk-in´´ based on some things I said about my dreams. I still am not clear on that, to be honest.

When I read the dear Mexican-American girl´s comments I see that she is clearly way ahead of where I was at 20 years old. she is so much more self-observant. I had similar intuitive abilities, but I was not able to express or write about such complexities so clearly as she is at that age. she is beautiful and wonderful.

Thank you so much for bringing this up, this beautiful generation, whom I too feel guilty for, and feel at a loss for words. I have been trying to write my nephew a letter for weeks now and I feel at a loss for words, though I know I must write to him. I cannot reach him through email so I must write a real letter. I know I will find what to say.

Thank you again for your courage and for sharing these wonderful emails which clearly show who is going to be leading this new earth and I welcome that day. I would like to say more but it is getting too long now and I know you have a lot to do.

Thank you again Georgi, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we embrace you. I am hearing Ave Maria in the background as I write this. thank you for your mothering, fathering and your guidance for all of us. thank you Georgi,

with love, Sarah
Dear Sarah,

thank you for your confirmation of the necessity to bring this important topic to the readers’ awareness. I have dealt with it a lot in the past in private, but I have not written much, Now I felt that it is the proper time to address this urgent issue as more and more crystalline children visit my website in search for orientation.

Your age is indeed between the generations – either a late indigo or a very early crystalline. The borderline date is 1987 when the first harmonic convergence took place and the ascension process entered its final stage.

With love and light
March 16, 2012

Dear Georgi.

Well, I read your site and am dancing here with all that comes to mind re younger generation. I knew since I was 11, 1965 about the future children, who were to come and did come and how special they would be. Mind you, only one person knew what I was talking about in all that time.

I set out to make sure both my children would be free to grow in their own way without hindrance from outside, like church, school etc. Circumstances created a situation – exactly as I knew age 11- where my children were home schooled and free of brainwashing- as we lived in Eire/Ireland.

Oh yes, you are absolutely right, dark forces could not stand the fact that the children were free, growing in their own way and surrounded by love, peace and joy. Certain people – I called them trackers? set about trying to get the children and give them Electric shock therapy for being too intelligent, too articulate and strong willed like me.

It was then I understood that knowing from 11 years old. My children taught me so much. Incredible actually. Then as they grew and spread their wings, their friends wanted me to adopt them, so they could be free to be themselves as their parents did not understand. My daughter gets so frustrated with the hu-mans as she calls them. They are horrible, rude, always hurting others and animals etc. I never thought much about it, until tonight on reading your site.

I always knew the children were here to teach us, not the other way around. I did teach for many years myself until I learned I was teaching lies, but during that time, outside the curriculum, I taught children how to be creative, how to survive the system until they were free, to cook, etc. I remember being demonised myself so much as a child, that I always felt the need to protect the younger ones, no matter what it took. One day, I will share with you what it took.You might even find it hard to believe. I still do.

My children are adults now and recently, both of them sent me cards thanking me for all I had done for them and always supporting them and being here for them. I did not expect it of course. I was only doing what I thought others did, until they both pointed out that their upbringing was different. In fact, my dreams always showed me with children and teenagers guarding and protecting them? I need to go now and cry, because I am so lucky to be reading your site and realising more and more.

March 16, 2012

Hallo George,

Man these past 10 days have been hellish for me. I have a compass and am checking almost every day if there is a change in polarity, LOL.

George, I feel for Melany and Bryce. To Melany and Bryce: It is so wonderful to read your reports, and despite all your difficult childhoods, I am so glad that you are awake and that we can hear from you on this website. I think you are exactly what and where you are supposed to be at this stage. It is so heartening to be able to see your wisdom at such a young earthly age.

Well George, I hear you, when you express your guilt for not awakening all those sleepy star seeds, however, remember that every one has chosen their parents, and obviously most parents (overwhelmingly that is) are sheeple, and are just so tied up in this reptilian grid. So George, there is not much that you and I could have done as “outsiders”. We can only do what we can for our own children, and you are doing much with this website and your encouragements. Also those children were helping their parents with karma and awakening them. They had it so difficult here because they stepped down from dimensions much higher than the souls on earth originate from.

Anyway, you are touching on a subject that has become a large part of my life. I will give you the perspective as a parent of Crystal children.

