State-of-Ascension-Report-58: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-58, February 4, 2012

February 3,  2012

Dear PAT,

The organizing members of CAC hear the channelled answers offered by Cosmic Awareness but do not LISTEN to the answers offered. I know this to be fact because for years and years their newsletters have reflected a repetitiveness in their mode of questioning Cosmic Awareness that has become tiresome and threadbare. That I have even bothered to be reading the latest issue is only due to the fact that one of our PAT members (Theresa) shared a link here with us, indicating that our Georgi was ‘featured’ in it. Of course, I was curious to read what they had to say and then continued on till the end in the hopes of maybe being witness to a new slant or a fresh brainstorming approach by CAC. Alas, there was none.

I ought to point out that I don’t always ‘subscribe’ to Georgi’s method of dealing with the blatant stupidity of other people, but that does not mean that I believe him to be incorrect or that I dismiss him as a crank. Only that we are different and are differently disposed in our methods of interacting with others and of expressing ourselves when the chips are down. One would expect that an organization such as CAC would do likewise, but that is not the case. It is more true to say that CAC imagines that by stringing their words together differently for each new newsletter they put out, that they have reached some kind of new peak in their own understanding of life and its matters, and are therefore enquiring along newer, more enlightened lines, but this is just not so either.

By this time, CAC is embarrassingly trite considering how many years they’ve been doing this “gig”.  Clearly, the individuals organizing this group are no more enlightened today than they were during it’s inception back in the sixties. This, my friends, is a very long time to be exposed to the voice of sagacious truths and not be able to grow from it by moving into newer territory when questioning Cosmic Awareness formally. Are they disrespectful or just unbelievably slow? Who can tell. What is certain is that the members of CAC are indeed blessed to have this voice of wisdom speak directly to them, but it is abundantly clear to me that they (the members directly benefiting from this organization) view Cosmic Awareness as nothing more than a means to an end. That is, their involvement with Cosmic Awareness is highly, if not completely, dependent on public recognition and material attainments from all distributions of recorded sessions conducted with Cosmic Awareness. In this regard, they have continued over the years to cater to the uninformed and uneducated masses, certainly not those of us who have actually cultivated and developed our spiritual gardens over that period of time. The fact is, if they were genuinely making headway on personal levels the nature of this organization by this time, should have evolved and changed discernibly enough over the decades so as to offer their readership more than the same potatoes and onions offered to the newcomer.

Allow me to make a comparison, so that you may more fully appreciate what I mean. After working with tarot cards for many, many years, I am at this point no longer restricted to the use of these cards to know the answers to my questions in life. In fact, whether I inquire for myself or even for others, I merely have to formulate the question clearly in my mind and the intuitive answer surfaces to consciousness. This is because I did not employ the Tarot to further my ego self, and as a result it did not turn into a permanent crutch that I NEEDED but rather, in applying it as a tool for mine and others’ personal growth, I was eventually freed to stand on my own two spiritual feet and think for myself with the clarity of a mahatma.

When any tool of divination such as this is used in this way, one is not only opening up to the flow of internal spiritual knowledge but one commences on a new journey of integrating all their disparate parts into a healthy wholesomeness that then allows that person to more easily discern truth when, for example, they should encounter someone the likes of Georgi Stankov! — a fully integrated, bigger-than-life individual who has no need to lean on a crutch to open his mouth to speak. It is only the little mice who scurry back into their cubbyholes to bow down to their favorite BIG CHEESE, asking what they should think about the BIG CAT making the hallway rounds these days.

Anyway…all this to say that the members of CAC are not a very integrated, much less enlightened, bunch and their need to validate their ego selves by interrogating Cosmic Awareness in such a trivial matter as ‘who is an ascended master, and who is not?’ is very telling. Otherwise why would they still be putting out newsletters that reflect such simple-minded curiosity? Why would they continue to ask black and white questions, when Cosmic Awareness has consistently over the years, and sometimes even within the very same newsletter, told them that the answers to such questions are both YES and NO–equally–depending on which biased and insecure ego is asking. Like I said, they hear the answers but they don’t really LISTEN to the answer. What a pity. For an organization that claims “spirituality”, this is sad indeed.

Demitra M.N.