My oldest son (Mario) is 15 now, and before his age of 3, he was just about fully clairvoyant. He would start saying the things that people were thinking. He would know and talk about things, that he could not possibly have experienced, seen, or heard before. This was so, until, unfortunately, life beat it out of him, when he started to interact with others. The downside of his “abilities” was, that he felt so different, and could not handle being in a place with any number of people, as his mind would go into overdrive from all the thoughts and the stimulation that he experienced from those people. He could also sit in a corner and work on something in a place with other children or people, while behind his back someone far away in another corner would enter the door and leave again, and he would later ask us who that lady was, that entered the room during the time. There was nothing that would escape him. Anyhow, the downside of his “being”, was that he would not eat “normal” food, had a very strong will, had an extremely ill temper, showed a lack of personal hygiene, had almost no behavioural abilities, and therefore had a difficult time interacting with other kids. He was always an outcast, to the point of being bullied at times. He could draw a page of Asterix and Obelix after reading the book, it would take him a few minutes and the result was so close to the original it was unbelievable.

At the time we as parents had no clue and were still fast “asleep” (as my LBP only started at that time) as far as spirituality goes, so as we were getting him ready for school, we had him tested by people that work with autistic children and display some similar traits, and they indicated him to be “Asperger syndrome”. It is just a name and we decided not to make too much of it. We decided not to put him on any drugs whatsoever, and entered him in a mainstream school.

For us this whole thing was a huge awakening. As we started reading books on Crystal and Indigo children, we started to learn more about the deliberate drugging of our kids, the harmful effects of sugar, colorants, flavourants and preservatives in our food and drinks among others. When our son went to a kid’s birthday party for example, we could tell by his behaviour what he was consuming there.

So, “no drugs” meant a lot more patience, and patience, and patience, also showing him unconditional love, lots of it, regardless of his bad temper. So, to this day, eating is a problem. From a possible menu of about 100 items, he will only eat about 3 for example. Body hygiene is still an issue and his temper has gone worse as he is undergoing his teenage transformations. Fortunately, he does have a girl friend and does visit with friends sometimes. He plays electric guitar and is into punk rock, and also heavy metal music; very dark sounding chaotic “noise” going from death metal, screamo, typical mind control stuff. Not a good thing, but at his age my influence is only limited. When I explained to him about ascension, he told me he is ready to go ASAP. He prefers to keep himself distracted, rather than “awaken”. I can only offer, but it is his choice.

Well in summary I can say that from the beginning his soul was very unhappy in that body (he had colic for the first 3 weeks of his life too), and he felt very foreign in this world, and still does. I think that the heavens decided to incarnate these children during the past 30 years or so especially for these end times. Some children were given these fierce warrior type energies (as in Mario’s case) in order to assist in breaking down these Orion/reptilian structures. Other kids, like my daughter (Tara) who is 12 now, who are the all loving, compassionate, also independent type – I refer to them as earth angels, because that is what their energy is like. They love animals and attract people to them and are good examples for many of us.

In closing I just want to mention that I feel that the heavens had not prepared these children enough to cope with such extreme negativity that they had to face here on earth. I am also not sure that those warrior type “Indigos” had by and large not achieved what they came out here to do, as most became so distracted, or drugged as children, and later addicted, that hardly any had made it into leader positions, were they were supposed to go. So much for now, George.

Love and light,
Dear Joe,

thank you for this validation on the destiny of the crystalline children from your personal experience in the family. Of course I know that we could not have made much more under these circumstances as we were very few and all of us social outcasts. But I wanted also to stress the fact that in the current New Age literature and discussion this huge social problem has not been tackled properly and I miss the support and understanding of the older indigo generation for this young crystalline generation.

It is this myopic attitude which I intended indirectly to expose and to stir the sensitivity of my readers for this urgent social issue that will come to the fore in the coming days when these children will lead the battle against the old matrix and world order. They need at least our support and understanding. And we must be ready to integrate them. That’s all.

With love and light
March 16, 2012


I understand your anger at the way our crystalline children have been treated, I have four grandchildren under the age of six. All who are very adept, but their parents are quite unaware of their potential. I have come to the conclusion that,like their parents and grandparents, they too have come here to learn. What wonderful teachers they will become on the new earth. It is one thing to read about it and quite another to experience this negativity first hand.

My grandchildren are fortunate in that they have very protective families, but I have noticed how they light up a room when they enter. The two year old, who chooses not to speak yet, walks up to strangers who he knows telepathically are sad and hugs them. He is sharing his light and planting a seed at the same time.

I believe we are very blessed to have these wonderful children here. I send them light everyday. PAT may not be perfect, but that’s why they sent us – who better to show the world you don’t have to be perfect to ascend, but that you gave your all once you knew better. It’s never to late to send our love and light to any one. Let’s make a concerted effort in these last days to lift these children up!

Love and I Light,
March 16, 2012

Dear George,

Thank you so much for your heartfelt Report on the Crystalline generation. I sobbed my heart out and I too feel guilty and had to make some decisions late last year and at the beginning of this year regarding my son who is almost 20.  He has suffered through a broken home and as a consequence experienced most of his life with anxiety, low self esteem, poor body image (he is 193 cm and 53 Kg) and a lack of confidence. He is a very bright boy and lives in his own bubble, but I have come to realise over the past weeks that this bubble in which he lives in is a sacred place – it is an aspect of Heaven that he has brought upon Earth.

He doesn’t drink, or do drugs, he seldom goes out, he is very selective with the company he keeps and prefers to be alone.  His only indulgence is his computer and his games where he seems to know how to separate the animation from reality. It is his only outlet.

Like many Crystalline children, he hasn’t had many incarnations here on earth like I have, so he is much more versed in angelic reasoning than I am.  My beloved child is a great teacher as he forces me to look at things differently through his words and actions. A few weeks ago he taught me something… and that is – in his bubble, in his world there are no light and dark entities there is no separation. He expressed his dismay with me because I referred to the Queen as a shape shifter and was clearly upset with my judgement of her and others of the Orion Empire. He pointed out that many people who express there angst with religions operate within a system that is similar to a debased religion themselves. What I realised is that many of us are too blind to see it because we are caught up in our daily life and surroundings that are creations of our own mind set. It took me a while to think about it, to agree, but I see the sense in what he says, hence working on my perception of the world that I have co-created around me.

I agree, we have failed badly and we still haven’t learnt. Many of us are still not listening to them and yet they have come to us with such a wonderful gift, to carry the weary ones home. To all the Crystalline children, thank you for your sacrifice – I am sorry. To Melany and all the others, thank you with all my heart for having the courage to be here and to have written to George. Thanks to you, I have just sat down with my son, and looked at him with a different pair of eyes and told him I was sorry.

In One Heart,
March 17, 2012

Evidence for the Full Opening of the New 5d-Sun portal in Preparation for the Big Events

Dear Georgi,

Internet is buzzing with these youtube video’s of this massive triangle-shaped hole in the Sun’s corona. Do you have any comments on it? What is it? Stargate, portal or something else?

with love,
Dear Sanita,

I saw already several videos with this sun phenomenon and my interpretation coincides with that of the speaker with my  additional explanation that this is a a huge portal for the energies from the central sun Alcyone.

All suns of solar systems are energy portals that actually create the solar systems. All energetic changes, leading to ascension of Gaia and humanity, come from this primary source. We know since 11.11.11 that a new 5d-sun is in the birthing, which will also heave Gaia to this dimension. This cosmic process has been discussed in many ascension-reports after 11.11.11 in 2011.

This 5d-sun is not a new solar object, as one may believe in his narrow minded spacial perception, but an invisible 5d-portal. This triangle was seen with the help of ultraviolet cameras and this points to the shift to higher frequencies of the sun surface. I personally believe that this triangle is only the visible structure of the portal and that the real, invisible high frequency portal, which is beyond the electromagnetic spectrum, is much greater and infinitely more powerful than these pictures suggest.

What we now observe is the full opening of the 5d-portal of the central sun Alcyone through our sun. This was announced in several channelled messages, where it was suggested that our sun has changed so dramatically that it can no longer be called “sun”, but has a new name now – “Solaris”. This is a gross simplification, but this observation of the sun triangle on March 11-12 simply confirms that we are now in the end phase of preparation, before the shift of Gaia and the split of the two timelines A/B and B can take place.

I can confirm personally that on March 10-11 I had a very prolonged energy wave with huge downloads leading to unbearable headache and commotio cerebri, which I reported to some readers, I think to Wilfred first. I knew that this was associated with the sun activity. Last night and today, March 16,  I had another huge cleansing and very unpleasant wave, which I also associate with the sun activity and I am eager to hear what the astronomic data on the sun will render for today.

I am expecting another huge energy peak at the spring equinox and to my experience such peaks always begin at least 3 days earlier. In any way, I have been hit by such waves most severely always three to four days before the officially announced date. This was the case with 11.11.11 and with many other smaller portals before and after that.

I personally interpret this astronomic phenomenon of a huge visible sun triangle, indicating the full opening of the 5d-sun portal of the central sun Alcyone, as a very powerful evidence that we may soon experience the begin of the Big Events as announced by myself after March, the 8th. Given the inhuman energies in my body and their crescendo dynamics, I simply cannot imagine that we will have to wait much too long, before we see the first tangible results of these most powerful cosmic processes on the ground.