P.S. Georgi, I have been quietly reading in the background all these months and just wanted you to know that I continue to appreciate all the tremendous effort you make. Your thought-filled efforts applied toward this assemblage of like-minded and like-hearted individuals around the globe does not go unnoticed by those who have the heart to really see. Also, I am most grateful to Joelle Torneros for the recent translation of your “New Gnosis:…” material. Thank you, so very much!

Dear Demitra,

I am amazed how well and precisely you have put in your email my thoughts on the CAC members, which I have cherished for the last two years since I came upon this source and discerned painfully the discrepancy between the high quality of the channeled information and its total obfuscation by the lazy and dull minds of this community. What a spiritual waste, I thought immediately and then I tried in a number of private emails to turn on the light in this obscure sectarian-tainted group. It did not work.

Then I decided to use some more robust means that appeal on the fear-based structure of humans and usually achieve their goal in order to awaken them. I personally think that I have had a modest success, in the sense that now they have started  for the first time to ponder on individual ascension and LBP. When I mentioned in 2010 this topic to the CAC members, they had barely heard about LBP and their webmaster Lloyd, who was interested in this matter, was whistled back by the other members and rebuked for fraternizing too much with outsiders. One can read this email exchange in Part II of my book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“. It is all documented.

Therefore, I highly appreciate your contribution to this important issue and when I published my response to the recent channelling of CA, I hoped that some of my readers will take a stance as to make the discussion more vivid and comprehensive.

I think that the CAC problem is part of a much bigger problem that now begins to loom high on the sunset boulevard of the waning New Age movement.

We are now on the cusp of jumping into the new era of the “Evolutionary Leap of mankind” physically by changing our carbon-based body into crystalline light bodies, but also by expanding our minds and spirit profoundly. And this expansion must also take the human psyche with it, as they are dialectical parts of human awareness. In order to accomplish this Tantalus act, one must however throw away the old ballast of preconceived fear-laden ideas and beliefs. And at this tension point the current light worker community is now balancing without a safety net and many fall in the abyss.

Many awakening people want to design the new expanding reality with old models and when this bigger reality does not respond to their old-fashioned ideas, they resort to manipulative force in the hope that in this way they will impose their will on this, in their eyes, ominously changing reality.

The recent paradigmatic case is Steve Beckow. As I check from time to time casually what this entity writes and thinks, I came last week to the conclusion that he has entered a dangerous phase in his life, namely, the above mentioned. This was also the reason for my warning letter to him, as I knew that he is about to commit a grievous mistake in his life. I recognized that he had painfully begun to realize that what he has been preaching for years is now lying in shambles and all his past ivory towers with respect to first Disclosure by Obama, Nesara and all the other myths, the illusory nature of which I have tried in vain to convey to him 2 years ago, have collapsed.

Instead of changing his mind, as I recently recommended to him, he preferred to start a forward attack, like all ill-guided persons, who confuses blatant stupidity with human courage,  by imposing with force his ego-based notions on the currently rapidly changing reality, which has already outdated all his past ideas.

Steve Beckow thinks the following way: “If my ideas of first governmental disclosure and Nesara have failed, than I will take the course of the events in my hand and bring about this disclosure – tomorrow (February  4)”. What Steve and other people alike, who are not that much spiritual evolved and hence still cling to their old behaviour patterns of duality, manipulation and the quest for immediate egomaniac self-gratification, have not yet grasped is that All-That-Is does not respond to egotistic demands.

Why? Because Beckow’s initiative to meet single handed with 120 selected persons, expressing the same egotistic deficiencies as himself, with the ETs from the GF would mean that the GF has chosen this few to be the best representatives of humanity and by meeting them to heave them in the “Heaven of Human Magnificence”, where they, in fact, do not belong. And as Heaven knows its  people on the ground very well and does not make such blunders, Steve’s initiative is doomed to fail. I can only hope that he will hold his word and disappear from the scene, as he has mired the minds of many people for a long time.

Now let me juxtapose this situation with Steve and the CAC with that of the PAT. The PAT actually does not exist. It is a loose meeting of highly evolved individuals, who go their own way and only use this website to exchange information and coordinate their common mission to heave Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension.  I have been asked on numerous occasions what one should do to enter the PAT and I quoted once Groucho from the Marx Brothers. When he was not allowed to enter an elite club he declared indignantly: “Who wants to enter a club that accepts people like me”.