I also doubt that the censored mass media could hide any longer these obvious events and they must come up with an explanation. When this starts, there will be no stopping. So we are definitely on the verge of something very big, and one must be blind and deaf and dumbed down not to see, hear or sense it.

With love and light
March 16, 2012

On the Irrelevance of Old End Time Prophecies

Dear Georgi,

I came across this site this morning and I am wondering what you think about this information. The discussion measures very high on the Hawkins scale, at 994. I dare say what reading I got for who this Prophet may be…

Dear Carla,

I do not understand what do you expect from me with respect to this text? -George
Dear Georgi,

When I read through the text and the accompanying descriptions from the cited sources of the Final Prophet at the end times, I see many similarities between you and this  “Final Prophet”. These similarities are seen on all levels, with one exception of course.  Since I have not met you personally, I am unable to confirm any physical characteristics.  And the characteristics that I believe you to have, from meeting in the dream state, are once again, unconfirmed.

I do not believe that I am guilty of mental projection here, although I have been accused of having a very vivid imagination at times. I am inviting you to read this presentation if you have a spare moment. Perhaps this is the final piece to the puzzle.

With love and light,
Dear  Carla,

Your remarks are very flattering, but if you have read my answer to Robert Brewster in my last report-75, all such scenarios concerning the abolition of the Christian Church have been cancelled, including my anticipated role, which I have discussed in some details in my last book “Thoughts” and has been even foretold in Seth’s Speak, chapter 20 as the “third personality”. She is essentially built around the former personality of Jesus and St. Paul, and it is not very far-fetched to find some similarities with me through wishful thinking.

To make long story short: all these scenarios were cancelled once and for all, as humanity is in a huge retard and now there is no time and place for such social and religious dramas. In this sense I feel somewhat robbed of my role, but that is how the events unfold on this toxic planet as I realized this last year,

This text is part of the clandestine apocryphal early Christian literature, which was partially re-written by the PTB or was suppressed by the Orion Christian church established by Constantine the Great. I have analysed these gnostic gospels in the past and they are all written in the same old prophetic style as used by John in his gospel, who in fact was the sister of the Piso brothers, who wrote the three synoptic gospels. These writings were supposed to establish the ground for the appearance of a false prophet of the dark Orion empire to counteract the plan of the forces of Light in the End Times. The false dark prophet that was in preparation was called “Maitreya”, but this group of dark entities that planned this coup were deported from this galaxy some years ago and this attempt failed. I was in the start blocks in 2010 to appear before him and derail the plan of the dark ones to introduce Maitreya, but then my appearance was also cancelled as humanity was not prepared yet for this event.

So one must be very careful, while interpreting these texts, as one has to know the actual dual background of this end- prophet-scenarios and the quick changes in such scenarios as we have last experienced at 11.11.11.

These whole prophecies have no value any more, but they point to previous divine plans that still exist in parallel alternatives for the omni-earth and have their own reality in the higher realms.

After we have ascended and appear as ascended masters in front of humanity, anyone of us can play the role of the final prophet, in the sense that there will be no need to have any prophets anymore, as all ascended masters will be part of the Whole, while humanity that will also ascend to the lower 5th dimension will no longer need any prophecies, as the people will begin to create their own reality, where every prophecy can be immediately realized. This is the semantic and energetic background that eliminates such old prophecies as humbug.

With love and light
March 16, 2012

The Never-Ending Discussion on the All-Pervading Influence of Orion Ideas and Social Structures on the Human Mind-Set


I hope you are well mine friend! Because I seem to possess an insatiable desire for converse and discussion, I’d like to contribute another piece; as before, if this contribution is beyond the scope of your website please just forward this on to Gail (also to others whom, perhaps, are interested in/following these aspects of our conversations).

Gail brought up a significant point which, I think, I answered in the piece I sent you a few days ago (exploring the deep imprints associated with humanity per our ‘reptilian’ mind/genes, etc…). Specifically she asks why I place a decided emphasis on the ‘Western’. I have done so because, imho, the ‘westernized’ world and its’ societies and systems are the pinnacle of what the PTW tried to achieve/have achieved on this planet. For some reason, beyond the imprints of mind/genes, I think the footsteps & pattern associated with the Orion systems were somewhat mitigated in what is oft-considered the ‘Eastern’.

Let me explain this better. In Eastern medicine, philosophy, etc., the concepts of energy, chakras, and the like, irregardless of how specifically “true” such are, irregardless of how corrupted these * might * be (and probably are), there still remains an essence in which certain “truths” have not been entirely subjugated or, as is the case in most westernized concepts, eliminated. Additionally, I believe and have traced, researched, that the institutions of the Orion Systems seem to be primarily concerned with the attributes & attitudes oft labeled as ‘Western’. Importantly, too, there are in truth very, very few places in the world that are not ‘westernized’, using the broadest of descriptions; I’d estimate that approximately 2/3rds of the planet is/can be labeled as ‘westernized’.

Gail wrote: “Thank you both…I do agree, and also wonder, Geoffrey, why there seems to be an emphasis on Western? There seems to me to be a widespread assumption that anything that comes from an indigenous origin (or of a personal intuition origin) is not Orion tainted. Or do people just apply that to healing modalities? (and if so, where is the logic in that?) There were/are a lot of indigenous activities which were/are clearly based on control, cruelty, proving oneself, etc., which seem very Orion-coloured to me. Again, sorry to those people who do see their own practise/method as being Orion-free, somehow pure, etc. Surely any “practise”/“method” is tainted just by virtue of the meaning of the words.”…

Gail is absolutely correct, imho, and definitely the piece I wrote concerning our ‘reptilian’ mind answers therein that, yes, nigh all of humanity’s p.o.v., from wherever, has been/is infected with Orion-based taint. Additionally, I place a special emphasis on ANY practitioner because, indeed, these are practicing! Yes, practitioners of false paradigm (which is most of them) are, indeed, practicing and also charging for it. One need look no further than the medical fields to glimpse aspects of this truth.

Gail also wrote: “Perhaps practitioners feel that, “well, MY INTENTIONS are pure and it (their own method) is only really a medium for energy exchange, so therefore it is OK to use it as a medium.”…

This is, I believe, the actual source of the disdain and indignation most practitioners, of anything, will/would/do feel & express whensoever this sort-of querying is examined. As Gail, yourself Georgi, myself, and hosts of others are pointing out, this is the sort-of complacency that has been programmed into humanity for thousands of years and, likewise too, I am also confident this dynamic will be resolved and diffused on Earth A/B.

I would also like to stress that I, too, do not believe that alternative healing and such associated modalities are all bad, not at all. Like Gail, I also simply believe that it is vitally important that we realize and fully begin to assimilate all portions of the Orion model because, how can one fix any problem without fully understanding the root of said problem(s)?

I fully concur and absolutely agree Georgi with your sentiment that what matters is how we evaluate each aspect according to higher spiritual principles; this, I believe, is vitally important as you also said in that it allows humanity to move on from the Orion-taint in an evolution towards more fulfilling and harmonious, more natural, society and societal systems. Also, as you wrote, it is illusory to try and extricate oneself from the current society & its’ systems, Orion-based or not, because there is really no alternative but, you made a significant point therein, too, in that we did incarnate here for energetic purposes through which the ultimate dismantling of Earth’s toxicity will be achieved.

In closing I would also like to express my gratitude for the themes explored in the latest report (75), most especially concerning the crystalline generation(s). I’d like to point out that whilst it may seem we (older generations; I am 34 so according to what I’ve determined those in my generational age are approximately considered in this same context) failed in creating the environ necessary to stimulate and aid these wonderful, bright beings, perhaps we, instead, should judge the scenario as the “glass being half-full” instead of “half-empty”. What I mean is this: perhaps these courageous souls have come now to help us achieve what was intended, precisely because it was seen that failure is/was imminent; perhaps these courageous souls simply came “early” and in truth it is us whom they intend to help.

Mostly these speculations are trivial and, though important in the guise of context and awareness, I do understand that essentially humanity is still “spinning it’s wheels”. I am in no better shape at the moment either, in spite of my fanatical devotion to seeking the truth of reality. You are definitely correct Georgi, that the pursuit of awareness and truth is/becomes all-encompassing. The funny thing about this conundrum is that there is nothing else that occupies the attention and energies of my thoughts and mind quite like unraveling all the webs of deceit around me (humanity); another funny aspect in the regard is the absolute monotony of just waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting… and waiting!

* sigh * a deep, soul-shuddering * sigh *…

With Love and Respect, Sincerely,
Dear Geoffrey,

I was right when I said that this discussion will go beyond our ascension in the 5th dimension because it is in the core of our spiritual evolution…

With love and light

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