The truth of the matter is that it is absolutely irrelevant what CA, Beckow, Wilcock or Stankov say, as long as the individual has not established a firm enlightened view of the world. Only from this inner fulcrum can one approach different opinions and properly evaluate them. If he then finds them good, he will profit from them, if not, he simply need not care about them. Any emotional reaction beyond impartial, intellectually driven acceptance or rejection are simply expressions of deep-seated fears in the psychic structure that drive the narrow mind of the entity to make dull and irrational decisions.

And precisely this irrationality will soon reach unimaginable heights and human confusion, as predicted by myself 12 years ago in my book “The Evolutionary Lap of Mankind”, will engulf the whole humanity. It is important that there will be some individuals, who will not be infected by this confusion and will be pillars of calm and clear mindedness.

Dear Demitra, thank you for your contribution on this topic, which elicited this response on my part.

With love and light

your erudite explanations so easily mirror my own and so I can’t help but thoroughly enjoy the exquisite perceptive grasp you show of the inner workings of any mind that gets twisted and caught up within the sludge of their self-righteously special ego-self. Without a doubt, you consistently and masterfully expound this clarity of understanding with meticulous and exceptional care. Therefore, it is my opinion that anyone who even considers that there is merit in ‘arguing’ with such lucidity is not only NOT listening to you, but also is not interested in the truth either. Rather, their modus operandi is focused strictly and solely on preserving face. Because of this, there is absolutely no point whatsoever in attempting to reach and/or educate those who remain thus entrenched within the dualistic thought paradigm at this late stage of the unfolding events. I think it is ever more important to focus attention on those who have already shown their leaning is towards service to others, and to ascertain that their focus remains warm, open and consistently liquid, as opposed to fixed or fixated, which is the attitude more in keeping with those who are rigidly focused on service to themselves.

Further, I believe that on 11.11.11 the division between Earth A and Earth B did in fact commence. Despite the fact that all appears on the surface to be as usual and that nothing overt happened on that date, this separation of timelines did indeed begin and the separation continues with each passing day. So since last November we have been daily exposed to both timelines simultaneously, and as we approach 12.21.12 the two timelines are becoming more distinctly separate but only those who are paying close attention to the details will notice the distinctions and will realize the true value and effectiveness of remaining warm and liquid in their thoughts despite the noticeably negative things occurring on Earth B’s world stage.

Essentially, at this time we are witness to the downward spiral of Earth B towards a full-fledged, controlled, police-state, while also witness to the Ascending spiral of Earth A into a golden age that is presently still brimming with potential and possibilities (as opposed to the definitive boundaries and conditions we see with Earth B at present.) Those who are synchronistic-ally resonating with the ascending Earth (A) are sensing the unequivocal need to fully release themselves from the old Orion based paradigm by no longer wasting personal energies attempting to interface with it in any meaningful way. Once this release of energies which are tied up with the old system is complete within a given individual, that individual will naturally then find themselves noticing the inherent possibilities and potential of Earth A and begin to act upon it with their respective natural talents and genius. It is this redirecting of energies from the old system toward the new one which will drive the separation of the two timelines more completely. Again, as each person disengages from the old they will be inspired to redirect their energies toward the new, and in doing this, will be actively participating in driving the two timelines more fully and completely apart.

In conclusion, those spiraling downward with Earth B will never notice the Shift took place–ever–since a downward spiral produces an environment wherein thought is more difficult to process due to the heavier more lethargic frequencies. This is why I said initially there is no point any longer in attempting to sway anyone toward the Light, as their decision has already been made and their thought process already is being acted upon by these heavier frequencies. Also, many of those spiraling upward may not notice anything at all either, especially while the transition is still taking place and they are still actively engaged in releasing their energies from the old system. Yet, all those who do in fact manage to fully transition to Earth A when all’s been said and done, may only notice that that has taken place once the Shift (the separation of timelines) is fully complete. Some seem to think that December 21, 2012 is that final separation point between the two timelines, but I am not so certain of that. I expect it may in fact take a few years yet before the open portals between Earth A and Earth B close permanently. So December 21st of this year may come and go and appear to many who are spiraling upward, as though nothing “special” happened, anymore than it seemed to happen on November 11th of last year.  

Demitra M. N.
Dear Demitra,

It was indeed a great pleasure to read your response, and, while reading it very carefully, I was stimulated to some new insights, which I would like to corroborate below.

I am just translating my last chapter of my book, titled “Conclusions: The World religions as Gnostic teachings” where I wrote in 2001 about the hidden energetic processes that will change the destiny of mankind in the End Times as follows:

“This description shows that the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind are ongoing, continuous energetic processes, which are prepared for a long time, largely in secret, before they can appear in the 3D space-time in a visible form to everyone. The collective human perception, which is currently blind for the invisible coordination of the 7F-creation levels, discriminates on the contrary selectively only particular events that manifest out of the steady stream of energetic transformation and focuses its attention exclusively on them.

The exact time of the occurrence of singular events in the 3D space-time knows, to use the biblical language, “only the Father in Heaven.” They are, more precisely, the result of ad hoc probability calculations. Their preparation takes place certainly much earlier and is preceded by numerous signs that can only be read by people with an advanced, medial awareness; indeed, they must be read, as Jesus forcefully admonished, if humans should have any chance to survive (Mt.,24,32-47).

Global changes in collective consciousness are thus initiated by global energy changes in the astral field of the Earth, which exceed in their complexity human imagination, although they may be perceived by medially gifted, old souls in an intuitive-sensory manner, but not so by the vast majority of the world population. From this it follows that all auspicious changes in the history of mankind are planned beforehand, and appear initially only as discrete, usually ignored events in the visible range of the 3D space-time.

In particular, anxiety-provoking processes are perceived extremely selectively and are not recognized in their true meaning. In order to reveal these, certain symbolic events are needed. The attack on the World Trade Centre was one such event that revealed long-term, mental, social and economic shifts in the present-day world, which gained momentum after the end of the Cold War, and will very soon trigger a global economic crisis in the Western world.”

Apart form my too optimistic prognosis on the world economic crisis, which we still await to occur in full scope, the other description coalesces fully with your presentation of the current energetic situation. I absolutely agree with you that the split of the two timelines began with 11.11.11 and is now gaining momentum. I, however, believe that there will be an interim major, singular event such as the pending magnetic pole reversal, in association with the birthing of the new second sun from Jupiter, together with the increase in frequency and power of the new 5D sun that will cause a visible split of the two timelines in this spring, that is to say, the growing split since 11.11.11 will visibly manifest.

This is also very important, as we will definitely ascend at the same time. Here, I would like to specify. We, the members of the PAT, and by this I include many other star seeds, who are not readers of this website, but also belong to the team such as my friend Anthony Kane, will perform a cosmic ascension and will ascend much higher than initially planned in our soul contracts. Our Ascension will thus be absolutely independent from the planetary mass Ascension in Dec 2012. We will reach the Source upon ascension and fully merge with its powerful energies, before we fell back several dimensions, but will definitely stay beyond the sixth dimension in the soul monad.

We will then be pure light, contrary to several billions of human entities who will ascend to the lower levels of the 5th dimension. It is very important to keep this fundamental difference in mind. In this sense, I fully agree with you that we can only communicate with candidates for cosmic ascension and that the energetic gap is already too big to be bridged, so that there is no longer a common basis for communication with the rest of mankind. This should be clearly stated without being considered a too elitist statement.

Wilfred from South Africa, who is very focused on his ascension, told me today that he has already reached the 290-octave, which is twice the frequency of the highest level of the 5th dimension, where immediate universal creation upon imagination is achieved. My last information was from January 2011 when my higher self told me that I had reached the 195-octave with an average monthly increase of 10 octaves since my first ascension on October 13, 2010 (144-octave), which must have augmented after 11.11.11.

These numbers, meaningless as they are, reveal however, that we have already reached an increase in frequencies, which has been considered so far impossible in the whole universe, given the density of this toxic planet. This is due to our collective decision to stay longer on earth than originally planned and support humanity to surmount its substantial delay in building the necessary light quotient for ascension. The few of us are doing the Sisyphus job for the whole mankind. Let it be so. But one should underline this fact for the sake of all members of the PAT, who are making such big sacrifices.

Now, all energetic events in All-That-Is are non-linear processes that gain momentum, until they reach a threshold and then they jump to a new higher frequency dimension or level. Therefore, I believe that we will soon reach another threshold and this time Gaia will fully ascend to the 4th dimension (as initially planned for 11.11.11), while we will accomplish our cosmic ascension, as our accumulated energy in our bodies will no longer be of help to humanity in the current carbon based bodies, which are bursting with these energies already. Mankind can proceed with its ascension from this point onward on its own without our help from the ground. In fact, we will be of much greater help, if we will ascend and support the ascension process of Gaia and humanity from the higher dimensions.

Therefore, my perception horizon is very limited at present and it does not go beyond the end of March. I cannot imagine that we will still be on earth after that  and witness only some minor political and financial crashes on the ground. It becomes imperative now that when the real changes soon commence, that they will be sweeping and extremely quick. When these changes start to unfold, we must leave earth, and then some of us will eventually appear as ascended human masters again on the ground.

Our energetic fields will be ideally prepared for this merging with the still lower frequencies of humanity and Gaia, as we have already augmented the frequencies of our fields so high that we now represent powerful insertions of the Source within the still 3D space-time of earth and the astral matrix of humanity.

For this job on the ground, one needs only a few ascended masters. To my intuitive estimate, it will be sufficient to have no more than 100, but they will be such powerful creator beings – a kind of Elohim on the ground – that they will be enough to lead humanity to final mass ascensions in Dec 2012. The more, I write this scenario, the more probable it appears to my mind.

I fully agree with you that the change in Dec. 2012 will not be that much pronounced as some expect, as much will have changed before that date and the New Earth will still have a kind of physicality, which will assimilate the current 3D conditions. I agree with you that there will be a transition period for about several years after 2012 when some entities on the catastrophic earth will decide to move on the ascended Earth A and will be helped by some of us as ascended masters to go through the portals. But these are technical details that do not add up much to the overall picture.

Considering the sweeping scope of the upcoming events, it is indeed stupid to indulge in petty discussions with less evolved entities, which will only lower our vibrations. I leave it to my higher self to lead the people to me – when they are there, I enter in a dialogue with them, but I have stopped after 11.11.11 to look after a broader discussion, as one only wastes energies in vain.

Our interlocution will make a nice contribution to the next report thanks to your inspirative power.

By the way, the “Demeter cult” was a kind of naturalistic religion of the old Thracian tribes in my home country Bulgaria, where they experienced the ecstasy of the higher realms in special rituals and temples that are still preserved ( 200 – 800 BC).

With love and light
February 3, 2012

Hi George,

In light of the CA ‘drama’ I watch the reaction of some readers who were giving the channel likes and thumbs up…what ever that means. I admit it throw me about a bit not about what CA said but of the joy(?) that I saw for it. I was so confused and processed it. I realized I couldn’t actually get disappointed or upset…I tried to say things like, “These New Agers…No that’s not right…” I recognized that as judgement and stopped…Ah then it was a *face palm…faux pas. Now I am nervous for I posted the following on the site. I think it is because I am accepting the reality of the upcoming shift. I do not see, but I can feel…so I just hope I am understanding things more clearly and I admit it is unknown territory for me. I thought and wrote this before your response on your site, which was most satisfying to read. I also enjoyed Travis’s story.

A PAT member’s response to the CA(C) in regards to Dr. George Stankov

*face palm… For those who do not recognize the duality. My first initial thought upon reading this yesterday (as I was going to post this immediately yesterday, but was overcome with fear of back lash, but I am over it as you can see) was that this is either a cosmic joke (meaning that the energy was CA, but there was another reason for saying such things) or this channel was not of the energy of CA. When I processed his words, the energy within my heart chakra (that burns sometimes when I read messages that exert high frequency energy) turn into a cool refreshing feeling and poured into my 3rd chakra. I took this as a sign to not worry, as this lesson is not directly for me but has many lessons in general.

I am on this site daily and I try to understand why people have such a problem with Stankov to turn their backs on him and disregard him as arrogant or self-motivated. I urge (nay, I challenge) you to read the first two chapters in his Physics book: Vol II: Universal Law. The introduction and Foundations of the New Physical Axiomatics. Hold the information and process it. It is simple enough for any person who has two brain cells to rub. For full appreciation: THROW OUT THE OLD and read it as though you know NO-THING. As the information can be understood with a minimal understanding of science. (high school level at most)

I cannot convince anyone that this information is true. I cannot even get Justin, who is very smart, to take the time to read it yet. But I can only tell you that the Universal Law has given me more courage to BE… me. It has also given me eyes less clouded but that’s another conversation.

I continue to take the time to translate his work because I am urge to, meaning for me, it is all I think about, speak about, dream about. Because it brings me such joy when I read his words. How can this man who I know nothing about and knows nothing about me invoke such emotion that brings me to tears of joy, to where I have stopped trying to end my life because My Soul needs me and loves me unconditionally. (and more recently and apparently humanity as well).

He is not the only source of information on this planet, but rather his information provides the key, the ‘end game strategy’ (a reference to Bill Wood interview) that will help push Humanity through the confusion and the shift (in thinking). There are times when I have the feeling that it won’t be appreciated until hindsight, but that is only when I lose hope. I wish you all the best with your Journey and hope that you may feel the love that I am conveying here in this message.

with love and light,

From a POTENTIAL ascended master,
February 4, 2012

Dear Georgi,

A little while ago I asked you in a correspondence to consider moving your books on Gnosticism into the English language. I have been busy working over  Christmas then taking holidays.

During holidays I have noticed that you have been posting the book on human gnosis into English. I have been prompted by my higher self a couple of times to thank you for this, which I am very happy to be doing!!! I have another week or so before university starts in earnest – so I have a little to read; time to begin.

In appreciation
February 4, 2012

Dear George

Firstly, I wish to send thanks for your setting up the new website. The amount of work Chris has done – well, I don’t know how to express my gratitude. Without the work on the ground he has done, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our purpose, he has my love. In heaven they pay you in love (shame we cant pay our bills with it here). Talking of Love…..

Great Understanding on how you are managing the bridge between some still narrow understanding of your role in Gaia’s ascension (looking back it felt like you fired a starting pistol and said go!) and again working as a catalyst for mass human ascension from the higher realms. Huge Respect for that.

Only One that acts from the direction of their Soul would know what that means. You have to shake the tree.

Personally, my higher Self sent me to you, for that reason I know that others still being guided by channels, are not through the veil yet and therefore are not guided yet direct from their higher self. That was me before, but coming through LBP and only by totally letting go of old life and shit habits that got me here. SHE guided me through it and I now can ONLY connect to my Higher Self since the void past 11.11. 11. Once this has happened, there is no room for doubt and no silly waffle, the statements coming through as pure fact only, direct love, without tacky emotional content. That’s when I knew we are on our mission. I would still prefer that more will realise the exact same, but if its not to be, then so

I look forward to next chapter.

Love and light

To George and all his family

Dear Bernice,

you have put the finger on the intellectual wound of the light workers’ community. They have not yet grasped what we have actually achieved for humanity by uniting our energetic fields, our spirits, and unprecedented human will to open our personal portals to the higher dimensions, which ultimately opened the stargate 11.11.11 and triggered all subsequent events and processes that will determine the destiny of mankind and will heave it to the 5th dimension this year.

Let it be, as it is  – human blindness knows no limits. But it is always good to compare from time to time how far the members of the PAT have evolved in the last few months after 11.11.11 compared to the slow and painful awakening of the rest of humanity and most light workers from their past and prolonged nightmares.

With love and light
February 4, 2012

Dear George,

Just really quickly here to say that I can not believe these stupid other sites such as CA. They are like all others and first of all, where was any of this stuff before you, None of them were saying anything of this matter. You are definitely the first and most bravest one to establish all that you have against all the odds out in this world and we all know the truth about those. If anyone of the real PAT members are still wondering, well, I guess they have all the time they need to figure it all out,..

Please, where was their knowledge of the LBP before you and your REAL AWARENESS step forward to try to do what you have and are doing, Accomplished!!! End of story. Oh, and by the way, I see nothing wrong about using emotions, we are here to learn from and EXPERIENCE our emotions as long as we are in 3D, and I know you keep yourself elevated as much as possible, but when your toes touch thru the veil and you are in 3D, I do believe in participating all the way, That is exactly why you ever got my attention to start, All those other sites are still napping just like all 3-year olds must do daily to survive. CA is a joke of a site, if you want my opinion. just like and more,..

February 4, 2012

Greetings DR Stankov

I can not thank you enough for all the help that you are giving to humanity to help us ascend.

I am on the Facebook group “shifting poles and new beginnings” creating survival documents to help the 900 members (those that do not ascend and do survive) with ideas of some things that could be of use after the shift.  I would like to know what you think of and Nancy Lieder, who claims to be channeling the greys. Apparently there are lots of different types of greys, some are STS (service to self) and some STO (service to others). She says the STO types are highly telepathic and are here to help us and that only a very small portion of the STS types are telepathic and are working with the Illuminati. She says the way to identify them is to look at their uniforms and the ones with badges on and that have names are the STS types and to be avoided. The STO types do not need badges or names because they are telepathic and these types can be trusted. She also says that planet Nibiru or Wormwood or The destroyer or Planet X comes around every 3656 years on average and most of the time causes a pole shift which takes 1 hour or less and that there will be 500 ft tsunami’s when Nibiru releases it’s grip on Earth and  that up to 35lb burning rocks will fall from the sky for 72 hours afterwards  from the debris in Nibiru’s tail and that the polar ice caps will melt and the sea level will rise 1 foot per day for 650 to 700 day’s. This truly does sound like Hell on Earth “If” it is true.

I am also a member on which is connected to zetatalk and i am following the Earth changes( Earth tremors and quakes, island building, plate movement’s, flood’s, volcanic eruptions etc). Is Nibiru a hollowed out planet that is also a star ship and a battle star that can cloak itself and is it populated by the Galactic Federation that are here to help us ascend, or is this not true? Will Earth see Nibiru for 7 weeks before the shift or will it remain cloaked? Or will Gaia be able to shift the poles by her self in march 2013? If you can shed some light on the subject i will be very grateful so that i can help others. I am not scared anymore thanks to you and i am now sold on the ascension process.

Yours in love and light

Dear Lee,

Thank you very much for your first email to me and for your appreciation of my work. I have recently started reading Zeta talk and I was surprised by the wealth of information and the way it is presented. I do not say that I believe all that is written there, but some aspects do resonate with me.

The small greys (zeta greys, zeta reticuli)) came only recently on earth and were allowed to do so by the GF in the hope that some of them will help humanity against the PTB from the Orion system. In fact they did help a lot by giving humanity new technologies which were however kept secret by the dark human elite and not made available to humanity. As the zeta reticuli (small greys) are subjugated to the Orion empire, their scope of action is rather limited, but there are groups within their structure that prefer to collaborate with humanity and have decided to go with the light.

According to my knowledge, Nibiru will not directly affect the ascended earth, but may affect the catastrophic 3d-earth hugely with all possible devastations after Dec 2012, when the final shift will  take place and Gaia and part of humanity will ascend to the 5th dimension. Nibiru is indeed a hollow planetoid and a kind of a star ship and is occupied by the Anunnaki and some other species, who are their slaves.

Elenin was a mother ship of the GF and it will soon crash on Jupiter to create a second sun. This is planned to happen this spring as part of the magnetic pole reversal and the split of the two earth timelines. I personally believe that this event will trigger huge changes and cause a massive death toll, as many incarnated human entities will finish their planned incarnation for the End Times and will return to the soul realms by death experience. After that, there will be a distinct split of the two timelines and the destinies of the humans will become completely individual.

Those that will ascend in Dec 2012 will not experience any major disasters thereafter, while those, the clones and the very young, unripe souls, who are destined to continue their incarnation cycle on the catastrophic 3d-earth, will enter this catastrophic timeline, where there will be many more catastrophes to come, including the influence of Nibiru, but also the nova explosion about 10 light years away from earth, whose wave will reach earth in 2013. Therefore,  a large portion of humanity must ascend with Gaia to the 5th dimension in 2012, where this nova explosion will have no effect.

It will however affect earth and the 4th dimension and may eventually destroy the Orion system on earth, which operates from this dimension, so that  the 3d-earth can start clean. This is a possible astral probability alternative for this earth, but according to my information it is still not absolutely sure.

From this you can see that there is a very tight schedule –  a narrow window of opportunity – which the higher realms have at disposal to heave Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension and save them from future cosmic calamities as part of the cleansing of old karmic dross in this part of the galaxy. I hope this information will help you in your subsequent discussions.

With love and light
February 3, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have been initiated into “Guide for the Platinum Ray”.  I understand fully the import of this responsibility and am guided to ask you about this Energy.  I am also guided to request of you information that is  ” the final piece of the puzzle”. Thank you.

With Love and In Light,

Dear Carla,

I am afraid, but I cannot answer your question as I have no understanding for all these rays. I read about them in channeled messages, but they do not tell me anything at all. This should not say, however, that they do not have their importance, but that I have no relation to them. Who initiated you into “Guide for the Platinum Ray”?

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

I will relay what has transpired and perhaps this may trigger a memory for either of us.

On January 17th I was guided to see a friend who is an energy healer. We were in a room in a lovely metaphysical shop. As we were sitting discussing a new book she had been reading, a great flow of deep blue light appeared and began to build and move in a counterclockwise direction that spiraled upwards towards the corner of the ceiling of the small room.  A doorway appeared, which when opened, revealed magnificently bright white, gold, and silver streams of light that flooded the room in a blinding fashion.  I sensed several beings present, on the other side of the portal, the largest and brightest of which I understood to be from the 12th Dimension. My impression was that the other beings were of the 7th and 9th dimensions.  A laser- thin red beam of light entered the room with the intention being to clear each of my seven chakras, plus the two chakras below my feet and some of the lower chakras of the six that are above the crown chakra.  It was described to me as preparation for a great service, which would become clear very soon. When you ask WHO it was, I cannot believe that I didn’t even ask this question, because generally I do. My impression of this energy at the time was one of it not so much being an individual, as it was an all-knowing, all-sentient being/energy – and I guess that is why I didn’t ask for a name.

Two days later, I was given information about the “Platinum” Ray.  It is a Ray of great power in terms of cleansing and healing our Mother Earth. It can be directed into planetary areas that are identified as requiring this energy to re-balance or to restore Mother Earth to her original intended blueprint, prior to the eons of damage that has occurred here in 3rd density.  It can pose challenges for the Higher Realms when used as it can create a kind of collateral “damage” or change to the surrounding areas at the margin of the healed area. My understanding is that they have to scramble a bit to make adjustments along the margins of these healed areas.

The next night I came across some information on the Platinum ray on the internet and I knew instantly that this is my mission. It was also clear that I must always clear my space of negative entities, on a regular basis, and that I must absolutely clear prior to the use of this Ray of light. I am constantly surrounded by many beings now and am understanding that “I am safe”.

As I am writing this I am getting that the “piece of the puzzle” is your particular skill in knowing which areas of Earth are in dire need of healing at this time. I was urged last night to move forward with this as Gaia is in desperate need now. I would like to ask you what knowledge you have about any particular area on Earth that requires a complete cleansing at this time. Perhaps you can suggest any and all areas of which you are aware, and I will be guided to chose the area that requires the Ray. My preference is to do the first “run” on a small area lol. If you could also describe the nature of the damage, it will help me to be more effective in the cleansing process.

By the way, I laughed so hard at CA’s response to that questioner! Didn’t it handle that beautifully?! Brilliant – just brilliant!  You know – we might just miss this whole experience when it’s over!…and then again..

With love and light


Dear Carla,

This is indeed an incredible experience and I congratulate you for it. This clearly indicates that we are heading to a climax, where our abilities will really explode and transform humanity and Gaia. Your experience with entities from the 12th dimension confirms my assessment which I will publish in the next report with your email, so that I shall not go into details now.

It is so difficult to say, which regions are the most dark and toxic, as there are so many of them on this planet. I am now, for instance, very intensively involved in cleansing the 4th astral level from all the dark entities of the Orion empire. Last night, I studied the genealogy of the 13 ruling Reptilian families of shape-shifters – the well known suspects – and discussed with them the procedures of their extradition from the planet.

In the morning the vibrations of my body are so high and partially tainted with negative patterns from the 4th dimension, where I do my hard cleansing work at night in the dream state, that I need a cold shower and at least one hour to come on the earth. And it goes like this since the beginning of January. Before that there were other unpleasant  tasks. I would like to have someday an overview of what we all have been doing all the time,  while still dwelling in our clay vessels and feeling so damned impotent.

With love and light


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